‘The Flash’ Cast Adds Robbie Amell as ‘Firestorm’

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Flash Cast Firestorm Robbie Amell ‘The Flash’ Cast Adds Robbie Amell as Firestorm

The CW has yet to officially launch The Flash, but the network is clearly confident that the Arrow spin-off is poised to become another hit. The early reactions to the pilot episode have all been strong, and today the network announced that yet another comic book superhero will be joining the cast. Robbie Amell (The Tomorrow People) will be playing ‘Firestorm’ beginning with the show’s third episode.

It’s not the first time that Amell has worked alongside The CW or executive producer Greg Berlanti, having anchored the short-lived series The Tomorrow People, a pseudo-superhero drama following ‘the next evolution’ of mankind. Now Variety reports that Amell (cousin to Arrow star Stephen Amell) has gotten another chance, being hand-picked by the showrunners to bring Ronnie Raymond to life.

While this news comes hot on the heels of the addition of Ray Palmer a.k.a. The Atom to Arrow‘s Season 3, Berlanti explains that the writers of The Flash envisioned a role for ‘Firestorm: The Nuclear Man’ from the very beginning:

“Geoff Johns, Andrew Kreisberg and myself designed the pilot and series to include Ronnie (aka Firestorm) — and to actually have someone with Robbie’s talent playing the role is beyond exciting. We can’t wait for viewers and fans of the character to check it out.”

Firestorm Joins Flash TV Show Cast ‘The Flash’ Cast Adds Robbie Amell as Firestorm

In the comics, Ronnie Raymond was a typical teen who – in the kind of nuclear catastrophe that comic books are known for – found himself fused with the consciousness of brilliant scientist Martin Stein. The result: Raymond could now control matter, adopting the name of ‘Firestorm’ and retaining Stein as voice in his head along for the ride. In the upcoming TV show, Raymond will be another victim of the particle accelerator disaster which gave Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) his powers.

In addition to proving that not all people blessed (or cursed) with powers throughout Central and Keystone City become villains, Raymond is also the fiancé of Caitlin Snow (Daniell Panabaker), one of Barry’s new allies and a top scientist at STAR Labs. Since he was an employee at the lab and presumed dead after the explosion, his return in Episode 3 will make some waves; meaning Barry won’t be the only person with relationship problems.

The CW has a track record of populating Arrow with as many comic book characters as possible, and the process has worked to their advantage. While Berlanti may have a challenge bringing a character like The Atom into Arrow‘s darker world, Firestorm seems a good fit for the lighter, more fantastic approach being taken with The Flash. Although the two series are set in the same universe, Raymond’s battle to understand his powers is one that Barry Allen can relate to like few others.

THE FLASH Full Suit Image Header ‘The Flash’ Cast Adds Robbie Amell as Firestorm

It’s still unclear just how large or recurring a role Amell’s character will play (either a multi-episode arc as Raymond returns a changed man, or as a permanent ally for Allen), but a brief appearance is more than enough to please fans of the long-underrated superhero. Not to mention prove that the parade of comic book heroes and villains established with Arrow is to be expected with The Flash as well.

How do you “Firestorm” fans feel about the announcement? Is Amell the actor you think can do the role justice, or are you more interested to know what this casting means for the show’s larger fiction?

The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 @8PM on The CW.

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Source: Variety

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  1. God I hope they can do the character and costume justice. Firestorm holds a special place for me in that he was the very first character I ever saw in a comic book way back when I was a kid. My friend just had a random comic lying around and I thought the character looked so cool.

  2. So, how much did your fingers burn hastily typing this up? Or was it finished in a flash?

    Seriously though, I said it in the Yondu article earlier, it bears repeating. I’m excited to see how this plays out. Maybe they’ll work some of the New 52 version into this adaption?

    • Well played. I transmuted the keyboard to a block of cheese by accident, and a voice in my head was chastising me for several minutes before I turned it around.

  3. Oh my God, I just died and went to heaven. I can’t believe they’re bringing in Firestorm. I love what they’re doing with these shows!

    I really hope they crossover with the movies. Can you imagine this all leading to a Crisis on Infinite Earths story?

  4. As much as I like Arrow and the pilot for The Flash, I’m worried that if the two shows use a character from the comics it basically means that character will never get a movie. Remember when Smallville wanted to include Batman, but were told they couldn’t because DC execs were worried that with the Dark Knight saga in full swing fans wouldn’t be able to handle two versions of the character? What’s the odds that DC will decide that they don’t want to make a Firestorm movie down the road because he appeared in The Flash? Hell, what’s the odds that they might even decide not the make Green Arrow or Flash movies because they don’t want two versions at once? Although having said that, I’d rather they didn’t make a Flash or Green Arrow movie than make them starring Amell or Gustin. I mean, not only would we then have a Justice League consisting almost entirely of white guys with brown hair, but they’d probably make Flash really “edgy” and “gritty”, and you’d have a cinematic universe consisting almost entirely of moody white men who fight crime whilst being dark and brooding and mulling over their emotionally scarring pasts. Do DC not realise that Marvel has proven that it’s okay to have superhero films where the protagonist doesn’t always seem like he’s seconds away from slitting his wrists?

    • Not sure where you get that last line from because Batman is brooding due to watching his parents gunned down right in front of him and Superman was unsure of his place in the world but is becoming a beacon of hope. It’s like you barely know the characters or the recent movies they were in.

      Besides, what WB are doing works for them. Look at the number of people complaining that Marvel is “too light and goofy” on this site (which I also don’t agree with).

    • But they ARE making a Flash movie… a Green Lantern / Flash team-up movie.

      Although, it will probably be Wally West instead of Barry Allen.

      • Ooh, and then TV Flash meets Movie Flash and Identity Crisis ensues…

      • Show me the article where WB confirms that?

  5. I like! I cannot wait!!! Bringing in firestorm sounds awesome!

    • Not sure what I think about Robbie Amell. I tried to get into the tomorrow people but after awhile I was just forcing myself to watch it. Maybe Robbie will have more luck as a supporting role. I wish my cousin played a superhero on tv. :/

      • I did the same, it just didn’t get interesting until his dad was found and then it suffered from possibly the goofiest ending ever in those final few minutes.

      • I watched every Tomorrow People episode. It was a decent show, but I mostly watched it because… OK I won’t lie… Payton List.

        • Well I followed the tomorrow people for a few episodes but found it below average. Specially Robbie Amell was awful, he has zero expressions even when somebody hit him he just makes faces without expressions. I was shocked to see coming aboard The Flash. If I were berlanti and if i had to chose from the Tomorrow people, i would go for Luke Mitchell.

      • He got saddled with a very poor character in Stephen Jameson, doubt he can do much wrong with Firestorm. I want to believe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to the Amells.

  6. Good for him, he did a good job in The Tomorrow People. Amell’s taking over the CW!

  7. nepotism….lol

    • I know that you were being funny but just to clarify – that would imply that his cousin is the one who did the hiring/casting.

  8. This is awesome! Seeing Firestorm live is going to be awesome!!

  9. So we got Firestorm, Vandal Savage, Atom, Selina Kyle, Dr.Light, Gorilla Grodd, Artemis, Zatanna, plus Dr. Fate and more coming this fall to ARROW and THE FLASH!?!? SOMEONE CALL 911……IM FLAT LININGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!


    • Selina Kyle is going to be both on Flash/Arrow and Gotham?

      And I must have missed Zatanna the Dr. Fate official annoucement…and which Dr. Light…the original or the new JL Asian lady?

      • Doctor Fate wasn’t announced, his helmet appears briefly in Constantine’s opening episode.

        • Yes, but it’s a start! Ooohhh, I want Dr. Fate live and in action so bad! I even have a Dr. Fate T-Shirt!

      • Whoa! Artemis? I missed that annoucement. Was that released over the 4th of july weekend?

  10. I am excited to see this and hope they do him justice. Firestorm was my second favorite comic as a kid, behind Kamandi (now that would be an awesome movie franchise if they did it right). And this makes sense since they have the character that becomes Killer Frost already in the show and she is more known as a Firestorm villain. My guess is that they will bring him in for a few episode arc that will end with Killer Frost being created, and then he can come back every once in a while to help Flash against her when she recurs and possibly other villains.

    • Plus it’d be interesting since he’s playing Killer Frost’s significant other.

  11. Bad news for Caitlin Snow! Great news for us :)

  12. 4th of July Weeknd? No my friend Thea will become Artemis in Season 3 after training and living with Dark Archer/her daddy it’s bound to happen but no doubt Berlanti and co. Will put a certain twist to it

    • Thanks! I just read the article. Bit disappointed at first that it is actually Thea, but I can kinda see it…. I guess? :/

    • I thought it was pretty clear they were setting her up to be speedy.

  13. Man this sounds awesome, but i don’t wanna see any flaming hair. Not on a tv budget anyway..

  14. Has anyone seen the pre-air?
    It’s kinda badass.
    I think it will be a good show.

  15. harm-he could’ve had some influence, recommending his cousin…knowing he just lost his own show. Who knows. I doubt it, but it’s a funny thought

  16. I wonder how many more Amell family members CW/DC will use! LOL. Stephen and Robbie are cousins if you didn’t know! :)

    • We kno bro the article told us that.

  17. Still nothing so far that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the the that movies and tv shows are separate universe.

    • +1

  18. The Amell family has more than its fair share of chiseled jaw line.

    This guy looks like Wade from Agents of Shield.

  19. awesome

  20. Not saying he should be cast in either of these shows but I’d love to see the guy who played John in The Tomorrow People (the modern remake, not the British original show from the 70s, obviously) appear as another DC character. Not sure who but definitely in the villain ball park.

    Unless Marvel pick him up as Danny Ketch/Ghost Rider.

  21. Sounds great, isn’t Felicity Smoak a Firestorm character? Would be interesting to see her jumping ships and coming to The Flash (ehm… that came out wrong…)

  22. I wonder who would play Martin Stein and be his voice, nice casting Amell, enjoyed Tomorrow People immensely, still wish for the second season of it. I would love to see Peyton List play a character on Arrow or Flash, or Luke Mitchell could be in on either or both of those shows too.

  23. Well, what can you say, other than the Nerdtastic news just keeps on coming. And more & more for DC Characters which, come even a year ago, we all would’ve called anyone crazy who’dve said we would be. To be seeing all of these seminal DC Koolaracters is gonna be simply murderous in ’14 & beyond….!

    Cue mad dance of impending bliss, as played by the Bulgarian Womens’ Choir & Gaga Gotech, or whatever.


  24. Love the announcement. Some of the earliest comics I picked up were Infantino drawn Flash comics with some great Pat Broderick pencilled Firestorm back-up features, and I’ve always enjoyed both character. Add the recent announcement of Ray Palmer being cast and I could hardly be more excited for the series, because I feel the serialized format of a tv series fits best with telling a lot of these stories… especially when it comes to being able to really develop the rogue’s gallery.

    That said, another fine example of the extent of the pro-DC bias at SR; because if this was about a Marvel project there’s no doubt we would have a race-baiting companion piece (complete with LINKS!) complaining about the additions of 2 white guys when they could have used these castings to include/promote some diversity.

  25. If Firestorm is going to appear then make sure he does look like Firestorm, don’t put him into some stupid rubbish version like Smallville who barely resemble the comics’ designe but make sure it’s going to look like this: http://blog.screenweek.it/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/firestorm.jpg

  26. I thought Firestorm was the making of two kids? Why isn’t the purest guys complaining about this?

    • Actually the original Firestorm was Ronnie Raymond and Professor Martin Stein. Ronnie was always the primary personality in control of the Firestorm persona and the Prof was the disembodied voice in the back of his head helping him. And we don’t know yet that that isn’t going to be how they do it. So what is there for the purists to complain about?

  27. Ronnie was frequently drawn in the shower in his 1980s comic. I hope Robbie will be just as hygiene-conscious. lol

  28. Bring it on. The more stars from the DC universe that appear in both shows will make them last a long time. Seeing the first time we saw flash it only lasted one season. Arrow is now in its 3rd season and we get introduced to the flash. Both shows are going to do good with the more stars that make appearances. I am just waiting for the episode that will see an appearance from Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent.

  29. I just watched the episode of The Flash with “Firestorm ” (recorded on dvr ) and as a huge fan of Firestorm since issue 1 first hit the stands, I can say I HATE HIM! I hate it when characters are rewritten or reimagined. I am old school and if things aren’t cannon or close to it I’m not happy.