‘Flash’ TV Series Coming From ‘Arrow’ Creators; Movie Still Planned For 2016?

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Flash TV Series CW Arrow Creators Flash TV Series Coming From Arrow Creators; Movie Still Planned For 2016?

It certainly isn’t the news that comic book movie fans were hoping for, but The Flash may be making his live-action debut sooner than some might have thought. Despite the lack of any Justice League announcements at Comic-Con 2013 (beyond that Batman vs. Superman movie, of course) Warner Bros. is apparently moving forward with an adapted Flash TV series for The CW.

With writing from DC mainstay Geoff Johns and two out of the three Arrow creators attached – Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti – the project centering on Central City’s Flash – a character and city alluded to with tongue-in-cheek references in Arrow itself – is being fast-tracked by the network, with Barry Allen to first appear as a recurring character in Arrow‘s Season 2. So what does this mean for a Flash movie?

Obviously, whether this announcement from Deadline comes as good news or horrible depends on your view of Berlanti and Kreisberg’s adaptation work with the character of Green Arrow. Nevertheless, the show’s creators seem intent on bringing some of the DC universe’ best and brightest into the fold, with Barry Allen confirmed to appear as a recurring character, while the creative team prepare a standalone series of his own. CW president Mark Pedowitz explains:

“We’re planning an origin story and we’ll see how it goes. We do want to expand on DC Universe, and we felt this is a very organic way to get there… He may not come in with superpowers.”

How the series would impact the consistently-rumored Flash film wasn’t mentioned, but sources of THR claim that Marc Guggenheim is still working on his movie for a 2016 release, so fans don’t need to panic just yet.

the flash film has solid script Flash TV Series Coming From Arrow Creators; Movie Still Planned For 2016?

From a serialized drama standpoint, The Flash certainly has the occupation and villains to work in a weekly format; in fact, some might argue that the serialized format of comic books in general is more fitted to a ‘monster of the week’ structure than tentpole blockbusters. As a member of the Central City Police Department’s forensics lab, Barry Allen spends his days picking up the clues everyday criminals leave behind, using superspeed and a bright red jumpsuit to take down villains of a more theatrical flavor.

That blending of C.S.I. and superhero is an odd mix that was apparently at the heart of the proposed Flash movie script, so it’s easy to see how it could work on television. As for the villains… well, any Flash fan will tell you that viewers who found some of Arrow‘s antagonists silly haven’t seen anything yet.

However, Barry Allen has proven to be a strong enough hero to keep audiences invested regardless of the surrounding villains. It’s no surprise that Allen will be the live-action Flash for the time being, but given The CW’s target audience and tone, introducing him as a police scientist (and part of Oliver Queen’s team) may be cause for concern.

The Flash TV Series Flash TV Series Coming From Arrow Creators; Movie Still Planned For 2016?

We’re not going to criticize Arrow for being, to many, something of a Batman knock-off; Oliver Queen was created to be just that in the comics. But the application of love triangles, ‘frenemies,’ and melodrama to the core story of a masked vigilante are hard to miss – just one way The CW has attempted not only to attract a younger, female audience, but strengthen comparisons to the likes of Smallville. That’s something of a departure from the Se7en and Silence of the Lambs vibe the Green Arrow film script had been seeking.

But while a younger Flash has been moderately successful in the comics (last seen when Barry’s grandson Bart took over the role), that is not the version fans have been demanding. And it is most certainly not the version we feel would work best in a Justice League universe. Even if Warner Bros., under the leadership of Johns, Berlanti and Kreisberg, managed to adapt Barry’s dual identities into a workable CW formula, what would that mean for his feature film appearances?

Sharing a universe across TV and film is not impossible – even Marvel is doing it – but while TV fans will be able to see how Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fits into the Avengers universe, those currently watching Arrow, Flash, or potentially Amazon can’t say the same (although Arrow star Stephen Amell has some ideas).

Superman Flash Justice League Movie Flash TV Series Coming From Arrow Creators; Movie Still Planned For 2016?

Who knows; Warner Bros. may have some grand plan for bringing their TV and movie universes together, but for the moment, this move will be questioned by fans. While Green Arrow is far too fringe a character to risk building a motion picture, or possibly even a Justice League position around, The Flash is absolutely strong and popular enough to carry a standalone film; a prospect that now seems less likely than ever.

Not to say that a Flash TV series is doomed from the start, but getting disappointed fans to support a TV show – and its much more limited budget – is a challenge for any project, let alone one with a movie franchise riding on it. Of course, we’d love to be proven wrong. After all, Wonder Woman fans were up in arms about the prospect of an Amazon origin story, and look how that turned out.

What is your immediate reaction to this news? Is a Flash TV series a mistake, or could the show’s creators be onto something? Sound off in the comments.


We’ll keep you updated on The Flash TV series and movie as more news develops.

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Source: Deadline, THR

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  1. Other than the ability to move real fast, what other powers does Flash have?

    • He can vibrate through objects, making him nearly impossible to capture. Sometimes he can run so fast that it makes him time travel.

      Also has the ability to read, write, and comprehend extremely quickly, making him a valuable asset to planning strategies. Superhuman endurance as well.

      • So basically just doing things in a incredibly short time period compared to others.

        • He’s faster than Superman and, if Batman isn’t around, can think up nearly every possible trial for a situation.

          Plus, I mentioned he can vibrate through walls. Martian Manhunter can do that, but Flash has the speed advantage over everyone, and that’s key when it comes to time being of the essence.

          • I need his speed when I am running late for work!
            Actually, next to Green Lantern, I consider Flash the next most integral hero for JLA.

    • Tapping into the Speedforce allows Flash to basically troll the laws of physics. He can move so fast he can break the temporal barrier. He can move so fast he can phase through solid matter and rearrange the world on an atomic level. The if the Flash were as smart as Batman he’d be the most powerful hero in the DC universe and that’s no joke.

      • It’s true. If Flash did have genius level intellect along with his superhuman comprehension, no one could stop him.

        • to be fair, he can have genius intellect, provided he studied fast enough :D

      • That settles it, he needs his own movie. But if they’re gonna make a series then somehow they will have to figure out how to shoot/show his superspeed. In Smallville every time Clark used his speed they used slow-mo, it can’t happen here because its all he does, they need to figure out a way to convey to the user how incredibly quick he is without the usual ways of slowing it down.

        • The old TV series did a decent job for the time of portraying his speed, when special effects were not as advanced as now. It can be done.

        • How obvious is it that I work in I.T?

          Did I just write, “convey to the user”????? Sorry. I meant “viewer” not “user”.

        • Well in Smallville they did a mixture of slow mo, and people pretending to not move

          • they can use similar special effects from the latest flashpoint movie, show him moving so fast that he runs over helicopter blades and up/down buildings

  2. I know this is sacrilege. I not only like the idea, I prefer it to a movie. I didn’t grow up a DC guy. I’m not trying to start a fight and I’m not a DC expert, but all their heroes (outside of Batman, who is perfect) always seemed too powerful even in the comics to me. Make that way too powerful for an even semi- realistic movie. I did like MOS, but I’m not sure how that guy can share a picture with anyone not made of adamantium.

    I love Arrow. I’d love it if over the course of the next couple seasons they power him up just a little bit, quietly without making a huge point of it. Bring in Flash, but give him powers with non-godlike range and fathomable limits. Now dial Superman’s omnipotence back just a bit in the B vs. S movie somehow and establish a scale where all these characters can exist in the same Universe. Then the TV Arrow and Flash can movie into the JL world with established personas (same with the Amazon Princess). It seems like a winner for the marketing people and the fans as well. They could carve out their own area that would stand in contrast to the Avengers. More for us to like that way.

    • Makes sense to me. I do think that however he appears, they need to dial back the Flash’s powers for film. The same with Green Lantern if that ever gets rebooted.

      • Well in like the justice league animated show, they had to dial back ALL of their powers, cause it really wouldn’t be fair if flash could run through objects and turn back time or Superman not being able to lift a robot…….

        • lift planets Dumbass*

    • Marvel’s Hyperion is basically a Superman rip (more of the early limited Superman) who is immensely powerful, but pales compared to godlike beings like Thor or Hulk.

      Certainly being immensely strong, but not able to move planets, fast, but not “Flash” fast, able to fly and shoot fricking laser beams from his eyes would tone Superman down to the point where he could do a lot, but not everything.

      DC needs a contrived reason every time to explain why Superman doesn’t just fly straight at the villain as fast as possible, before going home for a cup of coffee.

    • As someone who grew up reading JLA comics in the late 60′s and 70′s, the real Justice League should be as follows: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Hawkman. Possible also ran characters: Atom, Martian Manhunter, Black Canary. Any other character from the DC universe just won’t fit in. As far as enemies go in a Justice League movie: Lex Luthor, Captain Cold, The Joker, Cheetah, Brainiac, Sinestro. I know Sinestro was not part of the old Legion of Doom, but he is one of the most sinister villains around.

    • Funny I had the entirely opposite thoughts in regards to DC and Marvel. Marvel heroes always seemed too powerful vs. DC characters. But when you get down to it both of them are out of the realm of realism. What I like about what DC is doing though is making it believable. Humanizing these godlike characters. Man of Steel was a fantastic example of what I wanted out of a Superman story for so long.

  3. This is WB/DC Best option.

    Put someone in Charge of both the Animated and Cinematic DC Universe. Pick one to govern over all of them, to lay the rules down and say this is how we want to bring it in line with Movies, Animation and TV.

    Stop with the “Realistic” standpoint. You can have your realism and fantasy in one nice package. Realism of Man of Steel is what might have slowed its profit margin. (Hint Parents do not like their children seeing heroes snap the neck of villains)

    Even it out. Each movie gets a set budget. Equal the budget out across the board and limit it to two movies a year, 1st Tier gets Summer, Second Tier gets Spring or Fall.

    Stop Rubber Stamping and Green lighting movies based on a couple of higher ups liking the script.The Higher Ups are thinking money not story and if they think Superman moving the earth out of the way of a rogue asteroid is better than Superman stopping the asteroid There is your problem. Get 3-4 scripts and invite the writers, Pure fans to storyboards and get a consensus of what The people who actually create and read the Comic books is thinking. Get input..its called Market Research for a reason.

    Establish communication between directors and writers from other projects. If another director gets an idea of where you are going with your movie, they can offer input or pull their in line with yours.

    These are Comic book movies. They are primarily geared towards Children. Stop with the adult theme marketing. Focus on Marketing that will get a kid to drive their parents crazy for this toy, or this fast food resturant. What 8 year old kid is worried about what razor the man of steel makes. That is why IM3 was successful. They used Comcast and had a kid make a suit at home. That is how you draw the kids in.

    If Christopher Nolan is going to Produce, then do not worry about him looking over a directors shoulder. If you going to have the man that made you the most successful CBM for your studio, you are defeating the purpose.

    Tell David S Goyer to shut up, put ego aside and work with writers who know the characters better than he does, and yes..Synder as well.

    Finally….DON’T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT WHAT DISNEY/MARVEL DOES. You worry about your own side of the fence and stop peeking over to see what they are doing. They are going to have their moments in flop history as well.

    • Very well said Jeff, I completely agree.

    • My only problem with that is…I like the “adult themes.” I like either approach, but I’d really love to see them stick to their current approach. The TDK trilogy proved that “adult” CBM movies can rake in the dough…they just have to be high quality.

      • Not sure why realism is assumed to be the reason for the lack of projected profits. I’d say the more likely reason is that some saw the trailers and just didn’t think it looked that good so they stayed away until they could catch it for free down the road instead.

        I like the realistic approach both DC and Marvel have. You don’t have to go full realism like TDK trilogy did but you don’t have to go super over the top and ridiculous like Green Lantern.

        Hell, The Wolverine had fantastical events in a realistic movie and it worked a treat. Just keep doing what you did with MOS (without the unnecessary sequences and flawed plot/dialogue writing).

        • Oh and if you cater towards mostly 8 year old kids, you get Green Lantern.

          Market movies for EVERYONE because the majority of comic book readers are teens and adults.

          • This 55 year old likes Green Lantern overall.

            • This 29 year old thought changing Parallax to a cloud was stupid and they tried to cram way too much into the movie with some parts (like Hal’s training and Sinestro’s speech to the other Lanterns) came off as totally cheesy.

              The cast was perfect though, especially Strong and as much as I like Reynolds as an actor, Hal should be recast, the property rebooted and just start over.

          • Actually Dazz, if you cater mostly to 8 year olds, you get Iron Man 3 complete with Dora the Explorer.

            • Now, now…don’t insult “Dora the Explorer”. ;)

    • very well thought out 1+ for you good sir.

  4. I think the principal reason for them doing a TV series (which, whilst not the most justifiable course of action, I still think it’ll work – think crime show with a detective who secretly has powers) is that Marvel has basically owned the film industry, even with their B-star heroes. Yet, so far, DC have only been able to successfully translate the 2 heroes that will always do well (Batman and Superman) into film. So they will try to beat Marvel to TV domination by putting bigger heroes onto TV, and perhaps more heroes than Marvel can. Also, when you look at how popular Green Lantern is, yet how poorly his movie did, and compare that to the fact that Green Arrow is a somewhat B-list hero for the average man, yet how successful the show is, I think it’s perfectly reasonable for WB to look to TV first. Arrow may have demonstrated that there’s a greater audience on TV.

    • With Quicksilver zipping about, DC needs it’s super speedster as well. Ant-Man is coming…how about The Atom?

  5. This could work so well. Cast a GREAT unknown actor for Flash and make it canon with the MOSverse. If they are indeed adding powers to Arrow they might as well add it into the MOSverse. Having a tv show transition into a movie can work SO WELL.

    • Yes, even have the occasional television news report in Arrow that talks about the cowled vigilante in Gotham city, or the blue blur in Metropolis. Don’t make it too overt, but establish the background of the DC universe.

  6. Glad to here that something is being done with flash to finally get him off and running (would prefer a movie announcement but I’ll take a tv show with ties to Arrow)

    Arrow has been great so far (yes it isn’t classic comic green arrow, but by all accounts that will begin to change this season and in the future)
    By introducing flash into arrow universe it could act as a relatively smooth way of increasing the humour in that show, as well as opening the door for superpowered characters (like a true black canary)
    But even without his powers they could use him in a similar way to how laurels dad was used in season one, he could be better at tracking down ollie

    Another thing, is that if these shows are able to keep running until the Justice League film comes out then why not bring in the actors to keep it canon and use the shows popularity to increase buzz for JL
    arrow will be 4 or 5 seasons in and will probably be quite different to the season 1 version of the character, flash will be well established as well, if they are still going by then
    Arrow, Batman vs Superman, Flash – that’s 4

    • If they could pull that off, bringing the same actors portraying Green Arrow and maybe Black Canary and/or Flash from TV into a Justice League film, I agree that it could be not just great for fans, but a superb way of building hype for the film.

      I would like to see a Flash solo film, but whatever works. Seriously, if whomever is in charge at WB was (or is) capable of seeing the possibilities and then capitalizing on them, they could do some incredible stuff.

      • But who wants to see actors from a CW show in a JL movie? There’s a reason they’re on CW

        • Depends on the actor, the role and of course the story/writing in both the show and the JL film

          I wouldn’t be to up in arms about Amell’s Green Arrow in a JL film (considering the character progression that the show seems to be targeting)
          He isn’t needed right now sure but JL isn’t coming out for some time (is it even written yet?), so there is plently of time for:
          the show to improve on its flaws (melodrama/writing)
          the character to become more like the comic Green Arrow (already the plan)
          for Amell to get better at acting (which I thought even over the first season there was an improvement)
          and for a link to be established to DC films (can be done by simply acknowledging the MOS aftermath, with news footage/headline in the background, once early on this season)

          The channel a show is on means very little to me to be honest, we don’t get Arrow on CW in the UK, its on Sky One here
          Some of the actors from shows on terrible channels here have turned up in some decent tv shows/films recently
          For example some of the cast from skins and misfits have been in GoT and if memory serves their characters are alive and kicking on GoT, at the moment anyway
          Skins and misfits were/are on the channel brought us the abomination that was the big brother reality tv show and yet these actors have managed to get roles on what is arguably the best show on television

          Just saying maybe don’t judge an actor or a show to quickly or harshly by the channel its on
          Sometimes you have to go where the work is (no matter how good or bad you are)

          • @JLAvenger88

            But American people will only care about American TV networks. That’s one thing that worries me, viewers there stop watching a show and the rest of the world suffers because US networks panic and pull the plug, despite huge international audiences.

            Look what we have in the UK though:

            Sky One – Arrow

            Sky Atlantic – Game Of Thrones, Mad Men, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, The Borgias, The Newsroom, The Tunnel coming soon (our version of Danish thriller “The Bridge”)

            Sky Living – Hannibal

            Fox – Dexter, Breaking Bad, Falling Skies, The Walking Dead, Family Guy, American Dad!

            Not to mention Channel 4 bringing us Homeland again later in the year.

            This is why I love British TV networks. Don’t have to have 16 different channels to catch individual shows, just have the worry that a US network will cancel something for no reason at all.

            • I get that American viewer will only care about American TV networks
              We all have to work to the channels that each have (I do like how it its over here, cos it seems a bit easier to find all the good shows)
              But to dismiss an actor or show simply due to the channel its on and saying that because of that it doesn’t even deserve a chance to turn up on the big screen as was said
              just seems a bit harsh to me

    • And you forgot Green Lantern, that’s a big 5!

  7. Well, well, well……..look what we have here…..

    Marvel mentions Quick Silver being in, not one, but two movies coming up and now look at the news we get from Warner Bros. – DC, a Flash TV show.

    So I guess any time DC fan wants to see what new hero will be in DC universe next, all they have to do is look to Marvel to see what they’re doing.

    Copy cat, copy cat, copy cat.

    Marvel breaks out Quick Silver, and all of a sudden, look, it’s a Flash TV show!


    What a coincidence…..ah, not really. What a joke is more like it.

    They decided to put The Flash on TV? He’s going to debut on that ridiculous soap opera disguised as a superhero show, Arrow? Good-bye Flash movie, and good-by, (and good riddance), to a Justice League movie. Don’t worry DC fan, it would have been terrible anyway, just like all DC movies are.

    This is another bungling move by a DC company that has no idea what they’re doing next.

    In the words of the great Dr. Banner (paraphrased):

    “Their minds are like a bag of cats, you can smell crazy on them”

    What a complete joke DC has become.

    • Big deal. Flash is bigger than Quicksilver.

      • Yes. Flash is already more iconic to the general public than Quicksilver might ever become. I don’t care about Marvel vs DC talk, I just want to see all the characters get the adaptions that they deserve.

    • If you love comic you wouldn’t think of this ad DC vs Marvel. If you’re not a flash fan or DC fan go ……

    • Well, well, well……..look what we have here….. another troll trying to start Marvel vs DC Copy cat, copy cat, copy cat.

      In the words of the great Betty White “Trolls suck.” or Neal Stephenson “Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker’s game because they almost always turn out to be—or to be indistinguishable from—self-righteous sixteen-year-olds possessing infinite amounts of free time.”

    • Well, well, well.

      Flash First Appearance 1940
      Quicksilver First Appearance 1964

      Took 24 years of quicksilver to catch up to the flash.

      So, who is following who exactly?

      • Exactly.

        It really doesn’t matter who comes first because.

        1.) Thanks to the DCAU, a lot of people are more familiar with The Flash.

        2.) The Flash is the reason Quicksilver even exists

        You can play the Marvel game for only so long. Their characters have not an impact as early as DC did, and all you have to go by is their movies. Is that bad? No, but growing up, I wasn’t attracted to how much money a movie made. I wasn’t attracted by which comic book logo was slapped onto the screen better.

        I was attracted by a movie when I sat down with my family and we all had a good time watching it. And I don’t get that “Well, that was stupid” look from my parents.

        My dad HATES comic book movies, but we both saw the first trailer for “Batman Begins” and we both looked at each other like “That looks REALLY good”. So we went opening day. And then we saw TDK opening day (as much as I dislike the film now, I was only 13 when it was released and it was the first time I saw an audience REALLY get into a movie. It’s a great memory that might change my perspective on TDK later on down the line).

        My entire family stood in an ENOOOOOORMOUS line just to see SM2 and that was worth the wait.

        I saw “Iron Man” on my friend’s birthday with him and that was fun. My family saw “The Incredible Hulk” and that was extremely fun. Then…I don’t know, we all just sat around thinking they were trying too hard after that and we still think that. And maybe that’s why my family really enjoyed MOS. It didn’t feel like it had to be a tie in to Justice League.

        • @Ultimate ACW

          Please, for the love of god, procreate when you find the right girl. We need more people like you in this world.

      • Nailed it.

    • Its Quicksilver..not Quick Silver. Troll, please know how to properly present his name.

      My God

  8. Awesome. I’d love to see Flash on TV again. With TV, we get 22 episodes that are 45 minutes…so that is 16 1/2 hours of Flash per year. A movie would be 2 1/2 hours and happen every three years…if it is successful. It all depends on the writers and Geoff Johns and the Arrow writers can probably pull off a decent enough story. I’m very excited.

    • Could you really get good writers that want to work for CW?

      • Someone never watched Veronica Mars :p

        • @Rob

          I am using “I got Daughters who watched it”defense

      • Ben Edlund wrote for Supernatural and he created the Tick. SPOON!

        • I loved The Tick (the comic book and cartoon, not the live action version).

          Gonna have to disagree with Rob on Veronica Mars too. My younger brother used to watch it and I saw a few episodes with him and thought it was a terrible show.

  9. Im not happy about this Flash tv series I would have much rather have seen him on the big screen, but im stilling going to watch it lol
    And also I might be wrong here but if the Flash is coming out in Arriw season 2 without his super powers then is he even really The Flash ? I just dont see the point.
    Again I might be wrong and ill love for some

  10. * someone to change my mind :)

  11. John Wesley Shipp can play a Supporting Fictional Character “Henry Allen” as Barry’s Father in the FLASH series. Here is the Origin to the FLASH

    Barry Allen wearing a Red-Mask not covering his whole head. He will wear a Red Tanker Top Spandex Tights.

    Barry is both a Police Officer and Scientist who insolves a crime mystery in Central City. The Villain in this series shall be James Jesse (The Trickster)

  12. tie in the arrow and flash series into the Justice league movie. Beat Marvel to the punch on TV and use the shows to establish the world. Arrows world can be Man of steel’s world with just a few tweaks in Season 2 (imagine the season prmiere having Oliver watching the zod attack on TV and discussing how the wold is changing)

    • That’s actually a good idea

    • Good idea! It appears this is what they are doing. Arrow is filmed in the style of Man of Steel and seems to fit very well in the universe

  13. If CW is gunna do the show… They better start sticking to the actual stories rather than making there own messed up versions… Most DC lovers don’t appreciate it.

    • Why? It’s not like the films stick to the actual stories, either.

  14. And as a side note- they need to turn death stroke into a villian… Even if he isn’t when Oliver first met him… They need to make him in the present day a metahuman assassin/mercenary like he is

    • I’ve had the feeling all along that was the plan.

      Slade trains Oliver on the island, something happens between them, years later Slade and Ollie clash in Star(ling) City.

  15. zomg awesomeee

  16. Start with a motion picture, then eventually come out with the TV series. Otherwise, if you undervalue the movie, then no one will go see it. For example, after seeing the TV series week after week you get familiar with the actor(s). Almost attached to the characters. Even the special effects come in to play. People will say “oh, the TV series had better effects than this movie”. It never fails. So the producers automatically have to step up the budget to avoid bad word of mouth, regardless of how good the script is written. And there’s always these one or two actors on the TV show that stand out. And, believe it or not, this is where you have some of the biggest comparisons. Now all this is fine after the movie comes out. The audience wants to see these actors on TV every week. Heck, sometimes you want to see them more than the actual Hero, e.g. Smallville’s Rosenbaum, Mack, and, at times, Kreuk. All this is what a studio is looking for in a TV series. But definitely never before the movie is released.

  17. Arrow’s first season was soap opera’ish with fantastic action scenes here and there, bad dialogue for some characters others were good,Diggle, but I think with Geoff Johns spear-heading “The Flash” tv series I really feel it can be done well. Plus they need to ditch marc guggenheim and greg berlanti all together I can’t believe Dc is allowing them to write the flash movie.

  18. Aside from all of the powers mentioned Flash can use the infinite mass punch by moving at the speed of light and gaining mass in proportion to that speed (real physics by the way) which can allow him a lot of attack power and as long as Warner Bros./DC can pull this off keep viewers interested and tie this in to the movie universe somehow, I’m fine with this.

  19. Semi disappointed by this news.

    I love Arrow and Flash might be my favorite superhero but I just do not see them mixing. I feel has though combining the small screen and MOS universes could get messy.

    I was hoping Arrow would continue to bring in lesser known DC characters (Red Arrow, Blue Beetle, Nightwing, Booster Gold, Harley Quinn, Amanda Walker, etc), and let the big screen MOS universe handle the main justice league members and villains.

    I think a Nightwing spin off would have been better [besides the fact they would be similar shows, I know I would watch both], but still very excited to see Flash on show.

    • Those aren’t really lesser known, Nightwing and Harley Quinn are pretty big characters.

      Blue Beetle and Red Tornado perhaps, but definitely not Dick Grayson and Harleen Quinzel.

      • Maybe not lesser known, but not major justice league characters.
        Those characters are better fit for an arrow appearance and would get more screen time than they would if they were connected to the MOS/JL universe.

  20. So I think this answers the question as to weather or not “Arrow” is part of the DC cinematic universe. It looks like they are setting up Green arrow and flash to be apart of the Justice league movie. I think this also tells us Batman will be appearing in Arrow sooner then later.

  21. I call BS on this

  22. My god. After the big comic con announcement, I thought you had your s*** together, DC. Come on, guys.

    If this is just going to be joining the Arrow universe, but staying separate from the Cavill DC universe, then I don’t really care. I watch Arrow, but I consider it somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. The acting is lifeless, the stories are predictable and cliched, and the dialogue is terrible. But it’s entertaining as hell. If Flash were to be part of it, fine, but I’d rather him stay out of the movie universe, where hopefully they’ll have a different Flash. I doubt it, but I can hope.

    BUT, if this IS going to be part of the Man of Steel universe, then I am not happy at all. I don’t want to see these incarnations of Green Arrow and the Flash part of the larger DC movie universe. Just make a quality movie with a great story, good characters, and some badass action.

    I realize that financially, this may be the way to go, as it’s cheaper and there are so many movies flopping these days, but if they want to make a Flash show, then please put it in a separate universe from Arrow.

    • I don’t think it will be a part of the filmverse. After having Superman, it seems silly to have Green Arrow, who would be called a Hawkeye knock-off left and right.

      If anything, this might just help people familiarize themselves with Flash in order to gain support for a movie in due time. Like Smallville except Flash sort of needs a show like that.

      • So, you think WB will have a Flash in the TV show and a different Flash in the movies? That’s not confusing at all…

        • Well, like you said below. Not everyone would watch a TV show that tied into the movie. They can do whatever they want in the Arrowverse while at the same time doing the primary vision for the films.

        • Brandon Routh and Tom Welling did that in the last decade with Clark Kent. Most people are smart enough to distinguish the difference between the big screen and their television programs.

          • I guess. But I’ve learned to never underestimate the ignorance of the general public.

          • Yes, but don’t you think that had something to do with the movie’s misfire?

            • Which movie?

            • @Gerry O –
              Nope. And actually it grossed more at the box office than Batman begins…it just had a much bigger production budget. Superman Returns failed because of the script. Plain and simple…Lois cannot have Superman’s baby! Did Brodie not teach us this in Mallrats? All the special effects in the world cannot cover up bad writing…Green Lantern reassured us of that point.

              • @Professor Procrastinator,
                Hence the misfire. If you’re domestic profit does not cover the production budget then it’s considered a box office disappointment, right? And Batman Begins had great word of mouth to go along with a profitable margin at the box office. Which Superman Returns didn’t. All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t start a TV series on a character that you’re planning to release a big budget production on. Especially if its with a half ass written script like with Superman Returns. I watched all ten seasons of Smallville. And, let me tell you, some seasons were better than others. But I couldn’t help but compare the TV Show with the movie. Now if you find yourself doing this that means one of two things; A. The TV show was really good or B. the movie is not that good. And I’m gonna agree with you and have to go with the latter. With that said, I’ll reiterate, Flash, the movie, is gonna set itself up for a misfire if they start a TV series first. Unless, of course, someone comes with an amazing script. And, so far, I haven’t seen that in any comic universe.

                • @Gerry O -
                  Having a TV show and a movie of the same character shouldn’t be a problem. A few people will hear about and watch a show on the CW whereas a feature film has a much wider audience. The general public won’t know about the TV while watching the movie…you will and I will…but Joe Schmoe and his family won’t.

                  I knew who Superman was growing up, yet I didn’t start watching Smallville until it was syndicated. I have friends who buy more comics than I’ll ever choose to, and they’ve yet to watch Arrow. The CW is a very small market…and a DC comic book property is a very niche show. But you put the Flash movie trailer on during the Superbowl, and then the general public will know this character.

                  • @Professor Procrastination-
                    Although I do somewhat agree with you on the target audience from TV show to Big screen. I still think the majority(at least more than you might agree to)still watches both. And with that I would like you to read this previous post. And please share your thoughts.

                    Previous post: Start with a motion picture, then eventually come out with the TV series. Otherwise, if you undervalue the movie, then no one will go see it. For example, after seeing the TV series week after week you get familiar with the actor(s). Almost attached to the characters. Even the special effects come in to play. People will say “oh, the TV series had better effects than this movie”. It never fails. So the producers automatically have to step up the budget to avoid bad word of mouth, regardless of how good the script is written. And there’s always these one or two actors on the TV show that stand out. And, believe it or not, this is where you have some of the biggest comparisons. Now all this is fine after the movie comes out. The audience wants to see these actors on TV every week. Heck, sometimes you want to see them more than the actual Hero, e.g. Smallville’s Rosenbaum, Mack, and, at times, Kreuk. All this is what a studio is looking for in a TV series. But definitely never before the movie is released.

                    • @Gerry O.-
                      Obviously, your way could work, but I honestly believe that a TV show on the CW will never hinder the box office of a blockbuster movie. Unless, the CW hires the people who publicized Sharknado.

              • *sorry, s/b @Professor Procrastination

                • no worries…it’s not my given name :)

      • Well, Green Arrow was on Smallville before Hawkeye turned up in The Avengers films, right? Plus, they’re different characters, aside from the archer thing.

        • I’m just sick of the comparisons

          • Well, we can all agree that the bow and arrow guy from The Wolverine was way better than both Green Arrow from Arrow and Hawkeye from The Avengers.

            • No, we can’t.

              • Lol. Well I think so, at least.

      • @Ultimate ACW: 007 Reloaded – You’re right…the TV characters won’t be a part of the film universe. I can almost guarantee that. American TV shows focus on a very particular market…the CW is geared towards teenagers and young adults in their programming. I don’t see my parents or my one surviving grandparent tuning into the CW’s shows. It’s a very focused market…and in the CW’s case, it is American teens and young adults. Whereas the movie industry is a worldwide market. I don’t see them using the same actors on both mediums.

        Now, using the Flash and Green Arrow characters in the movie…that is a totally a possibility. Green Arrow seems doubtful to me though.

    • You’re absolutely right!

    • Actually, although I like the show Arrow, that Oliver Queen needs to stay out of the JLA universe. Better heroes to use for the movie.

  23. Also, if Arrow and the Flash show are going to be in the Justice League movie universe, do they really expect people to have already watched both shows before going into the Justice League? It was a stretch to expect that people see 5 movies before The Avengers, but expecting them to watch 2 whole TV series is just plain ridiculous, and will not help the box office returns at all.

    • Weirdly, that must be a US thing.

      Most here in the UK saw all 5 Marvel movies before The Avengers was even mentioned in the Cap button scene.

      • No offense, but I find that hard to believe.

        • @None taken because it’s true.

          I dunno, maybe you know or have seen a lot of ignorant people wandering about in your hometown. Which is surprising because US audiences seem to be the likeliest to watch any crap at the movies regardless so it’d be a miracle to discover that people over there DIDN’T watch all 5 leading up to Avengers.

          Maybe it shows that UK audiences appreciate films more? I saw all 5 plus Avengers and saw the exact same people every time and when I spoke to some of them about comic books, only a handful of those I asked knew what I was talking about, the majority had no clue who people like The Flash, Ant-Man and Cyclops were.

          • Interesting. Can any other Brits way in on this?

      • No, We watched all 5 Marvel movies here as well, before the avengers movie. But keep in mind, only Iron man was substantially profitable. The other marvel movies were mediocre at best. I liked them and own all of them, but DC shouldn’t put out TV series of their characters before they release the movie.

        • Who’s this “we” you speak of? Do you really think everybody in America saw all 5 Marvel movies leading up to The Avengers? I don’t have any data to back me up, and neither do you, but I do know that out of some of my friends who saw The Avengers, some had seen all 5, some had seen a few, and some had not seen any.

          I think you are generalizing way too much, and you underestimate word of mouth. The Avengers was the thing that everyone was talking about, at one point, so a lot of people went to go see it, even if they had only seen Iron Man.

          • Well, the “we” I speak of is made up of all the people commenting on This article. As for the rest of the country, I’d say “we” have watched them at the theater or on DVD, like I did with my wife and kids. The word of mouth , i believe your speaking about, was really the anticipation built up(in the end credit scene), until that point, right before the Avengers was released. I admit, it was brilliant on Marvels end of it. Most didn’t wait for DVD release on the Avengers instead they went to theater. Thats what helped boost its box office. But, if you need data, just check box office mojo. I will reiterate, brilliance from Marvel. And I see that DC has dropped a few Easter eggs as well. Now they just need the right script.

    • I doubt Arrow will be included in DC universe. And if Flash gets a TV series, then Don’t expect to see him there either. You’re right nobody will sit through that. Marvel got lucky(or not) with timing on those 5 movies. And let’s not forget, only Iron man made a Substantial profit. The other marvel films were mediocre box office hits at best.

      • Depends on what the budgets of those films were. Marvel didn’t get lucky, they just took the risks that WB/DC is unwilling to take.

        • Ok, they took a risk. But if Wasn’t for Iron man and Iron man 2, and lets not forget the third highest grossing film of all time, “the Avengers”, that risk would not have paid off. Remember, the other three films barely made a domestic profit. And “the Incredible Hulk”, my favorite, wasn’t in the black(domestically), so to speak. Now don’t get me wrong I loved all the Marvel films. But they need to at least give them their big screen debut first. Like you said, take the risk.

  24. I don’t really like this idea, CW doesn’t do the characters enough justice to have them in the shared universe imo

    • I see what you did there! ;)

  25. The Flash deserves better. Another example of how the guys that are running Marvel have a much better understanding of how to manage their characters better then DC. I love both universes so this stings a little. Flashpoint JL is a perfect example of how Flash belongs on the big screen!

  26. Let’s keep movies and TV separate!

  27. Two reasons why IM3 made more than MoS
    Riding the Avenger train
    Was on theaters almost 3 times the amount of time than MOS. MOS is at 649M which is not bad. Oh and I didn’t see anyone walking out from the sold out show I attended

  28. How to make a Wonder Woman tv series… watch ‘First Impressions’ on Youtube.

  29. I don’t like the idea of exact same character in both movies and TVs.

    1. The story will be shared. If it won’t than there would be different character. If story is shared some people might see it and some not and you might end up in acquard position during next movies.

    2. Quality. For both plot and special effects must be up there with the movies. That part will be hard as well. Look at Green Arrow, it has alot of sub par plot stuff, speeches mostly are way too simple and we have adversisment of micsrocrap company with their micrcocrap 8, and the worst part is that HACKER is using it.

    I think that going with different character would be better. Marvel is doing this SHIELD stuff with people noone gives a f**k about, they won’t appear in the movies again. And they never had leadin roles! You won’t see TV Pym, Iron-man or whoever that is directly connected to the movies in their TV shows until after Marvel will done with them. Ok, for Cap its easy as hell, not much special effects, story is simple and so on but others won’t feat, those are huge risks.

    If Warners want Flash TV series they don’t need to make it connected to the movies. They could go with Barry, Wally, Bart whatever but no connection to the movies, its too hard to pull off right and you still need to adress the problem with movie only people.