Fox Cancels ‘Lie To Me,’ ‘Human Target,’ ‘Breaking In’ & More

Published 4 years ago by , Updated May 12th, 2011 at 7:35 am,

lie to me season 3 finale Fox Cancels Lie To Me, Human Target, Breaking In & More

Just weeks before Fox was set to preview their new fall line-up, the network has all-but cleaned house in regards to its struggling television series – and has canceled Lie To Me, Human Target, Traffic Light, Breaking In and The Chicago Code.

Even though Lie To Me and Human Target were long shots in terms of renewal, the possibility for their return was still present as Fox is known to give reprieves in certain circumstances. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it appears that Fringe took up Fox’s sole “second-chance” slot – thanks to a large fan uprising once the possibility of cancelation arose.

Whether or not Fringe fans still stand by the series following its “unique” season 3 finale still remains to be seen.

Newcomers Traffic Light and The Chicago Code should have been expecting a cancelation notice – since both series failed to attract an audience after many weeks on the air. What is surprising in Fox’s cancelation round-up is the Christian Slater comedy Breaking In. Even though only a couple episodes of the series had aired, they performed well following American Idol, and actually garnered the highest ratings for a live-action comedy in three years.

Whether or not you believe in the so-called Christian Slater curse of television cancelations, one can’t deny that something is amiss with Breaking In’s abrupt cancelation. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fox assumed that Breaking In was only performing well because of American Idol. That thought would largely be correct, and combining that with the fact that the cost of production was likely high due to its given styling, Fox knew that they could simply replace it with a lower-cost series.

fox lineup mixed signals Fox Cancels Lie To Me, Human Target, Breaking In & More

Although, it appears that Fox isn’t trying to simply replace it with a typical series that can garner acceptable ratings. With this large round of cancelations, it looks as if Fox is letting it be known that they’re only going to continue with series that can hold their own in television’s primetime landscape.

No doubt taking a note from sister network FX, who is known for canceling many great series based solely on ratings – no matter the fan outcry. If this is Fox’s new stance on programming, it certainly puts the pressure on show creators to deliver quality entertainment from the start, instead of relying on a second season to allow them to finally start telling the intended story. (I’m look at you, The Event)

Whether or not Fox’s new perspective on television programming will serve to elevate the network past its rivals is something that we’ll have to watch closely. But, if FX is a sign of what may happen, Fox may very well become primetime’s top network.


Traffic Light, The Chicago Code and Breaking In will all finish airing their first season order.

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  1. Lie to me was my inspiration to do psychology I loved the show !
    idiocracy is coming true in America all the showS are dumb now ! Shame on you FOX !! :(

  2. AUSTRALIA WANTS LIE TO ME BACK. Lie to Me was my absolute favourite show and I waited every week for Wednesday nights. The story lines just kept getting better and better. I am bitterly disappointed! Please please please bring it back

  3. Why do shows even go to the Fox network- they never give them a chance and schedule them poorly

    • Agreed!

  4. Why is it that all the good shows, that come to the UK, are cancelled?
    If Fox was more interested in making great entertainment for all, rather than the just the masses, to get more money, there would be greater variety. The viewing figures would accumulate over a number of shows and they would not waste cash on big flops.

  5. How can they cancel lie to me it’s the best programme on tv I’m disgusted they have binned it shame on you fox

  6. I agree with Fiona bosanquet – how can they cancel “Lie to me”. This is one of the best series we’ve had for years. It’s interesting, entertaining, the acting is superb, the story lines engaging and and educational. I think it’s shocking that it’s been stopped. Human Target is wonderful escapism and The Chicago Code is excellent. I think not renewing these in favor of cheaper junk shows is a terrible decision.

  7. Fox must be out of it, again. Lie to Me is an awesome show that was going up in popularity among “people”. Fox just didn’t like something. Oh, how Fox loves to make their money. News, disaster, gossip, etc. Let’s take a look at the shows that have been canceled. Previous, and now current shows that have been canceled and have disappointed viewers has gone a bit far. ——wonder if there’s a trend with what they choose to replace each of these shows with. (Like the sponsor)

    • P.S. Fox, you lied.

  8. My husband and I and our friends also are absolutely gutted and so disappointed that both ‘Lie to me’ and ‘Human Target’ are cancelled. Lie to me is just brilliant with an excellent cast and ‘Human Target’ with its 2nd series really did warm up and it’s been thoroughly entertaining. With so much garbage on the tv, I just don’t know what we’ll do without these 2 series. It’s just such a shame and I hope that someone (if not Fox) take them back on. Pleeeeeeaaaase! (Of course, please also keep bringing us Fringe, Sanctuary, NCIS, CSI, Games of Thrones, Broadwalk etc etc. Brilliant stuff and worth a licence).

  9. i taped lie to me every week so i wouldnt miss any episode. loved this show, wont be the same without it. shame on fox for cancelling it.

  10. Fox has a long history of taking on new and exciting or challenging shows, and then cancelling them (*cough firefly cough*, not to mention futurama … repeatedly). I jumped through hoops to get hold of ‘Lie to Me’ episodes while living in Japan, and looked forward to each new episode reaching me. Poor scheduling, lack of foresight for shows that build large, loyal, and lasting fan-bases, and a lack of willingness to back any potentially risky ventures leaves us with endless ‘reality’ tv shows, pointless spin-offs of already established shows, and neverending CSI reruns. How disappointingly bland.

    • Here here. I loved HumanTarget and cannot believe they have cancelled it. As for CSI I used to think that show was great but I just cringe when I see it now.


    Please go and petition to bring Lie To Me back!

    • i knw! its such an awesome show! i want it back as well! pls hear us!!!!

  12. How can u canc LIE TO ME!!! thr r soooo many ppl here in India who LOVE the show! pls pls pls bring it bac

  13. How can Fox be so stupid. Lie To Me and Hard Target are poss best things on telly at the moment. Tim Roth and Co are excellant and bring something different to crime fighting. As for Hard Target so love Winston and co fight crime outside of the law but always staying squeaky clean

  14. Lie to Me rocks. Sorry, Fox, this one you got wrong. The other two (The Chicago Code and Traffic Whatver) had decent premises but the direction and quality of production was tripe. But “Lie to Me” was going from strength to strength! What’s up?

  15. It seems the more I like a show the less likely it is to be kept. Human Target & Lie To Me were both poorly scheduled so I had to DVR them to watch when the time was better (no other conflicts). If Fox had bothered to look into this perhaps they may have seen the challenges the shows faced. Personally I really watch nothing else on this network because of the lameness of the other shows! Years ago this happened with another show (not sure of the network) called Strange Luck I absolutely loved and magically disappeared!!!!!! Such a shame good shows get thrown away while questionable ones stay (TO LONG). I can only hope the creaters shop it around to other networks to get that chance to grow and the right slot!!!

    Come on FOX rethink this and give these shows another season in a better time slot or better yet, make them your summer season shows (like USA does) so you always have something worth watching playing. Waiting for my shows to come back!!!!!

  16. Hello all, just googling from Australia and stumbled on this story about lie to me being cancelled. Absolutely shattered about this, it really is one of the great shows to screen here out of the USA. Preying another network picks it up perhaps

  17. I am totally bemused that lie to me, human target and the chicago code have been cancelled as they were three of the best programmes on television and fox should have a total rethink about taking them off air as these 3 programmes in my view represent classic and stylish t.v. viewing.There must be awy to stop this happening, so please fox do a u-turn and give the viewers what they want thank you


  19. Just read of lie to me’s demise. Well FOX I wish you what you Deserve from cheap replacements. There is only one word I can think of that goes with cheap.Maybe they will go the same way as some of the big banks who didnt listen to customers.

  20. Leave it to FOX to screw up a winner of a show. Whoever decided this should be fired…IDIOT…

  21. Simply said:…BRING BACK “LIE TO ME”! If money is truly your motivation, bring it back! You are damned fools to cut that show. Tim Roth made me watch Fox again.

  22. Lie to Me cancelled, what a joke i can think of a lot of shos that should be cancelled. Totally Gutted was really getting the hang of reconizing when my kids were lying. Tim Roith rocks and why do big companies do this hook viewers with series then pull the plug. BANG OUT OF ORDER I THINK. Hopefully another network will take over the show and show FOX what a mistake they made.
    MAUREEN From England

  23. Fox execs = nobs

  24. I am so upset with Fox – How could they cancel fantastic ‘Human Target’ and ‘Lie to me’. I do hope Fox executives re-think their decision or a different Network picks these wonderful programmes up. Here in England, during these Christmas holidays, we are being spoilt with daily episodes of ‘Human Target’ and weekly episodes of the last Series (which sadly ends this week). We are also watching wonderful ‘Lie to me’. It breaks my heart that these Programmes have been cancelled. I wish I had not watched them at all now, because now I am hooked. It’s cruel to get us to love these Programmes and the characters then pull them when we get hooked…I am so gutted!!

  25. BRING BACK LIE TO ME!!! You people are absurd. You cant tell me it got bad ratings. I taped it on 3 tvs in my household alone! For Crimany sakes. Has the world gone mad!? That show far exceeded anything you have ever broadcast and we are your viewers. BRING IT BACK! PULEASE!

  26. Lie to Me cancelled???????? It was funny, clever, entertaining, educational. The characters were endearing, colorful, interesting had depth. Trim the fat!!!!!!!!!!! It all makes sense. Fox pure genius.

  27. I loved Lie to me. What a terrinle shame to cancel the programme. Can only assume that the US public couldn’t understand the humour. The chemistry between the two leads was really good and it should have beenm left to run it’s course, like in Bones. I guess Tim Roth must have made sufficient money to continue it, but why should he? Now there’s only the poor copy of the programme (The Mentalist) Fox should hang their heads in shame. Support quality, not drivel.

  28. I agree lie to me was the best. well its not worth watching anything fox does anymore coz when it starts getting really good they take it off air so wots the point might aswell not get into any thing they do because they will only take it off air again

  29. UK wants lie to me back