Fox Planning Avatar 2 – But Don’t Hold Your Breath

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avatar 2 confirmed Fox Planning Avatar 2   But Dont Hold Your Breath

Back in January we learned from James Cameron that there will be another Avatar, the director’s mega blockbuster which recently passed the $2 billion mark at the worldwide box office to become the most financially successful film of all time. He said a second installment would be a lot easier to make because the technology now exists to so (Cameron helped invent/develop the technology in order to achieve his vision), and that 20th Century Fox would definitely want another.

Now we learn from Fox – via THR – that they’re indeed planning for Avatar 2 and are already in early talks with Cameron about it. This comes from Fox chairman and CEO, Rupert Murdoch, who at his quarterly earnings call said Cameron, “has ideas,” and that they’ll, “be pushing for one.”

However, for those of you ready with your pens to mark your calendars you may want to clip the cap back onto it for the time being, because Murdoch cautioned that you shouldn’t, “hold your breath for an early one,” referencing the fact that Cameron’s projects often taking a long time to come to fruition. But nonetheless – as News Corp. deputy chairman, president and COO Chase Carey said – the studio and Cameron, “certainly both intend to have one.”

The studio’s executives said that financing would be key to making an Avatar sequel, as News Corp. doesn’t want to take too much of a risk. Hello! The first one just made a couple of BILLION dollars worldwide, so I think it’s safe to say a sequel is guaranteed money. Furthermore, as stated, the technology won’t be nearly a expensive as it was the first time around (not that it’ll come cheap either).

Avatar logo money piles 570x427 Fox Planning Avatar 2   But Dont Hold Your Breath

Fox management also went on to talk about the fact that they’ll see 60% or more of the profit from Avatar‘s earnings over the next two quarters, and they’ll continue to keep the movie playing in theaters for as long as people are interested in it (consumers show their interest with their wallets, after all). A DVD is already planned soon after the theatrical run is over, although no 3D DVD version as the technology for that isn’t as advanced as needed. But certainly don’t rule out the latter some time down the road, as home 3D viewing technology develops.

So when can we see Avatar on DVD? Well, no official release date has been set but when pushed on the issue Murdoch said we’ll see it during his company’s current fiscal year, which ends June 30th. That means we’ll get Avatar on DVD by this summer? Sweet! Although it’ll be interesting to see how well it plays on the small screen, sans 3D. A big part of what made it such a great experience for me (and evidently many others) was the immersive 3D experience of the big-screen.

Cameron has already spoken in the past about the fact an Avatar trilogy was part of the plan all along, but let’s just take this one at a time and focus on the second installment. As Murdoch stated, it’s still VERY early and as this article title suggests, don’t hold you breath for Avatar 2 anytime soon (if you keep holding it you won’t be around see another film! icon razz Fox Planning Avatar 2   But Dont Hold Your Breath ). A sequel seems inevitable both on a financial level and a creative level. In my opinion there’s just too much there NOT to do another film.

Would you like to see an Avatar sequel? Are you surprised Fox is planning another this soon, before the first is even finished its theatrical run? Or was this inevitable?

Source: THR

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  1. Bring on the sequel!!!!

  2. I think that the last Avatar ended perfectly and that there should NOT be another sequel for this reason. The next one would likely be TOO out there into the nonhumanlike world- because Sam Worthing's character is now no longer human but rather is fully embraced himself into his Avatar. This would leave me to believe that the connection and relatability that we the audience shared in the first film will likely diminish-though not fully- and we will be left with a watered down version of the first film. I feel that with movies like these unless you are SURE that a sequel can top it's predessessor one is not likely needed. But its Hollywood, so one will inevitabely come

  3. “and they’ll continue to keep the movie playing in theaters for as long as people are interested in it”

    I expect this is going to be in the realm of 2D screenings, as the next 3D film I plan on seeing is Alice In Wonderland. I just hope theaters won't stick to the 3D version of Avatar at the expense of showing other 3D films that are coming up.

  4. I think there is definitely a need for another movie. James Cameron must have so much more up his sleeve. He created this world and I'm sure there is more to be seen.

    I'm also sure it won't be released too soon, because Cameron is pretty good with putting time between his movies. I just hope we don't have to wait 10 more years for his next movie!

  5. I don't think it's too soon to plan for a sequel. All of us fans can't wait, and will be waiting in line opening night. It's a sure thing!! IMO it's going to be nuts! I can't wait.

  6. I would pay just to see the topography of Pandora in Imax 3D. I'm not really excited about the DVD release since the huge screen, amazing sound and 3D are what made the movie so amazing.

  7. i think that if they do a sequal many will see it because of the first and have high hopes that it is better, but if they undeliver there will still be tons of money coming in from people seeing it. i might see it but i am rather keeping an eye on marvel with the films and tv series that they are bringing out in the coming years.

  8. The demand for a sequel is already high, I'm hoping for a release date of late 2012 or early 2013. I trust ole Jim Cameron to deliver a solid trilogy. Also, I hope he doesn't make us wait long for the extended edition blu-ray, none of that deleted-scene extra feature crap where you just watch the deleted scenes separate from the movie.

    Bring on the sequel!


  9. I don't get what all the brouhaha is about the sequel, as though it's nothing but a recent development spurred on by the success of the first film. James Cameron has said – as far back as a few years ago, I believe – that he envisions an 'Avatar' trilogy but that he was making the first a stand alone film, just in case it flopped. Can't remember where I read that though.

  10. “Battle Angel” is in preproduction now and Cameron has directorial credit on this one too. So is Fox going to get him to bypass this to do more work on a sequel? I hope not. I can see why their talking though. Wonder how much real property dollars are at stake or has all the production accessories for “Avatar” been done away with by now? I'm thinking Fox is looking at the bottom line hard if their talking sequel this soon. Could “Battle Angel” and some other Cameron projects go into a holding pattern? At what point does the accumulated wealth of the man make the process of continuing, too great of a hassle to bother with? He's been reported as filling the role of Mr.Grumpy pants of late in the tabloid media. Could retirement be in the cards? How close is burn out?

  11. I agree with many of you guys here. Avatar was a great movie with a great ending, and any kind of sequal would spoil the whole thing. (Think “Pirates.”) I would love more than anything else to see Cameron make Battle Angel Alita, not only because the he's been promising to make it since 2004, but because a lot of production designs and CG technology have been completed already. In Jim Cam's own words, “Just add water.”

  12. Murdoch is typical of the big corprate giant type who all have bad cases of comitt phobia. The best we can do is hope that Cameron got a good enough deal that he keeps creative control of the process and has the right to go elsewheere if Fox spins too much time dragging things out.

    As for a June 2010 DVD release, half of me wants to say that I'd be suprised if it happens while the other half waats to say that it probably will be even sooner, possibly within 30 days after the thing has left the theatres (excluding dollar theatre screens). There's something odd going on with AVATAR that i can't put my finger on and maybe some of you ScreenRant folks can shed some light on this.

    AVATAR is as we known the biggest grosiing film of all time and is actively still showing in theatres and so the buzz about AVATAR is still fairly strong. My local Walmart carried all (I'm assuming all) of the various AVATAR actin figures, vehicles and other toy related items during Christmas. I visit my local Walmart on a regular basis at least twice a week, often 3-4 times. I check out the cleareance section on a regular basis to catch the incredible gems that ocassionally come thru (like Lego sets at %60-%75 discount). I have seen the AVATAR toys & action figres get marked down over January after Chriostmas season was over and it did look like they weren't selling that well.

    Here's the kicker; when I went to Walmart this past Saturday ( it had been 2 days since I was there last) there was an Action Figure Box at the checkout counter that hsowed the previously $8.99 figures as being on sale for $1 each. What a bargain. I quickly ran to all the check out areas to look for more but found none. I then went to the regular clearenace area and found no Avatar toys or even places or empty boxes for them. Out oif curiosity I checke dthe toys section and there was not one single AVATAR themed toy of any type in the entire toy section.

    I checked thru the whole store and there was no AVATAR anything to be found in any department. Now to me thats odd. The worlds largest selling retailer not carrrying any toy representations of the highest grossing movie ever which just happens to still be at theatres. Does anyone else find that odd?

    I realize that Walmart could have sold many action figures at $1 but there were no vehicles or any other AVATAR themed toys and I know for a fact thery were there not more then a week ago.

    I juct checked on line and they do show some AVATAR toys on but the selection is greatly dwindled and not rpresentative of all the toys the had just a week ago.

    I serched Google and could find no info about this. Does anyone know if there is something going on with AVATAR toys at Walmart or AVATAR toys in general?

  13. We will have to wait at least 2-3 years to see the sequel..

  14. We will have to wait at least 2-3 years to see the sequel..

  15. I loved the 1st one and I think I would love the 2nd one. Some make them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I absolutely loved Avatar, there are really no words to describe it. I can´t remember the last time I ever left a movie theatre with that feeling of awe. But that is the reason why I would rather have it end there. Better let it end beautifully than half-assed in some sequel that will not live up to the first. I don´t mean to be so pessimistic about this, but movie history is far too full of good movies with extremely dissapointing sequels. If these guys somehow manage to create a sequel that exceeds the first one, a story so good that it justifies the continuing of a story that came to a perfect end already, then I´ll clap and take everything I said back. But In the meantime I´ll just sigh and brace myself for some predictable dissapointment.