New ‘Friday the 13th’ Film Arriving in 2015

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friday the 13th New Friday the 13th Film Arriving in 2015

2015 is shaping up to be a major year of franchise releases. That year is already set to be headlined by major summer superhero releases Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman vs. Superman; not to mention, Star Wars: Episode VII will be arriving in December (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to that year’s blockbuster slate).

However, among all these heroic adventures, the horror genre has been noticeably absent from the 2015 slate, with Fox’s Frankenstein reboot and Insidious: Chapter 3 as the genre’s only scheduled major releases. That looks like it’s about to change, as a modern horror icon is swooping in with a new film of his own.

Paramount has settled on March 13, 2015 as the release date for the latest entry in the long-running Friday the 13th franchise. Incredibly (Appropriately?), the film will mark the 13th big-screen appearance for hockey-masked slasher Jason Voorhees.

No official title, cast or crew has been announced, though Platinum Dunes – the Michael Bay led production company behind the 2009 Friday the 13th reboot as well as other updates to horror classics – will be producing.

freddy vs jason New Friday the 13th Film Arriving in 2015

The news of another Friday the 13th film is, of course, not really surprising. After all, the reboot was a solid box office hit (earning over $91 million worldwide against a $19 million production budget), and a sequel entered development soon thereafter at Warner Bros. Ultimately, the studio relinquished the screen rights to the Friday the 13th franchise, which fell back into Paramount’s hands as part of a deal that includes Warner Bros.’ co-production on Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi film, Interstellar.

That being said, it’s still unclear how closely the new Friday the 13th film will tie into the narrative of its predecessor (or if stars Jared Padalecki and Amanda Righetti will reprise their roles). Considering Platinum Dunes’ involvement, it’s possible that Paramount will position this new project as a follow-up to the reboot regardless.

There’s also the lingering notion that this new Friday the 13th may, in fact, employ the ever-popular found footage approach to tell its story. In the past few years, nearly every genre has tried this technique – most notably used by the Paranormal Activity series – but it seems particularly fitting for Friday the 13th. The found footage craze truly originated with 1999 indie The Blair Witch Project, so it’s not much of a stretch to send Jason chasing after teens who just so happen to have a camera on them in the woods.

Are you excited that another Friday the 13th is finally on its way, and does the rumored found footage approach sound like a good fit? Let us know in the comments.


The untitled Friday the 13th sequel will hit theaters on March 13, 2015.

Source: Paramount

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  1. What they really should do, is not to go friday, friday part II, part III so on, what they SHOULD do is just do different titles like maybe Friday the 13th: a new generation, Friday the 13th: First blood etc s*** like that

  2. If it’s going to be a “found footage” movie you can count me out.

    • found footage films i count as junk! as for the blair witch, i say burn the negative!

      jason voorhee’s IS friday the 13th, without jason voorhee’s there is no friday the 13th, i prefer kane hodder at best or ken kirzinger from freddy vs. jason at the very least.

  3. I hated the Blair witch. The found footage reality looking camera will not be good. People go to movies to be entertained. Entertained with good actors and good story. That is why the reboot worked. If they did found footage it will find it’s way into the I should of not did this and listened to fans trash can.

  4. They better make it good to keep the slasher genre positive.

    In my opinion, though, I’d like to see a lot of slashing.

  5. Yyyyyeessss. I want that movie ! Michael Bay for sure its a succes again . thanks for making this happen . im born with that movies …

  6. Can we get a Freddy vs Jason 2 movie? Instead remakes…

  7. For me, the issue isn’t found footage or not. The issue is that this franchise, from the start, has been censored to get an R rating.

    Even in this current unrated era, Friday movies get made (excepting part 9) in only an R version, and I fully expect a found footage approach to be used to soften and obscure the explicitness of the gore. This is my issue. The found footage format could absolutely work, and an R version for theatrical release is fine. I will only get excited if I hear there will be an unrated version for home video.

    It’s baffling why fans still complain that the older entries still aren’t available in their intended gory versions -like part 4, like part 7-two examples where the directors really wanted to deliver the goods to fans. And yet, there is no outcry about new films only being made as R versions, especially now that the franchise has survived into this unrated era!

    • thank you so very much, NOT, for your sellout point! you, from my perspective have 0% respect for the friday the 13th history and mytho’s. i am one of those fans whom through comments boards like screen rant and their rules give very healthy debate to try and protect OUR beloved Jason Voorhee’s from what i think of as revisionist know-nothing directors void of any respect for friday the 13th true formula. i don’t care what the mpaa thinks and have a extremely low opinion of them, which i’ll keep to myself. but their are ways to get the fan-recreated edits(faux directors cuts) of these films and so far i have found two and am very pleased with the results of my research and those whom lovingly put them back together in proper order. as for the “missing” directors cuts? see what i said about the mpaa and think like lucio fulci did if you know his history concerning the mpaa when he was alive, mine is much lower.

      • Chris Cox: You wrote:

        “thank you so very much, NOT, for your sellout point! you, from my perspective have 0% respect for the friday the 13th history and mytho’s. i am one of those fans whom through comments boards like screen rant and their rules give very healthy debate to try and protect OUR beloved Jason Voorhee’s from what i think of as revisionist know-nothing directors void of any respect for friday the 13th true formula.”

        Allow me to educate you on some points about the F13 franchise, which you seem to think you know so much about: The entire concept of Jason Vorhees being the killer at camp Crystal Lake is itself a REVISIONIST CONCEPT. Never, ever, EVER was there a plan for this to happen. In fact, the first F13 movie was made solely to cash in on the popularity of HALLOWEEN! It was designed to be a “one off” movie, with Pamela Vorhees being the ONLY killer. The only reason Jason came out of the lake at the end was to give the audience one more “chair jumper” scare at the end for the fun of it. And then something really funny happened…


        Naturally, Paramount wanted another movie. Nobody knew how. Mother’s head was gone! Then the studio suggested having Jason come back. Sean S Cunningham, the guy who CREATED F13, didn’t even think it would work! After all, Jason DIED as a YOUNG BOY, so the idea of him showing up alive as a fully GROWN MAN made no sense at all. But just to keep the money rollimg in, they went with it, and it worked! But no one had even expected the first film to be a runaway hit, let along a long running franchise with a grown up Jason as the star–it’s totally a revisionist concept!

        Further, I think it’s disgraceful of you to bring up the fan created edits of the films as if they are just as good as what the original creators wanted to give us. Yes, absolutely the fans make these with love, and I respect them for doing it. But they are only doing it to try to re-create what was stolen from us by the MPAA!! Horror masters like Joseph Zito, Tom Savini and John Carl Buechler created some of their best work for this series, only to have it brutally censored away by the MPAA. (Have you ever watched the unrated kills in “The Prowler”? That’s Zito and Savini together.Just gruesome stuff!) If you had any respect for these guys, you would want the legacy of R rated Friday movies to finally come to an end. Are we now in the era of “Unrated Director’s Cuts” or aren’t we?

        You are the one who has zero respect for the history of the F13 franchise. If you did, you would want the new films unrated. And as for me having a “sellout point”, whatever that means, all I said was that the found footage concept COULD work. I NEVER said don’t have Jason in it!! This series biggest problem is having to get an R rating, which guaruntees softening the kills and the gore content. Found footage capturing Jason killing in unrated graphic gore could be a fresh approach that works for a series that needs to be MORE hardcore, not LESS.

        • Only a fool, would ignore a 35 year old runaway classic to create a sequel to 2009 or even worse try to reboot the franchise with Jason again. Mrs. V. is the #1 story and killer with a plot in the series and her story is classic. Not to mention Mrs. V can open the door for more Jason movies. Yes, I like Jason. But I want the original classic preserved for future generations. Mrs. V is the legend, not Jason. However; he was able to accent the franchise. Mrs. V. creates the story, and is a great addition with Jason. To ignore a 35 year old classic, that can be based off the original script but changed at the end concerning the fight and chase scene. Mrs. V. will take her temper out on Mr. Christy the camp owner and beat the snot out of him with big muscular arms. Give Mrs. a 12 Gage to shoot at him with…then put her in a high budget fight scene with Mr. Christy…..Then Mrs. V grabs a machete and chasing him relentlessly until her death at the end. Enough with the Group chases. It don’t make sense how 7 heads running for their lives cant seem to think and survive together.It is not as realistic. Friday the 13th #1…..and the body count begins. ….2..3..4…5…6…7…8…9…10…11…12…13. Yes only a fool would ignore a classic story of a Beautiful heartbroken woman who went insane from a broken heart of loosing her son to the currents of a large lake. And to speak in her son’s voice, and attack the Crystal Lake camp owner Mr. Christi with brass knuckles, a 12 Gage shotgun..and then a machete. The best part is that, all movie makers have to do is show muscular arms killing camp counselors while Mr.Christi is away doing errands, and then putting Mrs V in a high budget fight scene with a large man….and winning until the end. Friday the 13th is about demonstrating the anger of a psychotic woman that lost her son. I can promise more Jason movies with this concept. As a professional writer, I will say if fans wanted Jason, the 2009 version would have been fine. Jason has a number by his movies…Mrs V. is #1 as well as the classic out of them all.

  8. Check out this funny short.

  9. I am an inspiring film maker, and I was actually thinking of making my own tribute of Friday the 13th, I’m a big fan. Then I saw one amazing thing I havent seen in a while “NEW 2015 FRIDYAY THE 13TH!” I did some research thinking I should hold off on my tribute till a later time when Jason goes underground again. So I read on and I saw something that made my stomach turn and disgust.. So I’ve heard of some pretty disturbing things about this new Friday the 13th film going to be released next year. For one thing the date has changed from March 15th to the summer to November. Also I have heard that they don’t even have a script written but they have a date. So they already announced it and they are nowhere close to starting. When you tell us s*** like this you should have everything figure out accept maybe the cast. I have also heard that Jason might not be in it. I’m not sure what that overally means but I am not impressed with that. Or the following statement that was said.. “I don’t know if Jason will even be in this one because he isn’t necessarily a key component.” First of all are you high?! Of course Jason is a key important component, Jason fans.the main damn character. I don’t know who these people are but they obviously aren’t Jason fans. I’m sick and tired of people who know nothing about the movie they are making and do it anyway. There are many things you can do with a Friday the 13th movie, but not have Jason in it.. That is the only reason why we watch those movies is for Jason, you don’t care about the people he kills to much cause this is his tortured story. He’s the victim as well as the Killer. Do not screw this new movie up. Seriously the old ones were allowed to be bad cause they were old and that is part of there charm but as time goes on that isn’t the case. It’s just being lazy and shouldn’t have been done in the first place. I was so stoked to hear that Jason is to come back, but if this happens I’m boycotting Paramount. I have got one thing to say to all of you terrible movie creators out there.. Don’t start something you know nothing about! Please don’t be that guy! I hope I just heard this from some pranksters or something and isn’t true. Cause if that’s the case I’ll have no moral dilemma on me busting out my own tribute close to that date. Don’t screw Jason, just don’t do it. He wants out.

    • simply put, NO JASON, NO FRIDAY THE 13TH! jason voorhee’s IS friday the 13th!

      if not then let Jason go up again Michael Myers. if you look in the right places you will find a fan film called freddy vs. ghostbusters.

      the current state of friday the 13th seems to be to completely destroy the 80′s franchise most of us metal-head’s/punk-rockers/horror film fans grew up with watching in theaters or for those of us with police-state minded parents we had premium cable to copy from to vhs, which is how i got mine back then.

      i will NOT accept the found footage angle, period!

      • Chris Cox…shut-up.
        If it’s Jason please by all means do do it at all. You would not know a good plot and story line if it slapped you in the face.

    • If you were a professional writer and fan of Jason, you would know Mrs V is classic…Mrs V. can be reinvented ….Mrs. V can open the door for more Jason movies. A professional writer would know that classics can not be rewritten nor tampered with. A professional writer would know that if fans wanted Jason the 2009 version would be fine. A professional writer would know it to be wise to preserve the original classic story and killer that sparked an icon and 11 sequels. A professional writer would have known it to be common sense to remake Mrs. V and set Jason up for a comeback. Especially after Jason had 11 movies prior and the last be horrible. If you are not a writer that wants to save a classic, then you are not a fan of Fri the 13th. You are a Jason fan. Jason fans are mindless people who are content with lame plota, and kills. Jason fans are not Fri the 13th fans who know that MrsV and Jason’s intertwined stories are the real hit. No, we don’t need your input. And a lot of these websites claiming Jason is in 22015 is just propaganda to make fans think they want more Jason…if they did Jason would have been a hit in 2009.

    • I initiated a boycott. I will see about sending memos to theatres asking that they not allow it in. They are gonna tell us what we are going to see…don’t think so. We will send it to DVD.

    • I will see about sending memos to theatres asking that they not allow it in. They are gonna tell us what we are going to see…don’t think so. We will send it to DVD.

  10. Honestly I think that a “found footage” Friday the 13th would work, but it’s not really what I want to see. The reboot was pretty much what I expect out of all Friday the 13th movies. It didn’t try anything too wacky like Jason X or the one in Manhattan, but I think the series will be in trouble if they just try to remake the same old story again and again. I think this new one should try something unique, whether that be a found footage film or possibly having another new monster in it. Maybe get another monster mash up with Freddy or get good ol’ Jason to battle a new movie monster. While I don’t think that Freddy vs Jason is the best in the series (part 1 or part 3 is) I do like when two invincible slashers go toe to toe. I think that should be tried again, with a fresh new monster. Or maybe several monsters vs Jason. Either way, I just want something fresh.

    • Great points all. Something fresh, and something brutal.

    • i 100% reject the found footage concept, period! i loathed and still do the blair witch film(s) because i boycotted them! either give us friday the 13th jason voorhee’s fans a jason vs michael myers, a standard friday the 13th film but x-rated, or a brand new concept i have been playing with in my head, “a multiple jason’s film, where he goes up against different versions of himself, like, the mongoloid jason, the redneck jason, the alien jason, the rotting zombie jason, the elephant man jason, the demon jason, the bully terrorist jason from the remake 2009 film”(i am glad those deleted scenes where left out of the killer cut of the film, or i would have gotten rid of my dvd copy). a freddy vs. jason part 2 i think won’t work, because freddy was beheaded at the end so their for, by mytho’s horror film law freddy kreuger is officially dead.

    • okay i agree with you but,and this is the big but.i think the one main other horror/slasher icon people want to see jason go up against,hell i know i want to see it happen,would be michael vs jason.i mean come on they are both similar in how they kill and act,only difference is that jason drowned in a lake as a kid and came back an killed over an over an over again,where as michael myers was cursed at birth with the pegan curse of thorn,and at six year’s old killed his sister or so he thought,

      so i say why the hell not make a michael myers vs jason movie..and for god sake do NOT! go down the found footage would completely mess up the the friday the 13th movie series.not to mention peeve alot of hardcore fans (including myself) off to the max.

      because if that is their idea then well no disrespect intended but they might as well throw in the towel now and so nope not going to do the found footage thing as it would screw the film series up and screw over the hardcore loyal fans,

      p.s yes i am a major horror fan all the well known movies,

      like elm street, friday the 13th, the halloween movies,hellraiser movies,and also the phantasm movies as yes i know what im talking about as i have been a fan of all those films since i was five and have grown up on them .and watched every single one over an over again..including doing massive research into all of them..

  11. ATTENTION FRIDAY THE 13th fans….we are being insulted and were told that we will see a Jason movie sequel to 2009 whether we like it or not.
    I am calling on all Friday fans to BOYCOTT this movie until they preserve Mrs. V. classic tale. Producers were told we that fans did not like the 2009 version, and it was ignored.
    Send their part 2 to DVD.
    We are pissed, and you will not insult us no more.

    • i can understand preserving the Mrs. Voorhee’s storyline though i do love jason voorhee’s, but the fact we are getting a sequel to 2009′s remake, rather then at best a continuation from jason x, which is a total divorce from not only the origin of the slasher legacy but from all friday the 13th roots mythos?!

      i am joining your boycott! this is……….!!!!

  12. Question: something has always bothered me about Friday the 13th Part II. Ted goes with the group to the roadhouse. Ginny and Paul leave. He stays and asks about “after hours” places. Does he go back to the camp and get killed or live to fight another day and, if so, what happened to him? This has bothered me for years. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks

  13. Paramount please bring back Kane hodder pretty please he is the Don of Jason period.

  14. Jason’s fan page has 104,000 likes….
    But, unfortunately; Mrs Vorheese and her classic story that started it all is moving to her 35th anniversary. Her fan page has 3,000,000 likes. There is a fan base that is larger than Jason’s and they will want a remake soon. Mrs. Vorheese. Seriously, don’t expect to much hope and success for this new Jason movie. They ruined it when they started to use the original 2 titles for their versions. That was a bad call.
    There are 3 million fans to Jason’s 104,ooo that will say….Mrs Vorheese will remain the backbone and story line for this franchise or Jason can go. Jason has his mothers fan base. I was told there was no demand for her….fans can’t demand her, because she has no head. But every 30 years or so….old school fans will start to surface. Mrs V is multi-generational, that means her remake would be an Epic event at the box office attracting old and new fans. The only thing is…that like Jason has the mask, Mrs V is characterized with a blue sweater….remember that in the remake. Yes, they will do a Jason movie in 2015…..but considering it was Mrs. V’s fans that went and seen 2009, there is no hope for part 2. I agree, to use different titles for these Jason movies….I think I just want to let these producers and writers to know they are listening to a small group of Jason fans on these websites…..We should not have to demand a classic. Common sense should tell you that a majority of fans still love the original story…..3,000,000 to be exact. Yes, I really should think that they consider this remake. Please, you have Mrs. V at her 35 year classic anniversary, what that means is…Mrs. V has given you a “f*** Jason and his fans” card to use every 35 years…make a hit classic movie. She has 3,000,000 likes on her fan page….Jason has 104,000 likes. Of all the Friday movies….Mrs V has the best story and plot and has more likes than any Jason movie. Plus, her movie could generate money or more Jason sequels. Do you hear this Paramount? Mrs V has 3 million likes. Remake the classic, or plan to make it soon. Eventually, you will need her to pull Jason out of these bad movies. Fans wanted sex, drugs…good kills in Friday movies…..Mrs V does that, she started it. You movie makers gave Jason fans that in 2009 and they did not like it. They are burned out on Jason and don’t know it. If they did not like 2009, what makes you think they will like 2015….I know 3 million fans won’t like it already. PLEASE DO RESEARCH, MRS.V HAS A VERY LARGE FAN BASE….YOU CAN LITERALLY SAY f*** JASON FANS AND BRING THE ORIGINAL b**** BACK TO REBOOT JASON. YOU HAVE 3 MILLION FANS THAT WILL SAY THAT FRIDAY THE 13TH #1…WILL BE A HIT.AS WELL AS A EPIC EVENT THAT WILL BRING ALL FANS TO THE THEATER. AND IF JASON FANS DON’T LIKE IT….WHO CARES. THERE IS ONLY 104,OOO OF THEM…..THERE ARE 3 MILLION FANS THAT WOULD LOVE TO SEE THE CLASSIC PUT AN AXE IN THAT GIRLS FACE AGAIN……..PLEASE, LOOK AT THE POLLS. AND ALSO NEXT TIME YOU WANT IDEAS…PLEASE PUT ON THE TABLE IF WE WANT A REMAKE. BECAUSE YOU CLEARLY AVOIDED BRINGING IT UP AND YOU CLEARLY SUGGESTED TO FANS TO MAKE ANOTHER JASON MOVIE. 3 MILLION FANS WILL TANKED THIS MOVIE, LIKE THEY DID IN 2009. 3 MILLION FANS SAY….” f*** JASON….GIVE HIM A NEEDED VACATION. AND IF NOT, KNOW YOU HAVE 3 MILLION FANS THAT STILL LOVE THE ORIGINAL.

    • I agree that a remake featuring Pamela Voorhees is a great concept for a new F13 movie. If you have the DVD commentary, then you know the back story that Betsy Palmer created for her to explain how she wound up at the lake with her son Jason in the first place. This could be part of the film.

      The only problem would be how much to show of who the killer is, since everyone will already know who’s doing the killing and why. But re-creating those kills…with maybe some new ones thrown in as well, could be great! (And please, no cgi).

      But for god’s sake, at least for the home video release, have a version that’s totally uncensored and unrated!! If F13 fans are happy with another watered down R version in their collection, they deserve whatever crap they get.


      • Yes, Mrs V can be remade. Yes it as a great twist ending. But just because fans know she’s the killer, does not make her story and plot any less good. As a matter of fact, it’s still great. Just give her some muscles have her talk in Jasons voice while she chases Steve Christy with a 12 Gage shotgun and machete. Maybe knock him through a window with her iron fist. The thing about Mrs. V, is that her story is not just about kills…even though there were some that will remain a classic in her movie. You never actually see her kill anyone…her scene is more psychological. A heart broken woman that went insane from grief. Having her attack Steve Christy the camp owner in the remake would demonstrate the psychotic strength and relentlessness of a woman who is angry and psychotic. They are taking this in the wrong direction again….Only Mrs V can reboot Jason. Mrs. V has 3 million likes on her fan page…Jason has 104000 likes onhis. Yes, there are a great number of fans that are pissed off they are rewriitting this franchise and throwing out the only classic story of them all. The movie is boycotted…..until they preserve Mrs V and the classic box office hit that started it all. Not to mention this is not part 2….there is a classic jason that can be remade as well…fans will not accept these miserable reboots…at least 3 million won’t

  15. Paramount also need Mr.Sean Cunningham to at least co produce the next Friday the 13th so that can share his knowledge of the the movie as well as he needs to do right by Kane hodder because he had gotten screwed over by new line cinema and by people that didn’t know what the hell they was doing period.

  16. And who ever said Jason fans are not real Friday the 13th fans need to study the movies history it was all about Jason than and it’s all about Jason now and it is all about the love that Mrs.Pamela Voorhees had for her beloved son Jason and it is all about the real fans of Friday the 13th the disciples of Friday the 13th,Mrs.Pamela Voorhees and last but not least her beloved son Jason Voorhees we are the real fans and we are loyal and you can take that to the bank kill her mommy kill her enough said period.

  17. Please no found footage movie. It will ruin the Friday the 13th franchise.