Next ‘Friday the 13th’ Movie Could be Found-Footage

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Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part III Next Friday the 13th Movie Could be Found Footage

One of the arguably good things about Warner Bros. handing the film rights to the Friday the 13th franchise over to Paramount Pictures is the associated deadline that means Paramount has to do something with the rights within the next couple of years, or risk seeing Friday the 13th return to Warner Bros. Rushing a movie out too quickly rarely leads to the best finished product, but for Jason Voorhees fans who just want to see the man in the mask back again, even a hurriedly-made movie would probably be worth a watch.

The next installment in this major horror franchise will be produced by Michael Bay’s company Platinum Dunes, as was the 2009 reboot of the series for which Bay was also on the writing team. Paramount ideally needs to release a movie by 2015 in order to retain the rights, and according to the latest talk, it may be a very different movie from what you might expect.

STYD┬ásays that the producers are currently seeking screeenwriters for the project, and in particular are looking for someone who would be able to apply the franchise’s villain and slasher setup to a found-footage movie. Apparently, such talk has been circulating for a while now, but recently resurfaced again, though of course it should only be treated as rumor for now.

Hellraiser Revelations Next Friday the 13th Movie Could be Found Footage

2011 found-footage release ‘Hellraiser Revelations’

Horror fans have reason to be wary of changing things up in this way – especially so soon after the dismal Hellraiser: Revelations, which also tried to revolutionize a classic horror series by adding a found-footage twist, and unintentionally also managed to change things up by being the first Hellraiser movie that Doug Bradley, who played Pinhead in all eight of the previous entries, refused to be a part of.

There are a few reasons why a found-footage Friday the 13th movie could actually work, however, so long as the right screenwriter and director were around to handle it. Since the characters might not always be looking at the screen during filming (whether on a camcorder or, like the most recent Paranormal Activity movie, on a laptop webcam), there could be opportunities to show the audience glimpses of Jason while the characters themselves remain painfully oblivious. It would also be interesting – and possible even more frightening – to keep sightings of Jason limited and fleeting, in contrast to the previous movies where he and his hockey mask get a lot of screen time.

Paranormal Activity shadow on door Next Friday the 13th Movie Could be Found Footage

Jason, is that you?

A good screenwriter could also play around with the medium of found footage within the context of a slasher movie – either by constantly shifting the narrative from one victim to the next, like the structure of Ju-On: The Grudge, or by having each new character in a chain of machete fodder finding the footage recorded by the previous victim and unlocking another secret about who Jason is and how to stop him, until the final person in the chain figures out a way to fight back.

Those are just two ideas of debatable merit, but after twelve movies within the Friday the 13th franchise there’s probably room for a little bit of experimentation. Some hardcore fans might argue that the thirteenth movie within the Friday the 13th series needs to be something special, but perhaps a found-footage version could be just that. Then again, perhaps all the rumors will come to nothing and the next Friday the 13th movie won’t be found footage at all.

Horror fans, do you like the sound of Jason being captured on camera by documentary filmmakers/silly teenagers with too many iPhones/a TV crew following around a team of firefighters?


We’ll keep you updates on this latest Friday the 13th movie as the story develops.

Source: STYD

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  1. Actually thanks to Paranormal Activity’s success and re-starting the found footage trend – that style has now become the one thing audiences DON’T want.
    If anything, I’d prefer Friday the 13th to stick with it’s slasher roots… maybe breathe some more life back into the slasher genre, or end up making a sub par, luke warm sequel. Either way.
    The problem is it is so hard to scare audiences these days. Nothing on screen can be shocking anymore, when you can flick on your screen and watch a man actually get his head cut off – or any number of other horrible things.
    James Wan has the right idea with “The Conjuring” – making horror movies “suspenseful and tense” again. And after all he did help give us the very first “Saw”, (not each horrid installment after that)

    • I still like found footage if it’s done right. Most recent example is europa report. But then again thats more like a faux documentary.

      • ok ok europa report was an exception lol

        • and what about chronicle? That was a brilliant use of the found footage style.

  2. Thinking back about it, The Blair Witch Project could have easily been a found-footage Friday the 13th. Just a couple subtle changes and BAM! Jason is the antagonist we see at the end in the cabin. Maybe small-quick glimpses of his mask when chasing victims through the forest. How about sightings of him and scant images of him in photos that make the characters camp out in the woods as the reason to begin the film. Total Blair Witch transformation to Friday the 13th in only a few altered scenes. It may finally make at least one film in the franchise scary.

    • Yeah, I agree with your logic. All they really had to do is edit in some blood, bodies, and Jason at the end.

  3. Of course its is.

  4. That’s the perfect way to make it an even bigger generic piece of s***! Copy other movies that pump out tonnes of terrible meta films.

    Stick to your own roots and be your own g****** movie, have some confidence and just write a good slasher film. Don’t turn Jason into something he’s not.

    Besides, how could you happen to find a video that details Jason’s latest trail of the dead unless there’s one guy with a camera that is being chased through the whole film, which sounds repetitive and boring.

    Also, if it were to be a found footage movie couldn’t you figure out that Jason kills everyone and doesn’t end up dead like in every other Jason movie. So that sucks too.

    This whole idea is garbage. Think for yourselves instead of stealing this cheap and terrible idea. I’d rather a 3D Jason movie over a found footage one but please don’t do that either.

  5. Thanks a lot blair witch!!! you cursed us with black magic alright…and now we are stuck with this curse known as “found footage” or as I call it, a headache inducing crap movie. if you want to do it in that style of movie, wouldn’t it serve fans better if you still filmed it with a steady cam so we can watch without throwing up or getting sea sick?

    cloverfield was such a great idea only ruined by the camera guy having parkinsons.

  6. The Friday the 13th franchise could be so awesome. At this point, I don’t care if it’s found footage or normal, just do it well already!

  7. For pieces of crap movies, why not?

  8. I think this is a bad idea. Like i really do think that we need another friday the 13th movie, but NOT a found footage movie. That will be taking away the whole purpose of the movie, we want to see jason, not the back of people’s heads. I personally say yes to the new movie, but a definate NO to the found footage.

  9. Remember Ft13th part 3 was 3D. Found footage gives me a headache. The last thing I want to see is a bouncing image with disembodied screams. Get back to the roots. Use real props and blood. No more CGI in my slashers. I hated the 2009 reboot. Make it part 11, already.

    On a side note, I really liked Hellraiser:Revelations. It went back to the core of the story and dismissed all the crap that followed part 3.

  10. Ugh. No thank you. Found footage films look awful, and the set ups for why all of this stuff is captured “accidentally” on film are so thin and contrived. Horrid idea.

  11. Crap.

    I’ve spent the past few months tweaking my own screenplay for a found footage slasher movie with a voiceless, masked antagonist.

    Guess I’d better keep it under wraps then. Thanks Hollywood.

    • welcome to my life man. Every time I come close to finishing something I see a s***** preview coming my way lol.

      • @ Dazz & Ghost
        You are both not alone…
        I’ve messed around with a slasher film idea on and off for a long while now and it’s a surprisingly tough nut to crack.

  12. I don’t understand the logic of making a Friday The 13th movie a found footage film if we already know countless times the killer is obviously Jason. There is just no element of surprise anymore which is what found footage films are meant to show to an audience. What would be cooler is if we get a Friday The 13th movie shown entirely from the point of view of Jason.

    • Thats why I wish they would have stuck with the plan from Friday the 13th Part 5. Jason wasn’t even in that. The whole point was to show the killer could be anyone. But fans complained because it wasn’t jason and then they made him come back. And it was mostly terrible for me after that.

  13. I am strongly against this idea.

  14. NO NO NO!!!!

    Not the most mature response but the killings were memorable in the original films that you can see him kill the victims. Now try shaking the camera around as he does the kills. You won’t see the kills but you will get a headache trying to do so.

  15. Please. no more found footage films.

  16. Please, no. After the terrible “reboot” I’d rather they just let Jason rest, especially if they’re planning on selling him out to the current popular gimmicks for a quick cash grab.

  17. REC and REC 2 are my all time favs when it come to “found footage”. Nailed it real good.

  18. Found footage? I hope no one ever finds it.

  19. Halloween Resurrection was only half found footage, and that movie was abysmal.

  20. Can’t believe this franchise still has air in its lungs. Idiots still pay for this stuff!?!?


  21. Freddy vs. Jason was awesome. Monica Keena is hot. They should of stopped after this one. BTW…Did i mention Monica Keena is drop dead gorgeous. Yeah, baby!!!

    • @ RushFan
      I recently re-watched Freddy V’s Jason and to be honest I actually kinda like it.
      I’ve always enjoyed the Elm Street series more than Friday The 13th and would love to see another that follows Keena’s character.

  22. Eh, why not. I’d rather have a new concept for the series experimented with to potentially give a good, interesting movie, rather than just have another generic slasher entry. In the right hands, this could be a good idea.

  23. About the only thing I would want less than another shot at 3D or a prequel is another crappy ass found footage movie.

  24. Friday the 13th 3D coming soon to a theater near you

  25. Bring back Kane Hodder as Jason, and I’ll see it, I don’t care if takes place on the MOON, Yes I am Biased in favor of Kane Hodder Though C.J Graham Made a decent Jason in Part 6 which is one of my favorites in the Series.

  26. I’d be more interested in it if Jason decided to film his kills on his new iPhone 5s.

  27. The only way I can imagine a found footage Friday the 13th movie worth the trouble is if they whole movie you’re led to believe it’s Hockey Mask wearing Jason, just to find out it’s the mother. Even then, that may not be enough to rekindle the flame of this 15-picture ash pile of movies.

  28. Rushed films tend to turn out to be crappy films that weren’t worth the watch imo. More like Straight-To-DVD films.