Fox Cancels ‘Alcatraz,’ ‘The Finder,’ ‘Breaking In’ & ‘Teenage Daughter’

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alcatraz canceled Fox Cancels Alcatraz, The Finder, Breaking In & Teenage Daughter

In order to make room for their upcoming new Fall line-up, Fox is clearing out its underperforming series. Alcatraz, The Finder, Breaking In (again), and I Hate My Teenage Daughter have all been officially canceled, and will not be returning to the network this fall.

Of course, most of these cancelations aren’t likely to take anyone by surprise. Despite each series having its own strengths and weaknesses, the overall ratings for most of these shows are well beneath acceptable levels for network television.

Perhaps the most prominent series being canceled by Fox this year is the J.J. Abrams-produced Alcatraz. Presented as a compelling tale of fantastical events which led 300 people from the island prison in 1963 to the present, its actual execution turned out to be nothing more than a string of episodic tales revolving around criminals who,it turns out, aren’t all that bad.

As for Breaking In and I Hate My Teenage Daughter, the news is a little less shocking, as both were previously pulled from the schedule shortly after they first aired. For I Hate My Teenage Daughter, its almost instantaneous decline was all but expected.  As far as new series went for the 2011 Fall television series, I Hate My Teenage Daughter was generally considered the worst.

With a mixture of poorly conceived characters,  premises and an awkward presentation of mothers being “hilariously” berated by their children, not only did the series not feel like it belonged on television, but its placement within Fox’s typically strong television schedule had many worrying that the network’s programming decisions had taken a turn for the worse.

harrison slater breaking in fox Fox Cancels Alcatraz, The Finder, Breaking In & Teenage DaughterHarrison and Slater in ‘Breaking In’

Of course, if anything is going to hit a fan base in the gut, it will be Fox’s second cancelation of Breaking In. After premiering in 2011, Breaking In had a strong following for a freshman series. Unfortunately, the low ratings led Fox to cancel the series – but not to let it go completely.

Making use of their contractual option for the series, Fox essentially put the cast on hold until it could figure out what to do with this new show. After finally agreeing to bring the series back for a second season, all eyes were on the “little show that could” – to see if a second chance paid off.

Unfortunately, it didn’t. Generally just as entertaining as its first season, Breaking In always felt like a TV series that was on the wrong network. With geek-centric jokes and pop culture innuendos, Breaking In always worked best when it played to a specific group of people. Of course, when that specific group of people largely doesn’t watch television live, there’s nothing much left for a network to do but to cancel a series.

i hate my teenage daughter fox Fox Cancels Alcatraz, The Finder, Breaking In & Teenage DaughterFox hates their teenage daughters too

And not to be left out, Fox’s The Finder was a brief experiment in what can happen when a lead actress on your other hit series is going to have a baby. Serving as a second series for the man behind Bones, it’s hard to believe that Fox would have picked The Finder up if they weren’t faced with having to split up Bones season 7.

With enjoyable moments here and there, The Finder largely felt like it was better suited to a different network. While some may argue that perhaps The Finder didn’t belong on any network, one could argue that trying to fit the only overtly comedic-drama into a network schedule isn’t easy – something that Fox’s previously canceled series The Good Guys can attest to.

When it comes down to it, seeing a television show canceled is never fun – even if you’re not a fan of the series. Nobody ever intends on making an unsuccessful series, so when it happens it’s more unfortunate than anything. That being said, Fox viewers walked away relatively unscathed in this year’s axing. Sure, House is finally coming to an end, but Fringe isn’t. So when it comes to adding up your personal television scorecard, you should still be coming out ahead when it comes to Fox.


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Source: TVLine, TV Guide

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  1. Thanks, Rupert. Once again you cancel a quality series, Alcatrz, tofind room for more inane Fox crap. Part of your ongoing effort to dumb down America?

    • I agree with you Edward. A quality show was canceled as a part to dumb down America!!!

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  3. Cancel “Finder” are you serious or just stupid! fox, like many others I’m done with you, NEVER again will I invest my time in anything you have control of! Simply STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!

    • fox didnt even give the finder a chance! never fails, fox never gives a show a chance before canceling. i done with fox!!! just stupid!!!

    • I am completely boycotting fox. I can’t believe that they are canceling the Finder. It was the one show that I actually enjoyed watching, other than Bones of course. The relationship between Walter and Leo made me look at the relationships I share with my own friends. The Finder was a great show that just began and fox is too stupid or ignorant to realize it.

    • How could you Fox?? Bring back The Finder! It was one of my favorite shows and I have to find out what happens to Walter and Willa!

  4. It was a bit of a slow start for Alcatraz but the characters were beginning to come together and there were a few intriguing performances from the prison-based cast. I’ll be sorry to see the series end, though, not surprised given the track record of the network. They and NBC have worn out their welcome in my home.

  5. I should have learned from the Good Guys and not invested my time into the Finder. I loved both shows but I’m left with the disappointment of cancellation. I’m done with FOX after Fringe wraps up.

  6. fox canceled the finder!! i can’t believe it. it was a great hour show that kept me laughing and took me away from the troubles of real life.. how do we get it back? who do i write too? this is one fun to watch show..

  7. Come on Fox…Really you cancel The Finder after one season???? I love the show, and I loved the Good Guys as well…come on this was a good show in a Friday night, which is rare for a friday night. What where you thinking????

  8. Alcatraz had a cool concept and I sat through the entire season for Sam Neill, I’ll watch anything he is in. Unfortunately the show got too repetitive, turned into a bad-guy-of-the-week show chased down by a miscast pair. The female lead was completely unbelievable & Jorge Garcia needs to lose some weight or he is going to die. Two of the shows best assets were misused, one was in a coma most of the season and Robert Forster was MIA for most of it too.

  9. keep Alcatraz.

  10. As usual, Fox keeps the crap and cancels the good shows. The Finder and Alcatraz were the only reason I watched Fox. I am done.

    • Amen!!

  11. Thank GOD!!! Now that they cancelled these trash shows I actually will watch FOX again! Whew!

    • Barney is still in reruns on PBS you might like it!

  12. I have to ask FOX if they are really expecting us viewers to invest our time and interest in there programming after they pull the rug out from under us again. Terra Nova, Alcatraz and now the Finder. Fox’s inability to commit to a project and get behind it without screwing it up (Fringe), really disturbs me.

  13. I’m surprised they cancel Alcatraz.
    Even Swedish television bought it, and what I have experienced it was quite popular here. Too bad, would have liked to see more of my childhood hero Sam Neill… Well well…

  14. Canceling some very entertaining shows (The Finder most of all, but Alcatraz as well) I guess there is not much to watch on FOX but Bones now with House ending.

  15. There is a ‘Save The Finder’ campaign going on at USA Network. Go to USA Network on facebook and put in your request to help this effort.

  16. THIS SUCKS MAN!! I LOVED ALCATRAZ! It was the only Fox Show I had watched over the entire season. I was so excited over this show. WAY TO GO TO LET PEOPLE DOWN FOX!!

  17. My husband and I love the Finder! I can’t bieleve that you would cancel it when all the crap reality shows seem to stay on forever! It is so different from all the other stuff! It reminds me of Carl Hiasson! It is a great show and I hate that it ending right when your finally finding out things about the characters. Remember Cheers? It didn’t have very good ratings at first and then look what happened! Also I’ve never seen any advertising for the Finder. I just knew about it because I was a Bones fan! i really think you should rethink cancelling!!

  18. I feel that the finder should have been picked up for a 2 nd season!!!!
    I love that show and enjoyed it every week!!!!
    All the characters were great and I hope that it will find a home on another station!!!!,
    Very sad to see it go!!!!!!
    A show like this gets cancled and shows like 16 and pregnant stay strong!!!! It’s just silly!!

  19. Done with FOX , you guys are idiots

  20. unbelievable really Fox Alcatraz u get me hooked and take it away. That was one of the best show u had in awhile. Very disappointed

  21. so big in england can not belive they got rid of it stuipd stupid people at FOX

  22. I’m a TV junkie I can admit that. But the show The finder was the only show both my Husband ( with the very high IQ ) and I could watch together. He gets very bored with other shows but this one held his interest. We even recently found out in conversation that both our parents watched this show. Really stupid disappointing decision Fox!

  23. ok fox is the dumbest network on tv come on they cancelled human target and the finder and how many times did they cancel family guy the finder was the best thing fox has put on since human target and is the only thing worth watching all there shows are crap but that is what they want smut tv