Fox Cancels ‘Lie To Me,’ ‘Human Target,’ ‘Breaking In’ & More

Published 4 years ago by , Updated May 12th, 2011 at 7:35 am,

lie to me season 3 finale Fox Cancels Lie To Me, Human Target, Breaking In & More

Just weeks before Fox was set to preview their new fall line-up, the network has all-but cleaned house in regards to its struggling television series – and has canceled Lie To Me, Human Target, Traffic Light, Breaking In and The Chicago Code.

Even though Lie To Me and Human Target were long shots in terms of renewal, the possibility for their return was still present as Fox is known to give reprieves in certain circumstances. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it appears that Fringe took up Fox’s sole “second-chance” slot – thanks to a large fan uprising once the possibility of cancelation arose.

Whether or not Fringe fans still stand by the series following its “unique” season 3 finale still remains to be seen.

Newcomers Traffic Light and The Chicago Code should have been expecting a cancelation notice – since both series failed to attract an audience after many weeks on the air. What is surprising in Fox’s cancelation round-up is the Christian Slater comedy Breaking In. Even though only a couple episodes of the series had aired, they performed well following American Idol, and actually garnered the highest ratings for a live-action comedy in three years.

Whether or not you believe in the so-called Christian Slater curse of television cancelations, one can’t deny that something is amiss with Breaking In’s abrupt cancelation. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fox assumed that Breaking In was only performing well because of American Idol. That thought would largely be correct, and combining that with the fact that the cost of production was likely high due to its given styling, Fox knew that they could simply replace it with a lower-cost series.

fox lineup mixed signals Fox Cancels Lie To Me, Human Target, Breaking In & More

Although, it appears that Fox isn’t trying to simply replace it with a typical series that can garner acceptable ratings. With this large round of cancelations, it looks as if Fox is letting it be known that they’re only going to continue with series that can hold their own in television’s primetime landscape.

No doubt taking a note from sister network FX, who is known for canceling many great series based solely on ratings – no matter the fan outcry. If this is Fox’s new stance on programming, it certainly puts the pressure on show creators to deliver quality entertainment from the start, instead of relying on a second season to allow them to finally start telling the intended story. (I’m look at you, The Event)

Whether or not Fox’s new perspective on television programming will serve to elevate the network past its rivals is something that we’ll have to watch closely. But, if FX is a sign of what may happen, Fox may very well become primetime’s top network.

Traffic Light, The Chicago Code and Breaking In will all finish airing their first season order.

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  1. Human Target another show victim to the reality show take-over on TV.

  2. 1) Not suprised that all these shows were cancelled.

    2) Suprised that Fringe was renewed. It seems that anything and everything can happen on Fringe. There isn’t a sense of limits on the story.

    3) Suprised that Raising Hope was not canceled. The last couple of episodes were not very funny.

    4) Isn’t Bob’s Bugers canceled? I still don’t understand why actresses weren’t hired to voice all the female characters.

    5) To get more veiwers, Fox, and other networks, need to shut down websites that freely stream their shows without permission.

    6) Networks need to have second showings of their less popular primetime shows after the late night shows.

    7) There is just to much TV on TV, and most tv shows are not very good due to low budget, small cast, or bad production and writing. The larger networks need to merge with smaller networks, expand the primtime hours from three (two in the case of Fox) to four, and produce more episodes (less breaks and less reruns/repeats) of higher quality tv shows.

    8) ….

    • 8) Networks need to better advertise their shows and promote their actors and actresses as is done in film.

  3. I’m only displeased with Lie To Me and Human Target being canceled. Breaking in had it’s had it’s good points and bad, but overall didn’t wow me into caring. I have no idea what the other two shows are.

    Almost half the year has gone by and I’ve lost half the shows I watch. 2011 sucks.

  4. Human Target, had they not changed it from the first season, it should have been safe.

    Wow. That means I’m not watching anything on Fox now.

  5. Well, now that Lie To Me is canceled, I will remember never to start watching a series on Fox again. They’ll just cancel it if I love it.

    • Agreed. I think they rejoice in crushing my soul. I died inside when The Good Guys was cancelled, AND they killed Firefly, and now Lie to Me.
      I have been burned so many times. T_T

    • I couldn’t agree more. I loved Lie to me. It seems I wont be watching any TV now.

  6. Traffic Light is a genuinely fun sitcom, yet not one human being I’ve spoken to has even heard of it. How about we just cancel News Corp and put their shows in the hands of a company that has a clue.

  7. ha saw this comin

  8. Aww, man, I really like Human Target. :( Probably going to replace it with another crappy reality show.

  9. The Chicago Code was easily the best new show on network TV this year and losing it is a huge loss. Add this in with all the other huge mistakes that have been made by Fox and I’m done watching anything new from the network. Picking up crappy Fringe and not TCC is a huge mistake.

    Breaking In wasn’t great but it was moderately enjoyable which is more than I can say for most Fox programming. Let down to see it go, but not as broken up about it as Chicago Code.

    • Couldn’t agree more; Chicago Code was a fantastic show! They didn’t try to “wow” you with gory killings, incestuous rapes, or any other “shock” tricks, they simply wrote and acted in a good show. All the characters (aside from Kolwalski’s sister and parter) were well thought out and given great lines. No cheesy-ness, no tired story lines, just good cop drama with a twist. Delroy Lindo is fantastic, and the fact that they used him moderately only made me, no “us”, look forward to his scenes more and more each time. What a shame! This is truly not the FOX network I grew up with if Raising Hope continues on while a FANTASTIC show like Chicago Code gets axed.

  10. I am very, very disappointed that “Lie to Me” was cancelled. I do hope that those who reside in decision making roles are willing to reconsider.

  11. Awh man. I kinda liked “Breaking In”

  12. So sad to see Lie to Me end. It was a great show and never missed a step or had a bad episode, which is quite rare for a tv show.

  13. I have to wonder if Married with Children would survive on FOX these days, with the way the channel is being run.

  14. We loved Lie To Me :(

  15. Cant believe they cancelled Lie To Me. I loved that show. Typical of fox to ruin a good show and bring in more reality shows which they’ll probably end up cancelling too.

  16. Curios where you pulled your info from? Or do you have the golden connections of real press finally?

    • Are you questioning if this is legit? If so look around it’s all over the net. SR doesn’t post wrong information unless they put up that it’s a rumor. Info is on as well as IGN and several other major sites. Switch over to it’s there as well.

      • That is just it. I saw it here first and I found myself going somewhere else to verify it. I am used to sites declaring their sources and not needing to verify the info.

  17. You know,NBC,Human Target would fit in great following Chuck on Monday nights.I’m just saying.

    • That would be a damn cool idea!

  18. Really sad to see Lie to Me being cancelled. A good production on the whole!!!! Bad choice guys.

  19. I can not believe that you are canceling Breaking-In. It is the best new program on television. The only thing wrong with it is that it should be an hour long. Both my husband and I can’t wait until wednesday to watch it.

    • i agree 100%. breaking is had me laughing for 30 mins. they did in 30 minutes what alot of shows try to do in an hour.

  20. Close your eyes Vic because I HAVE to do this RIGHT NOW!

    THOSE SONS OF BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BREAKING IN WAS ONE OF THE FUNNIEST NEW SHOWS I’VE SEEN IN AWHILE!!!! THE CAST WAS PERFECT… Wow… I can’t believe this. I was for sure that they’d keep this show…


    • ditto.

  21. I liked the show Lie to Me, really different kind of show, could
    understand why they canceled it, though. Human Target tried, too bad!

  22. Fringe was renewed so FOX could get the golden 4th season in the bag. Once you get 4 seasons you can sell the show and make your money back.

  23. Thats a shame, LTM was a great show with a great cast, Tim Roth is a top bloke

  24. This is the worst news ever I lost my soap opera one live to live now lie to me screw tv I refuse to watch anything on abc and fox now

  25. One of the best shows on the air. What a LOSS! What are you thinking?

  26. Fox wtf! You cancel great shows like human target, lie to me, traffic light, and chicago code! Not to mention terriers!

    • Bet we get another night of American Idol instead, or an hour long recap show.

  27. lol, let’s just hope that Summer Glau and Christian Slater are never in a show together, it may cause the world to implode! (or just Hollywood…….come to think of it that might not be a bad idea :) )

  28. Chicago Code is a great show,sorry to see it go.May have benefited from starting last Fall,instead of boring as hell,cancelled after two episodes Lone Star.

  29. I don’t watch much TV, but Lie to Me was one of those that I recorded on the DVR so that even if we weren’t here we wouldn’t miss it. Definately a shame that it’s going.