New Details on ‘The Flash’ TV Show & Its Impact on ‘Arrow’ Season 2

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flash arrow s2 details New Details on The Flash TV Show & Its Impact on Arrow Season 2

Forgive the somewhat painful pun, but news about The Flash – The CW’s planned Arrow spin-off – is coming fast. Just yesterday, the announcement seemingly came out of nowhere, and now there is a flurry of new information about Barry Allen’s introduction into DC’s TV universe and his presence in Star City during the second season of Arrow.

Read what Arrow producers Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns said during a conference call on how much we’ll see of Barry Allen, what made the character right for such an undertaking, superspeed, Greg Berlanti’s love of The Flash, and more.

It really started with Greg Berlanti.  The Flash was his favorite character, as a kid, growing up, and he’s obviously been a strong personal favorite of both Geoff [Johns] and mine.  So, when Greg approached us, one day, and said, “Hey, what would you think, if we did The Flash as a spin-off?,” all of us lit up.  Despite the fact that he’s got superpowers, I think there’s something relatable about Barry, of the big seven of The Justice League.  He got his powers by accident.  He isn’t a God.  He isn’t an alien.  He wasn’t seeking this out.  It came to him.  And his reactions to that feel very human and grounded.  I know that’s a word we use a lot on Arrow, but that’s how it really feels.  Oliver Queen is a very dark and tortured soul, and Barry is not.  I think it will be fun to see these two characters together because they both have distinctly different world views while both caring very deeply about right and wrong.

That’s Andrew Kreisberg and he isn’t kidding when he says that The Flash is a strong personal favorite of Johns’. The comic scribe helped bring Barry Allen back to life for good (as much as one can) in the Flash Rebirth comic, had a five-year run as the primary Flash writer in the early aughts, and authored the DC Univers-altering Flashpoint storyline.

Stephen Amell taking aim in Arrow New Details on The Flash TV Show & Its Impact on Arrow Season 2

Sadly, Arrow fans aren’t going to get the fully powered up Barry from the comics, though – or at least not at first. Here’s Kreisberg on Barry Allen, the man.

When we first meet Barry Allen, he’s just a forensic scientist working for the police department.  He’s just an ordinary man, when we meet him.  As we always do on ‘Arrow’, we try to keep things as grounded and realistic as possible.  That’s how the audience will be introduced to Barry and get to know him, before his life gets a little bit faster.

See, I’m not the only one who is guilty of painful Flash/speed puns, but while Kreisberg later added, “He will be The Flash” when answering a follow-up question, the big reveal is how the Arrowverse will handle the existence of super powers. Here’s Johns and Kreisberg on that.

Johns: We looked at it as Barry Allen. When he first appeared back in the ‘50s, he ushered in the Silver Age of DC superheroes. In the same way, he’s going to usher in some new and pretty insane concepts to the Arrow world, but in a very grounded way.

Kreisberg: The important thing is that our characters, who people have really come to know and like, will react to the extraordinary changes to their world, hopefully in a very realistic way. These “powers” won’t be treated as commonplace, on the show. They will be extraordinary events and the world, and our characters in it, will react accordingly.

Speaking of worlds, it seems as though episodes 8 and 9 will have more to do with what Kreisberg called Barry Allen’s “profound impact” on Oliver Queen’s life in Star City and their superhero team-up (Oliver and Barry will absolutely interact) and less to do with setting up his own world in Central City.

For that challenge, Johns, Kreisberg, and Berlanti will get some help from Arrow pilot director David Nutter, who will helm episode 20, which Johns said will show “Barry Allen and The Flash’s world starting to form, in earnest”.

flash arrow s2 details comic cover New Details on The Flash TV Show & Its Impact on Arrow Season 2

Now, that doesn’t mean that we’ll see Central City or The Mirror Master in what sounds like a backdoor pilot for the spin-off series (sorry David Cassidy), but maybe if means that we’ll get a chance to see The Flash use his superspeed, an SFX challenge that has always hung over speculation about past live-action Flash projects.

Here’s Johns on the thought process behind that particular challenge.

It will be very different. It will not be blurring around.  It will be very different. [...] There’s also some wonderful visuals in The Flash comic book, currently, that we’re looking at because they’re really inspiring.  Also, there’s a DC animated film, called Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, and there’s some sequences in there. I’ve never seen super-speed like that before, especially towards the end.  We’re getting inspired by every incarnation of The Flash, everywhere, and beyond that.

So, superspeed, a confirmed superhero team-up, and the presence of Johns at the inception of an off-shoot of what has thus far been a satisfying (though not seamlessly faithful) bridge from comics to live action: is it time for Flash fans to start getting cautiously optimistic about this project and about the potential for DC’s now suddenly fertile TV universe?


Arrow returns October 9th on The CW. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more news on The Flash.

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  1. I’m disappointed there probably wont be standalone movies now. I don’t think they will connect the TV shows to the movies. Or they wont say it in case the TV show does bad and get cancelled. I don’t recall reading anything saying they were connecting the 2. No offence the the CW but i don’t think they are a big enough network to springboard movies from.

    Plus TV always changes source material to fit what story they want to tell that week. Hopefully I’m wrong and they haven’t given up on making stand alone movies.

    • All very valid concerns

      i also doubt that dc will say anything outright about connecting the tv shows and the movies (at least not for some time)
      Doesn’t mean that they won’t be trying to keep that door open in case the shows do really well
      (judging by MOS i think DC aren’t going for the Nick Fury approach to building the shared universe, they’re making it more subtle – Easter eggs and background stuff – rather than having a character turn up and announce ‘hey, you’re a part of a larger universe’)

      Movies also always make changes to the source material to suit the story they want to tell (not just tv shows)

      • Yea your right movies change stuff too. Ill keep hope alive, it will all work out. plus the big picture is a Justice League movie anyway. So as long as they do that I will be happy.

      • Smallville didn’t connect to either Superman movies, so it’ll be highly unlikely that Arrow or Flash will connect to the big screen movie. It will be a nice introduction to those that may not be familiar with the backgrounds of the characters however.

        • Not sure how smallville fits as an example in this situation (there was a very different landscape when it started compared to now)

          plus that show got greedy and basically built an entire comic book universe itself (not only that but superman does so much before he even becomes superman, beats darkseid, zod, doomsday, brainiac, lex, he meets so many other heroes from dc universe except batman, marries Lois, with all this done what do they make a movie about?)
          But also there was a whole timing issue regarding the attempts to build live action shared universes (show had to much baggage by then but arrow is only one season in so is easier to integrate)
          And then there was a tone difference (it just wouldn’t really fit with the current tone of dc live action properties)

          By not linking directly to smallville, GL or TDK trilogy – DC gave themselves a nice clean slate to build something on starting with MOS
          Arrow fits the tone of that movie better than smallville ever did and with a few small tweaks could fit tidily within the MOS universe

          • I totally concur with JLAvenger88. MOS was given a little darker image the goes with Arrow. Flash has always been their little conscience to keep them from going over the edge. They could stay true to that part of his character, which is basically a young man with beliefs of doing the right things because it is just the right thing to do, but yet make the bad guys feel stupid from his one-liners. If they find the right person (one that doesn’t cost too much) they could have the character do both TV and big screen. Plus the appearance of Flash in the movies won’t happen for at least 3 years so they could work on building the bridge from TV to the big screen.

    • no duh, ofcourse they wont, their are different rights with films compared to movies, same reason the new agents of shield show wont use alot of characters from xmen or avengers really, well not main characters anyway.

      it just dosnt work, too much work to tie everything in together

    • Totally agree with all points but one…
      CW IS LIKE ANY OTHER network, look at AMC, FX, any other network with that one super most awesome show! It’s no longer about CBS, ABC and NBC. Remember when FoX joined that fight? Ya… it’s all there, top 20 networks all have a chance to make it big with one show or another.
      Goo points though

  2. The Flash being introduced is a good thing whether it be on TV or film. TV series for the last 5 years have been producing better quality of shows than big budget films. Maybe there is about 5-7 films a year that are actually great whereas there is about double that in TV series such as GOT, Boardwalk Empire, Bates Motel, Hannibal, Spartacus, Dexter, and so on. I think with the success of Arrow, introducing The Flash can only be a good thing and will lead to an eventual big budget film whether it be in JLA or a featured Flash film. Either way it seems WB/DC is hesitant to do big budget films if it’s not Superman or Batman

    • Your definitely right about the WB/DC being hesitant.

      But don’t get me wrong i will be watching it. I just wanted them to do stand alone movies. Id settle for a team up movie GL and Flash. I just think most people will be hesitant to go pay for a movie when they can watch flash at home for free. But oh well you gotta have faith they know what there doing.

      • I think also for a big picture film they need to find the right director/visual effects guy. Don’t get me wrong, I loved what Snyder and Nolan did but I just don’t think they are the right people to handle a Flash movie

    • Isn’t just possible that DC’s character are better suited for the comics and cartoons, (with the exception of Bats maybe), while Marvel’s characters are better suited for both the big screen and comics?

      Marvel seems to be much better at adaping their characters to the movies, while DC seems to be better at adapting them to cartoons and cartoon movies. Let’s face it, DC’s cartoon movies put their live action movies to shame, MoS proved that out.

      Maybe DC should just stick to what they do best animation, and leave the live action stuff to Marvel and Fox.

      • A lot of the success that Marvel/Fox has is that they hire the right people for the movies, well, for the most part, LOL. Also Marvel/Fox seems to play to the humor and somewhat “out there” characters. With WB/DC they seem to want to keep it more serious and that seems to be a risky move. Also based on the “general publics” knowledge, they only really know of Batman and Superman from the DC world whereas in Marvel they know more character even before the IM, CA, Thor movies of the 2000′s came out. Marvels brand for whatever reason seems to be bigger to the general public than DC(Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Spiderman, Wolverine, and Iron Man)

        • I think that the “other” DC characters were just as well or better known to the public before recent films came out. Marvel has just been so brilliant with their film-making – that has changed everything. It’s a new world, now. Who would have imagined that Iron Man would be such a smash, and in 5 years be pulling in numbers as big as Batman?

          Marvel, as you say, hires the right people. Who would have thought that Thor would make a live-action film anything but laughable? They hired Kenneth Branaugh, brilliant brilliant brilliant move. Joe Johnston for Captain America, also very sensitive to the character.

          DC characters do need to take themselves more seriously in live-action, but there is no reason that they cannot work. It just has to be done the right way, and WB has a sketchy track record at best.

          • I dunno, before Iron Man came out, the only heroes people could name here were Superman, Batman, Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk.

            Everyone else was just too obscure.

      • Right and how long was Smallville on again?

        • And Wonder Woman and The Flash have both had live acton tv shows too!

      • tv land is dc’s comfort zone

      • I agree

  3. The more I think about this move, the more I like it, particularly with Johns on board.

    I want his intro to be Barry Allen reading a Jay Garrick Flash comic.

    A movie wouldn’t have the time needed to do Barry Allen justice and much of his more insane powers would either be glossed over or ignored… or jumped to too quickly.

    With TV we can see the speedster grow, and eventually master his molecules, space, and time.

  4. Another project that WB might be keeping an eye on is the Avatar 2 movie since it has to do with the sea. I think if Avatar 2 has the same success it could lead WB/DC to develop an Aquaman movie. It seems the more I look around and read between the lines WB/DC is looking at what the trends are which is why I think 2016-2018 is a more realistic timeframe for a JLA movie. 2014 to see how the Marvel movies do especially GOTG, 2015 for Avengers 2, Ant-Man, Batman vs Superman and the Batman reboot movie. If all of these do somewhat ok with some decent profit I would expect WB/DC to move forward with a JLA movie slated for sometime in 2017.

    • I’m sure I said that exact comment on the Avatar article a day or two ago.

  5. I have been a fan of DC for 34 years (I’m 48). I have thousands of comics, and evey movie ever made about any DC character, even Green Lantern (ugh), and this Flash news just saddens me deeply.

    WB really dosen’t know what to do with these great DC characters, and really never has. Arrow is ok, but it’s no luanching ground for other DC characters. It’s a melodramatic soap oprea for teenage girls and boys. It’s not even watched by that many people because it’s on the CW.

    If DC isn’t going to folow the sucessful model that Marvel has laid out, then their doomed in the cinema. Just make a solo movie for each of the members of the Justice League and let the chips fall where they may. At least we’ll know then if these characters can make it on the big screen.

    • What I gather from Arrow is like how TWD was when it first came out. A lot of people like it but it really gained a lot of viewership after the first season. I suspect that will be the case with Arrow. I know a lot of people who never heard of the show up until a month ago and just started watching it. Now they are hooked and can’t wait for the second season. I see the viewership/ratings for the show to grow into Season 2. At least with a TV show they are able to tell within the pilot/test screeners if the show will be a success and it doesn’t eat up nearly as much money as a big budget film would which is why I suspect we will see a trend of material that would usually be a good movie be installed as a TV series, i.e. SHIELD, Almost Human, The Leftovers, American Gods, True Detective, and The Strain

      • @Peter North

        Arrow airs on Sky One here and mostly adults watch it, the majority of those being people who don’t read comic books from the research I’ve seen.

  6. Barry Allen as Flash: Fantastic!
    Flash theater movie:
    Guest appearences on Arrow: Uh, cautiously good, but think I would rather see Flash with own TV show and not tied to Arrow (or Arrow tied to Justice League). I am sure I will watch it and hopefully enjoy it tho. The Arrow TV series is good, just not sure about super-powering it up, tho.

  7. A Flash movie is great, a team-up movie with Green Lantern and Flash would be even better, against, say, Sinestro and Professor Zoom (Reverse-Flash). Now that would be epic!
    And keep Barry Allen as Flash, and Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, forever!

  8. Yes its time to get optimistic

  9. Here is the Casting to CW’s THE FLASH series:

    Barry Allen
    Iris West
    Henry Allen
    Nora Allen
    Dexter Miles
    Patty Spivot
    Sam Scudder (The Mirror Master)
    Paul Gambi

  10. Ok. I am cautiously optimistic about this.

    If Flash is introduced well, then it will not only spin-off into its own series, it will also set up the Arrowverse for super powers.

    But if they screw it up, Arrow will be negatively affected. I feel like they finally figured it out on Arrow and now to change the game and introduce powers (especially this early) it could be a very bad thing.

    Only time will tell I guess.

    ps. I wouldn’t mind if they were set in the same universe as the movies. That could be kinda cool…again only if done right.

  11. The Flash as a TV show will be great because we will see a more developed Flash/Barry Allen, and see him develop in a better way in becoming the flash.

  12. Never trust the CW to not ruin a show.

  13. Top choices off my head Todd Lasance or Ryan Kwanten to play Barry Allen anybody from Spartacus would make a good addition to Arrow!

  14. i was very disappointed during season 1 when the producer said in season about no super powers in arrow i was like what come on………… but this is a great please but i want to see bruce wayne