Fringe Season 4: ‘The End Of All Things’ Spoilers Discussion

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fringe season 4 the observer Fringe Season 4: The End Of All Things Spoilers Discussion

Will Fringe return for another season?
Fringe Season 5 Renewal Under Negotiation

Thanks to The Observer “September,” this week’s episode of Fringe reveals many of the questions that fans have had since the series began, as well as providing direction for the second half of season 4.

With the malicious Nina Sharp working with David Robert Jones on Phase Two, Olivia must fend off Jones’ continuous Cortexiphan inquiries while being imprisoned with a familiar double-agent.

As Peter forces Walter to allow him inside the mind of The Observer “September,” the beginning of all things is revealed to Peter – as well as many other questions that have, up until now, remained a mystery.

Now that Peter has knowledge of what exactly happened when he stepped into the machine the Fringe season 3 finale, he must make sure that the future returns to its planned path.

… and a heartbreaking decision must be made.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!

Fringe airs Fridays @9pm on Fox

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  1. I find the fact that the Observers are basically time traveling anthropologists rather cool … and mind-blowing at the same time.. XD

  2. This epsiode rocked!!! They should have titled the show “Weekly Mind F***”

  3. If I understood correctly, and that’s a long shot, Peter is supposed to be with Olivia and they are supposed to have Henry. But things were thrown further out of whack with Fauxliva having the baby. BUT, September was responsible for Walternate not finding a cure for Peter and tried to correct things by letting Walter cure Peter. But since Peter is from “over there”, then he SHOULD be with Fauxliva having a family because he should have never crossed over, right?

    • Good point!

    • I believe Peter is supposed to have a baby with Olivia1 (original), so he needs to back away from Olivia2 (new timeline).

    • @ tony, yeah that sounds right but September said that Peter has to be with Olivia1, but the question that hasn’t been answered yet is why is Peter so important? This is the most fascinating show on tv right now and I hope it comes back for season 5.

      • If I understood correctly, Peter and Olivia were supposed to have the baby together to allow September’s interjection to work out somewhat. When September screwed up by allowing Walter to cure Peter instead of Walternate, I believe he proposed a new timeline that he would help orchestrate, which flew with the other Observers as they probably had yet to have actually altered a timeline’s predetermined course of events at that point.
        Another thing I was hypothesizing is that (based on the conversation with the Observers in the beginning of the episode) there truly are only the 2 original timelines, and the one that Peter is currently in is the timeline with the correct Walter and Olivia from season 1. The reason Olivia begins to remember Peter is because the events he had an effect on were too important to be totally erased from existence, which I think they touched on in the episode. He was the main reason for the transit between timelines. Without Peter there would never have been any justifiable reason to go from one timeline to the other. And because he now popped back into existence, so did the reality of what he effected.

        @ Rivers, I think Peter is so important because of the changes he caused by being brought to the ‘first’ timeline. The reason September deems him important is because he is September’s error, he’s a mistake born by the actions of humans from the future; he only exists because September changed the universe’s course of action to allow it, and thus is the cause of a whole slew of events being mismatched and contradictorily affected. This, no doubt, changes the realities and events of the future timeline where the Observers are from, and that seems like reason enough to make Peter an “important” individual. The other thing we know at this point is that Peter is the only one able to operate the machine that ‘corrected’ the timelines. This is still unexplained from my understanding.

        • i just saw the epi…So as shown in epi,, peter is not important because “he is born by the actions of humans from the future” rather he was already important and thats the reason september wanted to watch walternate make a cure, cause that would save “already important” peter. So totally agreeing with RIVERS the interesting question that i look forward being answered is “WHY IS PETER IMPORTANT”.
          And Tony has a valid point and i would love to see shows writer answer that “Without Septembers mistake, if Peter is from “over there”, then he SHOULD be with Fauxliva having a family because he should have never crossed over, right”. I find this quite mind boggling hoping it would be answered soon.
          Third thing is i dont think the show should revert back to original timeline because in coming to this timeline mistake of Henry being born is corrected and thats the improved version of already distracted timeline due to observers mistake. And observer never said that this timelines Olivia isnt the rite one, infact he helped Peter in saving this timeline’s OLIVIA.

          • Obviously, it is incorrect to assume that if Walternate had cured Peter, that he would never have crossed universes and Fauxlivia would be the “right” Olivia, since September flat out said that was incorrect. We still didn’t hear the whole story, so obviously Peyer would still have ended up crossing over to our universe, just for some other reason, and he was still destined to be with Olivia prime, exactly how we don’t know but it is possible. Walter still ha the tech to cross universes, he may not have had the reason to use it, but such tech would have inevitably been used eventually just because it existed and somebody would decided to use it, perhaps David Jones. We don’t know all the details, but it seems pointless to debate the validity of what we’ve been flat out told is true.

        • I believe the Olivia in the current timeline is also the original Olivia. When Peter was erased, everything associated in the timeline was erased. However, the Walter/Olivia dreaming about him and physically landing in this current time – shows this is where he was and came back to. What is happening now, is slowly his pieces of those times are coming back, the longer he is back, the more comes back. Olivia is the first to remember because of their bond. Walter will be next and so forth. Peter will be working on leaving, which in the end will convince him he is already ‘back home’

          • i thought the same thing, and thought up a few Other answers. Perhaps there was only ever supposed to be one Peter in the first place and that alone is what makes him important. Or perhaps he’s important because no matter what he was always going to cross over to “our universe.” Its slightly odd to assume Peter was supposed to end up w/fauxlivia.
            There are an infinite number of ways that Peter and our Liv could have gotten together- the most obvious one being that Walter and Belly continued their mad scientists routine and Olivia got dosed w/cortexifan that way. It’s especially likely since Walter knew about “over there” before Peter got sick. Knowing Walter he wouldn’t just watch the other side. Sooner or later he would have wanted to GO, especially with the kind of tech they had “over there!” Young Peter could easily have followed Walter back through the portal. Hell breaks loose (or just the ice) and Walter can’t get the machine to let him return Peter. Either Peter is raised as a twin or this Peter dies anyway and Peter takes his spot. He meets Liv over here, they then marry/have babies. These scenarios are pretty simple and in line with the characters personalities/previous actions. I thought this up in just a few seconds. I think it’s safe to say the writers may realize they had options of how Peter meant to be with this Liv and not her “over there” copy. If not well I just gave em a few…

            • Methinks only one Peter was ever SUPPOSED to survive. That is the whole point. He wouldn’t be important if there were TWO of him, since that means there is now margin for error.

              With only ONE Peter, that means all the events of Fringe are absolutely and positively unable to occur without him, and him alone.

              Thus Henry, alternate timelines, the Fringe war, etc etc. Methinks the kid, Henry, is important because it is the product of BOTH realities. Peter being from the Other Side, and Olivia from our side. Thus, henry being born of TWO other-siders is no longer integral. It’s the MIXTURE that makes the baby essential. For some reason.

  4. @toilet ” The reason September deems him important is because he is September’s error, he’s a mistake born by the actions of humans from the future; he only exists because September changed the universe’s course of action to allow it, and thus is the cause of a whole slew of events being mismatched and contradictorily affected.” Yes that’s true but why was Peter so important to save in the first place? Hopefully the real answer will be revealed by the end of this season since where up in the air for season 5.

  5. I do wonder how a character, Peter, with a purported IQ of 180 can be so daft.
    September reveals that the observers are observing humanity to view THEIR origins
    September accidentally stops Walternate from discovering the cure for Peter’s illness
    September then assists Walter in rescuing Peter but makes the deal with Walter that Peter must return to the alternate universe after he has been cured
    Walter renigs on the deal to help save his wife’s sanity
    Walter and William Bell were already observing the alternate universe before Peter’s death
    They were already sending inanimate objects back and forth between universes it stands to reason that they would have still done the cortexiphan trials in an effort to cross over. They were scientists with very few boundaries. (The trials were in progress in 1983. Peter was not taken by Walter until 1985) . In all likelihood Olivia still would have crossed over and met Peter. A shared future might have stopped the war between the universes. The war that corrupted the timeline and threatened the very existence of the observers.
    Why is Peter so daft? September only distinguishes between two Olivias: Bolivia and ours. He tells Peter that he has returned to the timeline. He uses the word RETURNED, despite having been erased. Peter is home. September tells him how to find Olivia. But Peter seems stuck with the idea of three Olivias.

    So now we’ll have to deal with Peter’s craziness and Olivia being more angry and disgusted than she was at the end of Marionette. I have utmost confidence that the writers will sort this out. But I am getting whiplash.

    Now my only concern is that in the episode Ability, Olivia’s task was to turn OFF the lights not turn them on. Yet Olivia speaks from the perspective of familiarity when she is confronted with the box. This time she seeks to turn the lights ON NOT OFF. And she remembers seeing Peter glimmer for the first time when she kissed him. But that’s not when she first saw him glimmer. If these inconsistencies are important I have a problem and Mr. 180 is right.

    • Agreed! Why is Peter sooooo important?!

    • I totally agree that there are onlye two Olivia’s and Peter is already home. The one thing I wonder about was the observer asked Peter to something for him, but did he ever say ‘what that was’ before the others arrived to stop him

    • @Ouida your explanation of Olivia1 crossing over because of Walter and William Bell and the cortexifan trials makes perfect sense. That is how Olivia1 would have met Peter even if Walernate had cured Peter.

    • Ouida! That’s exactly what I thought after seeing the episode!

      September told Peter he RETURNED!!! He is back where he belongs! There is no timeline he needs to go back to. He returned to it!

      My only explanation to all this is the writers are out of ideas!!! They will keep this going for several episodes when it was pretty clear that Peter should stay with his Olivia who already remembers him and loves him!

      But no they make Peter dumb and stubborn and he keeps believing he has not returned! He will keep looking for a timeline that DOES NOT exists.

      I foresee several filler episodes with stubbornness and stupidity on both Peter and Olivia :(

  6. I’ve been a loyal Fringe fan since the first episode, but the most recent episode, The End of All Things, was the best Fringe show ever. Yes, the story is total science-based escapist fantasy, but it’s the most interesting fantasy show since Lost. With such “jump the shark” story premises, the remarkable acting skill of the entire cast is pushed to incredible, yet believable, performances. Although they are all superb, Anna Torv, John Noble, Blair Brown, and Lance Reddick all deserve emmys for Best Actor in Incredibly Challenging Scripts. This show, like Lost, is TV at it’s best. I hope Fox keeps Fringe on air for another season.

  7. Agreed!

  8. There is something I can’t quite understand, may be I am being picky or something. When Peter entered the machine and he got erased in time, why was it that walternate made the cure but the observer stalled him, then walter crossed over to cure peter and THEN he observer let peter drown instead of saving him? Why NOT do this specific action but distract walternate in the first place? I mean if the observer can suddenly pull out and NOT make a certain action at any point in time, why didn’t he undo his meeting with walternate in the first place in the original universe?

    • The way I see it is that when Peter went into the machine it erased his existance and put the timeline as to how it should have been (including the part WITH September interfering and distracting Walternate).

      Now I have only seen each episode once so there is a good chance I am wrong, but if an observer interfers maybe they cannot undo what they did. So September could not undo his first mistake, so that event essentially came a part of the timeline. That is why when Peter got into the machine, it erased his existance in the timeline from the point Walter tried to bring him back from the other universe (becasue both Peters should have died). However, September having seen what should have been (Peter is important), saves Peter and tells Walter he must bring him back to his own universe (so that the original timeline and future will go back to how it should have been before September interfered), but Walter does not.

      Septemeber having interfered enough already cuts his losses and does nothing more.

      With Peter in this new timeline it sets off a number of events (the series). Peter and Fauxlivia have a baby that whom should have never existed, therefor distrupting the future even more than already done. The other observers tell September to rectify the situation, and he does so be manipulating events so that Peter will get into the machine (if I remember correctly there is a scene where September acknowladges that Walter is different now and will sacrafice Peter).

      The observers now believe Peter is gone, as well as his baby and that all is fixed as well as it can be (back to where both Peters die). Somehow though Peter comes back into the timeline.

      So now Sepetmber tells Peter in this episode that if he gets back with his Olivia (which I believe is the Olivia we have seen all season long)then the future might go back to how it should have been before September interfered in the first place.

      Jeeze, I hope that makes sense…lol…and if it doesn’t feel free to let me know.

  9. Ok well im gonna go out on a major limb and say that the reason Peter is so important is because he and Olivia have to be Henry’s parents. Henry will be someone that in the future becomes very important for the existance of humanity. Not having the proper Henry in the future could bring dire consquences for the human race.

    • Henry invented time travel,for sure that would have major consequences !:)

  10. Think on this. The September said the observers where future humans. The original Peter from red has a high IQ and can travel within time (bleed through even after being “erased”). But who is to say the blue Peter would have been the same way?

    The blue Olivia was drugged as a kid and now has crazy abilities. One of these is electric in nature… just like the observers can start cars with their fingers. Red Olivia did not have the same past or gifts.

    We also know that Henry is important. He must be born from the blue Olivia, the one with the special powers.

    What if this is all about Henry be born from the right Olivia because Henry is the father of the observers? None of the other Cortex kids have children of their own that we’ve seen so far.

    Without Peter, blue Olivia would end up with someone else and might still have Henry. With Peter and the blue Olivia it might make the observer time line quicker. But I believe Olivia is the important one, not Peter.

    Peter is home to his ‘blue’ universe of blue Olivia and Co. The timeline has just changed. Everything is starting to blur because Peter came back instead of being erased. Like the rewritten tap, the bleed through is starting to blend the two time lines but not the two universes.

    I think the town that was forced together was really Peter’s original timeline and this timeline combining and not the two universes combining.

    Just a thought.

  11. I can’t wait for the revelation that Henry and Olivia later live under the alias identities of John and Sarah Connor ;) long live TSCC

  12. Seems to me that I agree that Peter is in the “right” timeline but it has changed due to his dissapearing and then coming back. It’s the other characters that don’t recognize him, but slowly like Olive they will start to remember him…

  13. I think the bridge was designed by the observers to undo their mistake when peter stepped in to activate it. As for the Olivia stuff, I’m pretty sure that september said that folivia was meant to be Henry’s mother, and that would have happened if walternate had been the one to cure peter. It would also explain peter dumping Olivia, if an observer told you that you were with the wrong person, who wouldn’t come up with any excuse to break up with them? But if the observers can’t change what they’ve done, how did they stock September’s saving peter at the lake?

  14. @ design, Good points, suppose the reason Peter is so important because him Liv and Henry are the ancestors of that September!?

  15. Sorry folks…But I like the series too much…So that must mean it will be cancelled after this season…..Every damn time they come up with something that has a interesting story to follow it apparently doen’t grab the short attention span of their targeted commercial group and ends up biting the dust. If Fox does decide to shut it down after this season it would be great if they’d release it to the SYFY channel….But I doubt they would….That would be much better programing than a lot of what’s on SYFY now, and would be very appropiate for the channel…

  16. I think Peter is important because of for one he’s not suppose to be in any world he was suppose to die until the observer intervened. Also if Peter has a baby with Oliva one then the baby would have a parent from both worlds. I can only imagine what that would mean.

  17. I finally got around to watching this episode and I’m kicking myself for waiting so long. Finally some answers regarding the observers. My opinion is maybe everyone is over thinking this. September told Peter that they are future humans observing their roots, right? And Walternet saving Peter’s life was an important event that September accidentally interrupted to cause a chain of events where Henry was born to the wrong mother. So, could it be something as simple as Henry was supposed to be the first inter-universe child? Historically speaking, that itself would be a milestone.
    But I do like @Design’s theory of combining Olivia and Peter’s abilities to create a child who in theory could be the first observer.

  18. I have to ask myself, why was Henry conceived, and delivered, by Fauxlivia? The writers took an inordinant amount of show-time to highlight the birth and name-sake naming of Henry after the cabby, and why did they do this? It would seem that Henry has to be the important variant that made it worth September interfering and saving Peter from drowning in Reiden Lake. If Peter was supposed to have Henry, and the Observer September continually has said that, “the boy is important,” then one would assume that September knows that Henry has a critical role in the preservation of the future (maybe as a progenitor of the Observers, critical role in saving the future or universes, etc.). It always boils down to the birth of a child, and Henry fits the bill for a finale character! I look for a very good guest-star playing the role of Henry in the series finale!

  19. So glad that Fringe will continue….great season end.
    A dedicated fan from the beginning.