‘Footloose’ Remake Trailer Is Like The Original, Only ‘Hip’ & ‘Gritty’

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Footloose remake trailer Footloose Remake Trailer Is Like The Original, Only Hip & Gritty

Hollywood decided to begin plundering its vault of 1980s titles a couple years back, resulting in last year’s release of a successful Karate Kid remake and a moderately popular A-Team movie. Studios are hoping lightning will strike twice this year, with both this summer’s updated version of Fright Night – and this fall’s modernized take on Footloose.

A trailer has been released for the new Footloose, which was directed by Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow) and co-written by Dean Pitchford – the same fellow who scripted the original Kevin Bacon vehicle. But have the two successfully reworked the 1984 film for a new generation?

One thing Brewer and Pitchford have left unaltered is the basic premise of both the original Footloose movie and its 1998 stage musical adaptation: A big city boy has to handle some major culture shock when he moves to a (here, fictional) small Southern city – where dancing has been outlawed, due to a terrible accident some years before.

However, instead of a 26-year-old Bacon in the role of dance-happy teenager Ren MacCormack, the new film features… 26-year-old Kenny Wormald (You Got Served) as the break-dancing fool from Chicago. Likewise, Julianne Hough (Rock of Ages) takes on the role of Ariel Moore, Ren’s love interest and daughter of the strict Reverend Shaw Moore (Dennis Quaid, filling in for John Lithgow), who is dead set against Kenny and his “trouble-making” ways.

Check out the trailer for the Footloose remake (via MTV) below:

Brewer’s Footloose remake appears to have gone the “Dark Knight” route (re: edgier and grittier) that just about every upcoming reboot or remake has selected to take. There’s nothing inherently bad about that approach, but it’s difficult to say whether or not that will really work with a property like this. The original 1984 film had it fair share of silliness – like how a bunch of repressed, small-town teens are almost sporadically able to shake it like professional dancers – but there was also something charmingly hokey about that movie. It’s difficult to imagine the remake can do likewise.

Not helping matters is the central conflict of the film, which kind of strains credibility in a contemporary setting. While everything from the fashion and language to the hip-hop music in this early Footloose footage is distinctly modern, the old-fashioned story of a rebellious youth butting heads with a bunch of stuck-in-the-mud authorities seems a bit incongruous with its surroundings (feel free to debate that in the comments section). However, that might not matter much to moviegoers if Wormald and Hough ultimately prove to make for a charismatic couple onscreen – when they’re not just pulling backflips or grinding on one another, that is.

On that note – check out the Footloose movie poster below:

Footloose Remake Poster Footloose Remake Trailer Is Like The Original, Only Hip & Gritty

Footloose will dance its way into U.S. theaters on October 14th, 2011.

Source: MTV

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  1. Nothing special and for a modern movie, I really find it hard to believe that a town would ban public dancing just b/c of a car crash after a school dance. Probably wont be anywhere as good as the original.

  2. So, basically, it’s the same movie. What’s the point? Even a lot of the costumes are similar. Same storyline- same lines, really, from what I heard. Is there not a shred of creativity in Hollywood anymore? How about an original story? I would prefer to keep the older movies the way they were, cheesiness and all!

    • Why do people keep asking what you’re asking? Questions like “…creativity in hollywood anymore?” And asking for original ideas…we get it, hollywood is dealing out lots of remakes/sequels/reboots. You’re not breaking new ground by stating the obvious people.

      • The POINT my friend in continuing to re-iterate it is maybe, just maybe, someone who makes the decisions might just catch a clue and “get” that remakes are not what we want to see.

        So it’s to to inform you and the others who do get it, it for the people in Hollywood to hopefully read (and comprehend) ;)

  3. LMAO @ the same costumes. The “rene” character is even wearing the same tux! lol too funny. And I think the town would be more into “driving safety” over banning dancing because some kids died coming home from a dance. If they died coming home from the grocery store would they ban shopping? Sad!

    • This really happened though–it’s based on a true story.

    • That’s a real good point. Wish I had thought of that.

  4. yup pretty much the same movie no need for the remake, only difference i’ve heard was the music

    • the music and money to be made… lol

  5. not sure why so many people don’t like the trailer. I think it looks pretty good actually and am looking forward to seing the whole movie.


    • Your CAPS LOCK FURY was glorious but fleeting… you left me wanting.  Good day to you for I go now in search of the next wielder of the FURY!

  7. I grew up in a town that didn’t sell liquor and one of the colleges didn’t allow dancing – even at concerts. You could be thrown out of the school, or the concert (if you didn’t go to that college). Such places do exist, and we are 30 miles from Chicago, NOT in the boonies like in the movie.

  8. Looks pretty good! I was OBBSESSED with the original and still love it–i was definately worried when i heard they were remaking it and would ruin the original story. But it looks like they’re staying true and that’s what’s important in a movie like this. Also it looks like they revamped the “chicken game” with tricked out buses… just a guess from the trailer.

  9. I loved the original. One of the best movies of all time. The new one is quite a bit different. In the original Ren moved with his mom. In the new one, it looked like he moved alone. The original didn’t show the car accident and the new one does. Ariel got caught at the ice cream shop with her boyfriend dancing in the original, where in the new they showed her with Ren. So, it looks quite a bit different to me.I’m sure it will be good. Nothing ever tops the original people, but that doesn’t mean it will be bad.

  10. When i first saw they were remaking this i didn’t think the lead would be able to pull this off but just going by this trailer it seems like he did a decent job. I wonder if people not familiar with the orginal be attacted to this.

  11. So…noone else has a problem with them switching up the dance to hip hop shake you money maker crap? I mean some of it looked the same but…is that really all that appeals to this generation? I understand its my generation too kind of…but I seem to remember a feel from the original’s choreography that I am not going to be getting from this…I mean, as long as that image is stuck in my head, maybe future trailers will make me feel differently…maybe

  12. So it looks like they took Footloose, put it into current times, mixed it with a little bit of You Got Served and America’s Best Dance Crew and cha-ching.

    I don’t have a problem with remakes, but I don’t think anyone was asking for this one to happen.

  13. ooooh… “Hip”®” and “Gritty®”… and.. whatever other “memes”® will help market it. why not just.. make a good movie?

  14. EPIC FAIL without the Kenny Loggins music!

  15. Step Up 4: Back to the Boonies

  16. I know you can’t judge a movie based just on the trailer, but this looks exactly like the original. Grittier? More realistic? It actually looks less gritty and less realistic.

  17. I’m thinking that they should have stuck with country/rock/pop music,rather than pushing hiphop/R&B etc, especially as, from what I can see in the trailer, that there are no black people dancing to black music. I know its no “STEP UP” but if its small town USA, then we can expect mostly caucasians, yes?

  18. The accent is horrible and Ariel looks way to old to be in high school

  19. It looks exactly like the original! I really don’t see the need to release a remake that apparently doesn’t add anything new to the storyline.
    If I were a member of the original cast, I’d be offended, because it looks like they think the original wasn’t good enough to make the movie stand for itself as a classic.

  20. Where the “H” is Loggins’ ‘Footloose’ in that mash-up?

    Them youngins nowadays are just wipin’ their gyroscopes everywheres.

  21. This just seems to reek of the same profit mongering by Hollywood of other recent unnecessary remakes. There really is no part of the original film that can be improved upon with a remake. Not that the original was so ground breaking anyway. And the premise that dancing would be banned is extremely unlikely unless the setting was in such a backward and repressed place that it would make it unlikely that there would be any reconciliation, as there was in the original. Actually, banning dance could be a breach of the first amendment right to free speech. Besides, the basic concept of freedom and rebellion is fine. Why not simply take that idea and recycle it into a new and original story with new characters? Oh, I forgot, that would require someone in Hollywood to actually think.

  22. this looks like a terrible remake .. actors are terrible .. ARG

  23. The original Footloose is a timeless classic. Hollywood needs to quit remaking previously successful movies, they mention the Karate Kid above, and call the remake of that a success, I for one thought the remake sucked, the Original 1984 release with Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita was 100 times better, and the same will hold true for the remakes of Dirty Dancing, Footloose, and any other timeless classics they choose to ruin with remakes. I mean seriously what’s next… Forrest Gump? Leave the classics alone Hollywood, and come up with something original.