Friday the 13th Part 2 Coming Soon [Updated]

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friday the 13th reboot Friday the 13th Part 2 Coming Soon [Updated]

[Update: Is Friday the 13th Part 2 going to be 3D? See post for details]

Bloody-Disgusting reports that Warner Bros. has announced a sequel to this year’s Friday the 13th reboot, which is creatively titled Friday the 13th Part 2.

Slasher flick reboot king Platinum Dunes (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street) will once again be bringing us the 2K version of Jason Voorhees, with an expected release date of next summer.

Ironically enough, Friday the 13th Part 2 will be the 13th installment in the Voorhees franchise, so we should all get our hopes up and expect something truly special.

Could you sense my sarcasm?

Now, this whole reboot/part 2 terminology has gotten a bit whacky as of late (see: Rob Zombie’s two-part Halloween reboot). The hairs usually get split over whether or not these “Part 2″ films are considered to be sequels, or (like Zombie’s Halloween II) simply second chapters of the storyline started in the first film. For those of you scratching your heads wondering what the hell the difference is between the two things I just compared, I guess the general attitude (to put it in book terms) is that a sequel is a whole new book in a series, while a “Part 2″ is the next chapter in the same book. Despite the implications of the title, I have no idea which way Friday the 13th Part 2 will be going.

No word yet on if the cast who survived the first installment will be returning (Jared Padalecki and Amanda Righetti), or whether Marcus Nispel will once again direct. Expect those details to come shortly.

Update: Thanks to our friends over at Bloody-Disgusting for picking up on this info from. Apparently Friday the 13th Part 2 will be shot in 3D??? Also, the writers of Part 1, Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, will be returning to pen Part 2. The film will reportedly pick up in winter, so be on the look out for bloody footprints in the snow.

I know many of you Screen Rant readers weren’t necessarily fans of the Friday the 13th reboot – how do you feel about Friday the 13th Part 2 being in the pipeline? Will number 13 be the lucky charm for Jason Voorhees?

The film will be in theaters onĀ  Friday, August 13, 2010 (ah HA!).

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

Update Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. It seemed as if he died in the film and I thought the last scene was more of a dream…but who knows with these things

  2. It seemed as if he died in the film and I thought the last scene was more of a dream…but who knows with these things, in other words its going to make no sense one way or the oither

  3. Like Jason, this franchise needs to die; unlike Jason, it should never ressurrect.

  4. But I wouldn’t mind seeing a Friday the 13th: The Series movie, where a group searches for cursed artifacts.

  5. The reboot/remake/platinum dunes version was entertaining. I’d be up for another one as long as it didn’t take itself seriously.

  6. The only thing i can remember about this movie was Julianna Guill, and i praise Jebus for it.

  7. Well, i found it entertaining! Predictable as i expected, but funny! If i were them, ill do a 3d version.

  8. The remake was horrible in every way, i just don’t care about the sequel

  9. This series needs to drop the friday the 13th, tagline/title altogether, and simply refer to it as “Jason” or “Jason Voorhees”. The traditions and folklore behind the friday the 13th legends never did have anything to do with the movies,

    Until the short-lived Friday… TV series. Which was quite good.

  10. Wasn’t the original “Friday the 13th” films a 4 part series until they changed everything around in parts 5 and 6? “Friday the 13th” 1-4 was one whole complete story that continued from the last chapter and supposedly it was going to end there.

    But then they continued with someone pretending to be Jason (No. 5) and then they brought Jason back from the dead with superpowers (No. 6).

    So maybe they are trying to do something like that…

  11. the 1st remake/reboot was out of wack (jason being in the house one scene and out of it the next only to be back ? wtf) and the roof scene(kills guys, dumps body in pool and gets back on the roof all in 2-3 minutes hhehee magic i tell ya)

    i hope platinum dunes gets a better director and makes the script somewhat “better” than the last.

    on a side note it was bloody graphic and entertaining but not the best remake (if remakes are any good) to have come out/been made

  12. i liked it because i was watching it for campy, bloody fun. not a well written drama ( what people think it should have been) why dont they just turn it into a musical? it certinly could not get worse….

  13. Josh S,

    Yes. Part 4 was titled “Friday the 13th: the final chapter” (or something close to that) but it wasn’t the final chapter at all

    I guess it was kinda like “Freddy’s Dead: the final nightmare”, but not really dead

  14. i disliked the Reboot from earlier this year.
    i thought it was trying so hard to fit the Guidelines of Classic a “Slasher” movie.
    but try to update it abit.
    hence the OverTheTop Kills, The Excessive pointless Breasts shots, the Duchie Guy, the Lonley Suspecting guy, the Stoners, the innocence, and the SLut.

    and what did we get ?
    all that but in the Wrong Sequence.
    IMO the Film could have been way better.
    and i thought the Producer and Writers would have Dwindeled a little bit more on Jason’s Mother Making her the killer Like in the Original, that way they could do a Sequal.
    but no we get a short intro and a Decapitation.

    either way, my openion on the 1st reboot, and the inevitable sequal is simply thus


  15. Friday the 13th blows. Halloween is where it’s at. Jason is a completely stupid character! He needs to die, for real. And never come back!!!!!!!

  16. Didnt hate the reboot because the originals are hardly classics!!! Better than the awful Halloween by Rob ZOmbie, no that original was actually a classic.

  17. I enjoyed part I and I am looking forward to part II. We all know he never dies.

  18. I think that Hollywood seriously needs to turn in another direction in terms of horror movie ideas. Basically (and obviously) every movie is the same crap over and over again : a bunch of bratty high school or college kids, the prep, the nerd and the drug head all getting killed except for one or two people. It gets extremely old and boring. The only way the Friday the 13th series could be worth anything in my opinion is if they made a film about Jason’s life from a child all the way to the time he drowned. Sort of a biographical horror film. That would at least give it a different direction.

  19. everyone should stop being negative and critical like the media! Not many of the Friday the 13th movies make sense in any way but I am a huge fan. They need to keep legends going like Godzilla, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Maniac Cop, Toxic Avenger. I wish someone would do a sequel to Chuck Norris’ Silent Rage.

  20. U see this is what pisses me off, a bunch of know nothings tlkin like professional critics. You kno y u didnt like this movie? Because it went back to the basics of the horror genre, but every1 now is stuck up technology’s ass, and since Jason didnt have a robotic body, or a damn technological weapon, u all just spit in its face. So y dont u all go watch StarTrek or sumthin. Bc dats wat u r a bunch of nerds. In fact if any of u ever watched the original Friday the 13 movies, u might have noticed Jason never actually died. And this badass, who u all say should die, could kick anything that u can think of’s ass. So stfu haters. I think they should quit tryin to remake StarTrek and Star Wars, and all these technologically advanced movies, so all u faggots will go crazy and blow your brains out, do us all a favor.

  21. Brilliant comment, Leonard Nelon, brilliant. I take it you’re thirteen years old? Grow up. Not everybody in the world will like what you like. Deal with it. I’m surprised that your comment hasn’t been deleted yet.

  22. I am a huge fan of the films, however, the remake was, in my opinion, a horrible version of the cult classic. Jason is faster than he ever was, he makes noises, he gets his mask right off the bat, he actually lives in his childhood home. Totally off base from the original films. I know they were trying to make it “their own”, but c’mon, if it aint broke, don’t fix it. They broke it for me. I am not interested in a sequel/new chapter, or whatever it will be classified as, Jason is finally dead. I know i will see it as much as I deny it now, the 1.99 dvd bin at walmart has room for it already. Oh, and one last thing, didn’t MTV have a hand in this? Who the hell wants to see a horror movie made by the same company who does “Real World” “16 and Pregnant” and “The Hills”…enough said.

  23. Nicely said, Toby. I liked what you said at the last of your comment. MTV is horrible *lol*

  24. Wish there was some news on part 2 remake. It hasnt been greenlit, does this
    mean the film will have to be delayed from august 13, 2010.
    Wish they would make another Freddy vs Jason film, this time though have
    Michael Myers in it. But doesnt like thats going to happen anytime soon.

  25. If you didn't like the remake, or don't want to see a part 2 (or 13 if they call it that) then why do you care if they make it or not? Just don't bother going to see it. Personally I want to see it so if it gets made I'll go. Then when it comes out on dvd I'll buy it. I'm a fan of the series and enjoyed the remake, even though I was disappointed with some aspects of it. An hour into the movie I think only 5 or maybe 7 people had been killed. I grew up on Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm St (which I don't care to see the remake of that), Hellraiser, and so many other movies of the 80s. And for anyone who has a question about my age I'm 33. In 1984 it was pretty normal for a 7 year old kid to be in the theatre watching these movies. We weren't as sensitive as kids these days are

  26. im very happy to hear about the part 2. and the winter thing is great, ive always thought it would be a good idea to see jason in the snow. and im very happy to hear that derek neers is back, only he could do that again anyway. hes great, next to kane of course.

  27. im very happy to hear about the part 2. and the winter thing is great, ive always thought it would be a good idea to see jason in the snow. and im very happy to hear that derek neers is back, only he could do that again anyway. hes great, next to kane of course.

  28. I'll see the sequel to this movie unlike the pile of you know what that was Halloween and H2 by Rob Zombie. Granted I had to let this Friday the 13th grow on me, it's not all that bad. there were a few things I didn't like, like Jason RUNNING. oh there was the whole keeping the girl captive. NO. Jason doesn't take captives. EVER. If Jason sees you, you're dead. period. Other than those 2 things I liked the movie.

    • Well it wouldn’t be the first time he ran. He ran once in one of the older movies(think it’s part 2). And remember the girl looked like his dead mother who he loved. Add that to a mentally retarded brain and you get Jason taking captives