Is Fox Addressing Fanboy Fears About Key ‘Wolverine’ Characters?

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wolverine gambit cyclops deadpool Is Fox Addressing Fanboy Fears About Key Wolverine Characters?

Today, the brand new official trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine has hit the internet (click on the link to check it out).

In short, it’s good but not great. I find it rather disorganized and slow for the first half as much of it is simply rehashing what we saw in the first full Wolverine trailer. The second half however, is pure action and it makes up for it. The one thing this trailer does do right is showcase much more of the central mutants that many fans care about, notably Gambit, Deadpool and Cyclops – the three characters I’ll focus on here.

Gambit holds a special place in my heart as my favorite X-character. From the get-go of the announcement of his inclusion in the Wolverine Origins film project I’ve been concerned about how he will be adapted into this Fox Studios live-action film – especially after what had been done to characters in X-Men: The Last Stand.

Way back in November, we got our first ever look at Taylor Kitsch in costume as Gambit and he was doing one of the things he does best: playing some cards. The problem was that the image didn’t give off the Gambit vibe that many of us fans of the character have come to know and love – the only resemblance we got from that was long hair and some purple in his apparel (oh, and the ladies) and I started to get a little worried that they were just throwing in the name Gambit into the movie just for the sake of including a popular character… which is what they are doing regardless as he shouldn’t even be in Wolverine’s origin story.

wolverine taylor kitsch gambit Is Fox Addressing Fanboy Fears About Key Wolverine Characters?

On top of that, there was some unfinished footage for the movie presented as a teaser during the Fox Panel at San Diego Comic Con last summer. This teaser showed us a little bit of Gambit and his cards but no classic charge-up effects (his mutant ability is to charge objects with explosive kinetic energy and when said objects are charged they would glow in this bright purplish color). My thoughts (and hopes) were that they simply hadn’t finished the special effects yet.

Well, that part turned out to be true as later, in mid-December, came the first official full length trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine attached to the disappointing movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still – It was awesome (the trailer, that is) and as a result, my excitement for the movie skyrocketed. The scenes with Gambit revealed many of the things I was worried may be omitted from the movie; We saw that awesome glowing effect I mentioned above, him throwing cards, stuff blowing up and some bad-ass staff action.

But wait… One thing noticeably missing was that his eyes were not his trademark black and red color from the comics – I could live with that for the movie adaptation. No big deal if they nail the other (more important) aspects of the character, right?

Come February, the marketing for the movie was really starting to pick up. We were seeing new images and posters rather frequently and Fox had launched a three-part series of 60-second TV spots during some of their primetime TV programming. These three trailers were titled “Outcasts”, “Brothers” and “Legends” and each focused on a different facet of Wolverine’s story (Click the names of the trailers to see them).

The two big things we got from the new footage were seeing Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool talk for the first time, making a little joke about Sabretooth, and the reveal of the inclusion of a younger teenage Cyclops. This made many wonder why Cyclops was in the movie and how it could tie into the story. I had figured that he was included by Fox to strengthen the bridge to the X-trilogy in a way which movie goers could recognize easily from the trailers and that the new younger actor playing him, Tim Pocock, was being set up for the upcoming X-Men: First Class movie.

From these new videos we also got to see a few new snippets of Gambit in action but like all of the previous footage, not one scene of Gambit talking. Hmmm… they sure made an effort to show off his combat skills and mutant ability but they’ve not done the same to show whether or not he’ll have his trademark accent. Gambit is the “Ragin’ Cajun” – They wouldn’t dare do that to this character would they? I’m getting nasty flashbacks of Colossus’ Russian accent (or lack thereof) from the X-Men trilogy.

Now we’re caught up to the present and today a new full length trailer for Wolverine has debuted online. A very significant portion of the trailer is dedicated to showing scenes of the three characters in question: Gambit, Deadpool and Cyclops. In the teaser, we are conveniently given a big close-up of Gambit’s face and look! Red and black eyes! What a coincidence. Well, that’s another character trait I can check off on my list. But still, not one scene of him talking… They did however include some sounds effects of him charging objects up. They want us to know they are attempting to make this character true to the comics but it will be all for naught, if he doesn’t talk the talk… literally.

gambit eyes Is Fox Addressing Fanboy Fears About Key Wolverine Characters?

Then there’s Deadpool, the wisecracking and crazy-but-lovable mercenary with great powers and a sweet outfit – At least, in the comics. After some Hasbro Toy reveals of this character (played by Ryan Reynolds – a perfect casting choice) hit the web, many fans were worried about the lack of a costume and how poorly designed he looked. We had not seen otherwise from the trailers and still haven’t. You can check out what I had to say about his character and what it may mean for Gambit here and join in on the discussion. Keep in mind, none of this was/is is confirmed and we also don’t know 100% if that thing is Deadpool. It could be that this character is the mysterious Weapon XI who’s listed as a main villain in the movie and reported as Wolverine’s dance partner in the final battle. Or, the toy packing could be misleading us all… What a relief that would be.

Or perhaps not…

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  1. WTF??? Hello, they dont know if thats Deadpool or not. Are you telling me that they have never messed up a name on a toy box? Someone wanted to rush these toys out and got the name wrong. Theres your story. Just call him big sexy until we know for sure that its Deadpool or Weapon XI.

  2. Great article, Rob.
    Gambit better get some finger gloves and cut that mustache. I always thought he threw the cards, like an super powered Buddy Aces (Jeremy Piven, “Smokin’ Aces”)

    I’m sticking with my story, they’re separate characters and Weapon XI is the experimental project of William Stryker.

    And if those are scars on him, doesn’t look like his healing ability is working all that well. :P

  3. @ Oscar!

    It’s not just one toy package, it’s ALL of them with the character, I’ve seen four separate ones now.

    I hope you guys are right though – It would be so amazing to see the real Deadpool as a separate character – Afterall, they want spinoff for his character right?

  4. lol sorry i was talking to filmspunk.

  5. I think I have figured it out, and I’ll be so mad if this is how it really works out. We all know that there are clones of wolverine made one of which being X-23 (who is not in this movie) but what’s to say that this figure that we all think is Deadpool is really a clone with the mixture of Cyclops, Wolverine, and Deadpool. I mean, don’t forget that Stryker said that Wolverine is only one part of the equation. Hell, Gambit could even be part of it and we just haven’t seen the creature using any of Gambits powers. Also, what does the Blob have to do with this movie? Is he part of the equation also? I mean why else would Cyclops be hunted by Sabretooth other than to get his powers for the creature?

    Also if you look closely at the markings on what appears to be Deadpool, those are the same marks that Wolverine had on his body when he was getting the adamantium inserted into his body, only the ones on the creature are more defined. What do you guys think?

  6. Rob, what an amazing write up! I agree in that I think Fox is trolling the popular movie blogs and reading what the fanboys and bloggers are saying about the movie, which has caused them to release a lot of material for us to see.

    It’s almost like they are saying, “Ok, you complain about not having enough of Gambit? Well, here’s a NEW trailer with a lot of Gambit. Are you happy now?” Maybe before it releases in May, we’ll have 1 more FINAL FINAL trailer release which will answer the question of who is the shirtless-scarred-up-dude.

    It’s Fox, you never know.

  7. @Drew
    That’s my sentiment. I think they’re playing with the idea that powers are extracted and put into another beings. Hording all the mutants leads up to that result, that they’ve eventually try making their own super mutants.

    But if they want to make the point that Wolverine’s powers are given, FOX and I are going to have bigger problems.

  8. I don’t have a problem with Taylor as Gambit although I think he may be a little younger. I was thinking the guy who plays Sawyer on Lost would have been the perfect Gambit.

  9. @ Craig,

    I agree, I had the same wishes for Josh Holloway (Sawyer) to play Gambit in X4, but if its a prequel Taylor seems fine to me… as long as he has the right accent of course…

  10. I think the markings on Barakapool is surgery markings from a pen to where incisions are going to be made, like Wolverine had in X-men 2.

    I still can’t stand what they have done to Deadpool.

  11. Deadpool and Weapon X1 are NOT the same. They are two different characters played by two different actors. Hasbro just made a big mistake with naming their toys.

  12. ok guys, this is the first time i have ever contributed to one of these “blog” thingys lol. in my opinion i DO believe that FOX is listening to the fans, but the thing i feared most is really starting to come into perspective after seeing the new trailer. I think we’re getting more views of Gambit(his eyes,staff,and kinetic charges), to steer us away from the fact that Gambit will NOT be having an accent. It’s like FOX was saying..”damn, these fans wanna hear his voice which we dont have…oh well, we’ll show them the OTHER characteristics that we DID include to stay true to the character”.
    Now as for the albino on steroids..i’ve searched and ive searched and im sure many of u guys or gals have done the same. i google imaged “deadpool unmasked” and FINALLY came up with this link. it MAY(and i use that term strongly) answer some questions….
    opinons welcome!!

  13. @soldier1
    Wade Wilson, in the comics, has cancer and he submits himself to testing because what else does he have to live for. The regenerative testing works and he’s cured of his cancer, but he’s left severely scarred like the photos you found. He takes the name Deadpool and becomes a mercenary for hire.

    What’s up for debate is whether or not the “albino on steroids” is the same Wade Wilson or is it an entirely different character, by the name of Weapon XI.

  14. Well if you look at Weapon XI hands he has claws also like Wolverine, but longer. I think the scars on his body are markings of where the metal, or whatever the stuff inside Wolverine is, was inserted into his body. This character is probably someone sent to kill Wolverine and maybe some other mutants that was made up of other mutants. That is why this character was made to create someone that is stronger and like all of them. They might capture Deadpool and transform him into this Weapon XI character. But who knows for sure? This is my thought on the new character.

  15. @Oscar-I dream that’s not Deadpool, but it is. Jackman himself has said he took some creative changes with the character that some people may be pissed by, but they will understand why when they see it. Also like Rob has said, there are many different toy boxes with Deadpool named slapped across the box. Toy companies must be pretty stupid to make mistakes with names multiple times.

  16. the deadpool confusion angers me even if this Bald guy is deadpool he would at least need sum of rynolds likely-ness.
    and as for the Gambit thing, i am one of the biggist Gambit fans you’d ever meet so it extreemly important 2 me that they get the Accent right.
    the eye’s or OK not great but OK.
    cuz gambit’s eyes dont change their alwase Black and Red thats what makes him stand out and Say “Im a Mutant” . he never really tried to hide the fact of it.
    so i hope Wade Wilson will don the Red and Black Suit doubtful but who knows mabey at the end (if he’s no the XI guy)of the film he kinda pops in in the suit and say’s

    “I’m really good at killing. You might say it’s my specialty. That and ballroom dancing. But guess which one I can actually make a living at. “

  17. Rob I think your bordering on obsession here with your article and checklist but hey I’m a Matrix Freak so… ;)

  18. if any one follow the Wolverine :origins Comic .
    then you know the character
    Daken AkA/Wolvie’s Son.
    and i hope to galactus that thats not what there try’in for with this “XI” guy.
    admittingly i thought of Daken when the Still from the game were released .
    im not shur but heres a link of what he looks like if ur not fimiular with the character.

  19. this pisses me off we love our masked guys like deadpool or Snake eys from G.I. Joe why didn’t they just get a guy like Ray park they did not need a big named guy to play one of our favorites just make him look cool and about Gambit I don’t like anything about him (loved the comic Gambit) and you know he will not have the voice thats why he has not said anything and why did wolverine acted surprised in X-Men 1 when he meet cyclops if he already knew him and sabertooth he even made fun of their names remember he said storm sabertooth cyclops what do they call you wheels this movie is just all screwed up

  20. Okay, here are two theories/hopes of mine.

    1)That’s Weapon XI, and not in any way Deadpool. After all, that still doesn’t strike me as Ryan Reynolds.

    2)That IS Deadpool. Just not Wade. MAybe they call XI Deadpool, and post-dead XI, Wadey takes the name and becomes the Crimson Comedian.

    Hey, a guy can hope, can’t he?

  21. I think they’re combining Mimic and Weapon XI together. Mimic is one of the very first X-Men villians.

    I too think the toys are misnamed. It happens. Plus they always make toys that aren’t in the movie.

    Beast is in the video too, he’s bouncing off a ceiling with Cyclops running. :-)

  22. AH! Saved, my friends.
    We have confirmation, and can finally rest. That’s not Wadey.

  23. Well, at least, according to MTV.

  24. Heres a list of what will ruin the movie for me:

    1. Deadpool is that hybrid new character weapon XI.

    2. Gambit does not have his trademark cajun accent.

    3. Cyclops meets Wolverine in the movie which would go against the comics and the x men trilogy.

    4. Wolverine has bone claws when he is a child. Oh wait he does!. That was not a good idea and doesnt go with the majority of the comics and I think it cheapens the wolverine weapon x story, where he first got his claws made out of adamantium.

  25. @Greg, Wolverine always had bone claws, the adamantium was grafted to his bones and his bone claws and that is how he got the Metal Claws. That is the only thing they are doing right with this movie. Gambit’s eyes arent even one hundred percent on. The whites of Gambits eyes should be black, not just a hint of black mixed in with the red. Also, one thing that pissed me off about the Gambit shots in the trailer is when he is “throwing” the cards. He isnt throwing them at all, he is telekinetically moving them. LOOK! Look at the trailer again, there is not throwing motion, just cards zooming over is open palm. Weird eh? I was super excited for this movie, not so much anymore. Im still going to see it, but i just wont be as pumped as I was when I saw the first trailer. And if that thing is in fact deadpool…all I have to say is….EPIC FAIL!

  26. Deadpool’s personality and humor are what make him different from other characters. If he is mute now, screw FOX. They just screwed over one of my favorite comic book characters. This movie better end with Wolverine slicing at Deadpool’s face and cutting open a new mouth and after Wolverine beats him, Deadpool comes back out of the rubble for his own spin-off where he can wear a mask and talk.

  27. Think about it…

    This is an example of why dismantling every inch of Wolverine film data is a bad idea. People are getting the wrong impressions.

    Fox wants to make a spin off for Deadpool. How in the world can there be a spin off is the charcter has been completely made up?

    If Weapon XI is who wolverine fights in the film and more than likely kills — how could it be Deadpool?

    This is not the film, this is the trailer, we complain because they don’t answer all of our questions and if they did we would complain about that.

    This movie looks awesome, any X-Men fan should be happy. I know I am. This adaption looks 1,000 times better than anything that came out of the X-Men Trilogy.

    So what? They made up a villian that Wolverine can rip apart. I can’t wait to see Wolverine battle that joke. He can’t kill Sabretooth or Deadpool in this movie… right? Think about it….

    It is actually smart. And if anybody with commonsense works in Fox Studios marketing department then there is no way that mix-match guy is Deadpool because that would leave any opportunity for a spinoff dead in the water.

    I mean, is the Deadpool movie going to be about “Opticblast, shirtless, purple-pants-wearing, mouth sewn shut, brain washed by Stryker but for some reason still uses swords-and-guns-while-fighting-like-a-ninja-man. C’mon, imagine the trailer, it would literally be joke. There would be no fanbase and the common movie goer would say ‘WTF?’.

    The smartest move is to have Deadpool go his own way before the films ends leaving us to wonder what he is going to do.

    Gambit — I hope he has his accent and the writers understand how he talks.

    Cyclops — should not be in this movie. No excuse. And whoever said it is right, he cannot meet Wolverine.

    Memory loss, brainwashing is usually nothing more than a cop out for bad writing. See Spider-Man: Brand New Day –but that’s another story.

    Sabretooth — whoever says that Tyler Mane (is it?) was a great cast for Sabretooth obviuosly has no idea about the comic book Victor Creed.

    All in all, I think us X-Men fans might have to just accept that X-Men the Animated Series (90′s circa) will be the best incarnation we ever see of our beloved mutant heros.

    I doubt the movie will be able to top moments like this:

    Wolverine (to Sabretooth): Alright, you eggsuckin piece of gutter trash. You always liked pushing around people smaller’n you. Well, I’M smaller! Try pushing ME!

  28. @ Greg, I agree one hundred percent that the bone claws is a bad idea. And no, originally Wolverine did not have bone claws, writers added that in in the 90′s. And it defintely does take away from the original Weapon X story.

    That is an example of my point, writers often use ‘memory loss’ as an excuse to get away with stuff. Supposedly, Wolverine ‘forgot’ that he had bone claws. And I guess x rays can’t penetrate adamantium, even though in X-Men we can see the other bones. Pretty ridiculous.

    But, to be fair to Fox. Bone claws are now the back story for Wolverine so Fox is sticking with the comics on that one. I just wish they were sticking with the old school ones. Check: Marvel Comics Presents: Weapon X. Good stuff.

  29. Wade Wilson get his name Deadpool supposidly from a bank full of failed weapons. Maybe that thing is Weapon XI named Deadpool, and after Wolverine destroys it, Wade Wilson gets Wolverines healing power, it cures his cancer while scaring him up, and he then dawns the mask and says call me Deadpool.