New ‘Friday the 13th’ Film Arriving in 2015

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friday the 13th New Friday the 13th Film Arriving in 2015

2015 is shaping up to be a major year of franchise releases. That year is already set to be headlined by major summer superhero releases Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman vs. Superman; not to mention, Star Wars: Episode VII will be arriving in December (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to that year’s blockbuster slate).

However, among all these heroic adventures, the horror genre has been noticeably absent from the 2015 slate, with Fox’s Frankenstein reboot and Insidious: Chapter 3 as the genre’s only scheduled major releases. That looks like it’s about to change, as a modern horror icon is swooping in with a new film of his own.

Paramount has settled on March 13, 2015 as the release date for the latest entry in the long-running Friday the 13th franchise. Incredibly (Appropriately?), the film will mark the 13th big-screen appearance for hockey-masked slasher Jason Voorhees.

No official title, cast or crew has been announced, though Platinum Dunes – the Michael Bay led production company behind the 2009 Friday the 13th reboot as well as other updates to horror classics – will be producing.

freddy vs jason New Friday the 13th Film Arriving in 2015

The news of another Friday the 13th film is, of course, not really surprising. After all, the reboot was a solid box office hit (earning over $91 million worldwide against a $19 million production budget), and a sequel entered development soon thereafter at Warner Bros. Ultimately, the studio relinquished the screen rights to the Friday the 13th franchise, which fell back into Paramount’s hands as part of a deal that includes Warner Bros.’ co-production on Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi film, Interstellar.

That being said, it’s still unclear how closely the new Friday the 13th film will tie into the narrative of its predecessor (or if stars Jared Padalecki and Amanda Righetti will reprise their roles). Considering Platinum Dunes’ involvement, it’s possible that Paramount will position this new project as a follow-up to the reboot regardless.

There’s also the lingering notion that this new Friday the 13th may, in fact, employ the ever-popular found footage approach to tell its story. In the past few years, nearly every genre has tried this technique – most notably used by the Paranormal Activity series – but it seems particularly fitting for Friday the 13th. The found footage craze truly originated with 1999 indie The Blair Witch Project, so it’s not much of a stretch to send Jason chasing after teens who just so happen to have a camera on them in the woods.

Are you excited that another Friday the 13th is finally on its way, and does the rumored found footage approach sound like a good fit? Let us know in the comments.


The untitled Friday the 13th sequel will hit theaters on March 13, 2015.

Source: Paramount

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  1. Found footage idea would suck!!!! I’m tired of watching shaky camera crap for 3/4s the movie. Make the found footage bonus footage on the DVD. That would be cool especially if it was setting up a plot to Friday the 13TH part 3 in 3D. Put something solid together but think franchise instead of just the next installment. You should always be thinking 2 and 3 movies ahead of the one you are doing.

    • Found footage idea would suck!!!! you bet!!!!no found footage at all,not even in bonus,stop following and create instead my god…found footage yeah right, under the sea with ariel the mermaid, just do the type of friday the 13th we all want and that made the franchise.,go back to cristal lake,bring some happy campers there and let jason do the rest,thats what fans want,not in space not changing body, not that he has a nephew or uncle or mother in law,not even again freddy(even do the movie was ok)just bring back jason where he belong,to cristal lake,like the 1st to the 7th.all great movie.just my opinion thanx

  2. Not keen on found footage. I would like to see Jason terrorising the streets of a big city. As for found footage Blair Witch was not the first to do this style. Cannibal holocaust used this effect long before Blair witch. Blair witch just took the amateur angle and had people run and drop the camera. Rather then a voyeur/journalist type approach.

  3. Am I the only one who can see a new version of Mrs. Vorheese on the big screen? Jason has had 12 movies and the 2009 remake flopped because it skipped his mothers violent story that Created him to begin with. I think the new Mrs Vorheese should be played by a man only showing muscular arms throughout the film leading up to another twist. I would change the chase scene at the end to Mrs. Vorheese trying to kill Mr. Christy the camp owner instead. It would add to the suspense and thrill of seeing where Jason gets his temper from…then, you can reintroduce Jason in a remake of part two. I see two blockbusters if you stay with the story line. The trailers could read Friday the 13th…No.1…..2..3..4..5..6..7..8 and start the body count from the one who started it. For 2015…if you are just going to make it about Jason again, add a number 12 to the end…so we can preserve his mothers violent story that started it all.

    • I agree.

  4. Please please please stay away from the found footage idea Jason is way to bad a** to be seen in some weak freaky shaky film footage. Not a good idea and also why do all of the classics have to have some back story to normalize the character by making him out to be some serial killer with some weird underground serial killer shack. What makes Jason so awesome and scarry is the mythical super human aspect and the fact that he can’t be stopped.

    • What created Jason and gave him his story was his psychotic mothers revenge…I have been a Friday the 13th fan since I was 12…seen the first four at the theaters. I love Jason, but I also loved his mothers violent story. You don’t have the full effect of these movies until you see that crazy woman in action. The movie will fail, fans wont be suckered into the theaters like they were with the 2009 remake.
      From an old Friday The 13th fan to all others….Mrs. Vorheese Rocks the story…and how can all these Friday the 13th fans be wrong. Stop with Jason, we are burned out on him, we want something fresh…..a muscular psychotic woman with a machete that can beat the s*** out of men….right before she kills them….with out her story, Jason has nothing. Both stories should be remade side by side. And if they were smart they wont have or change anything in the original to have Jason in it….until the end. Jason’s mother was heartbroken and went insane…she was the curse that plagued that camp for all those years….and it was sad to a degree how this beautiful woman could turn into a monster from a broken heart. This role should be played by a man dressed as Mrs. Vorhees….or a attractive older female bodybuilder…that can do a sad death scene at the end. Everyone already knows how she dies…I would just show her running at Mr. Christy with a knife in slow motion and still frame her pretty face before the machete came down on her…..sad. Then, after the cops come and haul the body away they cant find her head…cliffhanger for Jason. In part 2, he takes Mr. Christy’s head…and then the story line for him begins. They are just not seeing where the gold is. His mothers story cost 600,00 dollars to make and grossed 60million at the box office and sparked 11 sequels and introduced an icon named Jason, without her, it’s pointless to make Jason movies with ridiculous story lines….especially when fans have been telling you since 2009 they were pissed they skipped his mothers story. And it will happen again…till fans just get fed up and stop going. Paramount, you are not writing this for people under 21…you have fans of all ages. You want to put Jason on the screen again….introduce his fans to his mother first. Without her, the franchise is dead. To think you can have a block buster just by simply showing muscular arms with a machete killing camp counselors and then a high budget fight scene with a man at the end when the audience see her as a beautiful…but muscular and psychotic woman. Think about it…it makes sense to remake both stories side by side.

  5. found footage is a good idea its something different for the jason movies and could be really scary if done right.

  6. The 2009 remake only made 90 million because fans old and new thought it was a remake of his mothers story…when word got out that it was another Jason movie with a horrible cast and story line…fans backed off. It fell out of the running within the first three weeks. It got bad reviews…I think you got lucky on the profit margin because people went to the box office thinking they were going to see his psychotic mother in action with a heartbreaking storyline to follow. I did, and was disgusted with what I saw. How can any good writer not want to remake the original…a muscular psychotic woman with a machete beating the crap out of men because her baby drown…then leave a cliffhanger for Jason in a remake of part 2. If you make another Jason sequel…which is what it will be….it will be awful…you have not made it yet and already I want to puke. Make the Jason Movie…it will flop. Then someone is going to get smart and start the franchise with the legend that started it.

    • Everybody here needs to have faith, ok? The Friday the 13th franchise is one of the best! Only a very small fraction of the movies were even bad(even though I thought that the 2009 reboot was okay), and I know I will be in the theatres when this comes out! Who will be the new Voorhees(or will it be the same guy?)?

    • Duane, I think you need to switch off your computer, and go and find the love of a strong muscular woman!
      I’m not saying a lot of fans aren’t interested in that aspect of the story, but we’ve managed without her for 10 films. Either reboot again and do it properly, or just do Jason Takes LA or something.

  7. I would also like to point out that yes the movie grossed 90 million dollars. ok, ….so lets subtract 20 million for the cost to produce the remake…it comes to 70 million……half of that 70 million came from people under 21, and the other half came from old school fans over 30. each group brought 30.5 million each. Old school fans were disgusted as maybe some new fans….so there is 30.5 million that wont be going to another remake of Jason. Now, for people under 21 who also brought 30.5 million to the box office and will for the next one. The cost of the 2009 reproduction FT13th, was 20 million…subtract that from the 30.5 million for young viewers and the profit for a 20 million dollar movie was 15 million….the other half hated it…..Make mother a b**** in 2015…or hang the story up.

  8. Okay…please no “found footage” version. That horse died a long time ago.

    I like the idea that has been floating around of bringing back all the surviving final girls (using the ORIGINAL actresses reprising their roles) who band together to fight Jason. Sort of like a female version of The Expendables. Granted it would be more action and less suspense and might have the potential of being a little cheesy, but it could really work and be a kick ass, self-referential movie that could tie all the films together. That in itself would be great for the 13th episode.

    I’m just cringing at the idea of another reboot or a lame found footage version…yawn…

  9. I would love a movie with Jason in the winter months of Crystal Lake, I think it would be a blast or have him on a train haaa.

  10. I really hope they dont go the rout of found footage, this is a really terrible idea. If you want to create a great Friday the 13th movie, make it brutal (doesn’t imply gory all the time) and make it dynamic. Focus on the greatness of Jason Voorhees, his raw power, his almost dark magic like ability’s such as appering right in front of someone after running hard and him walking, and add some new ones to keep it fresh.

  11. It doesnt sound that great to me,that Blair Witch feel,times change yes,but standards must remain..They should stick with the rich cinematic experience for Jason,lots of dark scenes,water,and should consider flashback-type information like him and his mother young..throw out any non cool masks too,his mask looked the best in 6 and 8…Also why not even use more the original look and feel of say early 90s FILM look instead of todays digital which should stay in its Toy Story/Pixar place..This horror and the ones who grew up in the best times are still here,drowning in visibly fake stuff,give us a little Halloween back,even if just for a moment,aim at us..They have their lazer bubble-gum,I want my dirtroad sunrises and cornfield massacres….Truly,a Freind

  12. Please, no found footage for the new Jason movie. I hate found footage, and it will totally ruin the brilliance of the Friday The 13th franchise.

  13. Definitely looking forward to this new Friday the 13th movie,it’s good to see horror movies going back to the slasher type killers,instead of all that spiritistic crap that scary movies are all about nowadays.Quit making those types of movies,leave the Devil and his demons alone,don’t invite that stuff into your home or everyday life.Stick to the individual killer movies like Jason,Michael,The Slicker Killer in I Know What You Did Last Summer go back to scary movies like these,there alot better.

  14. The found footage idea is a terrible idea they should stick to what they have done for the other films I can’t stand the shaky camera crap where you can’t see anything it will just ruin the movie. If there going to make another installment make it a good one or don’t make it at all.

  15. I have to say i’m a huge fan of the friday the 13th movies and the remake was a great remake in my eyes i can’t wait for part 2 but if they go down that hand held cameras like the blair witch i for one will not go see it!!!that would destroy the whole image of the movie!and that would be the begining of the end of jason for me!!

  16. I think the found footage is fitting for the story, but not through out the whole movie. Perhaps consulars and teens have there getaway and during there fun, they find footage. They play it and see other consulars and teens having fun and stuff, but they don’t watch the whole video. As the movie progresses, things start to happen. People end up being killed and the rest attempt to find information about what’s going on. They read up on some old news about Jason Voorhees and murders. In the article, it’s mentioned that there was found footage where teens and consulars were being murdered. At this point of the movie, the characters remaining on the film return to that footage they found earlier in the movie and decide to play the rest of the footage and find Jason killing and chasing after people from a previous summer. That’s when the rest of the consulars and teens get the full picture and attempt to leave the camp, but too late…Jason is ready to slash um. How’s that for a pitch?

  17. Found footage is a lazy method. A headache-inducing way of shooting. Get a steadycam and a plot.

  18. First of all, it shouldn’t be that hard to make a good horror movie. But it seems like an impossible task judging by the output from Hwood.

    I agree with many, it should START with Mrs. Voorhees FULL story. Be faithful to the original but kill of the characters in different ways. However, the FINAL person alive, who kills Jason should be Alice. How in the world the 2009 reboot doesn’t even name the girl seen briefly ALICE but instead name her Counselor is treason! LOL.

    However, I would flip Part 2 and have Alice escape Jason’s murderous revenge. This would set him up to fill enraged that Alice escaped so Jason is always looking to kill Alice in every teen/counselor he encouters. Then maybe in a sequel down the line, have Alice return (maybe with some of the other final girls) and finally kill Jason. If any of my ideas are used, I release total control to whomever wants to use any or all of these ideas! Seriously. No joke.

    • *Meant to say Alice kills Mrs. Voorhees, not Jason. Only Alice should kill Mrs. Voorhees.

  19. friday the 13th 2015, i think the “found footage” approach is a very bad idea, i think sticking to storyline mythology, starting where jason left off at least according to the nc-17 work-print version, which the ending has jason voorhee’s falling to the earth, vaporizing during his fall and his “upgraded” mask fallig back into crystal lake, unless destroying sean s. cunningham’s root’s completely and calling friday the 13th 2009 remake also a sequel for which i disagree.


  21. Please don’t make it found footage it will suck like something terrible

  22. I have been an diehard fan I think you offer an diehard fan an chance to do an cameo in the new reboot

  23. I can’t wait for another Jason movie. I tell you he slaughtered 68 people in Jason takes Manhattan. I would love to see more classic like that from beginning to end.

  24. I think Jason should FACE Michael Myers. That’s deadly action stabbing killing two knife welders in one movie. FACTS

  25. Very excited
    for the new movie im a long time fan of friday the 13th. However i really hope they dont go through with the whole found footage idea!

  26. I don’t have a problem with found footage in general, but I don’t see how it works without breaking the formula of Friday the 13th. The movies work on a “Then There Was One” concept of Jason knocking kids off one or two at a time, and hiding the bodies so that the rest of the kids don’t know what’s going on until, basically, the Final Girl sequence. So, unless each kid is filming separately with their cellphone (or maybe Google Glass) I don’t see how you fit the two together.

  27. I would like to see someone make a second part of freddy vs jason with robert england playing freddy he is the one that started playing him yall need to put him back as freddy