‘Fringe’ Season 4 Finale Has 2 Endings (In Case of Cancellation)

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fringe season 4 cast Fringe Season 4 Finale Has 2 Endings (In Case of Cancellation)

The Fringe season 4 finale will soon be upon us. But with no word from Fox regarding their renewal decision for the cult series, the highly anticipated episodes may also serve as Fringe’s series finale.

Fortunately, the producers have made plans for whatever Fox decides to do with the series next year, by having two separate endings, depending on whether or not the series is picked up for season 5.

Speaking with Zap2It, Agent Broyles himself, Lance Reddick, discussed the two different endings – as well as what question won’t be answered in the Fringe season 4 finale:

“Something happens at the very, very end of the season finale. It may or may not stay; I don’t know. It could open up an entire new season.

It could be a cliffhanger, but the thing that’s beautiful about the way that the season ends is that it seems to answer almost all the questions that started in season 1… except for that one story.”

From sounds of it, if Fox decides to order Fringe season 5, a supplemental cliffhanger scene will be added to the finale. If no pick-up order is given, the season 4 finale without the cliffhanger and the series will take to comics to complete their tale.

But before fans of the series prepare for the worst, recent rumors are saying it’s very likely that Fox will pick up Fringe for a 13-episode season to allow the producers (and fans) to appropriately bid farewell to the series.

For all intents and purpose, Fringe would have never made it this far on network television without its fans. As one of the only overtly sci-fi television series on network television, it’s the extremely dedicated and driven fan base that allowed the series to find a home on Friday nights.

fringe season 4 john noble Fringe Season 4 Finale Has 2 Endings (In Case of Cancellation)

And what better way to highlight the boisterous fan base than with a quote from Joshua Jackson:

“The show is now only surviving based upon the passion of our fans, because we don’t have a large audience or large viewership but the people who do watch it are incredibly fired up about it.”

Since the beginning, Fringe has elevated itself beyond the preternatural quirky drama that many television fans have become used to with science-fiction-based series. While the series may have its fair share of comedic moments, it’s always been the compelling and complex story that has helped drive the series into the hearts of fans around the world.

And while Fox may not pick up Fringe for season 5, the Fringe season 4 finale will answer more than enough questions to satisfy fans’ expectation for an ending. That being said, one more season would also be great.

…especially since there’s that one final question that will be left to answer


The Fringe season 4 finale airs May 11 @9pm on Fox.

Source: Zap2It; THR

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  1. At this point it’s becoming clear that they are closing down the story for this season if Fox cancels it.

    Of course I would love another season. Hopefully Fox will allow them to close it all out properly.

    Either way you have to thank Fox for letting us get to this point at least! Any other series would be already canceled by now.

  2. Man they have to produce a fifth season, they owe it to the cast and fans of Fringe. It is by far the greatest show I have ever seen and I am compelled to see a great ending, its a shame it only has the four/five seasons but as many of the cast have said that it should be concluded with its fifth season and are perhaps best to do so I dont know to be honest. Either way Fringe season 5 must be made or fans will unite against FOX network once again !

    • I am disgusted with what they have done to Anna Torv in 419: replacing her with a look alike fake who exactly copies every scene Anna did as Olivia, it is so obvious. But the Etta actress gets praised into heaven, by critics and fans.

      For what? For immitating, mimicking, stealing 4 years of work of Anna Torv. Anna created Olivia Dunham, her expressions, attitude, mannerism, speech, all creative property of Anna.

      So Pinkner has something against Anna, never writing for Olivia, destroying the character slowly this season, that only thanks to Anna Torvs brilliance , there is still a great Olivia Dunham.

      This was backstabbing of Anna, and I am certain Anna is not going to be back in season 5.

      From everything I read and especially what Pinkner has said, also on twitter:
      Season 5 will be 2036, a spinn off of 419.
      I hated 419, horrible cliche on cliche.

      From John Noble we know that new characters will be in season 5, it will be entirely in 2036, and J.Jackson has said that 4.21 and 4.22 will be like the pilot of season 5.

      So who knows , the entire original cast will not be in season 5, except for the final wich will be a replay of 419.

      I think that the people of Bad Robot should be honest, Wyman and Pinkner are using fans to get a deal, and those fans who expect the story to be told (what story, everyone loses memories when convenient), are going to be very upset and angry.

  3. what is the one big question on the show, dont watch just curious??

    • I have been watching from the beginning and i could not tell you for that right there has me pondering to an extent. I love the show and would rather see this get picked up rather than supernatural unless they do some tweaking with the show as in at least bring cas or bobby back as a semi regular occurrance, plus kinda ify on how the season will end though it has been good.

      I could give you my guess about the big question but i am still pondering it myself and the one friend i could ask for when he gets into a show he gets into it really really good sadly does not watch it.

    • This show poses a lot of existential questions about who people really are, the cause an effect of toying with fringe sciences, and a number of other things. It is hard to answer what exactly the driving question is without a. engaging in a lengthy philosophical and pseudoscientific debate, and b. spoiling everything in the first three seasons, as the questions evolve with every season.

  4. arg I really hate how network telvision runs their buisness. ultimatly i’ll take what i can get but i have to say its insulting that they do these short seasons just to get syndication. they did it to Chuck, and I personally felt it affected the season, it didn’t feel natural, but felt rushed. I understand its a business, but still at the end of the day it just turns me off to watching anything from the network. I personally think Fox should be careful here, they’re line up is taken a monster hit, House is done, Alchatraz won’t survive IMO, I don’t see Touch going beyond two three seasons, that leaves them Bones, New girl, and god help us American Idol and Glee, If I were them I would give Fringe a 13 episode arc test the waters, and leave it open for picking up the back 9. as long as the give writers a heads up which way they’re going. I apologize for the long winded rant, but it just bugs me Fringe is too good of a show to be shafted.

  5. With Keifers new show losing viewers every week and Terra Nova gone Fringe is something that Fox can count on.

  6. I’d hate to see this series go. I’ve loved it from Season 1 and has been religiously watching ever since.

  7. I’ve been a fan since the pilot. To me, the “2 plausible endings” bit sounds like what Supernatural did after season 5 wrapped everything up but then in the last 30 seconds they added a cliffhanger image of Sam and season 6 was born. And now, I still watch Supernatural but only for my love of those characters, the story-line now lacks any ingenuity and is completely spiritless and tiresome. I wouldn’t want Fringe to go through that (Having fans like me who’ve always supported the show, turn in an instant). As much as I’d like to see 2 or 3 more seasons of Walter’s wackiness, I don’t believe the network will allow it. If Season 4 wraps up the long-term, ongoing story, I say end it there properly without a cliffhanger and Chuck-like 13 episode, shortened-season. Then continue on with Fringe events through comic books and video games which could lead into a full-length theatrical movie (like the X-Files), perhaps someday.

  8. Got into Fringe from the beginning of season 2 and now have all three seasons on blu-ray. Being from the UK I am only really beginning to get my head around the way Networks cancel shows at the drop of a hat which is a shame as the US have some highly entertaining shows.
    Would love to see season 5!(pretty please!)

  9. I think Fringe needs the season 5 to wrap everything up properly. I’ve been watching since the beginning and I figured and hoped it would last 5 or 6 seasons. The show is definitely one of my favorites.

  10. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give Fringe a renewal for a 5th season! This show is one of the rare, really good programs on the FOX network. There is a glut of Idol-like shows and they are sad, scripted wrecks that make the mind numb. Sadly, though, they seem to be taking over.


  11. Maybe someone around the movie business know this…But when a company makes a series like this and gets a channel to sign on to it is it pretty much part of the contract that once that channel cancles then it can’t float a continuation on some other channel? I mean I think this would be able to continue on SYFY where the show probably have about the same ratings as a lot of their other shows if it were allowed to cross over…

  12. Been watching this from the start so will be sad to see it go. Quite simply, who else in the world has a smile as cute as Anna Torv’s?

  13. We’ll get our Season 5, Fringies.
    The question is, when will FOX let executive producer Joel Wyman announce the renewal to the Fringedom via Twitter? Hurry up FOX!!!

  14. If fox axes fringe then the only other thing on there I watch is Sunday night animation block and football when it’s on.

  15. For the final show; all I want is Powerman 5000 to come out playing ‘When Worlds Collide’…Jk, I wish the show would be picked up on FX or SyFy channel and continue on with it. Great show and great acting. Hope to see it given the respect it is due.

  16. There are very few TV shows that are done with such a quirky blend of intelligence, creativity, comedy, and drama. The cast is fantastic and Walter is a one of a kind character. FOX please stop canceling good shows. Most of the shows on you network are just plain bad…this is a good one. Please keep it. And moving it to Friday night killed its viewership more than anything else. The loyal fan base remains.

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    • Great!

      We’ll all do this then we can pay Fox to keep Fringe going…..don’t know why I didn’t think of this myself!…………Oh before I forget I’ve got a friend in Nigeria who wants to get a lot of money out of the country and needs someone with a bank account…….

      • I have not been a large supporter of Fox at times, with their premature cancellations (Arrested Development, Firefly, etc…)… but I have to give Fox credit in that they have stuck with Fringe. The show has had terrible Neilson ratings for some time now, partially due to the damned “Friday Death Slot”, yet it has been allowed to survive for 4 seasons. With Fox at least taking the time to film 2 endings for the season finale in case of cancellation, I have to give them credit. And even more so, I give them kudos for listening to offers for a potential 5th season. It’s really more than a lot of shows are given with such dreadfully low ratings. So many shows are axed with no conclusion whatsoever. As a Fringe fan, I appreciate the support they have given.

  18. Bought season 1 on dvd this march followed by 2 in april and now about to watch season 3. Its addictive and brill. Hope season 5. More the better.

  19. We must all pray that fringe season 5 gets created. It has been a long ride and i think they should end it on a high. Season 5 will satisfy the cravings of all fringe fans.

  20. I really love Fringe and hope it gets picked up for another season!! I don’t want to lose Fringe, House, and possibly Alcatraz at the same time!! I’m already losing House, In Plain Sight, and The Closer. I don’t need to to lose Fringe and Alcatraz too. Not right!! I’ve been watching Fringe since it started and own the first 3 seasons!! Keep the episodes coming!! Please!!

  21. dark shadows ran & ran was remade & now a major movie with a built in fanbase and new fans climbing on board.Come on fox recognise what you have here.Time will prove what a classic fringe is.

  22. Fringe has been a fantastic scifi show with great stories for these four years. There is just nothing of its caliber left on series TV. Come on FOX. Give it at least one more season!

  23. I for one stumbled across this serious only recently. I thank foxtel for picking it up and thank the producers for creating it! I have had sooooo many late nights because I felt compelled to watch the next episode(thanks to foxtels series link).
    It’s a phenomenal cast and fantastic story lines-I recently had family come to stay and we spent half a day watching it- age group mid teens to 60yrs. If that doesn’t show how diver your audience is, I don’t know what else could. Great job n why stop at season 5??? All the greats went to at eleven seasons-if not 20!!!! Why change what works….

    • “11 seasons and a movie!”

  24. Well by now we know that Fox picked up the fifth season for 13 more episodes, woo hoo! I watch all of the old seasons every time there’s a break and I can watch them over and over again forever. This is absolutely the best writing/casting/directing/producing ever seen on American television. And I should know because I’m an American and I was raised on television. Thank you fox and thank you bad robot.

  25. I really wish this could have turned into the new X-files. When bigger, more concrete storylines appeared though, storylines that were actively used (unless X-files more broad, hinting overall storylines) i knew it wouldn’t be. And maybe it wouldn’t have even lasted this long if it HAD been more like X-files. I don’t know.

    Still, i wish this should could go on forever. All the characters (at least the core group) are so great, i don’t want to give them up. And more, i want to see the actors in a lot more things because of it.

    On the same thing, Season for and its sort of semi/soft-reboot sort of made it a little disjointed, it was ALMOST like starting all over again and it feels like the threat of cancellation frightened them into speeding things up and making things more immediate, a lot less of the general weirdness and fringe science, and much more of ‘everything that happens leads back to X’ so as to make sure the storyline had time to “finish”

    Still it was a good season and i’m looking forward to the fifth, and last season wrapping things up with a happy ending, even if that ending is a little unfulfilling, since i would rather see it continue than end, even happily. “Everything goes back to normal and things are safe and stable forever after” will feel a bit hollow for me, but its still nice.

    • On the same thing, Season 4* i felt of all the typos in that post, that made the least sense.

  26. If fringe fails it proves that fox is incapable of competing with HBO. They should probably stick to sitcoms and shows for daily television. Maybe they could do some Seinfeld reruns so the prfessionals can take care of the serious stuff.