‘Fringe’ Season 5 Will Head to Comic Books if Show Gets Canceled

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Fringe TV Fringe Season 5 Will Head to Comic Books if Show Gets Canceled

Even though Fringe fans are still waiting to find out if their favorite series will be returning for season 5, the producers already have a backup plan set in place, just in case the series doesn’t return next year: comics.

Speaking at WonderCon this past weekend, Fringe executive producers J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner revealed that not only would they like to have one more season to wrap the series up, they also said that if Fox doesn’t renew Fringe for another season, they’ll be heading to comic books for season 5.

Here’s what Pinker had to say about the potential comic book:

It would be really elaborate and we would go to town on it and make sure that everything you needed to understand about the show would be in that and pay off that way. That’s our back up plan.

So what does it mean if Fringe leaves the airwaves this season? If things go according to plan, Fringe will pick up where the series finale left off in comic book form. Graphic novels based off TV series are nothing new, but a recent trend has seen TV shows concluding their previously established stories in print. If the Fox mystery-drama is converted into a comic series, Fringe will follow the vein of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and the previously announced Smallville.

Fringe TV 2 Fringe Season 5 Will Head to Comic Books if Show Gets Canceled

While a Fringe finale comic is presently still up in the air, the series has received the illustrated treatment before, with Beyond the Fringe, published by DC Comics. Beyond the Fringe was written by Fringe star Joshua Jackson in his comic book writing debut. Sadly, the limited series was met with mixed reviews.

Many (including me) are hoping that negotiations for Fringe season five will go well. But if not, at least the comic book will serve as a medium for the producers to completely finish their story.


Fringe returns this Friday @9pm on Fox

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  1. except they don’t completely finish lol! Look at Buffy and the Angel comic… they’re STILL going with no end in sight, and with tons of spin offs.

  2. Just renew the show already FOX…I doubt you’ve got another Simon Cowell judged singing competition to fill the time-slot. What? You’re just going to have a Simon Cowell reality show 2 hours a night for 7 days a week?

    My hatred of FOX’s treatment of my favorite shows aside (The Ben Stiller Show, the Tick, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Human Target, Arrested Development, Titus, Terra Nova, Firefly, and most likely the Finder and Alcatraz), I will buy this comic when I have to.

  3. I thought the show had good ratings? Are they seriously considering cancelling it? This is the first news I heard that there might not be another season…

    • I hate to say it, but even factoring in the fact that it’s a Friday show, the ratings are pretty bad. I do hope it gets renewed, though, I really do.

      • If true, then the producers/writers should just promise to wrap it up next season and advertise that all questions will be answered…mind you, not like Lost purported to have answered their questions…not.

        • @Jeff: I completely agree on that. I felt they made a mess of LOST with the finale. I’d be frickin pissed off if they bring in Heaven, Hell or Purgatory into getting logic out of Fringe! Even now whenever anyone mentions of LOST, I’m only reminded of what a frickin waste of my time that was.

          • I wouldn’t mind the spiritual aspect being brought in…I just want definitive answers to all the questions that have been raised. Lost turned out to be a joke, promising answers but giving few to none. After that mess, I will never have such an allegiance to another show, for fear of being scammed again.

        • The showrunners of Fringe have said that they’ve had the series finale planned and written since the beginning, they just need the proper heads up to wrap everything up. If they’re being led along to think that the show will continue, that’s not their fault.

  4. Josh Jackson only wrote the first three part a stories of this series. The rest of the series, I’m not sure how many there ended up being, were written by other writers. Josh’s three stories were about what happened to Peter from the end of season 3 to the beginning of season 4, and are considered cannon for the show.

  5. It better get renewed!!!

  6. Fox keeps messing up by cancelling good shows, especially if they are science fiction.

  7. I love Fringe! My wife and I are just now enjoying this great show! Fox would be stupid to cancel it. I also love ocmic books too and would continue to follow the storylines if the TV show is canceled without “getting them off of the island” LOL.

  8. I wish it was a full length novel. a trilogy sort of to end in season 7.

  9. I’ll get called a nerd again for this but…

    When TV shows or movie’s treat use “hard science” as a “lot device” it’s bound to end badly/blandly!

    Ol’ JJ and Co should have staid awake in high school or gotten a science advisor!

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Fringe, but every episode I get more than one,
    “he said what?!?!”

    This is what Abrahms did with Star Trek, science becomes a “plot device”.

    That is just freakin’ sad.

  10. It’s one of the few shows I watch religiously. True, I have to DVR it, but I watch em all.

  11. I DVR everything. A lot of the networks don’t keep track of this. Fringe is one of the best shows on TV, but I know how Fox operates. Remember “Human Target”? I loved that show and now it’s gone. Fox doesn’t care. They have some of the best innovative shows on TV and then cancel them. It makes no sense.

  12. Follow u: Not only have I watched great shows like Fringe, Human Target, Sara Connor Chronicles, Bones, Terra Nova, Alcatraz. I also get the DVD packs when they come out to watch the “Special Features.” I don’t know what the network is thinking. Personally I could care less about Ämerican Idol” and the stupid cartoon shows they have. I want to watch öutside of the box” action shows.

  13. Just do an NBC and give the fans one final 13 ep season then be done with it, please don’t make us go to comics, please!!

  14. I just caught up with this season last weekend!

  15. Renew it please love this show do not want to see it end Fox you better renew it!

  16. Oh and FYI, Smallville was not cancelled. It had its 10 season run and ended the way it was intended to end :)

  17. A Comic Book? That’s Unacceptable. This show isn’t about science fiction, it’s about the characters. The Characters need the Actors to breathe life into them. The question whether or not to cancel Fringe doesn’t have anything to do with ratings or advertising. The fans know that the audience is there, and I don’t believe fox is losing money on Fringe. All you need to confirm the size of the fan base for Fringe is to look at all the internet chatter. I’ve seen this before with shows that aren’t big hits(e.g. Glee), but aren’t stinkers either. The Suits use politics to make their decision. Too many Gay or Ambiguous characters? Cancelled. Any stories that contradict or challenge the Holy Bible? Cancelled. Anything at all that rubs the men behind the curtain the wrong way and the show is cancelled. The problem with this way of thinking is that we need shows for EVERYONE. Gay and Straight, Believers and Atheists, Liberals and Conservatives and everything in between. It has been a very long time since there has been a show like Fringe. Fringe serves an audience that wouldn’t have anything else to watch if it didn’t exist. You can’t put a price on that. It’s run for four seasons. To cancel it now would be a big middle finger to the fans, besides being cruel. In a way, Fringe is the most important show on TV in that the battle to get it renewed cuts right to the heart of the so-called division in this country. I could never follow Fringe into comic book form and I’ll never watch another fox show again if they cancel Fringe before the creators decide it’s run it’s course.

  18. Seriously, it would be complete stupidity for FOX to not to continue the series… There are so many fans and a great story. Every week I cannot wait for Friday to come so I can watch the show…

  19. Fringe season 5 is a must. And to answer some questions about how stupid FOX network works; they start up new TV shows with a high budget and a good storyline attracting lots of viewers. However they then cancel the shows before they drop in the ratings (just like fringe), this way they get more ratings even though they ruin lots of amazing opportunities such as firefly.

    -Firefly should be made into a comic book
    -Fringe should be on a different day

    • Firefly does have a comic book series. It’s called Serenity, has 13 parts (I think) and follows events after the movie. People I know who are fans of the show say it’s quite good. I haven’t read, so can’t vouch for it. Just thought I’d let you know :)

  20. Check out the other fringe comics you get alot of back story about Walter and wilham bell those issues end exactly where episode one if season one begin with Olivia going to st claire mental hospital to get walter

    • Do you know what the “other Fringe comics” are called and how many of them are there?

  21. The problem with shows like Fringe is that you have to keep up with them other wise you don’t know what’s going on and loose interest. People start out watching then the network moves it to a different night and all of the sudden they’re two or three episodes behind and just say screw it. I DVR everything so it’s not a problem but I think that this is the major issue for shows like Fringe. It’s one of my top two favorite shows (the other being Touch) so I hope they keep it for at least another season as well. Good luck to us…

  22. continue Fringe-it’s one of the best shows on tv now. Comic books? come on! all the good shows get cancelled and get reality tv.

    • Oh God, Please.. Let there be a continuation of Fringe.. if only there’s a method or way that the audiences could show their huge amount of interests in the series, we might and pray to god that they will be “forced” into making a continuation if not “boycott” Fox channel and let there be a decrease in ratings( Just to show our dis-satisfaction). Hah.. well, i appeal to either one of you out there who’s capable of landing such an impact so as to let the series live. :D

  23. I hope Syfy picks up Fringe. I am way off-shore (philippines) but loves this show. I hope to still see the characters- hell even next year! They are the true image of a family.