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flipped movie review Flipped Review
Screen Rant’s Vic Holtreman reviews Flipped

Flipped is a movie that having seen it, I’m really sorry we haven’t covered here on Screen Rant up until now.

It’s also a film that marks the return of the 1980s version of director Rob Reiner, and that’s a mighty good thing. That’s the decade in which he brought us such gems as Stand By Me, When Harry Met Sally, and the most wonderful and most excellent The Princess Bride.

With Flipped Reiner delivers the nostalgia factor of Stand By Me and the sweetness of The Princess Bride in a coming of age story that just makes you want to grab a blanket, settle into your favorite spot on the couch and enjoy the mellow ride. It’s based on the novel “Flipped” by Wendelin Van Draanen, which I’d never heard of until I happened to watch the trailer a couple of months ago with my daughter peeking over my shoulder – to which she exclaimed: “I love that book!”

The story is about Bryce Loski (Callan McAuliffe) and Juli Baker (Madeline Carroll), two kids who meet as 7 year olds when the Loskis move in across the street from the Bakers. Young Bryce immediately experiences the “ick” factor towards Juli, and she the complete opposite over him. Appropriate to the title, throughout the film we’re flipped between his point of view on significant events and then hers – it’s an unusual approach but very effective for showing the audience (especially the young ‘uns) how different people can perceive the same events quite differently.

When we jump to the pair as 12 year olds, Juli has had a crush on Bryce for years, rationalizing and imagining that he feels the same way about her despite the fact that he almost completely ignores her. Bryce is just being a pre-pubescent boy and Juli is a smitten girl – it’s all very sweet until Bryce is not there to stand by her to defend something she cares deeply about. The first crack in the wall of her infatuation appears and a number of things compound that until she finally decides she no longer cares for Bryce – just as he finally starts to have feelings for her.

Juli is befriended by Bryce’s grandfather (John Mahoney) and they become close (she reminds him of his deceased wife). Her father is more of a dreamer while Bryce’s father is a stern, practical man who forms opinions about others without bothering to find out more about them.

While Juli is far wiser than Bryce, she has her own lessons to learn – taught by her good-hearted father (Aidan Quinn) and Bryce’s grandfather. Bryce has a lot more to learn about life, how to treat people and how to appreciate them – and his father (Anthony Edwards) stands as an example of what not to do while his mother (Rebecca De Mornay) does the best she can to be a counterpoint as a 1960s mom.

The casting in this film was brilliant – great performances all around. The style and cinematography do a wonderful job of taking the audience back to the late 50s/early 60s while the back and forth point of view keeps the story interesting and moving forward.

Callan McAuliffe and Madeline Carroll do a stand out job (as do their very cute, younger counterparts Ryan Ketzner and Morgan Lilly) and it’s a joy watching them both learn their lessons and gain respect for themselves and one another. There’s another recent film that I’ve heard referred to as a movie about a boy becoming a man – and that’s a pale journey indeed compared to the difference between the Bryce we first meet here and the Bryce we’re left with at the film’s end.

I’m sure there will be many cynical reviews and opinions of Flipped, but I can’t recommend this film highly enough – grab the family and take them to see this warmhearted, sweet, comfortable, not-in-3D movie… you won’t regret it.

Flipped trailer:

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Our Rating:

5 out of 5

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  1. Amazing, another five by Vic. I’ve gotta see this movie.

  2. It’s weird seeing a movie le this getting mentioned here, does this mean you guys will cover more independent, non sci-fi films?

    Also, I too am a fan of the book, but the film is in limited release so I have no idea when it will go wide.

    • Jose,

      I attended the screening because my daughter is a fan of the book (I brought her along) and I thought it was so good I wanted to get the word out.

      I’m actually thinking of branching out in our coverage of films and TV…


  3. Sounds like the story deals with a lot of people growing up and learning things.

    Not my kind of film.

    • I agree. Growing up and learning stuff is boring :D

  4. “Growing up and learning stuff is boring”
    It is when its about romantic relationships. This sounds like a Star Wars event for the Glee, Twilight and High School Musical crowd.

    Lord knows they need all the relationship education they can get. ;-)
    But hey enjoy the film. I’m not Star Trek bashing it.

    • Trust me, it is nothing like Glee, Twilight, and High School Musical.

      This movie actually has a plot and good acting.

  5. That’s why I called it a Star Wars event Jose. A paradigm shift if you will for the Twi-hards.

    Maybe they’ll get they’re mind blown watching people have normal relationships back before vampires, gay friendly themes or cheerleader role models took over.

    Then again that could turn off half the audience. lol

    • What exactly is “gay friendly themes”? Musicals? Fancy dress parties?

      Anyways, the “growing up” comment wasn’t meant totally in jest since I guess both of us are well outside the target demographic for this.
      Btw; I’m all for learning, but the growing up part… I tried that, and it was bo fun at all. Bills, mortages, responsibility and so on, no wonder we try to escape into movies.

    • Sadly no one is watching the movie.

      • Jose, it hasn’t had much of a release yet. It will be expanding in a few weeks.


  6. Come on, I have to esplain the gay themes in Glee and High School musical?


    • LOL. i like these kinda films 790(dont shoot me yet please)plus ima big fan of Reiners. time to crank up my amp, it goes to eleven

  7. vic, is this out yet? if not when will it be out?

    • It’s already out in limited release, it was supposed to expand nationwide today but dissapointing box office returns are delaying the expansion indefinitely.

  8. such a cute movie i just watched it acting was amazing i am so glad i went to watch it it was breath of fresh air compared to what we have on tv and the movies these days

  9. Rob reiner huh. So no smoking anywhere in the film i assume lol! I’m glad to hear your branching out Vic. I like all kinds of films.

    • Always assume!!! It is funny how all the anti-smoking nazi’a make it so exciting when someobody does something independently, against the power. I know Rob will live forever as all the anti-smokers will AND Penny ciontinue to do everything completely boring and predictable while making smoking from a sexy girl more exciting then any entertainment he produces. Kudosto all the humans for doing what they must do!

      • Always assume!!! It is funny how all the anti-smoking nazi’s make it so exciting when someobody does something independently, against the power AND actually smokes. I know Rob will live forever as all the anti-smokers will, without being exposed to smoke AND Penny Marshall is a repulsive example of the smoking behavior SO Rob, continue to do everything completely boring and predictable while making smoking from a sexy girl more exciting then any entertainment you produce, with your rants. Kudos to all the humans for doing what they must do!

  10. Well now that I know this I might have to check this movie out.

  11. I like Rob Reiner. I like 80′s movies. I like era-based movies.
    Despite most of the actors/actresses being very young, this movie still looks interesting.
    I love the music! :)

  12. I hope I can take my 10 year old daughter. No Twilight, HS Musical crud in our house! ;-)

  13. great movie

  14. i hope that there will be a part two. this is my most FAVORITE movie. please make a part two of it. thank you.

  15. I read the book then watched the movie. I gotta say, Juli Baker wasn’t as I imagined her.

    I thought she was perfect when she was young, all enthusiastic and gungho with her eyes sparkling and everything… then when she got older she became all mellow and proper, not at all how I pictured her. That kinda ruined it for me :( Bryce was simply adorable though.