Friday the 13th Part 2 Coming Soon [Updated]

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friday the 13th reboot Friday the 13th Part 2 Coming Soon [Updated]

[Update: Is Friday the 13th Part 2 going to be 3D? See post for details]

Bloody-Disgusting reports that Warner Bros. has announced a sequel to this year’s Friday the 13th reboot, which is creatively titled Friday the 13th Part 2.

Slasher flick reboot king Platinum Dunes (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street) will once again be bringing us the 2K version of Jason Voorhees, with an expected release date of next summer.

Ironically enough, Friday the 13th Part 2 will be the 13th installment in the Voorhees franchise, so we should all get our hopes up and expect something truly special.

Could you sense my sarcasm?

Now, this whole reboot/part 2 terminology has gotten a bit whacky as of late (see: Rob Zombie’s two-part Halloween reboot). The hairs usually get split over whether or not these “Part 2″ films are considered to be sequels, or (like Zombie’s Halloween II) simply second chapters of the storyline started in the first film. For those of you scratching your heads wondering what the hell the difference is between the two things I just compared, I guess the general attitude (to put it in book terms) is that a sequel is a whole new book in a series, while a “Part 2″ is the next chapter in the same book. Despite the implications of the title, I have no idea which way Friday the 13th Part 2 will be going.

No word yet on if the cast who survived the first installment will be returning (Jared Padalecki and Amanda Righetti), or whether Marcus Nispel will once again direct. Expect those details to come shortly.

Update: Thanks to our friends over at Bloody-Disgusting for picking up on this info from. Apparently Friday the 13th Part 2 will be shot in 3D??? Also, the writers of Part 1, Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, will be returning to pen Part 2. The film will reportedly pick up in winter, so be on the look out for bloody footprints in the snow.

I know many of you Screen Rant readers weren’t necessarily fans of the Friday the 13th reboot – how do you feel about Friday the 13th Part 2 being in the pipeline? Will number 13 be the lucky charm for Jason Voorhees?

The film will be in theaters on  Friday, August 13, 2010 (ah HA!).

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

Update Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. yes i agree the reboot isnt all that great but at least it didnt have alice going crazy like rob zombie did with laurie strode from halloween i hope if there is a 3d version in it that maybe whoever makes this film will make a better film story wise and not put it in 3d just to sell tickets. and if scout doesnt want to be in halloween 3d she needs to remmber that she was in 2 and 2 was the worst halloween movie ever i think i will stick with the 1978 version carpenter rules anyway over zombie he shouldnt had been hired for the remake to halloween making that decision was like warner hiring john boorman when they did exorcist 2 back in the late 70′s if hollywood continues to make remakes or do sequels at least come up with some better ideas there will never be another group of film makes like carpenter,cunningham,don cosarelli, and william friedkin these guys know how to make movies scary the ones today well you know the history no plot just blood some of us might like some suspense… one more name to add to the list dario argento all great movie makers

  2. make it

  3. It’s 2011 now and i havent heard that theres a friday the 13th part get my point

  4. are they even doing audtions for the movie

  5. why does every1 keep on about not liking jason running? he runs in the original movies(FACT)

  6. so much for your top notch article. its august 20th 2011 and not a peep about a part 2. where do you get your information? just make it up so you can have an article on the internet?

  7. Ok, first off I liked Zombie’s version of Halloween and yes I think of both parts as being one movie like I do Carpenter’s. Secondly I would love to see Jason in the winter. There’s just something really cool about seeing blood on the snow. Final note, as much as I hate to say it but when was the last really good Carpenter flick to come out? Luckily, I’ve only now really gotten into Argento.

    • I agree i liked zombies and carpenters Halloween but being a huge Michael Myers fan i would be happy with anyone producing or directing, hope someone picks up where zombie left off!?!?! Also would have rather seen a Myers vs Jason instead of Freddy, never understood the whole Freddy character not very scarey in my opinion even when i was a kid he didn’t scare me like Myers and Jason did.

  8. The Halloween 2007 remake or reboot, whatever, really, really sucked. I barely seen it this year. I seriously have not finished it. I took it out during the part where Danielle Harris is about to get slashed. I’m glad it was on sale and I got the DVD for only 3 bucks. The Friday the 13th Remake, I seen opening night and still enjoy watching. Except for those horrible making love scenes. In my opinion, it is the best in the series. I can’t believe they didn’t follow up on it quicker. I’m not too crazy about it setting place in the snow. I would rather it be like the original 1981 Friday the 13th sequel. It would be awesome if it were to be in 3-D.

    • I Think that the Friday the 13Th Franchise needed the remake it got me and a lot of people back into Jason (What I want To see is Freddy Vs Jason part 2) Has there been any word on that

  9. If I don’t break through soon and I don’t get involved with Friday the 13th films, it just won’t be right. They screwed up some details in the new 2009 movie that shuld not have been messed up. The movie was cool, but somethings in the story are not right. & once you start a series like this off with holes, it’s hard to fix. Are they just going to dissapoint the legion Of Jason Fans around the world with there stupity and lack of love and passion for this character, and seemingly play just to the box office. Not really caring about the story? you can do both 100 % there doesn’t have to be a drop off anywhere. . .

  10. Make the movie already!!

  11. I want Friday the 13th part 2 movie action figure toys for 2014

  12. The first two Halloween movies were done in a continuation of the one night. Rob Zombie brought that to his movie. Besides, naye sayer, this is about Friday athe 13 not halloween. The next generation of Jason was a good start. Lets give them a chance to bring a Part 2 into play. Being that all Friday The 13 movies were titled “Part” until he went to hell.