10 TV & Movie Aliens You Want In Your Wolfpack

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3. E.T. – E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

ET The Extra Terrestrial 10 TV & Movie Aliens You Want In Your Wolfpack

While Paul had no immediate intentions of returning to his home planet, E.T. is another story. This stranded-on-Earth alien was desperate for a helping hand and little Elliott was right there to give it. But E.T. is the very definition of cute. He may not offer much of a helping hand himself, but he is the silent type that will stay home and wait for you to return. E.T. also has some cool party tricks, including a light-up finger and an extending neck.

At times, E.T. can be quite a handful. He complains a lot and is especially picky about his candy. Reese’s Pieces are delicious, but buying them might burn a hole in your pocket after a while. The constant whining about his home planet can also grow weary. The most difficult aspect of a friendship with E.T. is hiding him from the world. If you don’t, federal agents will be knocking down your door, much like Paul.

2. Chewbacca – Star Wars

Chewbacca Star Wars 10 TV & Movie Aliens You Want In Your Wolfpack

If Chewbacca can get out of his life debt with Han Solo, you might find one of the most loyal friends in the universe. He looks and sounds like a giant space canine and might very well become your best friend. He is also a great shot with a Bowcaster and knows how to fly a ship.

While he loves to play board games, it might be difficult to get competitive. After all, it’s not wise to upset a Wookie. If you beat him, he might rip your arms out of their sockets and that makes for a tightly-wound friendship. While it seems obvious that conversation with Chewbacca is difficult, Han adopted the language perfectly fine and he is a scruffy-headed nerf-herder.

1. Superman – Superman

Superman 10 TV & Movie Aliens You Want In Your Wolfpack

If you need an addition to your flag-football team, it couldn’t hurt to be close friends with Superman. But it is Kal-El’s protective instincts will make for a truly great friend. Harm will never befall you and you’ve even got an inside source at the Daily Planet. In addition, he may even hook you up with one of Lois Lane’s friends.

However, Superman has some serious deep-seeded pain due to the loss of his family and entire race during the destruction of Krypton. I wouldn’t want to be in the room when he has a mental breakdown – and it is inevitable at some point. His alter-ego is a bit of a nuisance as well. Clark Kent is a part of Superman’s personality that will never go away. Unfortunately, he stumbles around like a buffoon and can’t talk to women, so “Clark” out might be a problem.

Did we leave out any fun-loving aliens that you’d like to put in your wolfpack? Give them a shout out in the comments section and tell us why you want to hang out with them.

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  1. That image of Superman is exactly how he should look. Take note Zack Snyder!

    Good article.

    • Alex Ross at his best.

      • Kingdom Come isnt it?

  2. What no love for Alf?

    • Yeah, I was about to ask that!

      • I had Alf on my top 15 list. Should have mentioned him in the opening paragraphs.

        • Dump ET for Alf

  3. Dr Who should be #1……noone beats the doctor!!!!!! not even sups and specially not chewbacca and ET

  4. GORT – the one from the Michael Renne film, not the remake with Keanu. maybe not the most loquacious cat in the quadrant, but jeez, who would give you a hard time with GORT standing behind you?

  5. I knew Supes would be number 1, even before I read the article. Kudos on that number 1 selection. I would replace the Ewoks with Worf, from Trek: Next Gen and the Earth Girls are Easy guys with Yoda.

    • I would rather party with Darth Maul then Dr. Who or the Earth Girls or Easy guys.

  6. Iยดd take out Zaphod and Paul to see a stand up comedy show by Alf in a nightclub where the waitresses look like Kim Basinger in “My Stepmother Is An Alien”.

  7. I think Dr Who would be the most fun to hang out with, but I’d enjoy hanging with Spock. :)


  8. Frank the dog from MIB … definitely

    • haha he was awesome

  9. jar jar binks? only if i beat the crap out of him two minutes into the night…


    and whatever they were called in “district 9″… ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I was hurt when the surfer wasn’t on this…

  10. Yoda.

  11. Ahhh Li Lu from the fifth element? She was technically an alien.

  12. D’Argo from Farscape. He can watch my back anytime.

  13. I have to add Yoda,Gonzo,and Rodger from American Dad to list of homies.

    • I don’t know if I could trust Roger. He causes too many issues.

      • True, but he is party damn funny.

  14. Bender too

    • R2 D2,Tiwggy,and 7 of 9.

      • 7 of 9 is not an alien. But I do understand. ๐Ÿ˜€

        • She was part alien tech.

          • Hey, alien or not, I completely understand. She is the Borg that can shag, I mean assimilate, you. ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. How about The Terminator, the one from T2

    • How was he an alien?

  16. Hell yes Superman is #1!!!

  17. how about lord voldemort? :)

    • Not an alien!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • He sure as hell looks like one :)

      • Can you say that a little louder, please. :-)

  18. Barf ? From Spaceballs

    • Hell yeah , BARF !!!!!!!!

  19. Paul? Did someone see a film recently? Good thing a character’s that’s existed for all of two minutes beat out characters that have been around for 20-30 years.

    • Juan,

      While Paul just opened, and I didn’t really like the movie much, the character IS a fun guy that you’d like to hang out with. We do have to claim “mea culpa” for missing Alf, though (unless you’re a cat lover).


      • Two cats and a dog.

  20. How about Starman, & Cheech in born in east LA, (They thought he was an illegal alien).

  21. Very nice list, overall. I’d definitely want to spend some time with The Doctor, myself. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  22. Station from Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. Sure, the movie is not nearly as good as excellent adventure, but Station(s) was/were hilarious and could build remote control robot likenesses from common supplies from a hardware store! And all they say is “STATION!”

  23. What about Mork or the Coneheads. I think that would be great.

  24. I’m pretty sure Han Solo is a scruffy-headed “nerve-hurter”…not “nerf-herder…