Fox Moving Forward With ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

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fantasticfourlogo Fox Moving Forward With Fantastic Four Reboot

You know what’s great about superhero movies? If you don’t like one, wait a year or two and you’ll probably get a reboot. Back in March, Screen Rant reported that Fox was considering rebooting their financially successful (but critically panned) Fantastic Four franchise. Now we have confirmation. According to Variety, the Fantastic Four reboot will be produced by Akiva Goldsman (Jonah Hex and Hancock) and written by Michael Green (co-executive producer of Heroes and co-writer of Green Lantern).

When we first heard whispers of this reboot from IESB, the word on the block was that a reboot would be “darker.” Big surprise, right? Every superhero movie wants to get “darker” right now. Of course, darker is a relative term. As it stands, there’s “dark, but fun” (Iron Man) or “just plain dark” (The Dark Knight). I’m betting that Fantastic Four will be more like the former.

What are the advantages of rebooting Fantastic Four? Well, for Fox, it means getting another crack at a franchise that has already grossed over $500 million. And since they’re starting over, they can lock in a cast for a multi-picture deal without breaking the bank. For fans, it means getting to see a movie that doesn’t suck goes beyond cliched action sequences and one-dimensional characters in order to actually tell a worthwhile story.

fantastic four vs dr doom Fox Moving Forward With Fantastic Four Reboot

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After Spider-Man and the X-Men, the Fantastic Four is one of Marvel’s most storied franchises, and the one that is most deserving of a good reboot, IMHO. Now that Disney has purchased Marvel, it’s a fair bet that all upcoming projects will see an increased level of quality control. Does that mean we’ll finally get to see Reed Richards crossing blows with Doctor Doom in a meaningful way? One can only hope so.

Because this is a breaking story, there is no director or cast in place yet. As more news comes out on this reboot, Screen Rant will be here. In the meantime, what do you think? Who would you cast if you were calling the shots?

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  1. They better do it right this time.

  2. I hope they do improve

  3. I definitely want Chris Evans to return as the Human Torch and Michael Chiklis as the Thing. The two have great chemistry together. I would want Charlize Theron to be Invisible Woman. I wonder who the villains would be.

  4. @Gio
    Charlize theron as invisible woman that’s a great choice man!!

  5. Now that Disney bought Marvel, Fox is moving their butts to do movies so they don’t lose the rights. What a laugh.

  6. Well, if they do reboot FF, Chris evans did do a stellar job as Johnny Storm. They could also keep Chiklis as Ben Grimm, but the thing should appear somewhat larger. Maybe not exactly the hulk’s equivilant in size, but larger than he was depicted in the past 2 FF films. If they wanted to go a tad younger with Ben,(hair?), they could consider Maybe a Brian Thompson or Adam Baldwin type; Perhaps Big and believable as a former football player. (For less intimidating, go WAY OFF course with casting and try Bobby Cannevale; He has a great voice.) As for Reed, I’d envisioned Bruce greenwood in the role, but I could also see Dennis Quaid (who, with his looks and athlticism, I like as Reed), or Bill Pullman, although I’m teetering with that pick. A distant pick would be George Clooney. As for Sue Storm, Charlize Theron was always a favorite choice. Just a few ideas to throw around. If they seem a bit faulty, I’m half asleep, so bear with me! LOL!!

  7. Just NO Jessica “I can’t act” Alba!!

  8. Much like the Terminator franchise I don’t think TPTB can ever pull together a real good Fantastic Four film.
    They’ll just recast with lame actors and write in a huge cloud as Glactus.
    It will all repeat itself…

  9. reboot = origin….. :(

  10. @Jimmy

    The thing is the Fantastic Four’s origin should have been a bit more thrilling visually than it was in the first movie. It might be fun this time.

    Anyway, it’s not that big an origin. They just go out in space, get hit by weird space stuff, and crash back onto Earth, end up on Monster Island, fight Mole Man… meh, well, if you throw the last part out…

  11. Although I did like Chiklis as Thing, I think the cast should be totally different for a reboot. And not another origins movie, please. I’m still waiting for a good David Fincher movie after Fight Club, so maybe he should get a shot at a superhero movie?

  12. I liked all the cast aside from Alba. Its a good thing shes hot or she wouldn’t get any roles. I enjoyed the first film, but the second was just awful. Anyway, I’m looking forward to this reboot.

  13. The Thing should be done via CGI much like the hulk was in the last movie

  14. Why not use the same cast and let them ‘work dark’? The movies ‘design’ was light to begin with. Art direction has a lot to do with it. Although I would like to see more mature actors with better ‘chops’ playing in the major roles, the tone of the ‘next movie’ could still use all the established threads and ‘just be darker from there’. Maybe a ‘reboot’ just shouldn’t be the case, just a normal progression of characters and story would be better. I didn’t get here by ‘rebooting’ myself along the way, I gained e experience and changed through time…

    If we ‘rebooted’ everything, wouldn’t there be less maturity?

    Gotta Jet. New Armor awaits! Cya! – Stark

  15. If they do a reboot, GET A FRAKKING SLOVIC ACTOR TO PLAY DOOM! And Doom does not have cosmic powers; he’s a genius who also dabbles in magic. I agree that the actors that played Johnny and Ben were very good, and I would also agree that someone like Dennis Quaid would be better suited to play Mr. Fantastic. Just, please, don’t get Megan Fox.

  16. I guess I’m the only person who likes Alba.

    Anyway Chickless was great, but if they are casting I like what someone said about Adam Baldwin.

  17. maybe it will be good this time.

  18. I agree I would want to see Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis reprise their roles because they did solid jobs. I think that they need to get a better and more respected actor for the lead in Mr. Fantastic. The last guy we had was TERRIBLE. And while Jessica Alba is godo looking, her acting is some of the worst in hollywood. I think that they should focus more on a woman that can act, rather one that can just look pretty on screen. (maybe a Rachel McAdams, Natalie Portman type of actress)’

    With Dr. Doom, I didnt think the guy playing him did too bad of a job BUT you DO need someone that has more on stage sinister than him.

    To be honest I really DONT care about Fantastic Four and I dont think I will even with a solid reboot

  19. Doom was the worst casting job in the film if you ask me. Julian McMahon was terrible. I honestly thought he was by far the worst part of the movie in my opinion.

  20. Adam Baldwin for Thing is a great, great idea. So going off his age, I’d go with:

    My picks,

    Mr. Fantastic: Dennis Quaid
    Invisible Woman: Naomi Watts
    Dr. Doom: Jason Isaacs

    No idea at the moment for Human Torch. I agree that Evans nailed it, but I wouldn’t want him back for a reboot. It would be weird to have him be the only character that’s the same.

  21. I don’t see anything wrong with any of those choices Josh except Quaid just doesn’t fit to me.

  22. age with Quaid plays a part in it and I don’t like him for this role.

  23. I personally thought the first 2 movies were decent. Not great, but they were entertaining to me. I thought Chiklis was GREAT as The Thing and Evans was great as The Human Torch. The actor who played Mr. Fantastic looked great, but didn’t feel right to me in the role. I think a more established actor would be better for that role, but I don’t think Dennis Quaid is the right choice. He is a bit too old for the part. No real strong idea for that character. Alba was definitely the weakest link in the casting. She LOOKED great, but I think Theron or Scarlett Johanssen would’ve been better choices.

    Dr. Doom was totally done wrong. If they go ahead with this reboot, the casting must be right on with his character. Doom is the ying to FF’s yang, and for a film to work, they NEED to cast that character correctly.

  24. Andy I would agree that Doom is the most important casting choice. The Fantastic four screw it you got four shots, but with Doom you get one guy he has to be right. With the FF if 3 great choices are with one bad choice it’s ok as long as Doom is cast correctly as well you can still make the film good.

  25. They can’t stick to the original cast because most of them couldn’t act. Especially the guy that played Mr. Fantastic, he was pretty terrible, and Jessica Alba was as horrible as she normally is… Even though she’s cute, come on, I’m sure there are plenty of good looking female actresses that can act, why does hollywood actually put up with these crappy actresses that can’t act? *cough*Megan Fox*cough*

    I’d personally rather watch a movie with someone a little less attractive that actually can act than these Jessica Alba’s and Megan Fox’s that are cute (but not all that in my opinion) that can’t put on a convincing act to save their lives… They must be doing something to convince people to keep hiring them… hm…

  26. I don’t see it Honestly find Jessica Alba to be a decent actress. Megan Fox I agree not so good.

  27. If Fox is still helming this, it doesn’t matter how many times they reboot, it’ll suck. There were a lot of good things about the original, and I adored the sequel for the lone reason that Stan Lee couldn’t get into the wedding, but I’ll eat my hat if Fox starts making decent movies out of Marvel properties(and its a ten-gallon). Give it a few years, after Avengers, and let the rights revert back to Marvel studios, so they can give them the treatment they deserve. Along with Daredevil, Elektra, and maybe even Spider-man(after they shell no. 4 out, of course.) Sony did a decent job for the first two, but the studio push on the third took its toll, and the studios pushing things into the film only make them worse, as we’ve seen.

  28. Huntthejest Fox has already made decent movies. The first xmen was decent and the second one was great.