‘Fringe’ Season 5 Twist: Super Peter – Good or Bad?

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fringe season 5 origin story Fringe Season 5 Twist: Super Peter   Good or Bad?

After last week’s surprising death, Fringe continues to ramp up the suspense of its final season with this week’s episode, “An Origin Story”, where we find Peter facing off against an Observer, who forever changes him. But are Peter’s new abilities going to help or hurt the Fringe team’s chances of defeating the Observers?

Olivia and Peter are still mourning the loss of their daughter, Ella, from last week’s episode. Though both are upset about her death, Olivia is mostly unresponsive, slowly slipping further into depression. Peter is tasked with making sure his daughter did not die in vain. And with the help of an imprisoned Observer (or lack thereof), he does just that.

After receiving information from one of Etta’s friends, Anil, in the resistance, the Fringe team discovers that the Observers are receiving deliveries through wormholes from the future to aid in their building of an atmosphere machine, which would make Earth uninhabitable for humans. To help them figure out when the next delivery will be, Anil also supplies them with a captured Observer, his wormhole gun and a decoded book.

With Astrid busy decoding the book, revealing the time of the next delivery, Peter goes head-to-head with an Observer in an attempt to figure out how to put together his wormhole gun, which, if put together wrong, is extremely dangerous. After a suspenseful battle of wits, Peter assembles the gun and attacks the wormhole. Unfortunately, the Observers are more than equipped to respond, instantly negating any impact his attack had.

Peter, now pushed to his emotional breaking point, takes a scalpel in hand and removes a device from the back of the neck of the Observer, killing him. Anil had previously told people that it’s this device that gives the Observers their abilities. With this information, Peter inserts the device into the back of his neck, instantly giving him all of the abilities of an Observer – which he uses to take out one with his bare hands.

fringe season 5 origin story 2 Fringe Season 5 Twist: Super Peter   Good or Bad?

Now that Peter has the abilities of an Observer, the Fringe team is better equipped to take on their enemy. But at what cost? While it’s true that their battle against the Observers will become easier with Peter’s new powers, there has to be some negatives that come along with it. Could Peter slowly be turning into an Observer? After all, this episode was an origin story.

To find out that answer, we’ll just have to wait and see. Even so, giving Peter the power of the Observers does make him the central focus of the series once again. And even though there’s currently only the slightest bit of connection between this season’s story and last, this shift in Peter’s character does provide the producers with the opportunity to tie everything together, bringing the entire series back to its origins: Peter, the boy who shouldn’t exist.

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Fringe returns Friday with “Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There” @9pm on Fox. You can check out a preview of the episode below:

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  1. Very much dislike this last season, as it is so disconnected from the rest of the seasons. As concerns Peter’s tech upgrade and new abilities…Matrix anyone? Is Olivia even part of the show anymore? Time to put Fringe to rest.

    • Well Let me suggest a solution for you:

      this Friday watch something else.

      • Nah…I was a fan so will stick with it until the end, hoping against hope that it will somehow get better, but when the show ends, I will likely remember Season 4 more fondly than Season 5.

        • I’m in the same boat as you mate. Season 4 ending is the real ending and this is a spin off ‘what if’ season.

          • Season 4 was horrible. I hope this season negates the whole reset piece of crap that was season 4. I guess I’m the complete opposite of you guys LOL!

            • Agree that season 4 as a whole was crap but the conclusion [not knowing if it was real ending or not when they made it] was brilliant. Season 5 so far is tarnishing it atm.

              • See again I am opposite. To me the conclusion of season 4 was on par with a Full House episode ending. It was the most cliched, B movie piece of crap I have ever seen. Considering episode 4×19 we knew most of the big “reveals” *ahem pregnancy, Astrid lives on* The whole Broyles tie up, coupled with the subsequent Nina thrown bone, was sorta cool, but played as goofy and sappy.

                It was the worst ending this show has ever seen. If this season ends in any way like this I’ll be ticked off. I personally loved season 3′s open ending. Had the series ended after 3, I would be happy today with that ending, because it left me thinking about the possibilities. The attempt at a closed ending that was the season 4 finale was a lame attempt.

                • Rico Tico, we agree to disagree. The Season 4 finale revealed William Bell’s God complex, and I thought it was great how his master plan was revealed…collapsing both known universes and him on a boat, comparable to Noah’s Ark, attempting to sail into his new creation. How I miss Leonard Nimoy as being a central focus of the show. The Observers were a part of the show, but always a peripheral part. The examples of August and September, both apparently altruistic and caring, were a striking contrast to the way they are portrayed now, as tyrannical dictators. Yes, their existence needed to be further explained, as it would have been a loose end, of sorts, but thus far, this season seems very much like the “add-on” that, in reality, it was meant to be. It was widely speculated, after all, that the show was going to be cancelled before it was finally renewed for one more season. Hence, the writers were sent scrambling, and this is what they have come up with…

                • I agree with @Rico Tico to some degree, Season 4 finale would have been a pretty dud end to a great show, and would have left the Observer component of the show as a triviality.

                  Season 5 gives us the exponential increase of the ‘Observers’ I had been hoping for (and kinda implied by the Fibonacci relationship at the core of the show).

                  If they just extrapolate the shows other main themes towards the climax at a similar rate, then I will be thoroughly satisfied. A resurgence and increase of Olivia’s powers to a level not yet seen, Peter becoming an even more extra-dimensional being, a one-episode trip to an extremely distant future, and a plan to tamper with existence on a whole new level, and I’d be a happy camper.

                  • Can you please join the writing staff if it’s not too late?

            • I cant agree with you. Season 4 was so much better then this piece of s***.

    • Yes, Olivia is part of the show. She is grieving for her lost daughter and your seeing her opening up like she has never done before. The writers are completing her journey this season. The whole series she has never been at peace with herself and I think you will find she will find out who she truly is this season.

      Fringe is about the characters of Olivia, Walter and Peter, not just about Olivia. Peter being taken from the altuniverse by Walter is what started it all. Peter has always been the character that pushes the story forward, he was taken to altuniverse at the end of season 2 to set up Olivia’s huge story in season 3. He was erased at the end of season 3 to set up season 4, of exploring what people would have been like without the influence of Peter.

      Since this is the last 13 eps, the writers are obviously finishing the mythology of the series and the observers have always been a big part of that right from the beginning, episode 1.04, was the episode that introduced us to the observers. So, I could see why the writers would give him observer tec as a way of exploring the observers more through the eyes of one of the team. That doesn’t mean that Walter and Olivia won’t be at the front as the writers have said that this season will be the completion of the journies of all three characters.

      • Observers were in it every episode since the pilot.

        • Ah, yea, but not as the ruthless dictators and invaders that they are now. In the examples of August and September, they were altruistic and caring. The rest were non-intrusive.

          • First Observer appearance I can recall was September’s introduction in Episode 4 – The Arrival.

            To date, the only Observer to fully disclose their motivations to the audience, altruistic or not, has been August, and he was presented as being an exception to the rule.

            So if the exception is altruism, what does that make the rule?

            • The “rule”, as presented in the first four seasons, was non-intrusiveness. The exception to the “rule”, as we saw in both August and September, was altruism, caring, and self-sacrifice. There was no hint or suggestion of how the Observers are currently being portrayed.

              • By the ‘rule’ though we are referring to moral standing.

                Whereas, the displayed non-intrusiveness was more likely pre-invasion time-travel protocol rather than evidence of any Observer moral code, imo.

                In essence we were never witness to the ‘rule’ until the invasion. September explained to Peter that the Observers destroyed their own planet and had returned to observe their beginnings, what he did not say is why? Or what they’d aimed to achieve.

                With out season 5 we would have been left wondering. With Season 5 we get to find out.

                • Also, when did September ever act altruistically? Perhaps after being persecuted by the other Observers, but not before.

                  Certainly not when he saves Peter and Walter. After distracting Walternate, the fat Observer tells September he will have a chance to correct his mistake. Saving Peter and Walter from the ice was a necessity for September to maintain the chance to correct his mistake.

          • Absolutely agree with you about the change of observer character. Never would I have guessed that they would be the main threat based on their previous characterisation, this whole season seem rather sloppy ‘tie-up’ for the show.

            So far it’s all just been one big deus-ex machina, with the particularly shoddy ‘super-Peter’ storyline betraying the previous tone and quality of the show.

            Fringe died…. me sad.

  2. yeah i wish they would show more of what lead up to them all being ambered. even william bell. why was he there? are they ever gonna explain that?

  3. BTW next weeks episode looks awesome!

  4. I personally thought this episode was great!

    As with any origin story, like in comic books we get to see what exactly drives the heroes into becoming said heroes. Much like the Punisher Peter is on a revenge trip, and now he is weaponized to boot. Olivia seems like a shell of her former self. She is in an emotional healing process at the moment but I have faith the Dunamnator will arise. Walter seems to be getting his brain function back, I just wish he’d have thought through his and Peter’s idea a little more. Considering time-travel allows for the future Observers to have as much time as they need to recover form their black hole while still being able to get that shipment to the right place at the right time, albeit a few minutes later. To me it shows that the Observers are not going to be beat very easily.

    I’m looking forward to next week to see what kind of effects this tech has on Peter.

    • The Observers, frankly, should not be beatable at all, considering how vastly superior they are…or were…as well as their time-travel capabilities, but hey, the writers got one more year to scribe, after thinking the show would end after Season 4.

  5. Peter- “I know konfu”

    • I also thought that Chuck quote in my head whilst watching it :)

      • That is actually a quote from “The Matrix” that “Chuck” borrowed.

        • Wow ty genious. I know & thought of it in a Chuck tone/context of amusment[as I presume the original comment was]!

  6. This season is a hit and a miss but I still like it for it is fringe. Hope peter’s ability does not lead to some bigger revalation as in him somehow being directly linked to the observers or something that far fetched.

  7. It’s still Fringe, but for a show that earnt it’s praise taking risks with formula and structure it’s all been a bit generic. I was possibly hoping for some kind of documentarian style to the final season, perhaps one episode each for the protagonists/enemies/The Dove with narration about how it came to be and the conflicts and potential resolutions of this story. But, as I said, it’s still Fringe and I’ve invested a lot of time in these characters so I’m grateful to an extent I get to see them through to the end.

    Anyways, if this season has brought us one thing, it’s Walter’s “You electricuted me.”. The smiling delivery still cracks me up and I suspect it will for some time.

  8. Matbe, since Peter shouldn’t exist, now had Observer tech, and it is an “Origin Story”. Peter ends up being the First Observer.

    • maybe he becomes September

      • Maybe he’s Jacob…Oh wrong show.

  9. what if he becomes september?

    • Think about that theory. Now explain how that would work please.

      A. They don’t even remotely resemble each other. Do you think the neck tech is gonna change Peter’s bone structure out of the blue?

      B. Why would Peter as September be following himself through his own history? Wouldn’t he already know what happened to him?

      C. How would this possibly benefit the story?

      If you can answer those questions for me, then your inane Peter is September theory might seem a little more plausible.

      I’m sorry if this seems attack like, but I have read this same retarded idea on every fringe blog I’ve read since this episode, and I just don’t see the point. It seems like a halfhearted attempt to come up with the most inane idea possible. It reminds me of all the LOST theories where everyone was Jacob. It makes me cringe.

      • A. It’s Fringe, it wouldn’t be the weirdest thing that’s ever happened on the show. Besides perhaps they look different for a reason so as to not alert anyone, I mean if this is what J.J Abrams is doing, having Joshua Jackson play September in a bald wig would be a dead giveaway especially when Joshua Jackson is asking about who the man who quite clearly looks like him is

        B. September is fascinated by Walter. He’s helped the team countless times indirectly and directly also why would he revisit the events he’s already been to? Nostalgia. It’s implied he wasn’t suppose to be in Alternate Walter’s Lab, maybe he wanted to view the event that would save he’s life, perhaps he came to stop it and accidentally created the event by turning up.

        C. Maybe just making the September story become full circle.

        • Not good enough. it would ruin the September story. IMO

  10. I’m calling it: Peter is September

    • What? Why? No, never mind. Doesn’t make sense, so no explanation needed.

      • 1) Jumping to outlandish conclusions is fun you should try it sometime
        2) It’s Fringe
        3) SCIENCE!

    • Dude – I agree. To totally geek out on the pure story telling for a second – It would be totally awesome if Peter = September, it would add dimension and depth to the story line and it would jive with the whole ‘tragic hero’ theme Fringe has going for it. I’m conflicted though – I almost don’t want them to go there with peter just because the mushy side of me just NEEDS to see Peter and Olivia get thier “happily ever after”
      one of the jillions of reasons Fringe is freeking epic, in my humble opinion. :p

  11. what happen to Olivia’s super powers? that’s what I would like to know. That and where is bell?

    I was talking to my wife the other days saying that I think peter is the first Observer, or becomes one. The Observer’s always talked about how important Pete was. I think there was a war with he Observer’s and the bad side won and came back in time to become the dominant force in their time. They made perter disappear, so they could rule, but he came back so they had to move fast and that’s why they invaded. They thought they killed Peter, but he ended up in amber.

    • When they stopped her from blowing up the everything…it drained her of all her cerafan(cant spell) that was giving her the powers….hence when she healed from the gunshot…she was back to normal.

    • Walter explained in the lousy season 4 finale that Olivia’s Cortexiphan levels were now negligible. That only traces might still be in her system. This is one of the many reasons why I hate that finale, because this was an attempt to give Olivia peace for the rest of her life in case the show was never renewed for season 5. What sucks is by stating that they had to run with it, and now here we are in season 5 with a wing-clipped Olivia who now need to fly more than ever. I assume Walter and Nina will find a way to dose her up again, further negating that crappy finale scene, but getting her ready for the Baldies.

      I really like your idea that there are two separate factions of the Observers. That to me is very likely, considering how the first wave was basically scientific and for the most part benevolent, or maybe un-intrusive is a better word.

      • Couldn’t the case be made that it’d be horrifying for someone like Olivia who just wants to be normal to lose her powers at the one point where it could have helped her save her daughter? Kind of ironic really.

  12. Where did the Observer’s come from?

    September tells Peter they returned to observe their beginnings.

    The original red and blue universes shared the same early history up until a certain point where they branched apart, caused by some event/decision we were never privy to. Though we are unable to pinpoint the place in time for this schism, the use of the Zeppelins allows us to estimate it was within the last few centuries (to be more than generous).

    So both universes would find evidence of Observer appearances (paintings etc) in their identical pre-schism pasts, yet logic would dictate that the Observers can only be from a future derived from either one or the other universe AFTER the schism. So which was it, red or blue?

    We know September distracted Walternate, which would suggest it was the red universe the Observers were originally investigating. However their were a tonne of Observer sightings on the blue side (perhaps they were only pre-schism appearances, or else after the ’85 hijinks??).

    Or is it possible the Observers have paradoxically evolved from the merging/tampering of the two universes, and of all we have witnessed? What like to know what others other thinking at this point…

  13. Other major issues imo…

    Was it the Observer’s plan all along to use Peter to re-write existence?

    We know that Walternate wrote the ZFT in 1995, yet it ends up as an ancient text in both of our identical pasts, after presumably being sent back through the wormhole in either the red or blue future of 2026, along with the machine. Since both universes shared the same early history, only one machine was needed to be sent back. In 2026 Walter surmised that he or Walternate would soon send the machine back through the wormhole, after first building it.

    Or was it necessary to build it at all, and did Walter or Walternate even have such skills? Seeing as though they already had one on either side, wouldn’t it have just been easier, and more logical, for them to just send one of those Machines back. This of course would have created a paradox, but not if the Machine was actually created by the Observers and originally inserted by them into the time-loop at an early stage.

    After all it wouldn’t be the first time Observers manipulated things within the original time-loop, if you remember, Olivia was once sitting at a bar, after Peter finds out Walter kidnapped him and takes off, and an Observer leaves the page of the ZFT with Peter -eyes smoking- drawn on it, next to Olivia on the bar stool. Are they the one’s perhaps who created that image to begin with?

    What did the Observer’s stand to gain by getting Peter to use the machine? We know, whatever they were planning, that they needed Walter to be able to let go of Peter when the time came for him to use that device. Perhaps using the device WAS the Observer’s beginnings, and if Peter hadn’t used it they would never have come into existence? Which brings us to one of the biggest questions…

    What originally happened in timeline ‘X’ of both universes BEFORE September ever distracted Walternate? September says that ‘our’ Olivia and Peter would have still met and had a son but how… if Walter didn’t kidnap him, how would they have met?

    How were things different before the ‘distraction’?

  14. Don’t worry guys. Through every story there are always ups and downs. That’s what makes things so interesting: the drama, the fight, the journey! There are so many ways they could navigate this season. It’s gonna be great.

  15. I agree that this season has been hit and miss. Last night’s episode was a return to FRINGE’s former glory, and I welcome it! By Peter becoming an Observer, we effectively get an inside look into who and what the Observers are and what makes them so special. I’ve wanted these details since the first season. As far as the progression of Peter’s transformation, if Peter doesn’t become the first Observer, I wonder if Peter becomes Captain Windmark or his superior (if there is one): the Captain’s smile at the episode’s end was more satisfaction than wonder or surprise.

  16. Once you put a kid in a show it’s over. And then they bump her off, and we labor through Peter and Olivia moping. This year is like years 6-9 of the X-Files … I’ve invested four years and I’m not giving up now. But this year is just awful. And it bothers me that the Observers had ‘ambivalent’ or thoughtful faces in seasons past; now that they are villains the actors all look like extras from a bad Nazi movie. It’s cheap and obvious.

  17. I truly feel like this last season is FAR AND AWAY the best season of Fringe. Athe suspense is almost intolerable a and the tac in Peter’s head is genius.

    I was astonished to seem other Fringe fans did not think the same.

    God, I love it. Worth the 5 year wait.

    These next three weeks wait for the next episode is going to kill me.