Fox Cancels ‘Lie To Me,’ ‘Human Target,’ ‘Breaking In’ & More

Published 4 years ago by , Updated May 12th, 2011 at 7:35 am,

lie to me season 3 finale Fox Cancels Lie To Me, Human Target, Breaking In & More

Just weeks before Fox was set to preview their new fall line-up, the network has all-but cleaned house in regards to its struggling television series – and has canceled Lie To Me, Human Target, Traffic Light, Breaking In and The Chicago Code.

Even though Lie To Me and Human Target were long shots in terms of renewal, the possibility for their return was still present as Fox is known to give reprieves in certain circumstances. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it appears that Fringe took up Fox’s sole “second-chance” slot – thanks to a large fan uprising once the possibility of cancelation arose.

Whether or not Fringe fans still stand by the series following its “unique” season 3 finale still remains to be seen.

Newcomers Traffic Light and The Chicago Code should have been expecting a cancelation notice – since both series failed to attract an audience after many weeks on the air. What is surprising in Fox’s cancelation round-up is the Christian Slater comedy Breaking In. Even though only a couple episodes of the series had aired, they performed well following American Idol, and actually garnered the highest ratings for a live-action comedy in three years.

Whether or not you believe in the so-called Christian Slater curse of television cancelations, one can’t deny that something is amiss with Breaking In’s abrupt cancelation. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fox assumed that Breaking In was only performing well because of American Idol. That thought would largely be correct, and combining that with the fact that the cost of production was likely high due to its given styling, Fox knew that they could simply replace it with a lower-cost series.

fox lineup mixed signals Fox Cancels Lie To Me, Human Target, Breaking In & More

Although, it appears that Fox isn’t trying to simply replace it with a typical series that can garner acceptable ratings. With this large round of cancelations, it looks as if Fox is letting it be known that they’re only going to continue with series that can hold their own in television’s primetime landscape.

No doubt taking a note from sister network FX, who is known for canceling many great series based solely on ratings – no matter the fan outcry. If this is Fox’s new stance on programming, it certainly puts the pressure on show creators to deliver quality entertainment from the start, instead of relying on a second season to allow them to finally start telling the intended story. (I’m look at you, The Event)

Whether or not Fox’s new perspective on television programming will serve to elevate the network past its rivals is something that we’ll have to watch closely. But, if FX is a sign of what may happen, Fox may very well become primetime’s top network.

Traffic Light, The Chicago Code and Breaking In will all finish airing their first season order.

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  1. Fox can suck it I love Lie to me. The day they get rid of the Simpsons and Family Guy I’m gonna kick them to the curb like a $10 hooker…without any cab fair :)

  2. I have tried to resist the Fox corporation’s manipulation of its media channels and now must vote with my feet. I vow to never watch any content on Fox at all. With the cancellation of Lie To Me, Human Target, The Chicago Code the only Fox show I’m still interested in is Bones, but that show has gone way off track (IMO) this season… so, even though I watch it.. I’m giving it up. I just won’t take some ultra conservative business big wigs making choices for me.
    Up yours Fox… hasta la vista, baby

  3. FOX-TV PLEASE tell me that it is a lie that you have cancelled “Lie to Me”

    I LOVE “Lie to ME!” WHY? WHY? WHY? FOX would you cancel a show that is edgy, meaty…and the BEST new concept in Drama/Crime shows. This is the type of show the hour flies by and you can’t wait for the next episode. It actually taught about non-verbal/verbal communication, which most human beings are horrible at reading!!! Instead FOX gets rid of it and keeps all the stuff and fluff…that doesn’t challenge, teach and offer an enjoyable…GOOD television AND scriptwriting experience.

    FOX DO NOT CANCEL “Lie to Me”….I propose a Save “Lie to Me” campaign!! Who is with me?!!

  4. The Chicago Code is sinking because Fox doesn’t seem to put a lot of effort into promoting shows once they start. I started watching it because they told us it was produced by the same people who produced The Sheild. Like The Sheild it was fast paced with a lot of twists and turns. I really thought this show would make it because it really does grab your interest the way The Sheild does or like Blue Bloods where you have one on going story line, but that rides behind all these other cases that come up front…It works there and it should have worked on Fox too. Maybe they should have put it on FX like The Sheild where they cold have made it a bit gritter…..Oh well….”Another one bites the dust”

  5. I dont watch alot of tv, but BREAKING IN and HUMAN TARGET were great, great shows. I will hold a grudge a long time for this. fox execs are pos imo. screw you all, I wont watch anymore of your shows, and as for FRINGE… NOT GOING TO WATCH ANYMORE. LAME ENDING. nbc pissed me off when they canceled PERSONS UNKNOWN. another great show, original idea, yet vitually no promotion.

  6. Oh I forgot to say, that when season 1 of persons unknown ended, they showed previews from season 2 point oh, as they called it. Shortly thereafter i read somewhere it had been canceled. So the footage i saw was from an unreleased episode or what? it showed the cast on a ship in the middle of the ocean.


  8. FOX is trying to help me spend less time watching TV.

  9. I was a big fan of Lie to Me. I’m not completely surprised it was cancelled, though. First they changed the days around, then they changed the time slot, then they would put it on “hiatus” for long periods of time. It’s kinda hard to build a following when your fans don’t know when you are on. Super bummed, but maybe we can hope another network picks them up!

  10. AUSTRALIA WANTS “LIE TO ME” BACK! Please FOX! Lie to me is the best tv show ever. We’re on season 3 episode 11 right now, a bit slow I know. But i and many friends are a big fan of Lie to me. We are so devastated when we found out it has been cancelled. Please FOX, put Lie to Me back on the showw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree, it was one of the best written and acted shows I have seen. Its basis on Paul Eckmans science, made it stand out as entertaiment and educational. I hope another network picks it up.

  11. I really liked Human Target, and have been watching every episode so far of The Chicago Code too and I really like it.

  12. WOW! I cannot believe they would cancel “Lie to Me”…..FOX, Bring LIE TO ME BACK!!!!! It is the best show.

  13. Thank god Breaking In MIGHT be saved!!

    • really?!? It would be sooo awesome if they could save it . One of my favorite shows

  14. I am so disappointed that Lie To Me is being cancelled!! It is a great show, why would FOX yank it?!

  15. You know,in 5 to 10 years we all will be watching reality shows.All the
    networks will do away with the shows(like they are doing with the soaps)
    and switch to reality shows.Was this a movie plot??????

  16. I really like Traffic Light! I don’t understand why the networks insist on cramming all of the good sitcoms onto two or three nights so they are forced to compete with each other. With DVRs and Tivo these days, there’s no excuse not to put sitcoms on on Friday and Saturday nights. Whichever station finally does this will kill in the ratings. It really bothers me that FOX shows – and the viewers – continually have to suffer because execs make SUCKY time slot choices.

  17. I can’t believe they’ve cancelled Human Target. Brilliant program. Very upset!!! Bring it back, NOW!

  18. For Lie to Me fans, please join the facebook group “Hey Fox, Don’t cancel Lie to Me”, and pass it around.

  19. “Lie to Me” was the ONLY show I watched faithfully… not just on Fox, but on ANY of the major broadcasting stations. I guess I’ll just have to find a good book to read on Monday nights from now on.

    Shame on you, Fox!

  20. It’s a catch 22, I won’t invest any time in a new show which is probably the problem with many shows as I believe more and more people don’t give new shows a chance since we don’t want to get hooked, IE: Pushing Daisies, Journeyman, only to have the show dropped! I don’t want to invest my time into a show that won’t be around in a season, sucks but that’s the way I think many feel nowadays.

  21. Lie to Me and Human Target were the two shows I watched each and every week. I recorded them so I could view them later without the commercil breaks. I can’t believe FOX would cancel these shows when they were so much better than their competitors line ups. You guys had a real good thing going.

  22. There are two groups of people out there when it comes to Chicago Code: people who love Chicago Code and people who have never watched Chicago Code. It seems that anyone who as actually seen Chicago Code loves it. Maybe FOX needs to consider the possibility that the ratings are what they are due to poor marketing and/or time slotting! FOX has no one to blame but themselves for poor ratings with most of their shows.

    • Agreed. Its a damn good show.

      • FOX puts Chicago Code up against Dancing With the Stars in Mid-season and wonders why it does not gain an audience!! It is a really good show and shoud stay on!

    • Well said! What a great show.

    • Can’t believe they didn’t give Chicago Code a chance – it was outstanding! Wonderful characters and a tension that kept it interesting every minute. Same for Lie to Me and super characters on Human Target. What are they thinking? Mike was right. Soon all we’ll have is crap reality shows. Haven’t ever watched that garbage and don’t intend to. They’re doing a good job of dummy down America.

  23. Really dissapointed that Lie To Me is getting cancelled, on season 3 here in the UK. Also am fuming that The Chicago Code is being cancelled already, just started here in the UK, what’s up with American TV execs, cancelling really good shows and saving crap like Two and a Half Men to name one. Fed up gettin right into shows only to have them pulled right away, it sucks!!!!

  24. LIE TO ME! Few shows are good from the get go and this was definitely one of them. I downloaded season one from itunes for my parents and they loved it. Mom was downloading season two and stumbled on to the cancelation notice! UGG!! Maybe FOX should figure out what they are doing wrong instead of getting rid of one of their best shows. What a huge mistake!

  25. I cannot being too tell you how very very disappointing it was to read that two of my most fav shows are on the CANCELLED list . While there are episodes to Chicago Code running – I realish them, and ache for Human Target returns . The only thing now to lead me and my fellow foxers down to the path of total depression is the cancellation of FRINGE.

  26. Is there anything that can be done to stop Lie To Me from being canceled? Such a great show with unbelievable actors and stories. The father daughter dynamic in itself is great writing and chemistry. Can a smarter network that actually has success with good television and not crap pick it up?

  27. BOOOOOOOOH for you fox! for cancelling lie to me.. literally that was the only serie i saw on tv… they should reconsider that show!! it was a reaaally good one