‘Fringe’ Renewed for Season 4

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Fringe ratings fall 8 18 Fringe Renewed for Season 4

After much nail-biting by fans and cast members alike, Fox has renewed Fringe for a fourth season.

The announcement came late Thursday night on Twitter,  where executive producer J. H. Wyman posted the news. “Fringe was picked up!!!! Thanks Fringedom!” was his inspirational message to millions of fans.

Many reporters and observers worried that Fringe would suffer from its recent schedule move and become the latest victim of Fox’s “Friday night death slot.” The series has taken some severe ratings hits (none worse than last week’s as it went one-one-one with the NCAA basketball finals). But Wyman’s announcement means that one of the best science fiction shows on TV will continue for at least another year.

Even with the excellent news, there is reason for concern. Other Fox shows may be on the chopping block – fan-favorite Lie To Me among them. Lie To Me has dipped in the ratings for its third season, but the last few episodes have seen it creep back up to 7 million viewers.

This also means that there will be a pinch for new and returning shows, particularly in the sci-fi realm. Fox is preparing a lot of new projects for summer and fall releases, all of which will be competing for one fewer chair in the circle.

terra nova narrow Fringe Renewed for Season 4

Fox has no less than three sci-fi projects coming up. Steven Spielberg’s Terra Nova is a lock (though it has been delayed until the Fall at least) and Abrams’ own Alcatraz has been approved for 12 episodes. But Heroes creator Tim Kring’s Touch is still up in the air.

It would be surprising (but certainly not unwelcome) if Fox greenlit four different sci-fi shows for its Fall lineup. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the contenders as decision time comes closer this summer.

The announcement of Fringe season 4 is a victory for fans and Fox naysayers. After the move, a community of fans organized to get people to watch the show live and boost ratings. Series star Joshua Jackson even pitched in. While ratings in the crucial 18-49 range have dipped significantly below 2 million, the overall numbers are steady in the 3-5 million range.


Fringe airs Friday nights at 9 PM on Fox.

Source: TV Line

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  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve really been getting in to this show!

  2. Yay!
    But I think they should go with their 4th season as its last just in case. Or if FOX is serious about keeping this show alive then they should move it to a different time slot.

  3. Yes! This is finally confirmed!

    Next step back to a decent timeslot! This shows that fans can really make a difference and show Fox that their decision was just plain wrong!

    • Fox making a dumb decision? C’mon now (sarcasm)

      • Fox has such an undeserving bad reputation. People act like they handle shows so poorly when they handle shows much better than any other network.

        Yeah, Firefly was handled poorly and had episodes air out of order but they got a movie. Terminator had bad ratings and got a second season. The ratings were still low and they extended the season for more episodes. Dollhouse had s***** ratings and they renewed that for a second season. Despite meidocre ratings Fringe gets renewed for a full season.

        Fox treats shows much better than people think.

  4. That’s really great news! :D

  5. YES!!!!!

  6. “After the move, a community of fans organized to get people to watch the show live and boost ratings.”

    Well technically, if you REALLY wanted to artificially boost ratings, all you would need to do is find the 25,000 Nielsen rating households and get them all to watch it. If that happened it might help rid us of this poor way to judge who is watching what.

    • I was just thinking this.
      Do people think that the executives at Fox can reach through millions of TV sets and check on who’s watching their shows?

      I got reprimanded for waiting on the DVD box-set of Fringe season 3… and yet! I am not a Nielsen rating household. I pointed this out, and STILL got called an “idiot”.

  7. YEAH!

  8. what sucks is they dont count dvr on the ratings dvds Sale/rentals or torrent downloads w/scifi show you want to watch them back to back hell ive done that with Dexter wait for a hole seasone and watch it that way.
    they just need more product placement and work w/rental compaines(netflix,redbox,and dvd sales

    • ya i totally i did that with heroes but them they cancelled it , it was the most dloaded show on the torrents i think thats why it got cancelled probably even worst if they wouldve canceled this show

  9. thank u, a great show now i hope they decide to do tim krings show touch i’m sure it’ll be epic

  10. I saw the pilot and a few ep’s from teh first season and def looked like a great show. Unfortunately the show is having dismal ratings this season and it needs to either cut its losses and onnounce the fouth season as the show’s last OR try and move to another network and make the show work on a lower budget. Personally I like the latter idea and, if possible, I think the CW woudl be a great pleace to start because they are losing Smallville after this season. I think a new network would be a good approach if Fox decides to give it teh boot after next season. Obviously there would be a lot of legal complications but I think that it is worth a shot because teh show has a major cult following

  11. yes! hopefully they explain the origins of the observers in season 4

  12. LOL, finally a show that I watch that isn’t being canceled! I am going to be pissed if they cancel human target. That show is just hitting its stride.

    • thats what happened with SGU :( it’s been one epic year but it got canned

  13. they should try and bring back john scott in the alternate universe in season 4

  14. so next fringe=inception? lol looks epic

  15. I loved Fringe and I was really impressed with 2nd season. Intelligent and so captivating… it was one of my top series but I must say that season 3 is so below the 2nd one for me. I don’t think ratings are droping because of Friday time-slot (well that too but…)… I think it is because of declining in good writing. For me the focus on Peter as being the center and resolution of the fate of both Universes and his love for either of the Olivia’s is just so insulting actually. It is, again, the so abused scenario of one hero that either saves or destroys the world. I’m sorry but with this story going on I really don’t care for season 4. I’m happy for all you huge fans (i remember very well myself being one and how that felt) and cheers for you… I trully hope that season 4 will become more deeply layered with stories and characters , not so focused on one character. Universe is so vast and so much going on… having one character as a center of it is like an association of having a godlike presence… and I don’t like that subliminal message. I hope I didn’ insult anybody, I just hope and wish that the season 4 will be closer to 2 one as to the 3 season, the weakest of all in my opinion.
    I’m huge sci-fi fan and having shows disappear after 1 or 2 seasons is killing me.. but I rather have 1 excellent season that 3 bad.

  16. ponder the following:

    “There are 25,000 total American households that participate in the Nielsen daily metered system. The number of U.S. television households as of 2009 is 114,500,000. As a result, the total number of Nielsen homes only amounts to 0.02183% of the total American television households.”

    THIS, people, is what decides which shows survive and which do not.
    No matter how good a show is, or how popular it actually is, if it is not popular with that 0.02% of the American population who are hooked up to a Nielsen box, then that show will get canceled.

  17. Let’s all congratulate the Fox network executives for being smart enough to pick this series up for at least another season. With rising stars Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv in the cast, having these capable actors under contract to Fox should serve to increase viewership for the show as reviewers begin to realize the quality of their work with this script. Another plus is that John Noble should at least be nominated for (and win) an Emmy for what he’s done with two roles of the Walter character in the Fringe script. As for the move to Fridays, who can tell if the quality of the drama of Fringe isn’t enough to break the Friday night death grip. Let’s all hope the next season proves to be the best for the script and the cast of Fringe!

    • and lets hope they consider moving to earlier in the week again

  18. Best news I’ve heard for ages … so pleased they’ve put faith into this excellent show and renewed it. I would have been gutted if it was cancelled … really looking forward to it, nice one FOX!

  19. THANK YOU FOX!!!

    Fringe is one of my favorite shows, and I was so scared it would not make it. I already lost Stargate Universe ;_; I did not want to lose Fringe too.

  20. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    move it from friday and stop this nielsen box BS.

    we love this show!!

  21. We absolutely love Fringe. We have watched EVERY episode from the first day it aired. It is my favorite sci-fy tv show!!! I hope that it can stay on for a few more seasons!!

    • I love fringe best show on tv thanks for bringing it back

  22. I’ve bought all 3 seasons of fringe. One of the most interesting and inovative shows in a long time. Looking forward to season 4. Just wish I could find out when season 4 starts. All I can find is that Fringe is on 9pm Friday nights. The one coming up on 9/16 is the last show of season 3. Does anyone know when the first show of season 4 is airing? If so please post.

    • September 23rd