Fringe Season 5, Episode 6 Review – A Grave Mistake?

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fringe season 5 episode 6 walter Fringe Season 5, Episode 6 Review – A Grave Mistake?

This week’s episode of Fringe, “Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There”, continues the search for the missing pieces to Walter’s machine. And with a 90-degree spin into a pocket universe, the living component needed to defeat the Observers is revealed. But does a warning of Peter’s grave mistake (from last episode) hint of a bigger threat waiting to be unleashed?

The story, like many in Fringe season 5, involves the Fringe team following Walter’s previously recorded videos, attempting to retrieve the parts needed in order to assemble a machine to defeat the Observers. Fortunately, that is where all similarities cease. Because while this episode’s adventure appears to be like many others we’ve seen in the passing weeks, a few welcome additions to the story has allowed Fringe to somewhat return to its series origins of mixing science and mystery to engage audiences, all while continuing to progress its overall goal.

Walter, knowing where to enter the pocket dimension, heads off on his own, leaving Peter, Olivia and Astrid to follow behind him. As Peter and Olivia enter the pocket universe with Walter’s camcorder, leaving Astrid as watch, the entirety of what was recorded is revealed, as Peter and Olivia realize that you can only see the parts recorded from the pocket universe whilst being there. Though this could sound like any episode of Fringe this season, what follows helps to set itself apart from the rest.

Instead of simply looking for an item to help in their battle against the Observers, the video reveals that it is actually a child Observer (from an old case) that they should be looking for – which helps to ramp up the intrigue for those watching. Additionally, because the episode itself contains a relatively simple plot (search and retrieve – even if they don’t), the story makes way for many nuanced character moments to shine, allowing Fringe season 5 to rid itself from the miniseries aspect it’s since been presenting, transitioning into something that more resembles the show in its previous season.

Even though Walter, Peter and Olivia are ultimately unable to find their needed Observer, they know he’s out there. What age will he be when they find him? That’s another question. Even so, the purpose of this episode was to provide some much needed exposition from Olivia, Peter and Walter about everything that’s happened in this season. Though successful to a point, more is always welcome – especially since Fringe season 5 does stem from a single episode in season 4.

fringe season 5 episode 6 walter 2 Fringe Season 5, Episode 6 Review – A Grave Mistake?

As the episode comes to a close, fans receive a hint at what the biggest threat to come may be, as an Observer comments on Peter’s decision to become an Observer himself before being killed by a transporting Peter. And, as expected, the Observer leader is watching everything unfold from a distance, leaving fans with a question: Is Peter becoming an Observer a grave mistake?

Even though the Observers have played a big part in Fringe, we still don’t know much about them. Though we now know that a device in the back of their neck provides them with the abilities they have, we still don’t know what the Observers were like before receiving the implant.

Since the Observers are, for all intents and purposes, scientists from the future, one could question how much of their humanity is impacted by receiving an Observer implant – and whether Peter will be affected the same. Season after season, Peter has continuously been the center of any and all battles Fringe has presented, so it would be right to assume that he will be again. Could this be the last battle “the boy who shouldn’t exist” will be a part of?

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Fringe returns next Friday with “Five-Twenty-Ten” @9pm on Fox. You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below:

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  1. I feel like its been awhile since I fully enjoyed a Fringe episode. I feel like Peters grave mistake might have been the best thing to happen to the show.

    • Horrible, bad mistake,

      1. Olivia Dunham has been completely sacrificed for that,

      2. Josh Jackson central never works, he is not good enough, see season 4 and all the episodes in S2 and 3 that have him central. He has 4 expressions, the entire Olivia and Peter thing has to come from Anna Torv.

      3 Another bad mistake is Etta adult central, again at the expense of Olivia.

      If they want to give Peter more story take it away from Walter, he has been getting all the writing of Fringe, and Noble is his pal.

      Season 4 we saw Olivia Dunham, but all at the service of the arc of Peter, the only storyline she got was falling for Peter, Anna doing all the work for Jackson.

      and in S1 and S2 all the writing went to the Bishops, she was their go between, but with that the protagonist through whose eyes we saw everything, and she was FBI agent.

      Olivias only storyarc since Firefly was Peter, before that she was the Chosen One, and the builder of bridges,

      Season 5 should have been with Olivia central in an Active role give her the status as the Chosen One back, and it should have been in 2016

      • Thank you! This show has seriously lost its way and forgotten who the central protagonist is supposed to be. I’ve always enjoyed Walter (Noble is terrific) but Joshua Jackson has only ever been vaguely watchable as a supporting character. Putting him front and centre just never works, no charisma, no real acting ability.

        As for this season generally, I’ve just about given up. This episode better redeem the season (haven’t watched it yet) because so far the season has been an unenjoyable chore. I want to see it to completion but I’m getting no enjoyment from the show at all right now.

        • You’re posting an angry rant about an episode you haven’t even seen???

          • No, my rant is about this season prior to this episode. Hence the desire for the episode to redeem the season. As for stating Olivia needing to be back in the central role, there’s a lot of episodes prior to this that justify the rant.

        • Joshua jackson have been praised about his performance this last episodes/season. He is WONDERFUL.
          I always had a problem with anna torv acting. too wooden and bland, but the biship boys gave me a reason to keep watching till the end.

          You don’t like this season, because olivia is not the lead anymore. If they had made olivia, the observer or something else, you would have loved it.

      • I totally agree, Olivia Dunham


      • I respectfully disagree.

        Peter (and Walter) were always the better characters. The only time Olivia was interesting was when she was Fauxlivia. I would even say Astrid is a better character than Olivia.

        It would be interesting if that child Observer turned out to be September.

        I like Peteserver… like he said… he can be 10 times better than they can with that tech… as exampled by that teleporting neck break.

        • Well said! I’m enjoying this season very much thanks to Peter and I wish they had given him more to do before, because he’s a great character. Josh is killing it! It makes me sad how they’ve sidelined him until now. Better late than never.

        • Peter is September… Another idea.

          • I’ve considered that too… as he is obsessed with Walter and Peter Bishop and last season he was obsessed with figuring out timelines where Olivia doesn’t die.

            • Personally I think it would be more interesting if Peteserver turned out to be Windmark. But I doubt it either way. Somehow I don’t think the observer tech will drastically alter Peters facial features or bone structure, and a bald Peter would look nothing like September…

      • Uh, Olivia has had tons of storylines aside from the Bishop boys. What about her S1 boyfriend that died in the pilot? Her relationship with Broyles – her relationship with her sister, with Charlie, with her niece in season 2, her relationship with Fauxlivia and all of her excursions in the alternate universe in season 3 that happened without walter/peter. Not to mention her relationship with Nina last season, and all the people she has connected with on cases throughout the series.

        I wholeheartedly deny the fact that Olivia is not “given” a good enough or active enough role on the show. Of course most of her story lines relate to Peter/Walter – they’re the leads of the show! It works both ways! If anything, Peter is a pretty bland character that has things done to him – he was forced into working at Fringe Division, Walter forced his whole alternate universe upbringing situation, and his emotional observer tech arc this season was only brought on by the death of Etta. By your logic we could say that Peter is not given a good storyline and never has any character development “aside” from what the women on the show perpetuate. I could even say the show is biased against young white men. Which is not true. And neither is it true for Olivia. Olivia is one of the strongest female characters on TV now. Just because there are males on the show that have plotlines too, it doesn’t make it misogynist.

  2. im glad they finally mention the boy that was found in that hole from one of the earlier seasons. i always thought he looked like an observer and then when september was watching him at the end i knew.

    and also, wasnt the boy in that hole for like 80 years or something? and who knows how long he was in the pocket universe so he will probably be the same age as the previous episode he appeared in (or a little older if they use the same actor obviously)

    • Would be cool if he turned out to be a runaway from the Observer future. I’m thinking he probably just ‘appeared’ underground, probably wasn’t down there 80 years, Fringe team just misreading his Observer characteristics imo (adapted to low oxygen environ, pale skin, lack of hair, etc). Was glad to see the kid brought back, makes me hopeful that all loose ends may yet be tied up (couldn’t stop thinking about how different the new actor playing the kid looked from the old one though, lol)

  3. I don’t think they could have Peter’s existence starting all this off since when Peter was deleted from the universe the observer’s still existed, if it was Peter gaining the chip that creates them or starts it off wouldn’t deleting Peter from the universe put their own existence at risk by proxy?

    • I agree @James, doesn’t really seem likely.

      I’m starting to wonder if things aren’t heading towards Peter becoming some kind of Agent Smith like pawn of the Observers’, forcing Walter to blast Olivia with some cortexiphan to get her all Neo’d up for a final epic showdown. Dunno, just playing around with it…

      Have been wondering something myself though.
      Walter says in a branched universe system that parallel realities are created every time a decision etc is available or something, right? So wouldn’t it stand to reason that in the Observer’s future home, they would have their own multitude of ‘future’ alternate universe/s, with some containing their own Observer dopplegangers?

      Then what would happen if say two certain future universes both shared an identical September and he acts identically in both universes, and gets his first assignment to travel back in time to begin his ‘observing’? What happens when the two parallel September’s try to simultaneously travel back and inhabit the same place in space and time (in their mutual shared history)?

  4. it would be cool if olivia still had her abilities then she could have a more active role in the war. like her telekinesis, that would be cool to see her battle an observer with her abilities.

    • Hopefully there is some cortexephan in this Observer future they’re in

    • @Draagyn YES!!!! I was wondering why they haven’t written the script to let her use her abilities against the observers….

  5. Sorry to ask a random question here… but since no one ever mentions it… Why are there no female Observers?

    • wow. thats the first time i ever really realized that! huh. good question.

      • Probably why they invaded!

        Must get lonely being an observer, lol.

  6. The head observer is/was…
    …Peter Bishop

    • You just blew my mind.

  7. where is september? it would be cool to see him helping the fringe devision out.

  8. I gotta say, this is my least favorite season. Olivia is the center of this show, and she’s been getting no work. All the writing goes to Peter and the tape-hunt thing only JUST got interesting with the reveal of the empath boy.

    Where is September? Why is Olivia so passive? I’ll see Fringe to the end, but I’m overall disappointed.

    • Olivia had never a storyline without the bishop boys. Everything she ever did on fringe was about or for Peter or Walter.

      I bet when they had made olivia into an observer, then you would haved loved the storyline.

      So basically, it’s not the storyline you dont like, but the lack of olivia in everything.

      You just like the reveal of the empath boy, because you hope that the olivia arc will kick off with the reveal.

      Again, If the writers would have given Peter that storyline, you would have hated it.

      I’m just happy, that a lot of fringe fans loved the last episodes and they watch the show for the storyline and not for the olivia dunham storyline.

      • Guys, chill…

        Olivia is Fringe’s chosen one on ‘our’ side. Peter is the alternate chosen one from the parallel reality. That has never changed. Hers is the brain that got hit by the bullet that saved the World (S4)! His is a mind that played god, birthing/rewriting a minimum of two universes (S3). Not to mention that their inter-dimensional breeding habits were deemed ‘Important’ by some formerly fun-loving time travelers with a penchant for pepper.

        Imo, Olivia has merely been in that pre-climax hero stage… you know the one, where they get all quiet, observant, and reflective, and draw strength from those ones they love in order to make some kind of ultimate sacrifice to save the day just when all hope seems lost? (see Lord Of The Rings, The Matrix, Harry Potter, Lost, The Avengers, The Dark Knight, I think you see where I’m heading). Ain’t that always the way? Poor chosen-ones. Olivia being in the back seat at this point in the overall story arc (viewing the series as a whole) is pretty textbook stuff, her time is just around the bend i’d wager.

  9. Okay, I think a couple of people are getting confused. This isn’t Olivia’s season. Season 1 & the first half of Season 2 were Olivia’s seasons as she was the one devling into the world of Fringe, and she brought Peter along for the ride.
    However, the other half of Season 2 was Peter centric (mostly), as well as Season 4. Season 3 was the rest of the team, with Olivia and Peter leading. Peter being centric makes sense as he technically shouldn’t exist in the current timeline.

  10. great ep!

  11. Olivia lost all her powers in last season’s finale, so what are you people talking about!?

    • Cranium you are absolutely right! Unless Walter, gave her more cortexapham

      • Doubt that. They were leaving pretty peaceful before the invasion, so there’d be no reason…and now I bet its extremely rare, if not gone all together

      • They were leaving pretty peaceful before the invasion, so there’d be no reason…and now I bet its extremely rare, if not gone all together

    • Maybe…

      Walter will save the day by remembering how to create it, allowing Olivia to save the day by way of a Rocky-style-cortexiphan-training-montage (must feature light board), after being re-injected and dunked in the tank for good measure (and sentimental reasons). Olivia uses her uber powers to stop ‘Peteserver Bishop’ without killing him when he invariably turns on them.

  12. really fringe is an awesome tv serial and i want to see fringe season 6 …..i miss it so much and i want to see the next season