‘Flash’ TV Series Coming From ‘Arrow’ Creators; Movie Still Planned For 2016?

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Flash TV Series CW Arrow Creators Flash TV Series Coming From Arrow Creators; Movie Still Planned For 2016?

It certainly isn’t the news that comic book movie fans were hoping for, but The Flash may be making his live-action debut sooner than some might have thought. Despite the lack of any Justice League announcements at Comic-Con 2013 (beyond that Batman vs. Superman movie, of course) Warner Bros. is apparently moving forward with an adapted Flash TV series for The CW.

With writing from DC mainstay Geoff Johns and two out of the three Arrow creators attached – Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti – the project centering on Central City’s Flash – a character and city alluded to with tongue-in-cheek references in Arrow itself – is being fast-tracked by the network, with Barry Allen to first appear as a recurring character in Arrow‘s Season 2. So what does this mean for a Flash movie?

Obviously, whether this announcement from Deadline comes as good news or horrible depends on your view of Berlanti and Kreisberg’s adaptation work with the character of Green Arrow. Nevertheless, the show’s creators seem intent on bringing some of the DC universe’ best and brightest into the fold, with Barry Allen confirmed to appear as a recurring character, while the creative team prepare a standalone series of his own. CW president Mark Pedowitz explains:

“We’re planning an origin story and we’ll see how it goes. We do want to expand on DC Universe, and we felt this is a very organic way to get there… He may not come in with superpowers.”

How the series would impact the consistently-rumored Flash film wasn’t mentioned, but sources of THR claim that Marc Guggenheim is still working on his movie for a 2016 release, so fans don’t need to panic just yet.

the flash film has solid script Flash TV Series Coming From Arrow Creators; Movie Still Planned For 2016?

From a serialized drama standpoint, The Flash certainly has the occupation and villains to work in a weekly format; in fact, some might argue that the serialized format of comic books in general is more fitted to a ‘monster of the week’ structure than tentpole blockbusters. As a member of the Central City Police Department’s forensics lab, Barry Allen spends his days picking up the clues everyday criminals leave behind, using superspeed and a bright red jumpsuit to take down villains of a more theatrical flavor.

That blending of C.S.I. and superhero is an odd mix that was apparently at the heart of the proposed Flash movie script, so it’s easy to see how it could work on television. As for the villains… well, any Flash fan will tell you that viewers who found some of Arrow‘s antagonists silly haven’t seen anything yet.

However, Barry Allen has proven to be a strong enough hero to keep audiences invested regardless of the surrounding villains. It’s no surprise that Allen will be the live-action Flash for the time being, but given The CW’s target audience and tone, introducing him as a police scientist (and part of Oliver Queen’s team) may be cause for concern.

The Flash TV Series Flash TV Series Coming From Arrow Creators; Movie Still Planned For 2016?

We’re not going to criticize Arrow for being, to many, something of a Batman knock-off; Oliver Queen was created to be just that in the comics. But the application of love triangles, ‘frenemies,’ and melodrama to the core story of a masked vigilante are hard to miss – just one way The CW has attempted not only to attract a younger, female audience, but strengthen comparisons to the likes of Smallville. That’s something of a departure from the Se7en and Silence of the Lambs vibe the Green Arrow film script had been seeking.

But while a younger Flash has been moderately successful in the comics (last seen when Barry’s grandson Bart took over the role), that is not the version fans have been demanding. And it is most certainly not the version we feel would work best in a Justice League universe. Even if Warner Bros., under the leadership of Johns, Berlanti and Kreisberg, managed to adapt Barry’s dual identities into a workable CW formula, what would that mean for his feature film appearances?

Sharing a universe across TV and film is not impossible – even Marvel is doing it – but while TV fans will be able to see how Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fits into the Avengers universe, those currently watching Arrow, Flash, or potentially Amazon can’t say the same (although Arrow star Stephen Amell has some ideas).

Superman Flash Justice League Movie Flash TV Series Coming From Arrow Creators; Movie Still Planned For 2016?

Who knows; Warner Bros. may have some grand plan for bringing their TV and movie universes together, but for the moment, this move will be questioned by fans. While Green Arrow is far too fringe a character to risk building a motion picture, or possibly even a Justice League position around, The Flash is absolutely strong and popular enough to carry a standalone film; a prospect that now seems less likely than ever.

Not to say that a Flash TV series is doomed from the start, but getting disappointed fans to support a TV show – and its much more limited budget – is a challenge for any project, let alone one with a movie franchise riding on it. Of course, we’d love to be proven wrong. After all, Wonder Woman fans were up in arms about the prospect of an Amazon origin story, and look how that turned out.

What is your immediate reaction to this news? Is a Flash TV series a mistake, or could the show’s creators be onto something? Sound off in the comments.


We’ll keep you updated on The Flash TV series and movie as more news develops.

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Source: Deadline, THR

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  1. They should do this, this way there isnt another origin story movie and the movie can be with a Flash already established.

    • Yes, but they still have to cater to those individuals who will not have seen the TV series beforehand.

  2. I really want a flash movie just so Superman can cameo and they can race around the world for charity.

    • Actually, that could be a workable thing. Like, at the end of the movie, he could be set to race against someone who actually thinks they can beat The Flash.

      Flash is all “O…K…well, I give him points for confidence. Bring him on.” He lines up at the starting line, he feels the sun being blocked by something overhead. He looks up and there’s Superman floating above him.

      He introduces himself, and gets beside him. Flash just smiles and snickers, and says. “This is gonna be fun.” They take off in a yellow streak, it ends up making the Flash insignia and ends the film. Just a thought. Hell, it could even be hosted by Wayne Enterprises, explaining how even Bruce can make his presence felt in the new shared universe and in this Flash film.

  3. Why wouldn’t comic book fans be happy with a TV series over a movie?

    I think I would prefer a Batman network show over a Batman movie every 2-3 years (well… I would prefer both).

    For now, I have to pretend Stephen Arnell and John Cavaziel are Batman.

    I thought Arrow had a rule for “no superpowers”, so even if Barry Allen is introduced without them at first, are they going to keep him tied to Arrow once he does Meta out?

    • Hey, it’s Caesar! Must be a planet of the Apes reboot!

  4. This comes from CW’s president, and it pretty much goes against the rumours of a Flash film
    “When asked if there were any conflicts with the DC cinematic universe, Pedowitz said, “Not that I’m aware of, I’ve spoken to Diane Nelson, President, DC Entertainment, and we’re good to go. There are no conflicts in any way, shape, or form.”

    • Where in that statement does it talk about a Flash film?

      • DC Cinematic Universe is, obviously, meaning the DC realted films, not TV series. So, if he says there are no conflicts between the series and the DCCU, it means that there will be no Flash film, as having a series and film would be a conflict.

        • That’s how I read it too and it’s so disappointing. I lost count of how many times I see online that The Flash could be DCCU’s Iron Man if the execution was right. Hopefully Wonder Woman and Aquaman are still on the table.

  5. I’m getting sick of these tv shows. Arrow is good but just drop this and Amazon. Make movies! Sure Flash and Wonder Woman will be hard to adapt but that’s the thing about making good superhero movies. Wonder Woman and Flash can easily carry their own films to box office success. F**k the shows. Marvel is making damn Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant Man movies!!! And you tell me WB, that you can’t put together a Flash and Wonder Woman film!? UGH, someone needs to steal the rights of DC’s characters from WB and make these movies.

    • Yeah. It would be great if the DC characters could be legally emancipated from WB and put under ther care of someone able and willing to do them justice (pun!) on the screen.

    • I think this is actually a good idea. I mean think about this. You do a few episodes of Amazon or Flash, you don’t spend nearly as much as you do on a movie and then imagine if the show flops? It’s not nearly as bad as a film expected to do well flopping.

      It’s an OK way to gauge interest, though I do feel it’s not full-proof. It’s a slope, but this could be considered just that. A measuring stick.

  6. What the hell? I want Flash (2016) not Flash CW. Geoff Johns’ involvement is the only silver lining here. He said he’d be working on the Rogues, but I didn’t think it was for this s***.

  7. TV can be a great medium, but i think that Flash would be better off in film.

    • +1

    • True, but I think Flash can be great in film, provided that the show was created by any network except the CW.

      • *in TV

  8. When was the last time a tv series did good solid justice to a beloved comic book hero? Because I can’t remember!

    • I think Arrow is pretty good.

      Smallville, which dragged at times, had a really good final season. I think Tom Welling was a great Clark Kent.

      Then there are all those animated shows.

      • Apparently the greatest limit on Welling’s presentation of Superman was that legal limitations prevented him actually being Superman. No tights, no cape, no flying.

        Basically he was forced to be Superboy (and Conner Superboy) long past the point that story development should have had him taking to the skies.

  9. I like Arrow, but this is a bad idea. Flash would work better in the film medium.
    His power set alone would be a lot more difficult to accurately portray on a tv show.

  10. The original Flash TV show was actually quite good.
    It ran only one season but proved the format works.
    Not sure you can do both a TV show and film though.

    I do not believe DC is planning a standalone Flash film.
    I could see him running in an eventual Justice League.

    • I beg to differ. The pilot was OK but the show very boring.

      The cast was excellent but the stories uninteresting.

      • Well, it is smaller and slower by today’s standards.
        For the 90s where it fit, I don’t think the same show
        would now, with small budgets I thought it was well done.

        • I agree. I actually bought the show because I thought it was pretty good.

          • The Kahless Imprimatur. Officially Certified to be good :D

        • I agree. I loved the show back then. I think this is DCCU’s/WB test if Flash is popular enough to warrant a standalone film. It seems with DC the only characters they are comfortable to make into a film is Superman and Batman due to their big “brand” names. I would suspect anyone else would be a test area which is why you have an Arrow TV series and now Flash being incorporated into TV. Now I see this going two ways. One, this turns out to be a success with high ratings and it leads to a standalone Flash movie or two, it turns out to be a horrible dud, low ratings and we are just stuck with Batman/Superman films with no JLA to be made. I for one am okay with anything that will lead to a JLA movie

    • They were planning a stand-alone film at first, written by the guys who did Green lantern #1, but when they heard the piss-&-moaners,they got cold feet and shelved the idea for awhile. Now I have heard a couple rumors that they might dust off some kind of Flash format film again. I did not see the TV series coming, but I was the first on the websites I read to catch the Central City logo on anything on Arrow, to the best of my knowlage, at least that I saw commented on. The only bad thing down the road is if Barry Allen/Flash springs out of arrow, and if it is the same one they will use in an eventual JLA movie, there might be an obligation implied to use the TV series Amell/Arrow character in the JLA movie. If space in the JLA movie is limited, there are characters I would rather see included in that one than Green Arrow or Aquaman. I’d rather see Flash and Green Lantern, of course (they are obligatory), and maybe Martian Manhunter, Atom, and possibly Hawkman. (And I am sure a few people out there might like to see Superman, Batman, and Wonder woman in there as well…just a hunch).

      • If DC created two justice league movies based on recent comics (JL and JLA) then they could use amell/arrow as the opposite of Batman and tie the show in sorta like marvels s.h.i.e.l.d and include martian manhunter, Atom, and Hawkman

    • robert, not seen you here in a bit, good day sir.
      i also liked the flash back then. i was a wee lad of 23 when that was on, and i have since doubled my age. i’m surprised i’ve not seen that on reruns on syfy or on netflix. i cant justify buying it right now, but i would love to see a new version of that show, and if CW could put as much, if not more effort on it like they (try) to do with arrow, i think it could work. F/X are vastly improved from back then. heck, even the dream sequence from Big Bang Theory when sheldon was the flash and ran to the grand canyon was kinda cool lookin for a sit-com budget. if they could get a fairly well-known star attached and it turn into part of the DCCU filmverse i’m all for it. don’t know how CW would pay for it. it’s gonna be pretty `spensive.

      • And a good day to you too, jeffro.
        I wouldn’t mind a new TV show either
        and Arrow proves they could do it well.
        Particularly since a movie might be unlikely.

  11. No way. This is a terrible idea. I don’t see why it’s so bad to have an origin story on the big screen. And what do they mean no superpowers? How are you gonna have the Flash without superpowers? This is a terrible idea. Just make the movie. DC needs to stop being lazy.

    • The Flash wasn’t always the fastest man alive. I think what they mean is that Barry will be there, but not as The Flash at first. He’ll get his powers, though, don’t you worry.

  12. Marvel is not just doing it ,marvel has a plan when it comes to shared TV and movie universe, they are the first to do it dc yet again is playing catch up the irony is normally they are the first do it (hehe do it) it seems to me dc don t know what to do with properties at least marvel it giving us a connection between Television and film, now get me wrong i love all comic movies but doing them with know intelligence will make the bottom crash out (hehe bottom crash out) on a serious while cant wait i hope Warner/ dc handle the properties with care and intelligence

    • “now get me wrong”….? Hee-Hee, don’t feel bad, I’m not the paragon of perfection either when typing!

    • That’s assuming that S.H.I.E.L.D. does well on the small screen. The success of the Avengers may not even mean that Avengers 2 will be a success. The more outrageous the villains get, the more you’re going to lose the non-geek crowd. It’s like The Wolverine, I enjoyed it, but it certainly wasn’t a blockbuster, and it isn’t carrying the blockbuster numbers at the box office either. Even Spider-man 3 did better financially than the MUCH better Amazing Spider-man.

      I have high hopes for Whedon and S.H.I.E.L.D., but keep in mind, Whedon is crazy popular, but his shows have a history of getting very canceled. Maybe they’ve learned their lesson? Maybe we’re just glad that Fox has nothing to do with this? I dunno. Time will tell.

      • Whedon shows have a history of getting cancelled?? Buffy went 7 seasons. Angel went 5. They both were still highly watched and ratings winners for the channel when they went off the air. Only his latest efforts, Doll House and Firefly didn’t run as long. I have hope the show will do well.

  13. I am good with a TV series, and definitely any movie or series has to be the Barry Allen Flash all the way. I also definitely want a Flash movie as well (Barry Allen again). As a reference (along with the canon of the older comics, of course), the creators might want to peek at the old Flash tv series of–what was it–the 80s?–and see how the costume was done, reasonably close to the comics version, fortunately, and a good try for early TV (altho the series changed the character somewhat and had a little too much cornball humor). I recently watched the series again on Netflix, and overall enjoyed it (good theme music, too, if I recall correctly). I just don’t want a TV series to adversely affect a Flash movie and eventual inclusion in the JLA movie. I wonder if combining a Flash (Barry Allen) movie with a Green lantern #2 movie (Hal Jordan) would be the way to go, with villains Reverse-Flash (Professor Zoom) and Sinestro as villains. Pretty much equal 2 on 2 slobber-knocker, plus DC/Warner gets to introduce another JLA hero (Flash) and get 2 movies for the cost of making one. And two heroes would draw more people to watch it than one hero, plus this might revive Green lantern interest a bit among those who did not care for the first one (which I liked, but it did have a couple weak spots). It is nice to see something…anything!…finally happening with DC/Warner characters, other than trotting out worn-out and over-used Supes and Bats (now don’t get me wrong, I am anxious to see Man Of Steel, and am up for the team-up movie between Supes and Bats, but there is more to the DC comics universe than just them, especially if we are working towards JLA).
    Who knows, maybe this will lead to more team-up movies, like Atom, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkman, for instance. Or Doctor Fate and Hourman? And eventually evil-doers like Doomsday, Darkseid, and Time-Commander or Psycho Pirate? We shall see. But overall, I am cautiously pleased to see some kind of progress somewhere.

  14. Ant-Man & a movie with a racoon in it, but they can’t make a Flash movie? Seems legit.

    • Two different companies, and do you really think Ant-Man will be all that big a movie?

      • Doesn’t matter what company it is. What matter is that one company is giving us C list characters, while the other can barely make a movie out of one of their main characters.

        • +1

      • “big movie”? Well, if he changes into Giant-Man, he will be much bigger!

  15. Not really down for this series. I would much rather have a film, but if the series is stand alone than why not. If the series is connected to the cinematic universe, I may be against it. While I enjoy some of the shows from CW, I find the material just wouldn’t work well alongside movies like Man of Steel. In my opinion, in shows from CW, like Andrew said, is a little too melodramatic.

  16. So CW got itself a flop with Arrow and wants another one from the people that gave them a flop…

    And they wonder why nobody even bothers to check what’s on CW (most people don’t even know CW exists!)

    • CW didn’t exactly get a flop with Arrow, cuz I am watching it go into a second season. Flops should not get a second season, although I know some do, Lord knows why. It does not stick exactly to canon of the comics, but it is an honest attempt at a decent series. It does need some improvements during season #2, tho, I would agree. I enjoy it over-all, tho.

    • Arrow is a flop?

      ON WHAT PLANET?!?! I don’t even watch “Arrow” (I watched 1 episode, but I’d prefer to start from the beginning) and all I hear about it is that it’s one of the best shows on TV as of right now.

      • That is a Slippery slope.

        Green Arrow one of the best shows on TV on the fifth most watched network.

    • @ Rena Moretti

      While I’m not too happy with the weird and unnecessary changes they’ve made to Green Arrow on the Arrow TV show, I wouldn’t call it a flop. It gained pretty decent popularity. Having said that, I agree with you. They didn’t do Green Justice and they’re not gonna do Flash Justice either. It’ll probably have some crappy name related to the character but not actually his name or they’ll call him something utterly laughable like “the red-blue blur” in Smallville. I won’t be able to stomach it if they call him “the red-yellow blur.”

      • err…should say “Green Arrow justice.” Though I suppose his brand of justice is green.

        • Let’s talk about Arrow and Babylon 5.

          Babylon 5 was an amazing show, hugely popular, but TNT canceled it after four great seasons because the people who watched Babylon 5 weren’t huge Basketball fans, etc. So Babylon 5 was a hugely popular show, that got canceled because it failed to lead people into other programs on TNT.

          Let’s talk about Arrow. Arrow is a good show, maybe a great one, I certainly enjoy it, even though it does borrow heavily from a Buffy meets Batman setup with the little scooby-gang, etc, but I enjoy it and I’m looking forward to Season 2 (I loved meeting Manu Bennet and John Barrowman at SDCC, thank you Quantum Mechanix!).

          Arrow is a show that people who watch Supernatural will watch. Arrow is a show that people who watch the Vampire Diaries will watch. People who watch Arrow might be turned onto Supernatural, or the Vampire Diaries or the new TVD spin-off The Originals.

          So financially speaking, these are complimentary programs that help to gain or maintain viewerships for the other programs on the network, even if the CW isn’t the big network, they’re still able to carry a respectable audience and in the era of the DVR it doesn’t really matter what is competing with what anymore as so few of us watch anything live anymore anyway, especially the demographic that these shows are targeting.

          So while a great show like Babylon 5 gets canceled, because it wasn’t part of the overall scheduling block for TNT, didn’t help them support their other programming, a show like Arrow is exactly the type of program that the CW wants, because it’s that or utter garbage like Beauty and the Beast which is so painful to watch I practically throw my remote at the TV as soon as Arrow is over lest I catch 30 seconds of it and instantly fall into a depression and self mutilation stint.

          Arrow is a good show, and Arrow is GREAT for the CW. Hopefully a Flash show will be the same, and hopefully for us, will be handled correctly. I’m hoping the speed effect isn’t just a re-tread of the Smallville super speed – and instead revised for a more modern tv show, budget permitting.

    • I love Arrow. It’s a great show. Yes, it does need some improvements but overall I was happy with the first season. Calling Arrow a flop would be like calling TWD a flop. Yes, both have their issues but they still continue to bring in great ratings and therefore I don’t see them getting cancelled anytime soon

  17. I don’t think I like this.

    I love Arrow, it’s my favorite tv show, but The Green Arrow is a secondary character in my mind, so a tv show is good for him.

    But the Flash is a tier one hero,IMO, that needs to be in the DCCU with the new Batman and Superman, and hopefully with Wonder Woman, MM, and GL to make the Justice League. How is that going to happen if he’s on tv?

    Will the show cross over into the DCCU? If it does, than can Arrow? Does his appearannce on Arrow mean the “no super powers” rule is over on Arrow? This announcement is a bit confusing IMO.

    • Before Geoff Johns the Green Lantern was also a second string superhero…

      • Second string with top-tier potential. He wields one of, if not the most powerful weapon, in the entire DC Universe in that green power ring.

        Green Arrow is awesome, no doubt about that. All the same, to most people who aren’t comic-book fans, he’d likely be considered a Batman rip-off. He’s just under the level, but he’ll likely always be second string because of his creation and the original concept.

      • Besides Supes, WW, and Batman, who do you consider a first-tier DC hero. No, Green Lantern and Flash are definitely top-tier. There is room for 5. This isn’t The Three Musketeers or Three Stooges.

        • Top Tier? Yeah, I agree with you on Supes, Batman, Wonder Woman, GL, and Flash. Martian Manhunter and Aquaman, for some reason, always strike me as second-tier, but just barely. A good movie for both could change that though, and up their profile the way Arrow has done for Green Arrow. Other people just under the top would be Nightwing, Red Hood, Arsenal, Cyborg, Static (and only because he had his own show,) just to name a few.

    • From what I hear, Martin Manhuter’s not making the cut for JL. It’s looking like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash. Even Aquaman has a legit claim for inclusion ahead of Manhunter, I feel. I can’t think of any villains that specifically fight Martian Manhunter except for the White Martians. Though if they do go with an origin teamup similar to the original Justice League teamup then he could make it in over Aquaman.

      Otherwise, you have Black Manta and Ocean Master to use as enemies for Aquaman.

  18. Except instead of The Flash, the public, media, and police will call him something like the “Scarlett Speedster” or the “Red Streak” (it’s a shame Smallville took “The Blur”) and he’ll wear a red hoodie.

    I’d prefer a movie. However, it would be pretty awesome to tool the show around Wally West, and they could get John Wesley Shipp in a recurring role as Barry Allen.

    • +1

    • Watch out! If he’s wearing a red hoodie, he might be shot!


  19. Chris Pine for Barry Allen

    • Not with his Salary and already two franchises in the works.

      • Which is unfortunately why I realize Zachary Quinto as Batman are slim chances.

        Unless he really is being honest about wanting to leave Spock on a high note and not drag him out.

  20. So they are taking the pulse of the public before committing to a full feature film.

    So if there is demand and ratings for a Flash TV Show, it will dictate if they will make a movie.

    In other words.

    Worked with Dark Knight and Man of Steel.
    Failed with Green Lantern, yeah we ain’t doing that again.

    • This sounds about right to me. They know they’ll get the hardcore flash fans but will they be able to pull to the GA.

      Curious when you say it worked for the Dark Knight though. You’re not talking about Birds of Prey are you? :)

      • @ DMC

        RUN! (See what I did there)

        You know fool well I ain’t talking about The Birds of Prey!


    • Look at it this way, it kind of opens the door for John Stewart to make the cut as GL.

  21. I could see CW fan favorite michael rossenbaum signing on to play barry allen. Which is like, but it will probably be an unkown

    • I really enjoyed his voice for the Flash from the JLA cartoons – BUT – he’s not enough of a HUBBA HUBBA HUNK to be a CW frontman, which is a shame.

  22. The special effects is what most curious about. Will they be able to make any of it realistic enough not to look cheesy?

    • No. No they won’t.

    • @Larrysick

      I do not know, how do you compare making the Flash look real compared to what exactly?

      • If anything…Usain Bolt :(

    • Depends on who they they get to do the Special Effects.

      • keep it cheap, make him appear and dissapear at will, just havs him pop up i think it would work great

      • Basically have everyone else in the room freeze when the Flash comes in, he can walk in, do his thing, and then he leaves and everyone starts moving again.

        Bonus points for freezing clocks and timers as well.

    • And I thought I was pessimistic.

      The super-speed effects in Smallville were fine.

      And if you watch any of the vampire shows, they tend to use quite a few speed effects too.

      It will be fine.

  23. I agree with many comments. Forget the tv show and just put all efforts into the live action film. The Flash is actually an CBM that I believe could be a big box office smash due to it’s elements of spectacle and humour about its character.

    Not to intentionally start any Marvel / DC arguments but it makes you wish that DC / Warner would be bolder with their comic book properties. I mean if Marvel can turn Thor and Captain America into successful franchises and then continue further with movies for Ant Man and Guardians, then surely we can move forward for both Flash and Wonder Woman movies??

    • I honestly think it’s because Marvel don’t seem to care and put out properties they’re excited about and make it work brilliantly while WB/DC have had some troublesome times with trying too hard and failing a lot of the time.

      It’s a shame, especially when they said they’d release a Metal Men movie then got cold feet over it.

      Zack Snyder got real cocky and arrogant during the MOS press junkets and that’s the kind of approach DC should take with WB backing them up.

      “Here are our heroes, here are the stories, now watch and understand why we put so much confidence into this”.

      All they have to do is avoid making a mess of it like they did with Green Lantern.

      • Batman and the Green Arrow are two of the more “Marvelesque” super heroes where a Green Lantern show could never work on TV because as some of the above commenters have said, their powers are just too God-like. That is why a Batman/Arrow style show or movie works so well.

        It’s why Iron Man works, it’s why the Hulk works, it’s why so many hated Man of Steel. It’s just hard to translate that to the screen, small or large, and is why Smallville walked such a cheesy tightrope for all those seasons. It wasn’t until it was over that they were finally able to show the world what a Superman could do.

        I worry that a Flash show will struggle like the Green Lantern movie did, and I’d hate to see the bad press that DC would get by creating another post-printed page flop.

        …not that I don’t enjoy Arrow, but I know some of you people absolutely hate it.

      • You say that like Ant-Man and Guardians were block busters, but they haven’t been out yet. Let’s wait and see, I mean even a popular guy like Wolverine can have a bad outing (by comparison to other works he’s been in,) like The Wolverine.

        • @VaShaun

          What the point is, that while both Ant Man and Guardians are big risks, at least the risks are being taken.

          Even non comic book fans will have some knowledge of Flash and Wonder Woman through the Justice League animated series. Surely movies for both characters have a greater chance of success than Guardians, yet here we are with a live action Guardians next year and no movies for Flash or Wonder Woman in sight?

          • Because there are two different companies. People complained it seemed as if DC was rushing things. Keep in mind Marvel has always had a plan for this sort of thing, while saying the same for DC is difficult.

            Taking a risk is fine, but as an executive I’d want some reassurance that a Wonder Woman/Flash film was going to do well, and if I see good marks from a TV show based on the characters, that’s a good sign.

            People need to realize that you can’t just slap together a movie with a popular character on it and expect something good. That’s how we get crap like Superman Returns. If you’re not going to do something the right way, you may as well not bother doing it period. Marvel has gone about things the right way with careful planning and they’ve built up a solid track record with their films. Now, they can pretty much coast on something like Avengers for awhile, which will help a film like Ant-Man, Amazing Spider-Man II, Guardians of The Galaxy, etc.

            DC still has a big hurdle ahead with Bale not reprising his role as Batman. It’ll be difficult for the new actor to take the reigns, and Man of Steel was a great start. All the same, one great film doesn’t mean much when you’re going for a shared Universe. That’s why people are pretty sure they’re going to need to make another Green Lantern film to make up for the last one.

  24. For a movie Flash I nominate Garrett Hedlund.
    Looks the part, can act, and is affordable.

    • You hit the nail on the head.

      Pretty much any character could reach the popularity level of Superman and Batman if they were presented in better ways. Maybe a TV show would gather a solid following that would be enough to make a film.

      Or, have Rocksteady make a Flash game :)

    • I dunno man, I see CBM being a mainstay for a few years yet.

      MOS did well in the US because it’s Superman while elsewhere, it did ok because it was Superman. I know a lot in the UK who remembered Superman Returns and weren’t so sure MOS would work and so stayed away. Plus he’s not as popular over here as Batman seems to be (Batman is pretty much the big DC hero here thanks to Nolan).

      Plus personally speaking, I liked IM3 more than MOS. IM3 only had one disappointment for me (the post-credits button) while MOS had many.

      • @ Dazz.

        You would be wrong my friend. Man of Steel did better Internationally than it did State Side, 286 Million Domestic to 350 Million globally.

        And, all good things must come to an end, Comic Book movies will be around, but do not expect all of them to be in the billion dollars mark, and it will come a time like back in the 90s, it died down for a couple of years then got back up.

        Why it is peaking right now, when you are at the top, only place to go is down. I am not saying it will happen in the next year or two, but it will happen. Then,it will be brought back up.

      • IM 3 is garbage compared to the epic that is Man of Steel!

        • @Bro

          I agree IM3 was inferior to Man of Steel.

          But, IM3 is at 1.6 Billion.

          Money Talks.

          • @The Dark Cow Let us not forget that im3 was riding off the huge success that was the avengers while mos had to right the wrongs of the debacle that is superman returns

        • @Bro

          I saw both on release.

          IM3 was great from start to finish.

          MOS wasn’t. 40 minutes could’ve been cut out easily and some of it just didn’t work for me. That’s why I put MOS 5th in my “Best of the Year so far” list behind (in order) Pacific Rim, The Wolverine, IM3, Evil Dead.

          • Okay, we get it Dazz.

            You are into Eifell 65 and Dora the Explorer.

    • Hey, Cow-boy………

      IM3 was superior in everyway to Man of Steel.

      It wasn’t even close. Man of Steel couldn’t develop any characters, had horrible acting,and awful writing and screenplay. Cavill is an terrible Superman, and Amy Adams couldn’t play Lois Lane if her life depended on it. The best thing about that movie was Russel Crowe, and he should be embarrassed for even being a part of it. He’s better than that.

      The reason Iron Man 3 grossed more than Man of Steel is because it WAS better, an all around a better movie. People were walking out of Man of Steel, but people were lining up to see Iron Man 3. The public knows what they like and what they want, and it’s not DC’s garbage, it’s Marvel’s superior movies.

      The numbers all bear it out Cowboy, and the numbers aren’t fanboys, now are they?

      A DC movie will never make as much as a Marvel movie, no matter who’s in it, for as long as this genre survies. The more garbage movies DC makes however, the short life span this genre will have.

        • Really milking this one for all it’s worth1

          • ::face palm::

      • Yep, IM 3 grossed more than MoS for the exact same reason Grown Ups 2 made more than Pacific Rim:

        People are stupid.

    • @Dark Cow

      Realistically even the most ardent Superman fan couldn’t have expected Man Of Steel to outgross IM3.

      IM3 had the momentum of two successful installments plus the knock on success of the Avengers. To me it’s still exceeded expectations with that $1.2 billion dollar haul.

      MOS had to cope with the aftertaste left by Superman Returns, become DC’s next big franchise after The Dark Knight trilogy closed, and also carry the expectancy of being the catalyst for a future Justice League movie.

      Considering this and the the competition surrounding it , MOS box office total of $649 million is very impressive and it was hands down a superior movie to IM3 as well.

      I think the MOS sequel will stand a much better comparison from financial point of view anyway.

      • +1

  25. huh… I’m down for it sounds like a good mix of themes if done correctly. my question is how does flash fit with in the universe of Arrow, it’s not like you can strip away flashes powers and still have a character capable of carrying any drama. he’s sort of defined by his powers. we shall see, but i foresee trouble ahead for Arrow if Flash is a main stay in season 2.

    • Maybe they’ll pull a back door pilot in arrow sorta like the originals and tvd? Portray him as a non-powered forensic cop then have him gain superspeed in the flash tv show?

  26. I wish this didn’t sound stupid…

    …but this sounds stupid.

  27. I hope the Arrow and potential Flash series are separate entities from the movie universe for one reason only.

    The way some characters were handled.

    For instance, I’d love to see Firefly in his proper costume teaming with another low-tier villain in a movie. If the shows were connected to the movies, well, Firefly died in Arrow.

    I was about to mention Count Vertigo using his actual powers in a movie too but I couldn’t help laughing at a loading screen message from the Deadpool videogame that mentioned Marvel villainess Vertigo, with the caption “Vertigo has the power of inner ears”. Such a genius game.