Fox’s ’24’ Adds More Cast Members

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 14th, 2013 at 3:26 pm,

Fox’s 24 has found itself more cast members to get shot at during their multi-episode appearances in ‘s upcoming 8th season.

Rami Malek (Night at the Museum) will be playing Marcos, who is a would-be suicide bomber.

Julian Morris (ER) will play a CTU SWAT agent & Hrach Titizian will be the 2nd-in-command for President Hassan, who will be played by Anil Kapoor.

Is it me, or is it getting more interesting as we hear about the new cast and upcoming characters for 24?

Source:  Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Wait, I think I know what happens in this season of 24. I’m guessing someone who is romantically involved with Jack Bauer will turn out to be helping the terrorists, the CTU will be infiltrated and there will be AT LEAST one mole, the CTU will have one of the main bad guys surrounded in a building or compound or something, and somehow he/she will get away. Jack Bauer will probably yell at a lot of people and torture at least 3 or 4 of them, while yelling.

    My “inside” sources…

  2. @Ken J

    FYI 790 does know what’s going on with the show, believe me (assuming your “inside” comment was directed at him).


  3. KEN: Did you just recap the first 7 seasons? You forgot something? His cell phone is powered by the Energizer Bunny!

  4. @vic

    ?? 790?? How did 790 get drawn into this? I was just being sarcastic since I basically just said all of the obvious things about the show that doesn’t require any kind of source, or reading, or watching tv, or asking a friend, to know will happen in the show, lol…

    Did 790 post something that got deleted or something? Or is this computer at work not loading things right? I see greenknight, Bruce, you (Vic), and me, that’s it… no 790 in sight… I believe I was the first commenter?? *raises eyebrow*


    LOL, you’re right about his cell phone, my cell phone has great battery life but I think if I use it THAT often it’ll definitely die, lol.


    Sorry bro, forgot to add the spoiler warning, haha.

  5. @Vic

    Ah, I get it. If I wanted to take a stab, I stab you in the front, lol. Meaning I’d rather say it TO him. And I wouldn’t joke about that since, well, I really don’t care if it’s true or not, I personally believe him, he does live in nutjob central right? I don’t think it’s such an unlikely thing anyway, there are plenty of people involved in filmmaking, somebody’s bound to know somebody involved if you live close to or are in constant communication with people in that area… Now if someone would claim they have insider information in matters to do with the CIA or SOCOM or something, then I’d probably probe that a bit, haha. You see that in gun forums every now and then, get into an argument about firearms and someone is bound to claim to be in Delta Force or the Navy SEALs or something, lol. 😀

  6. Get down,!!! Everyone on the floor,,,!!!!!!!
    Damn it! I need that location yesterday!!!

    Lol guys,,, sure “24” has gotten a little predictable (KenJ) but this coming season is really going to be extraordinary. Everything will look different and upgraded. The story will be a worldwide event and take place in NY, and the U.N. The writers are really trying to make this the best season ever!!!

    GK333, check out “24” on dvd. I think you’ll really dig it,,, :-)

  7. I hope the UN gets blown up, that would make the season worth watching, lol.

  8. I don’t really care that it’s in NY, and at the U.N., 24 should go back to basics. The 1st and 3rd seasons were the best, for one simple reason: you had no idea what you could expect, and in the end, it wasn’t some government conspiracy, it was revenge, and Jack was at the centre of it. I’ve had enough of all these global conspiracies/White House storylines. There was no White House in season 1, why bring it back everytime? Especially since we’re not following David Palmer anymore (trying to avoid a spoiler here).
    I mean, season 5 and 7 were quite good, but it’s becoming more and more a formula CSI kind of show. I hope season 8 won’t be the last one, and I’ll keep watching, but it really needs to reinvent itself in terms of (un)predictability.

  9. @Ken J

    Easy there, big fella – that was a mild comment from me. Just pointing out that 790 had had inside info in the past and I thought you were referring to that. :)

    And the problem with your UN story idea is that in the end Jack would STOP the UN from being blown up. 8)


  10. Rhaemye, there won’t be much White House in this next season.
    The new CTU looks pretty cool, its an underground facility, and based in NY,,,

  11. CTU looks modern cool… the preview they showed at Comic-Con in July was awesome!! And I got a cool ’24’ clock from being there at the panel. SWAG!! Can’t go wrong with SWAG!

  12. Psh, stop the UN being blown up, why? The world is better without them lol.

    And I think I come to this site to read insider information, otherwise I would just let my friends tell me everything, lol, why would I complain about that??

  13. “24 Season 8″, spoilers,,,,,,,,!
    Here’s what I know,,, so far,,,,

    Get down!!! 😯

    Damn it,,,!!!!

    Where’s the chopper!!!!!!

    I do agree with you Ken J, on the U.N. Btw, but I’m sure for entirely different reasons,,,, 😐
    Season 8’s not just about the United Nations building, its Manhattan that is at stake this time,,, (big boom)
    also an Iranian connection/villain will be the secondary story.
    Followed by a bizarre twist ending that will decide (by ratings) if the show will continue or not,,,

    This next season is really going to be a completely new take on the show and I thing its going to rival season 5 in writing and action,,, 😉

    This next season is really going to united the fans!!!
    And I hate the UN!!!

  14. Eh, I stopped watching it. Nothing wrong with the concept of the show, it’s a good show, but I found that it got a bit tedious after a while. And how incompetent the CTU is really got on my nerves, like how in one season they kicked out Jack Bauer but didn’t think of changing the security codes on their doors and computers?? Or how moles always manage to infiltrate deep into the CTU… I mean, come on…

  15. @Ken J

    I’ve seen that mistake in movies and TV shows MANY times. The first thing that happens when an employee is fired is changing of passwords/security codes. It’s not like they don’t know they’re going to fire him ahead of time – contacting IT is part of the process.

    Actually one movie that got that right was Iron Man, when Pepper couldn’t get into the lab towards the end of the film.


  16. I still think “24” is the best show on TV. Yeah, the plot twists can be a bit predictable at times, but the show is suspenseful and I really enjoy watching it. Glad to hear that they are trying something somewhat new this season, 790.

  17. Sure there’s some inconsistencies in the show but that’s tv. Ken before you give up on the show check out season 5.

    I wish “24” would move to Showtime or HBO. Let’s get some realistic dialog going,,, it would add more realism to the characters.

  18. I am SO glad that “24” ISN’T on HBO or Showtime. Then I would have to spend the extra money to get those channels. An extra $20/month for one channel sure as hell ain’t worth it.

  19. Yeah Andy, its going to look different and have a totally different vibe. (CTU’s motif is black and orange, and looks more high-tech then before). They have these futuristic weapon/explosive detectors that are pretty cool and the entire facility is underneath Roosevelt Island, New York…
    So far I’ve heard that they are taping 3 different endings that they will opt to air based on the ratings. If the ratings are mediocre the show will more then likely conclude. I have a feeling the show is going to rebound and become a hit again. This will prob open up “24” for a film as one of the endings is filmed as a cliff hanger ending.

    Its all going to hinge on the ratings this coming season, as Kiefer’s contract is up after season 8,,, :-(

  20. There were some rumors about “24” moving to an unnamed cable network during the writers strike but nothing happened on that…