Is Fox Addressing Fanboy Fears About Key ‘Wolverine’ Characters?

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wolverine gambit cyclops deadpool Is Fox Addressing Fanboy Fears About Key Wolverine Characters?

Today, the brand new official trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine has hit the internet (click on the link to check it out).

In short, it’s good but not great. I find it rather disorganized and slow for the first half as much of it is simply rehashing what we saw in the first full Wolverine trailer. The second half however, is pure action and it makes up for it. The one thing this trailer does do right is showcase much more of the central mutants that many fans care about, notably Gambit, Deadpool and Cyclops – the three characters I’ll focus on here.

Gambit holds a special place in my heart as my favorite X-character. From the get-go of the announcement of his inclusion in the Wolverine Origins film project I’ve been concerned about how he will be adapted into this Fox Studios live-action film – especially after what had been done to characters in X-Men: The Last Stand.

Way back in November, we got our first ever look at Taylor Kitsch in costume as Gambit and he was doing one of the things he does best: playing some cards. The problem was that the image didn’t give off the Gambit vibe that many of us fans of the character have come to know and love – the only resemblance we got from that was long hair and some purple in his apparel (oh, and the ladies) and I started to get a little worried that they were just throwing in the name Gambit into the movie just for the sake of including a popular character… which is what they are doing regardless as he shouldn’t even be in Wolverine’s origin story.

wolverine taylor kitsch gambit Is Fox Addressing Fanboy Fears About Key Wolverine Characters?

On top of that, there was some unfinished footage for the movie presented as a teaser during the Fox Panel at San Diego Comic Con last summer. This teaser showed us a little bit of Gambit and his cards but no classic charge-up effects (his mutant ability is to charge objects with explosive kinetic energy and when said objects are charged they would glow in this bright purplish color). My thoughts (and hopes) were that they simply hadn’t finished the special effects yet.

Well, that part turned out to be true as later, in mid-December, came the first official full length trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine attached to the disappointing movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still – It was awesome (the trailer, that is) and as a result, my excitement for the movie skyrocketed. The scenes with Gambit revealed many of the things I was worried may be omitted from the movie; We saw that awesome glowing effect I mentioned above, him throwing cards, stuff blowing up and some bad-ass staff action.

But wait… One thing noticeably missing was that his eyes were not his trademark black and red color from the comics – I could live with that for the movie adaptation. No big deal if they nail the other (more important) aspects of the character, right?

Come February, the marketing for the movie was really starting to pick up. We were seeing new images and posters rather frequently and Fox had launched a three-part series of 60-second TV spots during some of their primetime TV programming. These three trailers were titled “Outcasts”, “Brothers” and “Legends” and each focused on a different facet of Wolverine’s story (Click the names of the trailers to see them).

The two big things we got from the new footage were seeing Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool talk for the first time, making a little joke about Sabretooth, and the reveal of the inclusion of a younger teenage Cyclops. This made many wonder why Cyclops was in the movie and how it could tie into the story. I had figured that he was included by Fox to strengthen the bridge to the X-trilogy in a way which movie goers could recognize easily from the trailers and that the new younger actor playing him, Tim Pocock, was being set up for the upcoming X-Men: First Class movie.

From these new videos we also got to see a few new snippets of Gambit in action but like all of the previous footage, not one scene of Gambit talking. Hmmm… they sure made an effort to show off his combat skills and mutant ability but they’ve not done the same to show whether or not he’ll have his trademark accent. Gambit is the “Ragin’ Cajun” – They wouldn’t dare do that to this character would they? I’m getting nasty flashbacks of Colossus’ Russian accent (or lack thereof) from the X-Men trilogy.

Now we’re caught up to the present and today a new full length trailer for Wolverine has debuted online. A very significant portion of the trailer is dedicated to showing scenes of the three characters in question: Gambit, Deadpool and Cyclops. In the teaser, we are conveniently given a big close-up of Gambit’s face and look! Red and black eyes! What a coincidence. Well, that’s another character trait I can check off on my list. But still, not one scene of him talking… They did however include some sounds effects of him charging objects up. They want us to know they are attempting to make this character true to the comics but it will be all for naught, if he doesn’t talk the talk… literally.

gambit eyes Is Fox Addressing Fanboy Fears About Key Wolverine Characters?

Then there’s Deadpool, the wisecracking and crazy-but-lovable mercenary with great powers and a sweet outfit – At least, in the comics. After some Hasbro Toy reveals of this character (played by Ryan Reynolds – a perfect casting choice) hit the web, many fans were worried about the lack of a costume and how poorly designed he looked. We had not seen otherwise from the trailers and still haven’t. You can check out what I had to say about his character and what it may mean for Gambit here and join in on the discussion. Keep in mind, none of this was/is is confirmed and we also don’t know 100% if that thing is Deadpool. It could be that this character is the mysterious Weapon XI who’s listed as a main villain in the movie and reported as Wolverine’s dance partner in the final battle. Or, the toy packing could be misleading us all… What a relief that would be.

Or perhaps not…

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  1. You know, when you look at that picture of Wolverine and the guy with blades, you can tell its not Ryan Reynolds. If you look at pictures of Scott Adkins(Weapon XI) on the web, his trapezius muscles are as defined as the albino. If you look at pictures of Ryan Reynolds with his shirt off he looks nothing like the albino.

    Now I know that some of you are going to bring up the fact that Scott Adkins is the stunt double for Ryan, but think about this. Do you really think Ryan Reynolds is going to give up screen time when you can obviously see the albinos face during something that doesnt require a stunt double the entire time? Hell no! The albino isnt Deadpool, just a super mutant that is going to fail and thats how Wade Wilson gets his name Deadpool. From failed Weapons.

  2. @ Drew,

    We know the scarred dude (at least, in the trailers) isn’t played by Reynolds – there’s no disputing that.

    It was speculated a while ago that Adkins was Reynolds’ stunt double and that he would play the transformed Deadpool after Reynolds underwent whatever happens in the movie. That’s where the controversy/confusion arises.

    However, I don’t see him currently listed anywhere as a stunt double and like you, I think (and really really hope) they are separate characters – I think they have to be for it all to make sense… and especially if they plan to make a deadpool spinoff.

    I can’t believe there is so much confusion of this – Fox should clear this up.

  3. @Highcaliber

    “Marvel Comics Presents: Weapon X. Good stuff.”

    If I am not mistaken and I could be as it has been some time since I got my copies out, this exact series is where we first see bone claws on Wolverine. So this statement kinda takes away from your entire point.

    As far as Deadpool … if they ARE wanting to spin-off Deadpool how stupid would it be to sew his mouth shut.

    Like others, I think that is Weapon XI and that it is a mish-mash of genes from the other characters in the movie and I think it will turn out to be Stryker sewed his mouth shut so he would quit talking due to him retaining Wade’s speech and personality after creation.

    My 2 cents.

  4. @ INK

    “Marvel Comics Presents: Wolverine” a flashback of Wolverine getting the adamantium graphed to his skeleton, then waking up, breaking out of the tank and slashing people apart for almost the entire rest of the issue.

    If anyone reads the issue, it is pretty impressive the look they gave Wolverine in the film (during the experiment) and even the lab itself. It looks like it was adapted directly from the comic. That is pretty sweet work by the Art Directors/Set Designers. That’s is a reason when I heard the ‘rumor’ about Studio Execs complaining about the sets being too dark I knew that Hood was doing it right — that comic is extremely dark.

    The issue in which Wolverine’s origin story first takes a turn toward always having bone claws was not a ‘Presents’ issue and came later in Wolverine’s exclusive title. Magneto ripped the adamantium from his skeleton, revealing to him and the readers, for the first time, that he had claws before Weapon X.

    Sorry, I don’t know specific dates, issues of the top of my head but I would be willing to bet that ‘Presents’ was early 90′s and that Wolverine issue was ’93 or later.

    Being an Old School fan myself, I wish that was a What If… issue. But, the idea is beginning to grow on me and it looks effective in the film. As far as logistics go though, the bone claws shape doesn’t really fit what they look like graphed. They aren’t very blade-like when they are bone. I dunno, certain little details bother me when I think a little more effort on the filmmakers’ part could fix these kinds of things.

    Does anyone else get the impression that when they are bone and when they are metallic — it looks like they are different distances apart from each other, different shape, width, thickness and kinda retract in a different place? I do. Just doesn’t feel cohesive.

    Anyway, I say the chance that the mutant-mix-match-man is Deadpool is about 00.1 percent. Do not fear…

  5. You know, all of the toys and stuff could have been intentionally put out that way to throw people off. I mean, what better way to get publicity than that?

  6. Here’s my thoughts:

    The ‘toy/doll of Deadpool’ is a mis-direction or accident. It’s also going to be a collector’s dream. When I saw the blades on the toy “Deadpool” and the face markings, my first thought wasn’t Deadpool. It was a character called Shatterstar. In any case I’m convinced ‘Weapon XI’ isn’t Deadpool.

    However When I saw the trailer, and weighing in what we know about Stryker through X2, then when posed with a question, ‘who is Weapon XI’? I come up with two possbles:

    1- Omega Red.
    The X-Men heavy is listed among Stryker’s files. The albino like skin may account for this. Having such a character would jazz up the fans. I also think the character was cut from X-Men The Last Stand in some drafts?

    2- CYBER.
    “His torso was covered in adamantium, and one hand’s claws were laced with poison while the other was tipped with a hallucinogen. Cyber also had a cybernetic eye, to replace the one that was ripped out by his nemesis Wolverine. Cyber also has a healing ability, adamantium ‘skin’…

    Also, there was that little rumor back in December…anyone remember it? It had to deal with the possible ‘Wolverine II’, where Cyber was a possibility as a baddie.

    So it could be a “pre-Cyber”.

  7. @ Darren,

    Interesting thoughts

    @ High Kalibur

    I agree, the bones and blades don’t match at all – they must of replaced the bones with the blades, not grafted them.

    I don’t like how they added the bone claws in the 90s. To me, it’s such a better story to have Wolverine as a dude with healing powers…not as some animal who can also heal conveniently because the claw location makes no sense (under the skin).

    I like the idea that the adamantium claws were added by Weapon X in their efforts to turn him into more of a weapon.

  8. Maybe Weapon XI just hears Wade talk about the ‘cool codename he likes” and steals it? Then maybe they could fight over ‘whose the real Wade Wilson’?

    Yes, denial come to be, be one with me…

  9. Vic go to to hear gambits voice

  10. Vic ! some thing horrible has happen.
    i went to the site “JD5DAD” posted and there isen’t enuff to tell if he has the accent or not.
    but mu problem is i was watching the Trailers in HD and i notice that what i thought B4 to be a Bio-kenetic Glow on Gambit’s Staff , turns out its not,
    its what looks like a Big@$$ Emerald or dimond, its also on the back of his cards.
    you can also see it in the Group pic Like the 1 yall posted a while back.
    but the one on the site has a big Crystal on his BoStaff and Wraith photoshoped in to the picture.

    just that i’d Pass on my Findings to a fellow Gambit Fan.

  11. @ JD5DAD

    Thanks I’ve been listening to it a few times this morning and I’m writing something for it now.

    @ Rorschach,

    I think you may mean me :) I wrote this one.

  12. The voice of Gambit:

  13. Weapon XI is likely a collection of mutant powers. We know that in the future Stryker has the ability to control mutants (using a serum developed from his son), so it’s not unreasonable to believe that he’s able to do something similar in the past. That would explain Weapon XI looking “like” Deadpool, having claws and using Cyclops’s optic blast. It would also explain the like “Here’s the one you’re looking for” in reference to Scott Summers.

  14. A few things guys:

    -They are looking at doing a Deadpool movie so I dont think they are going to f**ck up the character like that. I think the movie will end with the dissolution of the Weapon X team and open up the way for the deadpool movie (And i’m sure they are looking at the possibility of a Gambit movie if the response is there)

    -Even though they are using Jackman for obvious (good) reasons, the rest of this movie is a reboot. It does not need to tie into the X movies. My guess is that we will see a new X-men movie reboot at some point, they are probably keeping an eye toward that in thier casting and storyline decisions (May be the “First Class” movie, who knows)

  15. nice info… but you might want to include Gambit’s customized gloves in the list… it’s one of his costume trademarks, so to say. And by way, the eyes, i’m buying it… splash in more black there, production peeps!!!

  16. @ Dustin,

    It’s not really a reboot – This movie is within Fox’s X-Men “continuity”, and by the time the movie comes out, we’ll see a few ties to the trilogy.

  17. @ rhardo,

    Good point, I’ve not seen the gloves in the promo material so far, I wonder if they’ll include that…

  18. I dont know if its been discovered yet, but the voice of gambit is on the movie website… its one sentence but hearing the accent and see him sends chills up my spine. This movie is going to do very very well. I am very excited. I am like a schoolboy here… This is a wonderful time we live in. I am 27 and to be able to see all my childhood marvel heros come to life on the big screen is very exciting. Cheesy or not i love all of the marvel movies, because they are apart of my childhood and now a part of my adult life that i can now share with my children. Marvel has done a wonderful thing for fans.

  19. @jimmi

    Yeah, we covered that in another post here on the site.


  20. i believe that the markings are the outline to the graphing of the metal. it also could be an early character from the origins comic. there is hype that it is deadpool but we all know that he cant shot lazers from his eye. what it could be is cyclopes shoting him in the face so wolverine can get him from behind.

  21. as I said in the previous post is that it is not DP it is in fact Weapon XI who is played by Scott Adkins, so I have no worries on that issue.

  22. they have raped deadpool.

  23. Well said division bell.

  24. It’s kinda sad reading this after having seen the movie. I bet you guys are wicked disappointed. What I don’t get is why the accent changed. The clip of Gambit talking that was linked to from here sounded different from what Gambit sounded like in the film (Southern, but not Cajun).

    Is odd. And the whole Deadpool thing sucked, beyond the telling of it.

  25. Has anyone considered the Sabertooth problem? That being, they have the guy from scream 3 playing Sabertooth in this movie, but they already showcased S.T. in the first x-men movie. Am i wrong? This was the first thing i found troubling about this movie (granted, i haven’t seen it yet). Any comments about that? Surprised it didn’t make the list!