New ‘Friday the 13th’ Film Arriving in 2015

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friday the 13th New Friday the 13th Film Arriving in 2015

2015 is shaping up to be a major year of franchise releases. That year is already set to be headlined by major summer superhero releases Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman vs. Superman; not to mention, Star Wars: Episode VII will be arriving in December (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to that year’s blockbuster slate).

However, among all these heroic adventures, the horror genre has been noticeably absent from the 2015 slate, with Fox’s Frankenstein reboot and Insidious: Chapter 3 as the genre’s only scheduled major releases. That looks like it’s about to change, as a modern horror icon is swooping in with a new film of his own.

Paramount has settled on March 13, 2015 as the release date for the latest entry in the long-running Friday the 13th franchise. Incredibly (Appropriately?), the film will mark the 13th big-screen appearance for hockey-masked slasher Jason Voorhees.

No official title, cast or crew has been announced, though Platinum Dunes – the Michael Bay led production company behind the 2009 Friday the 13th reboot as well as other updates to horror classics – will be producing.

freddy vs jason New Friday the 13th Film Arriving in 2015

The news of another Friday the 13th film is, of course, not really surprising. After all, the reboot was a solid box office hit (earning over $91 million worldwide against a $19 million production budget), and a sequel entered development soon thereafter at Warner Bros. Ultimately, the studio relinquished the screen rights to the Friday the 13th franchise, which fell back into Paramount’s hands as part of a deal that includes Warner Bros.’ co-production on Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi film, Interstellar.

That being said, it’s still unclear how closely the new Friday the 13th film will tie into the narrative of its predecessor (or if stars Jared Padalecki and Amanda Righetti will reprise their roles). Considering Platinum Dunes’ involvement, it’s possible that Paramount will position this new project as a follow-up to the reboot regardless.

There’s also the lingering notion that this new Friday the 13th may, in fact, employ the ever-popular found footage approach to tell its story. In the past few years, nearly every genre has tried this technique – most notably used by the Paranormal Activity series – but it seems particularly fitting for Friday the 13th. The found footage craze truly originated with 1999 indie The Blair Witch Project, so it’s not much of a stretch to send Jason chasing after teens who just so happen to have a camera on them in the woods.

Are you excited that another Friday the 13th is finally on its way, and does the rumored found footage approach sound like a good fit? Let us know in the comments.


The untitled Friday the 13th sequel will hit theaters on March 13, 2015.

Source: Paramount

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  1. this is by far the stupidest idea ever. why do they insist on remaking this movie every few years?

    • There’s no indication that it is another remake. Hopefully it is a direct sequel. I liked what they did with the remake, as it is essentially all the best parts of previous Friday films put into one.

    • because they can’t seem to realize it’s time to bring his mom back to the big screen with a story line and updated crazy woman.

    • LOL I know right

  2. As long as it’s not terrible like the last one It shouldn’t be a problem. We just need to forget that movie ever happened. Just keep it simple like the originals. No need for a dying gimmick like found footage. No need to change anything. But with all the other terrible movies Platinum Dunes has put out I don’t expect much from this.

    • Objectively speaking, ALL Friday movies are terrible. The remake just put the most iconic moments all in one film. They’re not intended to be good. For what it is, the remake is great.

      • There was nothing iconic about that movie. It wasn’t even a remake by any stretch of the word. It was a terrible sequel that turned Jason from an unstoppable force of nature into a creepy kidnapping vagrant.

        • It was not a sequel, even if you only want to count the original film. The rampage of Mrs. Voorhees ends differently at the start of the movie. Let’s count what all Friday movies have:

          Kills: Check.
          Dumb people: Check.
          Mama’s-Boy issues: Check
          Booty: Check.
          Boobs: Double Check.

          Every Friday movie is like that. The reboot/remake is no worse than any other Friday film. To claim that ANY Friday the 13th film is good is false. You can’t compare it to real films like a Speilberg or Scorsese movie. Judging the film by its own merits, for what it was trying to do, which is entertain teens and twenty-somethings and make them jump and creeped out, it does it’s job well.

  3. So Excited

  4. Lol.
    A Friday the 13th reboot set in modern day just won’t work. The teens would shoot Jason, see him get back up again, realize he can’t die, tie him up while he is down, and beat the s*** out of him until he is pure powder, all while recording this on youtube.

    • Like the 2009 reboot or not, it did work in “modern day”.

      Also, the silly idea that all teens carry guns is just …

      • There was ONE gun in the film used by a “teen,” who is more like a 30-year-old. It’s not far fetched that there would be a gun in a house in the woods. What really bothered me about the gun thing was that when the guy brought it out, “Clay” was surprised and like ‘You have a GUN??!!!’ And I’m thinking, “DUDE, THAT’S A GOOD THING! You just just said ‘There’s a killer on the loose’ Why are you complaining?!”

  5. I am a huge Jason Voorhees fan and have seen every film to date. Was even fortunate enough to meet Kane Hodder at Niagara Falls Comic Con back in June. However If they go the found footage approach I won’t even bother. I can’t stand found footage style. Hate the paranormal movies, skipped on chronicle even the tv show Supernatural did an episode like that and I skipped that. If I wanted to watch shaky camera films I would film my own home movie. If they stick to the traditional way of filming I’ll be there for sure.

  6. “Incredibly (Appropriately?), the film will mark the 13th big-screen appearance for hockey-masked slasher Jason Voorhees.”

    - Jason wasn’t the killer in the first movie
    - Jason didn’t get the hockey-mask until Part 3
    - Jason wasn’t the killer in The New Beginning (Part 5)

    • @renaak,

      -Jason wasn’t the killer in the original movie, but he still made an appearance in it when he jumped out of the water at the end.

      -The article does not say that Jason had the hockey mask before Part 3, that sentence simply refers to Jason as “the hockey-masked slasher”.

      -No, Jason wasn’t the killer in Part 5, but he still appeared in Tommy’s dreams and hallucinations. In my opinion, that still counts as an appearance.

    • Hahahaha I’m so glad I’m not the only stickler to notice that

  7. Why don’t they just make a Freddy vs Jason vs

  8. Sorry about that. As I was saying they should just make a Freddy vs Jason vs Ash movie. That’ll be a lot more interesting than another damn reboot.

    • or how about a JASON vs Michel Myers (rob zombies version), now that will be interesting

      • How about Jason verses Mike Myers? That would be more interesting (and funny).

  9. Even though I didn’t like Friday The 13th reboot, id rather see a direct sequel than anything. Not that it makes a difference. Nightmare On Elm Street reboot was worst imo. You can’t do what’s been done already, that’s what im thinking. Atleast Rob Zombie’s Halloween started off different from the original.

    • ^^^+1
      If you feel the need to remake something, there should at least be an attempt to do something creative and innovative with the story/character, just like Rob Zombie did in the remake of Halloween. Putting together a highlight reel of an entire series of movies with better effects is pretty insulting to the viewing public.

  10. I am big fan of the friday the 13 th and i enjoy jason voorhees and he is the best killer in the slasher genre of all time and the relese date of the new friday the 13 th movies is truly cool and amazing and i hope to see more friday the 13 th movies in the future and i hope that he will battle micheal myers,freddy krueger,leatherface and many other killer from slasher as well.

  11. If they want to get this right then they need to get a character we can support and root for, they need to introduce Tommy Jarvis as a child in the next movie and show his family get killed then see him take on Jason and survive! Then you have your arch for the next few movies, Tommy growing up with the fear and paranoia etc, like the Laurie Strode story in Halloween, hell they could even let Tommy develop some psyhic powers like the story in Part 7 which is one of the best Fridays!!
    If studios actually planned these movies properly instead of just churning out pointless crap every few years then they would end up with a decent franchise!

    And please no more found footage crap, seriously if Jason Vorhees is chasing you through the woods with a machete you ain’t going to be gently trotting back words making sure the shot is in frame!! Stupid idea!!

  12. Every bit of me is screaming STAY AWAY, don’t waste your time and don’t let Platinum Dunes fool you again but the horror junkie in me will prevent any of those things from happening and I’ll be in the theater opening weekend.
    When will I ever learn?

  13. I may be in the minority, but I liked the last one.

    I thought the idea of Jason being an intelligent stalker/trapper/killer was a nice addition to his already impressive list of things he can do, super strong, and not being able to die (permanently).

    The only thing I do not like about the last movie is the fact that everyone in it (aside from Jason) could be a model or be featured on teen television shows like Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill (among a few dozen others). Make most of them average looking, one or two knockouts That is the only thing bad about the reboot.

    I have high hopes for this. :D

  14. SMH …what a waste. I`m surprise is not 3-D …oops! me and my big mouth

  15. I liked the idea of him being in winter then the unfortunate found footage thing.

  16. What they need to do is make Freddy vs Jason vs Michael Myers. Robert Englund must return as Freddy one more time.

    • Freddy vs Jason vs Michael Myers vs Pinhead vs Tall Man vs Ash vs Leatherface vs Robin Williams

      YES! Make it happen!!

      • Who in the hell is Ash?

        • Evil Dead. Army of Darkness. Hell, I’m not a slasher film fanboy and I even knew that.

  17. Robert Englund mentioned himself he’s too old to be running around after teens. He praised JEH’s work as Freddy. I think they’ve tried to get Michael Myers for a sequel to Freddy VS Jason but was a no go with the character being used. Even Pinhead was thought up but then considered too B-rated to spend the money on even for a cameo.

  18. @HI – C – yeah that’s what I was thinking, although Jason has travelled outside of Crystal Lake to catch his prey, he’s been to Manhatten, to Space and to Elm Street! Ok the last two were awful but then that’s the point of a horror movie and character development, Michael Myers always stuck around Haddonfield but only because he was after his family members, if Jason was beaten by someone he would want his revenge, the remake version of Jason has already been shown as a Hunter, trapper, man of the wild so it would make sense for him to progress and adapt, theres is a lot they can do with Friday instead of just a bunch of gormless teens running away and getting killed!!

  19. Maybe they’ll sequel Jason X…

  20. Jason takes Manhattan was the worse

    • What! Jason number 7 was the worst the girl had telekinetic powers! That was such a horrible idea, then part 5 was awful, then part 10 and then part 8, thats how i would see it

  21. Why even bother. Waste of everyone’s time and money (especially once it opens as a crappy finished film). Give the money to the homeless in Hollywood where it’d be money better spent.

  22. Sounds good but you will rack up a lot of $$$$ if you add Freddy an Michael Myers think about it The Avengers racked up DC is even putting the Batman and Superman together now. I believe if you add Freddy an Michael Myers it will blow the box office up how’s this sound (THE NIGHTMARE ON FRIDAY OF HALLOWEEN) You got to admit it has a ring to it.

  23. Don’t Make the same bored movie an angry man from the woods with a hockey mask on killing teens you have to make this one interesting add (FREDDY) an ( MYERS ) trust me it will work!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN

  24. Found footage is the dumbest possible way to approach this series. The last thing this genre needs is more of that exhausted cliche. We don’t even get slasher films any more, so how about just making it what it is? ANOES seems dead in the water, and Rob Zombie killed Halloween. This is the only of the big 3 slasher franchises showing any movement. It doesn’t deserve to be ruined by jamming it up with an asinine found footage concept.

    This is to say nothing of how idiotic it is that they’re rebooting it AGAIN. The last sequel was actually rather successful, and far better liked by fans than the ANOES or Halloween reboots. If we’re being robbed of a sequel, at least spare us the insufferable cliche of some kids running around the woods with their shaky handicam.

  25. I can’t believe they’re seriously considering found footage! Come on! If you were running away from a hockey-masked killer would you seriously be filming it? If I wanted to see bumpy footage I would be watching home movies again! I want to be able to see the deaths and the gore and their faces when they see Jason come at them with his machete or a knife or whatever he’s using! Not footage of a 17-year old running away happening to get a glimps of Jason’s hockey mask every now and then! I didn’t even bother to see Paranormal Activity or Cloverfield! And do you know why? BECAUSE FOUND FOOTAGE SUCKS! If it comes out in found footage I won’t even bother watching it.

  26. I think you guys are being much too hard on the remakes! Don’t get me wrong, I love the original works of Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Friday the 13 to death! The horror genre is my favorite. But when I was just a little twelve-year old watching Friday and Halloween for the first times, I couldn’t help but think they were missing something. Then, as soon as the Halloween remake in 2007 came out I realized it, the originals weren’t that scary or evil. Friday the 13 had it’s day in the sun when it came to horror when parts 1 through 4 came out but after that, it was just a comedy in a horror movie. I now go back and watch parts 5-8 as well as Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X for laughs! The modern day Friday the 13 gave Jason a much scarier look and attitude. But the most can be said about Nightmare on Elm Street! The originals weren’t really scary, just stupid. The way Freddy Krueger would kill off the teenagers was kind of stupid. But the 2010 version gave Freddy a truly evil look and attitude. I think you people are hating to much on the remakes and I actually prefer them to the originals in most cases. As long as found footage isn’t used, I’m basically going to go see it ten times

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