New ‘Friday the 13th’ TV Series in Development

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friday the 13th tv series New Friday the 13th TV Series in Development

The Friday the 13th franchise, likes its iconic hockey-masked, machete-wielding, killer Jason Voorhees, just won’t die; its film installments are cheap to produce, have a built-in fanbase, and have grossed near half a billion dollars in theaters worldwide after 12 films (assuming you count the crossover Freddy Vs. Jason). Another movie reboot from the studio behind the 2009 series reboot – Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes – is scheduled to arrive in 2015, potentially decked out with new gimmicks accessories like a found-footage structure.

Meanwhile, as the task of locking down a director on the next installment continues, Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films and Crystal Lake Entertainment are moving ahead with an hourlong TV series, based on the characters and setting of the original Friday the 13th movie that was released back in 1980. That film was co-written and directed by Sean S. Cunningham, who is an executive producer on this show, which Cunningham promises will “build on this legacy with a provocative and compelling take that expands upon the storylines that have already thrilled millions worldwide.”

Deadline‘s report says the project will take place in the present-day and focus on the “eclectic characters” who reside near the (in)famous Crystal Lake, when the terrible Voorhees returns and “new secrets about his wacky family are revealed.” An overarching storyline that “re-imagines Jason in multiple time periods” will be included as part of the package, with longtime effects artist Bill Basso (Terminator 2, Jurassic Park) and character/conceptual designer Jordu Schnell (300, Avatar) assigned to scripting duties.

If that’s not enough head-scratching information for you; this show wouldn’t even be the first Friday the 13th TV series to exist (assuming it comes together). Starting back in the late 1980s, Paramount aired 72 episode of a TV show called, appropriately-enough, Friday the 13th: The Series; while the program avoided ever being directly tied to the movie franchise’s mythology, its creators described the show as being related in spirit. Additionally, back in the early aughts, Cunningham had talked about creating a Friday the 13th series that would be a coming of age drama (with Jason as a “background” character) – could this new project be his attempt to realize that vision at last?

friday the 13th tv show New Friday the 13th TV Series in Development

As mentioned before, the Friday the 13th certainly has its longtime fans, most of whom probably recognize the movie franchise exactly for what it is: a collection of slasher movies that lives on by concocting new twisted and ingenious ways for its silent iconic screen killer to off clueless victims. In that sense, there’s not exactly a rich mythology here that would gain a whole lot from being further explored and mined for stories, as the long-form storytelling approach of the TV medium would allow for.

On the other hand, many people were quick to dismiss the idea that cinematic serial killers like Norman Bates and Hannibal Lecter could somehow be re-imagined in a way that the characters – as well as the worlds which they inhabit – might somehow give rise to compelling small screen artistry, and yet right now Bates Motel and Hannibal are both among the more highly-respected genre TV shows on the airwaves. If a Friday the 13th show is done exceptionally well, then who knows… right?


We’ll keep you posted on development of the Friday the 13th TV series. Meanwhile, the next movie installment opens in theaters on March 13th, 2015.

Source: Deadline

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  1. sounds interesting cause Friday the 13th TV series back in the late 1980s was by far the worst tv series ever made.

  2. the only classic i want back is freddy… im sick of jason, myers and the chainsaw guy… why the heck is freddy taking a back seat? to me hes a better villain than any of these guy. jason, myers and the chainsaw guy are the same lmao… they just have different weapons. they all walk up and somehow catch the teen that are running and kill them… boring.

    • Freddy got a terrible reboot just after Jason did. Not only is he not taking a back seat; so far he’s winning the terrible reboot race. The only terrible reboot I couldn’t even finish. He hasn’t been good for a long time anyways.

      • the reboot was good. and before it was that vs movie and before that was one of the best freddy movies. they are slasher movies but at least they just aint slasher like all these shtty classics that never go away. id rather see a nightmare on elm street than any other old horror reboots. at least freddy was good, all friday 13th, chainsaw massacre and halloween movies are all terrible movies and have always been. no idea how they were as popular as they were

        • so the stupid jokes, corny crude humour and bs deaths in the real world where ‘good’ by your standards, compared to an almost indestructible, improvising tank ?

          the recent freddy reboot was beyond horrific. having the jewels to compare that pile of s*** to any of the slasher reboot is proving your ignorance towards the franchises =.=

          the 13th reboot was very brutal and intense, so was the halloween reboot (not the sequel, that was weird) as well as the 2 chainsaw movies done by platinum dunes (not the recent one, which sucked goat b***s). all other reboots of classic horror movies (chucky, the thing etc) have been garbage b/c they’ve tried too hard to be like the original (like the elm street reboot) and have failed to do something fresh with the title.

          • I liked Rob Zombie’s Halloween better than the original. I actually believed that dude could easily be real. The first scenes of the Halloween 2 remake were amazing but it was sort of mediocre after that. I did like the absolutely brutal strip club scene in Zombie’s H2.

        • @ Corey_1993

          In as respectable a way that I can I thoroughly disagree.
          Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of The Elm Street series. I own all the movies (box set), the Never Sleep Again Documentary and as I now type I can look up and see a Dream Warriors poster that hangs in my little man cave here at home.
          The sole reason I became a horror fan, especially slasher films is because of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

          The reboot was awful. It was just a DOA film IMO. Other than some cool effects during the dream sequences it was just another assembly line entry from Platinum Dunes by using a familiar franchise to bring in a new crowd.

          Freddy vs Jason I’ll agree with you. It was a pretty good movie that had some great sequences and an actual story that used both Freddy and Jason in interesting ways.

          A New Nightmare (if that’s the one you’re talking about) was nowhere near one of the best in the series. Craven coming back was a thrill at the time but what he produced was one of the most mind numbingly boring “horror” films I’ve ever seen. I still don’t even understand what Freddy was supposed to be.

          As far as the rest of the series you’ve mentioned I say again that I disagree.

          Texas Chainsaw Massacre- One of the most frightening and disturbing movies I’ve ever seen.

          Halloween- The reason slasher movies exist and became popular in the first place and the godfather of Freddy and Jason.

          Sorry for the rant. :)

        • Well I do enjoy the remake/reimagining of A Nightmare on Elm Street, but it’s not near as great as the original. As much I like Freddy Kruger, I think he’s more iconic than Micheal Myers, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface. Though I disagree what you’ve said that those guys are the “same, but with different weapons”. Each of those iconic “villains” have the qualities of being their own character and having a unique of style.

  3. I would love it if was a direct continuation of the remake but,a showtime tv show

  4. Just what we need…more “quality” television.

    Hasn’t our culture produced enough juvenile delinquents yet?

  5. A TV series ? Why? They’ll just edit out the bloody gory stuff. Which is what you’d expect from a slasher movie.
    Just watch the American Horror Story series. It’s not scary at all.

    I’ll pass.

    • I’m fairly certain that Jason was a drug dealer in the 2009 remake….he kills multiple people as soon as they find marijuana. Pretty sure he was just pissed at some preppy college kids screwing with his stash…maybe they should take the show in that direction…lol

  6. Why do I get the feeling that Sean Cunningham was watching Bates Motel and Hannibal one night and said to himself “Hey, why can’t I do that?”

  7. This show should be like ‘Salute Your Shorts’ with Jason …. a humorous, character driven 80s based Camp Crystal Lake.

  8. Really? A Friday the 13th series? This is the best they can come up with?
    No wonder Hollywood sucks a$$. No originality or creativity left in that $hit-hole town.

  9. Now here is a series we don’t need for any reason.

  10. Hannibal is a cerebral villain…so the series can be made interesting, enjoyed by viewers that likes cerebral games.

    Viewers enjoy Jason for his kills and teen sex, and blood and gore. Making a cerebral series, I doubt fans will tune in, making a gory series, well, viewers might get numbed watching it every week.

  11. First let me say that as a lover of all things horror I will most likley check a Friday the 13th series out, I even watched the old one back in the 80′s despite it’s awfulness. As I read through this I saw a couple people say that they like Rob Zombies Halloween remakes over the originals. That is absolutley disrespectful to the original sinister slasher that layed way for Freddy and Jason. The original Halloween created tension without extreme gore. It had its fair share for the time but Zombies where more shock value. I have them as seperate entities and dont ever compare them as the originals can not be matched or “re-made”. Zombie did his own Halloween that was about the serial killer monster Myers complete with over the top murder scenes. I dont need to see that type of gore to respect the character. I’ll take the old Michael Myers anyday.

  12. Who the hell lives around Camp Crystal Lake? This family angle sounds like a rip-off of Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  13. It would be better if they did with Jason as a kid how his life was growing up with a crazy mom, being picked on, his back story, if they need gore his mom can go around killing people, she is the killer in the first one, Jason can do some killing to, and I for would would like to know who Jason’s dad is, and what happen him.

  14. I enjoyed the Platinum Dunes remakes/reboot except for Elm Street I didn’t like that one much and didn’t think they picked the right actor for Freddy. As for this new Friday the 13th series I’d give it a chance I guess.