7. Optimus Prime – Transformers

Whether you are a high school nerd or a disgruntled employee, everybody could use some muscle on their side. This was a tough decision between Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, but in the end Prime is a much more uplifting companion – and he can speak clearly. While Bumblebee would be more fun in car mode, as seen during the scene with Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox in Transformers, Prime is just a trust-worthy alien with the leadership quality to pick you back up during a down day.

There is one glaring issue with befriending Optimus Prime: he comes with a lot of baggage. Everything that he left behind on Cybertron puts you in harm’s way and it seems a friend of Prime’s is an enemy of the Decepticon race. If you can handle a lot of explosions and beautiful women running around yelling either expositional dialogue or mindless jokes, Optimus Prime is the perfect friend for you.

6. Paul – Paul

Paul is cool under pressure, always up for a new adventure and knows more government-hidden secrets than a water cooler discussion could handle. More importantly, Paul is one of the few easy-going aliens in the universe. His knowledge of pop culture and cloaking capability (not a spoiler, shown in the trailers) make for a fun night no matter the circumstances.

While Paul is guaranteed fun, he also has the law on his tail (or rather, green butt). A friendship with Paul means a life on the run and not everybody is up for that kind of lifestyle. Paul also has a dirty sense of humor, which can come off as a bit disconcerting at times – especially if you want to have a few serious discussions with your little green friend.

5. Mac, Wiploc, Zeebo – Earth Girls Are Easy

This trio of colorful aliens are unmatched in the comedic galaxy. They don’t look like much in their true alien form, but it only takes a single full-body shave to expose three friends ready to party. Their most intriguing ability is an instant comprehension of American culture after only a few minutes of watching television. Imagine what they would be like if you spent an entire day hanging out on the couch. But the trio is most fun when out on the town, as they can probably get any man a woman for at least the evening.

It’s difficult to pinpoint what makes a friendship with these three a potential disaster. Of course, they are tremendously irresponsible and might bring you down to their level; in addition, managing three aliens of their caliber at once might become a handful. It sounds about as difficult as taking care of three Links (Encino Man).

4. Doctor Who – Doctor Who

For heart-pounding adventures across time and space, there’s only one alien you’d want by your side – The Doctor. This dual-hearted Gallifreyan time traveler has traversed the universe for the past 907 years, preventing the destruction of the Earth in multiple dimensions and, at times, sacrificing himself to protect those in harm’s way.

‪Unfortunately, spending time traversing the universe with The Doctor can only end one way – in heartbreak. After death-defying adventures saving planets and species you never knew existed, The Doctor will leave you. Whether it happens unexpectedly during the night, or because the sight of him will cause your brain to explode, there will be a time when The Doctor will no longer be around. For generations this has happened to those before you, and for generations this will happen to those after you. This is, sadly, the cost of experiencing the beauty and wonder that time and space has to offer.‬

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