‘Friday the 13th’ Reboot May Be Directed By ‘V/H/S’ Helmer

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Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Reboot May Be Directed By V/H/S Helmer

Franchise maintenance can be a tricky enterprise. After emerging as a proven hit and an established brand, a movie franchise has to play to what works while also figuring out ways to constantly reinvent, all the better to avoid becoming stagnant. That’s a delicate balancing act, and one that only the very best series manage to pull off; take, for example, the Fast and the Furious series, which recently traded long-time director Justin Lin for The Conjuring wunderkind James Wan, while also sticking with the films’ most recognizable element – its cast.

Currently, the legendary Friday the 13th series is going through its own changing of the guard, after petering out and firing back up in fits and spurts during the aughts. Home to the iconic hockey mask-bedecked, machete-wielding, backwoods immortal, Jason Voorhees, Friday the 13th has struggled with a crisis of identity (and green-lights) since the 90s; recently, rights to the property wound up in the hands of Paramount, and the studio has begun working in earnest to get a new film in theaters by 2015.

Their biggest challenge: making Friday the 13th, a franchise that’s 80s to its core, relevant in the new decade, and so far, their big ideas for bringing Jason into the 2010s – including use of the divisive found footage trope and even possibly cutting Jason out of the story – seem more likely to alienate fans rather than excite them. But that just makes The Wrap‘s recent announcement that Paramount is courting David Bruckner, a contributing filmmaker on 2012 horror anthology V/H/S, for the directing gig all the more exciting.

V/H/S, for those who missed it, follows a group of young thugs who end up facing the stuff of gibbering nightmares face-on when they break into an abandoned home to retrieve an old VHS tape. (Hence the name of the film.) While the experiment has its ups and downs (you can read our review here), Bruckner’s segment, titled “Amateur Night”, wound up being one of the best-received of the bunch, in large part due to his skill at operating in the found footage style of filmmaking – to say nothing of its efficacy in the scares department.

VHS Amateur Night Friday the 13th Reboot May Be Directed By V/H/S Helmer

David Bruckner directed the ‘Amateur Night’ segment of ‘V/H/S/’

While Bruckner isn’t yet a sure thing, it’s encouraging that Paramount is looking to new, hungry young voices in horror, rather than studio directors, as a source of inspiration. If there’s one way to reinvigorate a franchise that’s struggling to find its way, it’s calling upon fresh talent to give it a shot in the arm; while Bruckner only has V/H/S and one feature-length film under his belt (2007′s excellent The Signal), he’s already shown that he knows what he’s doing behind the camera. A big-ticket project like Friday the 13th would give him even more exposure and take his career to the next level.

If there’s one big “tell” about this little development, it’s that Paramount may actually be giving serious thought to the idea of making Friday the 13th XIII using a found footage lens. That’s not at all official, of course, so take this as the purest of speculation – but it’s certainly a possibility, and should that come to pass, Bruckner becomes an even better potential choice. Now all we can do is sit back and see what transpires, but missing out on having Bruckner at the reigns would feel like a real lost opportunity.


Friday the 13th opens on March 13, 2015.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. Why do we need yet another of these kind of films…just repeticious slasher-stuff? We already have a million of them, and…oh, I get it, we need a million and one. Got it. Sheesh.

    • You can make that argument for absolutely every single movie ever made that’s been made after at least one other movie.

      No one needs Wes Anderson’s movies.

  2. did I miss something??? it was just rebooted a few years ago and that guy killed it as Jason! ( see what I did there? ) it was a perfectly done reboot with finally a scary Jason voorheis that actually out ran his victims!! stop rebooting!!! just pick up where the last movie ended and go from there. im guessing fans are getting sick of 2 things in movies….reboots and origin stories for comic book heroes!!

    stop the insanity!!

    • i agree on most of what you are saying but for the origin comic book movie if it’s a new character that has noy been made before well yeah a good origin movie is good unless it’s a reboot

    • I’m a huge Jason fan. He’s the only horror movie killer I like :) Having said that the last few movies did not bold well, for everyone. Jason in space…umm ok. Jason vs cheesy and corny Freddy was a short good laugh.

      I think he needs a reboot and someone to make it more gory, more killing, more slashing and pray they don’t make him into some kind of super-hero type of villain >.>!

  3. After the last movie they’d have to do quite a bit to win me over. I’ll except Jason X before that one. It shouldn’t be that hard to keep a franchise like this not terrible. I just watched the new Chucky movie a few weeks ago and it was pretty good. A doll killing people has always been silly but they still managed to keep your suspension of disbelief up and kept it just cheesy enough. Too many movies nowadays try to make things completely serious or go full tongue in cheek as some kind of homage to the campy 80′s. There’s no reason you can’t balance the two.

  4. Just make a sequel of Jason vs Freddy. But with the director from the ‘Evil Dead’ reboot.

    Bloody good.

    • @ Mr. Obvious

      I’d love to see a Freddy vs Jason sequel, especially with the director you suggest but after the horrible Elm Street and the equally horrible Friday the 13th reboots I don’t see it ever happening.
      Throw in the fact that they are going to reboot Friday again and it makes an even bigger mess.

      • I know, right? It’s a bummer. I don’t think I realized the first time through that they are talking about rebooting entirely AGAIN? I thought we were just talking about a continuation of the existing reboot. I liked a lot of both of the VHS movies, but this is gonna be hard to succeed at.

  5. freddy vs. Jason vs. ASH horror comedy gold !!!

  6. This already has a release date???

    I knew a reboot was being planned but I didn’t realize they already locked down a date.
    It’s one thing to do it when you have a script or director in place but from what we know they don’t even have that yet.
    Not a good sign.

  7. I’ve always loved the old movies (ok, except for Jason X: they made a silly movie that crossed that line into bad self-parody) and even found Freddy Vs. Jason entertaining. I’m just not sure that there is room for any more of this with this old franchise, though. The reboot was decent, in my opinion, but if a reboot/remake isn’t a standout it just makes it seem like they shouldn’t have remade it at all. I also tend to like found-footage stuff in horror, but to tack it on to an old franchise seems too gimmicky for me. If something innovative can truly be done with this, I’m all for it, but enough re-treads already. Horror is a never-ending world of possibilities that’s var too fun and vast to explore to re-do what’s already been done.

    • I had to give up a screenplay I’d been working on for 4 years that was going to be a found footage slasher flick in the style of Halloween and Friday The 13th after hearing they wanted Jason to be a found footage horror villain.

      Annoyed me, all that work and effort gone to waste because they decide to reboot crap instead of leaving the originals alone.

  8. Rob Zombie could do it right. He probably wouldn’t even consider it. I think this type of slasher film needs to be rebooted b/c Jason ran after people to killed them.

  9. Jason Voorhees vs Michael Myers please.

    • Just no Freddy right?

  10. Look how close the actress’s face is to that broken glass. Kane Hodder’s Jason never disappointed me. Too bad he never faced Robert Englund’s Freddy in Freddy vs. Jason.

  11. They are going to have to come up with a new term, this movie is going to be a second reboot. So is that a rehash ?

  12. Why not show Jason get bullied & actually drown in the beginning of the film,instead of glipses of him dreams or flashbacks. That’s one thing I hated about the Nightmare on Elm Street remake when they could of shown Freddy kill someone, then the trial, then his demise at the hands of lynch mob.

  13. Not sure about the found footage idea..would it be something in the vein of Blair Witch Project where some teens go hiking and decide to check out the old abandoned Camp Crystal Lake area…and of course things go wrong. I Still think that a Freddy vs Jason vs Myers film needs to be made. It’s three of the biggest horror icons ever. Get Robert Englund to play Freddy one more time. Freddy tries to use Myers the same way he did Jason..and of course things do not go as planned. Jason having a throw down with Michael would be worth the price of admission alone.

  14. Id have Freddy cameo in Jason Vs. Michael. Have Freddy control Michael while at the sametime the events of this film sets up those at the beginning of Jason X with Jason being tracked down by special forces led by Lexa Doig while Michael Myers in (Jason’s place) goes to hell for all time.

  15. Personally, I HATED the 2009 remake, don’t get me wrong, that Jason was pretty great, hulking, fast, and I loved that he set traps… it’s just EVERY other character in the movie was just crap. Not that I was expecting well rounded characters here, but something beyond paper thin stoners, a jock, and women with plastic boobs would have been nice. It’s like the makers of that reboot never saw a single Friday movie or any other 80′s slasher movie and just guessed that’s what 80′s horror movies were. So this re-reboot may be welcome, not entirely sold on the found footage idea, but we’ll see what happens.

  16. The 2009 reboot was very bad. Change the name and the mask and it was your typical modern american horror movie with your typical silent killer. That wasn’t Jason.

  17. We’re in a new age guys. Rated R flicks aren’t making money any more. Stop rebooting this. Maybe make a TV series but don’t expect people to make the drive and fork over 10 bucks to see a bunch of kids get hacked and slashed for the 100th time.

  18. found footage no no no jason in the snow