Fox President Talks ‘Fringe,’ ‘Lie To Me’ & ‘Human Target’ Renewals

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kevin reilly fox Fox President Talks Fringe, Lie To Me & Human Target Renewals

For months, fans of Fringe, Human Target and Lie to Me have been wondering whether or not their favorite series will return next fall.

With pilot season underway, television networks are examining their current television line-up and determining which shows will stay and which will be replaced by new series endeavors.

Considering Fox is one of the most cancellation-friendly networks with numerous under-performing fan-favorite series, Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly stepped in to talk about the likelihood of Fringe, Lie to Me and Human Target returning for another season.

Most recently, Fringe made the move to Friday night. While the ratings have been slipping since its time-slot premiere, Reilly still seems pleased with its performance:

“I’m so psyched about it. It does go to show you the loyalty of the genre audience, when you get the right show. I’m so grateful to that audience; I’d like to shake their hands. We have a lot of passion for that show here.”

Even though this statement was made before Fringe’s second week of declining ratings, it’s hardly going to impact Reilly’s enthusiasm for the show. Unfortunately, for fans of Lie to Me and Human Target, his comments are less positive (if you read between the lines):

“We have some decisions to make about [Human Target] and Lie to Me as well. These shows are not being rejected. They’re doing a consistent and solid number. There are networks that would be happy to take those shows. We have to look at our shelf space.

Reilly’s statements about Human Target and Lie to Me appear to fall in line with what we previously said about Fox’s likelihood of picking up those series. Even though Lie to Me has been delivering higher ratings than Fringe, the core demographics of Fringe (ages 18-34) makes it a more appealing pick-up.

In terms of Reilly’s closing comments about evaluating Fox’s shelf space, the network’s entertainment president is talking about how many timeslots they’ll have available once the pilot season is over. If there’s enough room for Lie to Me and Human Target, they’ll likely be renewed… if not, they’re out.

What makes the decision even more difficult is the fact that out of all the other television networks, Fox has one of the most solid line-ups and rarely makes major changes. With most of the current series returning, that makes less room for new series and even less room for Lie to Me and Human Target.

lie to me cast1 Fox President Talks Fringe, Lie To Me & Human Target Renewals

When you add in the fact that Fox already has The X-Factor slated for next year and the Bones spin-off series, The Locator, is pretty much guaranteed a spot in the line-up (thanks to Hart Hanson’s dedicated fans), the chances of both Human Target and Lie to Me returning look grim. Not to mention the fact that Fox only has 2 hours of television programming per night (the 10pm news cuts it short).

Of course, if it does come down to a decision between Human Target and Lie to Me, one should expect Lie to Me to come out on top. Why? Two words: Tim Roth. Also, Lie to Me is cheaper to produce has received more critical acclaim and award nominations.

With the end of May being the likely deadline for series contract renewals, expect a decision around that time, if not before.

Fringe airs Fridays @8pm, on Fox

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  1. I will not watch FOX any more you can keep your reality shows and I will not find another network to watch good funny, action, intriguing, shows sorry you lost me.

  2. Maybe we should stop watching Fox all together. They have a habit of canceling great shows for no reason. Lie to Me is a fantastic show and should be given a chance!!!

    • amen. thats true ill bet theyll have PLENTY of shelf space then !

  3. we should stop watching Fox all together. They have a habit of canceling great shows for no reason.

  4. I just wanted to say that people are ridiculous ! ; to put it lightly. I a show ,like Lie To Me, are going strong on ratings, cheap , and could only beneift you why else wouldnt you chose that option. obviously, i pulling for Lie to me, icould give a crap about the other shows. iwatch alot of t.v. and movies and only am addicted to a few things lie to me being one of them. so i think behalf of lie to me fans, you should probably, no scrath that, DEFINATELY chose lie to me to return. i mean come on ! its OBVIOUSLY the better choice. shoot your lucky you got House or your channel wouldn’t have jack to offer. : ) just saying

  5. You must keep Lie to me on the air. There are too many talent and reality shows. Lie to me is a special kind of show for my age group over40

  6. You must keep Lie to me on the air. There are too many talent and reality shows. Lie to me is a special kind of show for my age group over 40

    • I agree, my bf and I are 21 and we love the show, it covers quite the age demographic seeing as how my friends all love it too

  7. Hi, I was wondering what’s going on with Lie To Me? Please bring it back.

  8. I love Lie to Me. I am in my 40’s and it is a great show. Please bring it back.

  9. My wife and I are very disappointed over the cancellation of Lie To Me! One of the best shows on TV in our opinion.


    • NNOOOOOOOOOOO KIDDING!!! What’s with the love affair with all of the insipid reality shows? Lie To Me is SOOO good! I feel insulted they cater to 18 to 24 yr-old kids, but don’t care [so much] about real adults. I’m 49 and even my kids dig Lie To Me. We watched a Season 2 rerun this evening, because we LOVE this show! It’s very disappointing to think it’s gone. I plan on owning it. I own all 3 seasons of Fringe, and will buy the 4th once it comes out on DVD.

  11. I love Lie to Me. Please bring it back.

    • Please bring back Lie to Me. It was one of the best shows on TV. The dialog was witty and the acting fantastic. I really miss it. I have watched the seasons about 3 times now…need new shows.

  12. I am so bummed if Lie To Me is not on the roster! I love this show and need for it to be back. This is a solid moment during the week where my husband and I get a chance to have our mini date! We love this show!!! Please Please Please!!!!

  13. I wish “Lie To Me” would return. I totally loved that show. Please give it another chance. I believe that the show will be successful. It was already in my eyes. Maybe a more realistic view or representation of how we actually see things happen would probably work better. Maybe even a little bit more action, but not much. just a little.


  15. There are only a few decent shows on TV worth watching. Lie to me kept me coming back each week. It was fresh and held our interest even with all the damn commercials. Lie to me was a winner and I think it was a poor management decision to cancel. Your reasoning makes no sense.

    Its moves like this which force me to watch cable commercial free TV. If you don’t bring it back, I will choose another network to spend my time on. See what happens when your sponsors start getting pissed that your audience is shrinking. Your demographics should have told you that the audience you’re trying to target is broke and living off their parents, the ones who liked the show in the first place. You need to find new methods of locating your audience.

    Must have gone to the school of stupid.

  16. “Lie to Me,” is an original show, very different from all the CSI’s and Law and Order types. It’s even better than Criminal Minds. It’s more entertaining than all the talent shows and surreality shows. I hope it does come back and definitely should if it was performing better than it’s running mates. I hope it airs at around 9PM, that would be perfect! I’m in my 30’s and thoroughly enjoy this show! Occasionally my older husband and our 13-year-old son join me and have liked it as well. It’s truly fascinating!

  17. I dont even watch TV and found Lie to me while looking for weather or something and have been hooked. I watch it on Netflix. Love the show and hope they bring it back, but here’s why viewership dropped:

    1. too much ripped from the headlines crime case filler and not enough character development (all characters).

    2. the emphasis on the science and psychology that made the first season so interesting wasn’t sustained. it’s as if the writers were just too lazy to add that in, so it turned into a run of the mill crime drama by the 3rd s.

    3. the writing got formulaic, the last season was by and large uninspired. I think the actors did the best they could with what they had.

    With some new writers who really use the cast’s talents and write some good back story on the supporting actors, more character development and consistent reference to the psychology, it could be a great show again. Maybe one of the cable networks will pick it up.
    It was the ony show I watched, back to reading….

  18. What about a Petition? If i create one there’s anyone here to sign it?

    • How many times can I sign? Fox, bring it back if you value your half-way intelligent viewers. Oh yeah…you don’t. Will you bring it back anyway though, please?

  19. Please bring Lie to Me back. My fiancé and I love to come home from work and watch it.

  20. Fox’s decision is disappointing, but I understand why it happened. Dear Lie to Me writers, what is your problem with your characters??? By the third season it was quite apparent you hated them, which is why you forced them to disintegrate into talking chess-pieces for the plot. Mainly the two male leads. Lightman started out so much more interesting and likable. No complaints about Foster. She’s the rock, you’d have to really try to mess that up. Torres was never a character that made any sense but whatever. But Loker, Loker is where you really screwed the pooch. You want a younger viewership? HELLO, Brenden Hines is GORGEOUS! Two, you could have done so much more with that character. Instead of having him be constantly berated, never do anything right, always be wrong, etc. What did Loker ever do to you? Other than get your series canceled?

  21. I have to agree with some of the other posts: why would you take away a show that was obviously very popular, just so you could populate the line up with reality tv? For those of us with half a brain, please bring Lie to Me back. Please.

  22. Anything with Tim Roth in it would be good but Lie To Me is exellent, what can i say hes English, pure talent. FOX havent a clue thats why their constantly ripped by people. If i was Tim Roth id tell them to stick there timeslot & i honestly cant understand why any other networks are not snatching that up because they would have an instant hit on their hands.

  23. My Entire family loved watching Lie to me . It was something fresh , something different from all your CSI’s and Law and Orders. It had a very good cast mainly centred around the superb Tim Roth. BRING IT BACK. And im 18 !!

  24. I also think the network didn’t market it properly.

  25. Bring back Lie to Me. I don’t watch TV, but my sister got me hooked on to Tim Roth in Lie to Me. I watched all the seasons in less then a week on Netflix!!!!!!
    Please bring it back We need season 4 !!!!!!

    • Heck yea man that would make my whole life

    • A-MEN to that, Emma! I was SOOOOOO bummed when I heard Lie To Me wasn’t going into 4th season! I’m telling you: it wasn’t marked properly. I mean…BONES is into HOW MANY SEASON? HOUSE??? For a REALLY AWESOME new show, check out The Killing on AMCTV. If you have Netflix, you can catch season 1, and then go to Amazon TV and buy the Season 2 episodes for $1.99 [no tax] each. It’s HIGHLY addictive!

      • The subtitle of The Killing is “Who Killed Rosie Larsen,” btw.

  26. At the heck. You indicated other channels could pick up lie to moe or human target. Havent heard anything yet! Cant believe the finder is in but they arent. When will you stop messing with great shows then putting crap in place. :-(

  27. Lie to me must stay. If not, give bother network a chance. Seriously, this is going to end up on TV’s biggest blunders. It’s one of the most relevant shows ever made and it out performed Fringe. Can we say Tim Roth? What is Fox thinking. They’re playing reruns of house and have the Gordon Ramsey programs on. How much More irritating can you get? It’s mindless mush for numbing our brains.

  28. It’s been a year since Fox ROYALLY screwed up and cancelled Lie To Me. Isn’t it in vain, now, to keep holding out against hope to say it must “stay”? Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE the show. But I’m guessing the actors and actresses have already moved on. Every time I think of this it just bums me out.