‘Fringe’ Season 4: ‘Forced Perspective’ Spoilers Discussion

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fringe season 4 forced perspective peter Fringe Season 4: Forced Perspective Spoilers Discussion

With Peter and Walter finally working towards returning Peter back to his own timeline, the pieces of the puzzle that makes up Fringe season 4 are beginning to fall into place.

But when a mysterious teenage girl with the ability to predict death shows up, the Fringe team must find out what’s behind her otherworldly talents – and what, if anything, the Observers have to do with it.

Still reeling from the news that one rogue Observer gave her, Olivia pulls out all the stops to find out as much as she can about the hairless enigma, who is at least 91 years old (but is safe from the Spanish Flu).

While it currently stands that Olivia must die – no matter what possible future she’s in – there’s one person that’s going to make sure it doesn’t happen: Peter.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!


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  1. Is it just me or is the second half of season 4 getting more epic by the week? Lol

    • Actually I’m finding their reusing plotlines from old episodes such as predicting the future (Season 1: The Ghost Network), The idea of the enemy being this whole town (Season 2: Johari Window) and the mental patient being connected to a serial killer (Season 1: Inner Child) I’m not saying all these season 4 episodes are completly written from the past episodes but the basic concepts of them seem to be based of them.

      It seemed like here they just made the person with the ability a teenage girl instead of a male adult. I’m hoping the other episodes won’t do the same and will be more original.

      • That’s interesting. I have a terrible memory for stuff like that. I wonder if they are doing it on purpose since it seems like the timeline has skipped to a time before Olivia knew about the observers, so maybe this stuff is happening again but with slight differences?

  2. Very epic! Does anyone else think that if Olivia does die,(in this universe) it will have something to do with Massive Dynamic?

  3. This episoe was great in setting up Olivia for probably later this season.
    I guess what Nina does, phase 2, new pills, will have the same effect as with the girl, Olivia will die anyway before her time, candle burning faster because of the abuse, and Mr. X.
    I do hope she will find out Nina soon, to get a level fight, since the quick scene of Olivia telling Broyles not wa nting to live the life of a victim, is me hoping for an active Olivia Dunham.
    BTW Anna Torv in every scene, every emotion on her face, brilliant.

  4. I like Fringe a lot and since it’s come back from it’s mid season break it has been of probably it’s highest standard since the start. There did seem to be a fatal flaw in logic at the start of this episode though. I can’t help wondering that if the girl hadn’t stopped the man to hand him the picture, he would’ve already passed the point in the street where the beam falls by the time it did fall.

    I concede I may be just reading too much and should, especially in a show like this, suspend my disbelief. Especially as it is essentially an episode about fate and whether the fate of a person can altered (a la Olivia’s predicted death). One of those annoying people I guess.

    Still a very strong episode with a very strong suggestion of who is going to be the cause of Olivia’s death (nice little sidestep. I assumed it was a continuation of the experiements), the actors are bringing their A game and I eagerly await each episode.

    • I thought the very same thing…Had she just let him continue walking then her picture wouldn’t have been true because he’d been a few seconds beyond when it fell….Kind of make you wonder how many other “Unstoppable” deaths she actually helped along…

  5. The whole point is that her powers are not “to see the future” but to pick up on vibrations of a trauma in a future that will happen.. or she wouldn’t be getting the vibrations.

    However, at the end they prove that the future isn’t written in stone.

    But if that were the case, she’d have never gotten the vibrations. Her powers really only make sense if you think of different versions of the universe existing at the same time and she received her warning from events in a different, but similar universe. That vision would require a lot of energy and put a lot of wear and tear on the little girl..which might be why she had a stroke for the vision just after it…it was the feather that broke the camels back..

  6. I liked the episode, but the show did seem to lose its pacing from the last couple of weeks. Still, it was good to have an episode focused on Olivia. Interesting counter-balance between the Peter-Walter scene at the end of last week’s show (Peter’s true affection for Walter, or at least the Walter he remembers) and the scene between Olivia and the traitorous Nina at the end this week (Olivia telling her that she loved her, even as the audience sits knowing that the feeling is at best unrequited).

    One other thing–This seemed like the Season 1 episode Ghost Network redux. But maybe it’s necessary in the new timeline, since these versions of the characters have none of Peter’s experiences, or at least different experiences.

  7. I enjoy the show, but they aren’t really taking some things in consideration…Or maybe they are, but it just doesn’t seem that way. If Peter is in a different time line universe then isn’t there even more danger that not only there’s a weakening between the original universes because of all the travel back and forth, but also a possible weaking of time once there’s travel between those universes?

    I must have missed the episode where they figured he was on a different time line, but isn’t he just not known because he erased himself from being in the first place? I figure even if he did make it back to another time line (If that’s where he’s from) nobody there would know him either now anyway right?

    I really like the show, but that could mean it’s short for the world. Often when I like a clever series they don’t seem to last long…..Apparently the target commercial groups don’t often care for clever series…

    • In my opinion, the way i see it, Peter believes he is from a different time line. No one remembers him for he did not exist in this new time line, so yeah that is the consensus with everyone as in Olivia, his father, so on but you are correct that in my opinion that he is in the right time line its just that it has been rewritten as to how it should have been. Peter should have died but the Observer helped him and thus created a altered time line that needed to be fixed thus Peter vanished and fixed the time line but the Observer did not do his job early in the first half and thus we have Peter back in the original timeline of which thus creates confusion for all. Wow that suck how i just spilled like this but hopefully you will see what i mean..heee

  8. What I keep wondering is: What happened to William Bell in this Season 4 timeline? Walter referenced Billy so we know he existed at one point in this Season 4 timeline. Recall in the old timeline, Bell sacrificed himself to return Fauxlivia, Walter and Peter back to their own universe. He did so because Olivia and Walter crossed over to retrieve Peter. If Peter never existed, there would’ve been no need for Walter and Olivia to cross over to the other side. Therefore, there would’ve been no need for Bell to sacrifice himself…

  9. Firstly we were told that Peter had to die or disappear by the observers and he’s stil around. Now we’re told Olivia is told she dies in all possibilities, Really?! It feels like they’re making it up episode by episode, have they run out of storyline? Are they trying to get canceled?? Buying themselves more time by going ‘let’s wipe a character from existence and then have him re-emerge!’ wow guys, great writing

  10. I’ve been watching the show since the pilot, and I’ve been hooked since then. I think this episode was good, but not the best of this season. I did like the theory of by the girl finally being able to change the future, she doomed herself. The “Olivia must die” state-of-mind going on isn’t my favorite either. I wondered more about the Observer being shot…I mean if he can exist in all times, wouldn’t you think he’d be able to dodge the bullet? Like I said, I’m a fan and I really enjoy this season’s tie-ins to previous cases that Peter had an effect on and can’t wait until the next episode.

  11. So apparently these last few episodes have caused ratings to go up. :)