Fox vs. WB: The Ultimate Watchmen Showdown

Published 6 years ago by , Updated January 23rd, 2013 at 7:47 pm,

rorschach protesting Fox vs. WB: The Ultimate Watchmen Showdown

Wow, this Warner Bros./Fox brawl over the Watchmen movie is turning into a cage fight.

Just a few days ago, we reported that a judge ruled Fox does still own the rights to Watchmen. Most people figured, OK… now the back and forth will begin for just how much money Fox will be able to extract from Warner Bros’ release of the film.

Today, things got ugly.

According to the Associated Press, Fox is saying that it actually wants the release date of the film delayed.

“An attorney for 20th Century Fox says the studio will continue to seek an order delaying the release of ‘Watchmen.’”


In reaction to that, a representative for Warner Bros. had this to say:

“Warner Bros.’ attorney said Monday he didn’t know if an appeal was coming, but thinks a trial is necessary and a settlement unlikely.”

Double yikes.

Does Fox really want to delay the release of Watchmen? Does Warner Bros. really not want to reach a settlement? Only the lawyers and execs on both sides know for sure. This could be the real deal, or it could be both sides digging in their heels to each show the other they have more intestinal fortitude than the other guy.

Over at, they speculate that it’s probably the latter – with the very outside chance that the head(s) of Fox may be in fact, insane, and actually want to get their hands on the film.

Can you imagine Fox, the studio that’s brought us such recent gems as X-Files: I Want to Believe, The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Happening were to get their hands on Watchmen? (Shudder…)

Watchmen is currently scheduled to open on March 6, 2009 (but don’t hold your breath).

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  1. even if its just posturing to get a better deal,
    Fox is handling this stupidly.
    I am still open to boycotting Fox
    Just for the shoddy way they have handled this.

  2. Remember ppl FOX is run by an old crotch. Ruppert Murdoch. The guys a meglomanical power crazed freak of inbreeding.
    He’s the closest thing the Entertainment world has to a real life Emperor Palpatine.
    It all starts from the top,,,
    WB must have an Ace up their sleeve if there willing to go all the way,,,

    I have to admit that as compelling as the film looks my life won’t be ruined if its delayed. But I still think their gonna settle as soon as SAG puts off the strike vote…(Should know after Jan 13th I’m hoping.)

    Right now everybodies pissed off in Hollywood.
    A lot of studios are screwing their employees with pay cuts and lay offs. Oh its not because the Studios can’t pay the bills,
    its the Corporate greed mentality that’s rampant throughout the industry.
    To put it simply, the Studios are only bringing in 300 million profit this quarter, not the usual 600 mil…
    So then they start by taking it out of the employees.
    Anyway the towns a cesspool of venom right now. Be glad you don’t live here.

  3. A delay would be upsetting , but not the end of the world. They want to get this film as far away from Wolverine as possible.

  4. We’ll be following this closely – very interesting to see who it turns out.


  5. I love how people are flip flopping over this. a few days ago it was all “Screw Fox, I hate them all and they suck! BOYCOTT!” and then people were all “Stupid WB, not checking the rights properly, not dealing with this earlier, stupid idiots, it’s their fault.”

    To be perfectly honest I have problems with them both of them. WB for basically being idiots with this stuff and Fox because instead of working out a deal, they just want to stop it altogether and thank you very much. Especially since Fox could get quite a lucrative deal out of this without actually having to put any effort or money in, but instead they’re stopping it altogether. This, to me, suggests that they don’t like the fact that WB have taken away the possibility of Fox ever making a Watchmen film by releasing this one, which then suggests that they actually want to use their rights to make one… but if that were the case what the hell was the point of sitting on the rights for 20 years?

  6. No matter how it turns out, this is going to play right into the hype for the movie’s release. Any time this kind of press coverage of a movie occurs, the movie inevitably benefits at it’s release. This may very well be what’s really going on, both studios know this fact and could be staging this charade for the obvious box effect it will have, albeit not cooperatively, but the effect will be the same.

    Now, who is willing to venture a guess which studio will get the rights to the movie about the fight over the movie that both studios thought they each owned? Thats the movie to look forward to! ;)

  7. Oops!

    That was supposed to “box office effect it will have.”

  8. With each passing year, Fox seems to do more stuoid things. I would not be surprised to see some deranged Gunman, began an assault on Fox Studios.
    Fox is the epitomy of evil in the studio world.

  9. Who is at fault here?

    If Fox has a legitimate claim why is everyone giving Warner’s a free pass? Warner should have made sure they had all the appropriate rights to the property before proceeding with the project, no?

  10. @Canuck Lou
    You are correct, however it still doesnt change the fact the Fox still sucks.

  11. This is what WB gets for being so greedy. If Harry Potter would have came out on time all the hardcore Harry Potter fanboys wouldnt have taken out their wands and cursed this movie. :)

  12. I am Not giving WB a free pass .
    But Fox could have settled this ages ago .
    They have yet another film bommbing right now.
    you would think they wouldnt want any more negative publicity attached to their brand.
    And I think the reason everybody is upset at Fox is simple.
    After YEARS of Fans anticipating a WatchMen film,
    The film is complete.
    the release date is set.

  13. Real life Emporer Palpatine! Nice!

    Both studios disgust me at this point. You can’t tell me there was no way of settling this earlier. They are both to blame. I think Warner Bro’s thought they could just toss a little bit of cash at Fox to make it go away. And that might have worked if the movie looked like it was going to suck. Fox was biding its time, waiting to see if the movie was going to be any good. If it sucked, theyd take the little bit of cash and be happy they got a mill or two for nothing. But now that it clearly is going to make major bank with ticket sales and dvd sales, Fox wants a bigger slice of the pie.

    You must’ve not read the graphic novel. Am I right? I may just be talking out of my rear, but I think everyone who read the graphic novel would want to see this movie come out on its scheduled release date, if not sooner.

  14. Yeah Jon, I havnt read the book cause I’m waiting for the movie ? :-(

  15. If Fox doesnt agree to a settlement ,
    WB might try to drag it out in the appeals court long enough to get the film released .
    that might not work,
    Fox might try to block it .
    But WBs recent statements seem to imply this possibility.

  16. I do not think anyone is inoccent at this point. WB should have checked to see who had the rights and Fox was just looking for an easy paycheck since they cant make a decent movie anymore. I just want the movie to be released on time. These Studios act like 5 year olds sometimes I swear.

  17. Trust me 790

    If you had already read the graphic novel, you’d be just as mad as we are. It is something special for sure.

    I hope an appeals process would help, but I’m pretty sure nothing is going to stop all this nonsense short of a settlement. It’s so frustrating.

  18. 790 said he would read it this week…or something like that ;)

  19. Hey guys, don’t forget a while back I wrote a complete rundown of the Watchmen ownership history:


  20. It also seems like the only reason Fox decided to sue in February was because they only own the distribution rights and that was the earliest possible time they could. Without WB have a product that they could actually market for distribution, Fox had no case. If Fox did indeed contact WB before production (and I’ve heard a few people with “very reliable sources” saying that they did) then this is all basically on WB.

    I mean, I don’t really like Fox by any stretch, but they did all they could here… despite the fact that at the very least, a Fox produced Watchmen film wouldn’t have been as good as Snyder’s (okay, so we haven’t seen Snyder’s yet and I’m talking about a what if scenario here, but it’s more than likely that that would be the case).

  21. Fox and WB both could have settled this a long time ago.

  22. Lol Rob,,,
    Naw I’m holding out for the movie,,,

  23. @790

    At this point you’d probably enjoy both if you see the movie first and then read the book for more depth.


  24. Good point Joshi. Maybe they did everything they could, maybe they didn’t. I feel like no one is completely innocent here. But everyone is so busy ripping Fox because they seem like the bad guy here. But it’s just as easy to assume that Warner bro’s screwed things up too.

    If Fox had their dirty little hands on Watchmen and had decided to make it, it would’ve been completely ruined. I’m starting to think that Fox is the place where great movie ideas go to die (X men, Fantastic Four and now Watchmen?) Stay away from the heroes Fox!!!

  25. Yeah, Fox isn’t entirely blameless here, but people are quick to blame them fully because… well people just don’t like Fox. When this news broke, many people (me included) were ready to boycott Fox altogether. Now people know it’s mostly WB’s fault, there’s no such talk for them, people are more willing to cut WB a little more slack than they would Fox simply because everyone has at least one reason to completely hate Fox (for me it’s their constant cancellation of great shows, notice how the only shows that are cancelled and are then brought back in some form or another because of good DVD sales tend to be Fox shows).

  26. I’ve been a fan of the graphic novel and I am NOT anticipating this release…this being adapted into a Hollywood feature is insulting to the material and ideally should have been adapted into a 4 hr animated mini-series…that aside, this whole situation is entertaining to me…it wiil be interesting to see how this is turned out

  27. Pep may get mad about this thought, but do you imagine that all this fight and when they release the movie Sucks and don’t make as much as they think???


  29. Dammit, FOX, I’ve been waiting years for this movie!!!