CW’s ‘The Flash’ TV Series Image Reveals Barry Allen’s Costume

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The Flash TV Show Cast Details CWs The Flash TV Series Image Reveals Barry Allens Costume

It’s a good day to be a fan of The Flash, as the showrunners preparing the scarlet speeder for his sprint onto the small screen have released another juicy detail. The series adapting one of DC Comics’ most beloved Justice League member has found its leading man in Glee alum Grant Gustin, and for the first time fans can get a look at the suit he’ll be donning in the role of Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash.

The series has been spawned by a guest appearance on The CW’s Arrow, a gritty, grounded, but somewhat heightened approach to real world superheroes, but despite that, Gustin had promised a traditional take on the red and yellow suit. The first image shows an influence from both sides, shifting the colors to a darker side, while drawing its design (unsurprisingly) from DC’s New 52 comic series.

Unfortunately, the first image shows only the head of Gustin’s costume, but given the total absence of any Flash-focused announcements in regards to Warner Bros.’s budding movie universe, it should be enough to give fans a thrill. Before we go any farther in our analysis, take a look at the photo yourself:


The Flash TV Show Costume 570x380 CWs The Flash TV Series Image Reveals Barry Allens Costume

Obviously, there is more to a superhero adaptation than its costume, and WB has given comic book fans just enough detail to pique their interest. At this point the rest of the suit (read: most of the suit) is still a complete mystery. But what is immediately clear is that the show’s producers weren’t kidding when they said that The Flash would differ from Arrow significantly. The rest of the costume has yet to be revealed, but Barry Allen’s skin-hugging suit is a far cry from Oliver Queen’s hood and domino mask.

For the time being, we’ll choose to overlook what appears to be a leathery ‘collar’ at the base of the costume’s neck and focus on the positives; particularly, that this looks to be a fairly faithful adaptation of the suit seen in the comic book source material. Every comic fan has their favorite incarnation and artists, but down to the small chin ‘clip,’ the costume is a dead ringer for the version seen in the studio’s animated features, most recently Justice League: War.

And as fans know, the source of those designs was DC’s New 52 line-up, intended to bring the live-action heroes and the illustrated ones closer together. It may only be a look at the costume’s headpiece, but the influences are clear.

The Flash Casting Writing Interview CWs The Flash TV Series Image Reveals Barry Allens Costume

Fans will certainly take issue with one or two aspects of the design, noting the flattened-out ear accents that, frankly, were always going to be difficult to adapt. But if changing the design worked for Captain America we think Flash will be just fine. Then there’s the darker shade of red – darker than the comics have traditionally featured – which implies a less fantastic attitude than a brighter crimson would. Of course, fans already had one incarnation of a bright red, muscled suit (worn by John Wesley Shipp, who will be returning to The Flash in a mystery role) and the results were… less than timeless.

All things considered, we’re not as pleased with the small peek at the suit as we are with how Gustin looks in it. Any Flash fan with a sense of optimism should look at the profile, the angles, and the hint of a smile on Gustin’s lips, and start to see why the showrunners have shown so much excitement despite the risks of launching any new superhero series. The Flash‘s executive producer Andrew Kreisberg claimed that the show’s creators were writing the part for Gustin before he’d even landed the role, so hopefully the character will fit the actor as snugly as the suit.

Hopefully this release means further details and images are on the way, but what are your reactions for now? Is this image enough to convince you the writers know what makes the character such a fan-favorite, or do you have your concerns? The comic book faithful will be happy to know that some of Flash’s most iconic enemies have already been cast, so suit or no, the action should be familiar.


The Flash is expected to air on The CW in the fall of 2014.

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  1. Haven’t watched Arrow (doesn’t really interest me) but this is definitely a show I’ll be checking out. And holy crap this mask looks awesome! :D

    • Arrow namedropped plenty of DC names, that’s fun but eventually it also sorta messed up the backstory for them (though not all). The action is great, but also too much soap-opera-ish stuff going on IMHO. So expect The Flash to do the same thing, considering it’s origin story was a part of Arrow’s universe.

      • What do you expect from a soaperhero series on CW? CW and forced soap-like drama go hand in hand and you can bet it will rear it’s head in The Flash as well (they’re already injecting Felicity into it as a recurring character and you can already see where that’s going to go).

        Who’s back-story haven’t they messed up? The only one remotely similar is Oliver himself, with a hefty injection of liberties taken), but I can’t think of anyone whom they haven’t messed up a back story on. Sure, some of that comes with the territory of a self-contained show and is expected, but none have been untouched in that area.

        • Yet Arrow still is leaps and bounds better than Agents of Shield which is basically any random watered down cop show just set within the Marvel universe. That show is a mess. Soap opera? What doesn’t have soap opera elements? Walking Dead, any Joss Weadon show, hell even Star Wars had soap opera elements to it. If that’s the problem your window of entertainment has now been limited by your comment and you must not be a fan of anything else I mentioned. Also comic books in general can be soap operas.

          • I never stated that I had a problem with it. My comments were directly related to the statements made before them.

            • To be fair, you sounded somewhat dismissive.

              • Let me help you then:

                Statement: “The action is great, but also too much soap-opera-ish stuff going on IMHO.”

                Relevant Response: “What do you expect from a soaperhero series on CW? CW and forced soap-like drama go hand in hand”

                Which is to say, the individual making the first statement shouldn’t have expected any less… which is not a commentary on the show itself.

          • soap opera, and drama are not the same thing.

    • For the love of god watch arrow

    • Robert, I might respectfully suggest you try and see he series… Arrow is different, but there some very interesting dips and turns. At 60, I’ve seen many iterations of characters over the decades, and. I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the arrow series today, and I look forward to the future. I also had some trepidation at the way they were going to handle the flash, but so far I like where they’re going with it a little younger a little less worldly wise but I think the characters going to be pretty decently handled… I hope so of course. As it is said, the proof of the pudding is in its taste so we shall see how this goes.

    • Try to watch Arrow season 2 ! you’ll amazed how good the series is…too many goosebump scenes!

  2. Leather and a collar? WTF.

    So he’s a chafed, biker jacket wearing speedster then?

    That red is too dark for Barry’s personality.. but if they can reduce Superman to a depressed murderer then anything goes I suppose… All DC can think of doing is Batman-izing all their heroes.

    Screw that I’ll stick with Marvel.

    • Oh for the love lf f*cking god, GET OVER IT!!!!

      • These heroes haven’t just been around for this generation you know, and as far as generations go, this one has had the lEAST comic book sales..

        You haven’t been keeping the character alive for the past 50 years.. what about those who have been waiting a long long time for this kind of thing.. and THIS is what we get.. Something squarely aimed at Generation Grit.

        No, I won’t get over it.

        But after doing that to Supes.. what else can we expect?

        • Yeah, you still need to get over it. Your arguments are completely ridiculous. I mean, you said you’ll stick with Marvel, who followed the realistic and gritty Ultimate versions of the comics and updated origins that DC’s New 52 are also doing so it’s not as if Marvel isn’t doing what DC are, is it?

          • As an OFFSHOOT, a different universe. The main Marvel universe has never been altered just added to.

            DC wholesale threw everything out and rewrote it, making that the new universe…. SEVERAL times..

            They flipflop so much they should be making shoes.

            DC sucks.. there’s no continuity left… apart from the single theme of Dark and Batman.. Creatively bankrupt.

            When they make a (I’ll be very kind) MEDIOCRE Fail Superman movie, TWICE.. it’s time for them to shut up shop and stop doing superheroes… because the things they are making, are anything BUT ‘heroes’.

            • I’ll agree that Marvels big screen universe is the better of the two but as far as the TV world, DC with Arrow has made AOS look like a Hannah Montana. Yes, AOS has gotten better but no where near the quality of Arrow. I love Marvels big screen world but what they did with AOS is a joke

              • @JaredDac:

                I feel it’s my duty to by the Yin to your Yang.

                AoS is just as good as Arrow to me.

                I usually use the hot girl count:

                Arrow: Felicity

                AoS: Skye and Simmons

                That’s 2-1, Aos wins. :)

                But seriously, I think the problem is people expect AoS to be a spandex show and it’s not. It’s more like a covert agency ops show, like Fringe. I’m not looking for the Hulk or Iron Man when I watch AoS so maybe that’s why it doesn’t disappoint me.

                • Not to burst your bubble but the amount of women Oliver goes after on Arrow is ridiculous.

                  You have Felicity sure. But how can you forget Sara Lance? Aka Caity Lotz the blonde bombshell that does her own stunts. Also Katrina Law has made an appearance on the show. Katie Cassidy looks great as well. Counting Oliver’s various flings that brings the total count to:

                  ~6-2 Caity Lotz is just ridiculously hot, I should add.

                  People were expecting AoS to be more in depth in the Marvel Universe, not some spy show. Arrow takes huge liberties with DCU Characters and name drops are everywhere left and right. You have Slade, Clockmaster, China White, Bronze Tiger, Dollmaker, Merlyn, Flash, Ted Kord was mentioned, Central and Coast City were mentioned. The fact that more adventures lie outside of arrow is juicy to say the least.

                • Felicity, Laurel, Sarah, Thea and Shado makes 5 (though with no Shado 4 is still better than 2)
                  Don’t get me wrong, I like both shows, but your hott girl counting is awful :P

                  • I read this site almost every day and never comment.
                    Today is a new day.


                    I am trying to read your comment and the first few lines are interesting, and then…… NO AND THEN!

                    You have been awarded the “Run On Sentence” of the month award!!!!

                • My issue with AoS was not that I wanted it to be a spandex show more that Shield is supposed to be an ELITE special ops team. Frankly thats not what is portrayed at all. It looks like a complete joke. Disorganised, ill trained useless feckwits that couldn’t organise a booze up in a brewery.

                  Thats my issue

                  • Precisely! These guys are NOT the elite special ops that the rest of SHIELD are. They’re a ragtag group of misfits whom nobody in the agency is willing to trust anymore until Coulson is dispatched to try and make something out of them. Obviously, these guys’ll be having a hard time learning to work together. THAT’s what the show is about, it never was supposed to be about the regular SHIELD troops or it would have simply been called SHIELD. Personally, I find it more interesting this way.

        • After doing what to Supes exactly? Since you say that you have waited a “very long time” for this, then you are kinda self contradicting. The DC universe has been rebooted multiple times so barely any character has stayed the same. To further explain, The Crisis comic series always reboots the DC Universe to adjust to current generations. Just because this current take doesn’t fit what you like, doesn’t make it incorrect. I am 30 years old and I have been reading comic books and following DC and Marvel characters for a very long time. This current take is ONE of the better approaches that has been done (not THE best before you start trying to call me out on something that I’ll probably prove you wrong on). A more realistic approach and giving Superman a distinct personality, rather than the typical school boy (which don’t get me wrong, I do like as well) is a good change for his character. It gave him some more meaning in the Man of Steel movie. Which btw, was a great movie and if you have complaints about it, then I can correct you on that to. In short, stop bitching and enjoy what we loved and what has lived on for so many generations. It’s obviously survived for a reason.

        • The incarnation of these characters that count are the current ones. Why, because we are going through a golden age in Super Hero movies. They did try to give us a “classic” or past-generation interpretation of a character with Superman Returns and look how it turned out. The past is the past, what matters is what is being done today. And guess what, it actually works, no how much in denial you are about it. So yes, do get over it.

        • While everyone has a right to rant, I think you are wrong. He loos like the Flash. Better than I expected, very close to the source material. The costume designers are costume designers for a reason.

        • I hate to tell you, but “Generation Grit” is exactly what is keeping many of these characters alive.

          Those of us that have been around have lived through all of DCs Crisis of Infinate Reboots, and some of us understand that in order to cull the largest sample of viewers they have to cater to as many as possible- and that means references for the old fans and the new.

          It’s the new fans that are the bulk of their earnings and demos, and it’s those new fans who will be here long after us to cater to. It’s a simple fact of reality.

          • Completely accurate and extremely well said.

            The Batman I discovered was grittier than the one that had been on TV when my parents were the same age back in the 60s.

            Since then, he’s gone even grittier to appeal to ever-more-modern tastes.

            I used to love the Christopher Reeve Superman movies but just can’t any more because they’re too campy to be able to take seriously and my interest disappears quickly before I switch off and watch something else. Man Of Steel however was a decent Superman movie that, while not all that great, at least tried to take the character seriously, at least in my more mature, adult opinion.

            You NEED grit and realism to appeal to people who want something that could possibly take place in the real world and give them something to relate to.

      • agreed!

      • This is exactly how I feel reading everyone’s comments these days ^

        If you don’t like it then don’t watch it or read about it..

    • “Batman-izing all their heroes”

      That’s a good statement… I totally agree with that.

    • The Superman as a murderer thing doesn’t make sense. He killed Zod in Superman II. The only difference is he and Lois had a laugh about it after she also murdered someone. I guess what your saying is that its worse that he felt remorse in MoS instead of glee as in Superman II?

      • You never saw Zod die.. and that’s the point.

        The new guy may as well just have shived Zod in a kiddies playground.. being so graphic absolutely removes the ‘hero’ aspect.

        • At least he cried about it, now I’ll admit it was poorly executed, no pun intended, with the ending afterwards having Superman being fine and it never being brought up again. But fine stick with Marvel where everybody kills and feel no remorse.

        • We never saw Zod die and had the film not been butchered, by way of the studio through Richard Lester, we would have had this little snippet:

          SUPERMAN smiles tolerantly as CAMERA PANS: they have reached a large snow cat vehicle with the THREE VILLAINS tied up inside, guarded by an ARMY PATROL. SUPERMAN hands the now desperate LUTHOR over to them.

          The Army was waiting at the bottom of that shaft and captured them.

          • Actually if you knew what you were talking about, originally before Lester and any “studio screwups”, the original plan was to have Superman fly back in time and undo the entire movie (putting the Phantom Zoners back in the Phantom Zone). The Kryptonians getting arrested was just an “alternate ending”.

            And comparing the end of Man of Steel to Superman killing Zod on a play ground in front of a bunch of children shows how much you either a) Didn’t watch the movie and going by other’s whining about it or b) you’re just looking for a reason to complain about the movie.

            As to the other guy earlier saying “When they make a (I’ll be very kind) MEDIOCRE Fail Superman movie, TWICE…”, I don’t see a Failed Superman movie twice. Superman Returns, yes, I’ll agree. Man of Steel wasn’t a fail. Anyone that says it was, it just looking for reasons to be contrary. If it failed, they wouldn’t be doing a sequel to it.

            But that’s ok. Continue to hate and bury your head in the sand, yelling out your same failed comments.

            • Bravo nicely said i agree 100% as to the charge of murder to the man of steel i submit and alternet charge of justifible homicide as zod was going to incenterate a family of three

              • That’s one thing the people who hilariously complain about him killing Zod in MOS seem to conveniently forget.

                “Boo, Superman killed Zod, dat ain’t right”

                Ok, so you’d rather watch Zod use his heat vision to murder an innocent family instead of the hero stopping him by any means necessary, considering he said himself “you’ll have to kill me if you want to stop me”?

    • A tough leather suit is exactly what The Flash would need to wear. The guy runs at hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles an hour. At that speed, even hitting a bug would be like getting shot with a BB gun. And if he tripped or slipped on something (ice from Captain Cold?) he’d need that layer of protection not get seriously hurt.

      And as for the darkness, that’s probably 50% the lighting in the room. I broad daylight, I’m sure it’s a lot brighter.

      • Flash dodges bullets… I’m certain dodging a bug is no different.

        • I dodge my boss, wife, bill-collectors, and landlord…hey, I’m pretty good at that–I could play The Flash!

          • I urinate frequently, I could be the Whizzer!

      • I can see you don’t ride a motor bike, there is nothing more restrictive than a set of leathers, they are built for impact, grind and protection, not for running about in.

        Leathers are just plain dumb for Flash.

        • TV show not RL. Look is more important that practical. What material would you use? Satin?

        • I think what you have to realize is that superheroes are modern day versions of characters as “myth”…that is, there is no “definitive” version of most of these characters. I grew up in the Man of Steel era…so to me, the definitive Superman is where Clark Kent is the real personality, he’s an assertive, talented reporter, his parents are alive, etc. For others older than I, the above is sacrilege. But the point is that, like King Arthur and Robin Hood, you can throw almost any spin on these characters as long as you retain the traits of what makes them who they are.

          Whining about the movies/tv shows not showcasing what you believe to be the definitive version of a character is a bit silly. Mallory’s Arthur is as valid as the old Welsh myths, why can’t we just finally admit that there can be more than one take on Superman?

          And the stupid part of Man of Steel was NOT that he killed Zod. The stupid part was how every fight was him and another kryptonian crashing through building after building, and Superman making no attempt to minimize collateral damage.

          • Try fighting a raging killing machine like Zod and we’ll see how much collateral damage you succeed in avoiding… The fact is, the killing scene is the one and only moment when Zod actually pauses in his relentless onslaught and gives Kal time to act on his own. When this happens, he chooses to save the civilians. Everything before that was him suffering Zod’s overwhelming wrath as best he could. Thinking it’s stupid is in itself kinda stupid.

            • I’m still trying to wrap my head around the thinking it’s stupid is stupid” remark; that basically means that having a different opinion from yours is…never mind. Here’s why you’re incorrect in your analysis of that fight, imo: during Zod’s “relentless onslaught,” when Clark is suffering Zod’s “overwhelming wrath,” he makes ZERO attempt to toss Zod out into the countryside or whatever and get away from the dozens of inhabited buildings they crash through and destroy. It’s only at the end when all of a sudden Superman cannot help but kill Zod to save others. Not to mention that we’d seen that fight pattern one too many times by then.

              I don’t think that finding that fight scene to not be stupid makes you stupid, but you seem to be ignoring the internal logic of the film; Zod is brand new to having superpowers (this is made mention of at least twice) and cannot control them like Superman can. Superman had not been “overwhelmed” as you put it. I found it stupid because that gut-wrenching decision he made to kill Zod had less of an impact because it felt forced. Here’s a guy who has made no effort to protect the civilians from the damage he’s causing from the fight, and then all of a sudden he’s so concerned about the one family that he has no choice but to break Zod’s neck.

              I would agree with everything you said if there had been an attempt (or attempts) to take the fight away from the city and thus minimize damage…Zod sees this and exploits this as a weakness by continuing to endanger innocents. Superman begs him to stop, refusing to kill Zod until the subway scene.

              And you’re right, I’ve never fought a super-powered kryptnonian. I’ve never acted, but I know a bad Superman film when I see one (hello, Superman returns). Never thrown a touchdown pass in the NFL either, but I can tell him Joe Flacco throws a bad ball…you get the point. Fact is you and I saw different films if you thought Superman made any attempt at protecting the people, a failure for which I blame Zach Snyder. Superman was halfway around the world fighting a giant terraforming machine while the people in Metropolis essentially saved themselves from destruction he showed very little interest in containing. In fact, he really just came back in time to save Lois Lane from falling out of the aircraft that she really had no reason to be on in the first place (was there a reason given for her being there in the movie?), and then leveling the rest of Metropolis in the final fight with Zod. Again, make that fight scene a series of attempts by Superman to end things without lethal force, while Zod takes advantage of Superman’s “weakness” (wanting to protect the humans) by continuing to endanger them, thus leading ultimately to Superman having to make that final choice.

              This has GOT to be the first time I’ve ever agreed with Mark Waid on anything Superman related. Basically just reiterated his argument about why that scene is…er…stupid, actually. I enjoyed the film as a modern-era Superman fan, and defended the killing of Zod as having precedent…you should read those issues and their aftermath if you can (I’m sure they’re online somewhere), if you’d like some examples of where I’m coming from. The execution in the comics is not spur of the moment and has lasting reverberations for the character. Here, I loved his initial response, but then he’s destroying drones and cracking jokes in the next scene like nothing happened. Also, after all that pounding between two guys portrayed as so invulnerable that they cannot really hurt each other, Superman simply breaks Zod’s neck? That’s also somewhat less than internally consistent considering the battering they were giving to each other (and surviving mostly unharmed). So there (I tried really hard to come up with a better ending line, but that was the best I could do at this ungodly hour of the morning).

              Cheers. Baltimore is becoming covered in snow and ice; hopefully I won’t have to go to work (the courts are all closed, so not much a lawyer can do on a day like this) and can continue to engage in more important activities like debating wholly subjective matters about superhero movies with and/or hurling insults at strangers.

        • dude im sure the suit has lyrca type area on the suit kinda like stormtrooper suit only all of it a burgandy red so you cant tell

      • Agreed. It looks good. Looking forward to this show.

    • That’s why you don’t work for a studio or production company. Because you can’t think outside of “The Super Friends”.

    • Yeah?…um…the real reason your sticking with marvel is because your a lemming. And isn’t marvel trying to do the gritty superhero since The Dark Knight, look at IM3 and the captain America sequel.

      • Cap 2 looks awesome, and I loved the first one. Cap can be a fairly complex character, even, dare I say, dark (not sure if gritty is the right word, although Streets of Poison was a book I really enjoyed) when he is done right, with a legitimate emotional core…call it angst, but the man out of time who is haunted by his failure to save Bucky, and who literally lost everyone and everything he ever cared about, makes for good drama…but I agree, saying “I’ll stick with Marvel” because the Flash’s suit is too dark for your tastes is a bit odd. I do agree with him that Marvel’s films are of a higher quality, for the most part.

        As far as Arrow goes, it is a fantastic show (and better than Agents of Shield), and I love the take/reimagining of the characters and the universe they inhabit. Personally, I kept wondering when Slade was going to become Oliver’s arch-nemesis; one of the best parts of Identity Crisis (or one of the only good parts, depending on who you talk to) was the creation of a great new rivalry between Deathstroke and Green Arrow. My only gripe with the show is I’d like to see a bit more traditional costumes, at least as far as the more “realistic” nature of the show can allow/manage. Bronze Tiger and Deathstroke could have their masks and still work on Arrow.

    • I agree with you. But Marvel has been dropping the ball here and there. A lot of the canon stuff that made us fall for many comic book heroes are being thrown out the window and we are expected to settle with w/e spin they want to put on characters…it’s not cool…we should not just “get over it”.

      I haven’t seen the whole costume or know the story behind it, but I think his suit should look a bit different from the usual spandex–just not so leather-like. I mean, it’s supposed to be a suit that can handle traveling at fast speed w/o burning up or getting ripped apart, so the material would look weird and different.

      • The Flash has a special “aura” that protects him from air friction and allows him to go at extreme speeds without burning alive. Any cloth he wears would be equally protected. The aura is part of his powers.

        • I didn’t know that. Well that’s convenient.

    • Superman has killed people in the comics since his inception. he routinely threw gangsters from the top of buildings in the early days. The whole not killing thing has never really been enforced, it has only been a recent developement and even then is situational at best.
      Even Batman regularly killed people in his first few yaers, hell, he even carried a gun.

      So yes, get over it.

    • In Iron Man 3, the “hero” dresses up like the Unabomber and shoots a bunch of dudes with a nail gun. The “villain” on the other hand is a washed up actor. The ACTUAL villain…I dunno, did they ever half explain what his genius plan was? I mean besides making up a bin Laden style terrorist to “cover up” the frequent accidents in his plan (read: draw more attention to them)?

      In Man of Steel, the hero killed a bad guy who was about to murder some children.

      But ya, you go ahead and stick with Marvel.

    • Superman killed Zod in the comics. Zod was also killed in the theatrical, canonical, cut of Superman 2. Where are you getting that Superman is different? Comics from the 50′s during the silver age? Those comics were compromised by the comic’s code of that time. They had to be child safe. That was pretty much altered by the 70′s and 80′s. Have you ever actually read any comic books? Hahaha.

    • It looks more like Daredevil with a lightning bolt on the side.

  3. The suit, or at least the helmet looks good…
    But my biggest problem is that I’m still not digging the guy behind it as Barry Allen :(
    Not sure if I’m gonna check this one out…

    Kinda wish they would develop a new animated series instead, you know the one that totally stay true to the comic and does not afraid to leap the boundary of realism, groundism and grittiness (read: does not try to be real world) *sigh*

    • Why they would even want to make high-fantasy characters like this, gritty and real world, beats the hell out of me.

      It fits like a mitten on a cows udder.

      • Why would they make characters like this fit in the real world?

        Um, maybe so readers and viewers can relate to them if it’s taking place in the world they know?

        You haven’t read a single comic book since 2000, have you? I don’t think you have since you seem to have missed Marvel and DC rebooting their characters and putting them in the real world with darker, gritter stories.

        • *grittier

        • Relate? REALLY?

          That’s a concern for you is it? Being able to relate to someone who can force the moon out of orbit or run at c.

          Good grief… I’d far prefer some entertaining escapism rather than wondering if he has the same jock strap as me.

        • Aww Willy what’s up?, someone take yours?

          See, I’m not actually telling anyone to go away or not to post, but you all can’t stop yourselves.. I wonder who is the more secure in their point of view? I’ll listen and debate with other pov’s.. but you seem to want to close your ears to anything that doesn’t reinforce your own opinion…. THAT’S NOT GOOD psychologically speakng.

          • Umm, sorry pal but you’re having it backwards: you’re the one closing your ears to what everyone is telling you so that you can pointlessly reiterate your twisted views. You don’t listen, you don’t debate, all you do is keep on hammering your nonsense. Talk about psychological good… It has to stop sometime.

    • He looks like the Barry Allen in his first appearance of Showcase. You should probably check that out it also might help lend credibility to your comment about staying true to the comic book.

  4. Looks good.. potentially this will be a good series, if they keep Geoff Johns on board to oversee the storyline.. hopefully it’ll turn out having the same, if not more than, success like Arrow did.

  5. Lighting bolts sticking out of his ears… Yeah, that’s clearly not my design aesthetic. Perhaps the 60-ies should stay in the 60-ies?

    • You must not be a Flash fan since the accents over his ears have never been removed and this has been an update.

  6. So they could do the ears right on the 1990′s tv show but they can’t in 2014?

  7. So far it’s okay. I’m more interested in the writing. If it’s half as good as Arrow then we will have another hit on our hands

    • Of course it will, the writing of the story will be good as Arrow. You have Geoff Johns to be part of the show and is helping out writing the pilot episode. He did write an episode on Arrow in the episode, “Dead to Rights” and that episode is great and one of my favorites. So without a doubt, I believed that pilot episode of The Flash will be 10x better than Arrow’s pilot.

  8. Can’t wait till next Fall.
    I’m Stoked!

  9. It is the Movie verse Flash I worry about.

  10. This is why it’ll always be DC over Marvel. DC just knows how to make good shows and movies, while Marvel struggles to make mediocre movies, that are subsequently overhyped – Young Justice was better than Marvels last movie.

    The DC universe is also far more immersive than Marvels, which is why I gave up on Marvel years ago.

    • Yeahhhhhhh. we’re watching different movies mate, because I would have absolutely reversed what you just said.

      • Damn why is it always DC vs Marvel on here. Individually movies have been good and bad on each side. Dark Knight = Good, Green Lantern = Bad, Iron Man I = Good, Thor 2 = Bad. They both have had their share of hits and misses, so why not just judge each movie on its own merits?

        • Because, despite the big two not actually being at odds with each other, fanbois will be fanbois (i.e. morons). The same goes for soccer and hooligans. Ahhh, mankind, will you ever know how I enjoy laughing at your shenanigans?

      • Starting with the new era of superhero movies(that Spiderman and X-men have started)

        Catwoman – bad
        Batman Begins – good
        Superman Returns – bad
        The Dark Knight – good
        Watchmen – good
        Jonah Hex – garbage
        Green Lantern – bad
        The Dark Knight Rises – good
        Man of Steel – good

        Iron Man – good
        The Incredible Hulk – bad
        Iron Man 2 – bad
        Thor – bad
        Captain America: The First Avenger – average
        The Avengers – average
        Iron Man 3 – bad
        Thor: The Dark World – garbage
        1/8, if you have alittle lower quality taste 3/8

        • I disagree a lot.

          I enjoyed Iron Man 3 because it had a lot of action sequences and because of that I overlooked the way they did The Mandarin. I also thought Batman Begins was dumb while the other two were great but still hate all the vehicles with a passion. I didn’t hate Superman Returns, I thought Brandon Routh did a decent job though I wish(ed) there was more action or at least just less drama. I also liked Captain America for a lot of the backstory and origins, and thought the Avengers was pretty great, especially because of the action and humor.

        • These discussions are always so fun. I think you’re not being black and white enough though.

          Batman Begins – Solid
          Superman Returns – Garbage
          The Dark Knight – Solid
          Watchmen – Solid
          Jonah Hex – Garbage
          Green Lantern – Garbage
          The Dark Knight Rises – Garbage
          Man of Steel – Solid


          Iron Man – Solid
          The Incredible Hulk – Garbage
          Iron Man 2 – Garbage
          Thor – Garbage
          Captain America: The First Avenger – Solid
          The Avengers – Solid
          Iron Man 3 – Garbage
          Thor: The Dark World – Garbage


          Why did you include Catwoman?
          Anyway, of the last 8 DC/Marvel films, there you have it. The true score.

          Anyone who disagrees with this list is an idiot. Plain and simple. Sorry.
          This is a true, unbiased listing that can be argued and argued. You know my list is right.

      • Apparently you and I are because Marvel has done nothing, but make giant commercials for terrible toys. Marvel hasn’t been anymore faithful to their source than DC. Marvel has taken elements from different universes and stuck them into the movies. So if you have little issue with that, you should not have any problem with DC. At least the Batman films tried not to wink their eyes off at the camera. Marvel’s movies are not hoaky per say, just jokes tossed in and an attitude of this is all silly. That is something that writers like Frank Miller tried to get away from for years. Why are those Marvel movies so revered? If you say they’re faithful to the spirit then I’d direct you to Batman Begins which is just as faithful to the spirit of that character. Superman was too dark and depressing? Read some Superman comics. His life is not always happy and bright and again Man of Steel was as faithful as any Marvel movie. Look at Iron Man if you want to get into some moral issues about Superman and the city being destroyed. In Iron Man everything is his fault. His redemption isn’t handled very well. He is saved at the end by his secretary, but he triumphantly reveals he’s Iron Man which is a failed moment. It’s failed because had he really been redeemed and a true hero he would have said “forget Iron Man, Pepper Potts is the real hero.” At the end of the movie he is just as selfish as the start. The whole movies is driven by his mistakes in his business, but no one ever brings any of that up. Why? With Superman it’s because he has a reputation? So does Iron Man, he did become a hero, but the film was written for RDJ’s quips more than for real character development. If you can swallow that with no problem, I really don’t see where DC is so bad.

  11. You cant make it a “Marvel vs DC” debate.
    You see, Marvel is a Studio associated with Disney setting up every storyline of their characters while DC is still the same comic book factory whose license is taken over by WB (and its integral: CW).
    There’ll be also Gotham on Fox and Constantine on NBC, proving that every DC characters is designed to fulfill the the studio or network purpose..

  12. We’ll have to see the rest, but what I’m seeing looks good….

  13. mask looks cool, but when do we get to see the rest!?!?

  14. What’s with the collar?!?

  15. So tired of every discussion turning into DC vs. Marvel. Why does everything have to be a competition?

    We’re living in an age where comic properties have transcended the niche and are in the mainstream in staggering proportions, and still it’s not good enough. Fans want their own nostalgic interpretation of every character, and an expanded “universe” that features a zillion spinoffs, sequels, and every bit-character ever created in a “faithful” manner (please define what this even means after decades of artist interpretations, reboots of character designs, etc).

    The media empires, who are investing millions of dollars are not going to cater to every fanboy whim. Actors are not going to play your heroes for a 12 film franchise. The general public are not going to go see a movie about Plastic Man.

    It’s just strange to me that supposed comic fans expect so much from the film industry. Comics are great because of the comics medium. Read the comics and enjoy. There will never be a “definitive” film version of this or that. No matter how entitled a fan thinks they are, or that they “deserve” to see this or that for all of their undying support, it all comes down to attracting a general public for dollars, and tailoring the story/aesthetics to the modern world in which they live, and making relevant to them.

    Just enjoy/not enjoy and maybe care about something more important in life.

  16. Looks like Captain America’s helmet from The Avengers.

  17. I hope they don’t mess up Iris West, instead they should introduce John Henry Irons if they can. It would end up hitting two targets with one Arrow (pun-intended); the real Man of Steel is much deserving of some ample screen time and this probably will be able to fill their void of apt racial representation, (don’t worry I’m not a racist) just a Fanboy who likes characters from the source material. Honestly changing a race changes A LOT about any character, A LOT, you know that is correct.

  18. To the people who complain about some comic book movies not sticking directly to the comics, you should note that the movies are made in order to make money from the general public not just die hard fans. The general public may not know everything about the comics or even the tone of some superheroes. This means that studios can play around with the characters in order to get more people to come and see the film. It’s pretty much all about the money. If a studio is making money off a property then they won’t care if a small percentage of fans disagree with the direction that they are taking.

  19. maybe they should have put white pieces of glass on the eye hole like spiderman’s… if his eye is hit with a debris or can he see past the wind when he is running at super speed? just saying

  20. looks like his costume wont fit in his Flash Ring… if he will have one.

  21. I wish all these whiny Marvel and DC fanboys f ucke d each other to death

  22. These guys have no idea how good Arrow series?? don’t be surprise if Stephen Amell cast for JUSTICE LEAGUE !!!!

  23. cool costume!!!! i luv it!! i hope his speed will be cooler than the flash in smallville..

  24. My only concern is the color. I wish it was the brighter/normal red we know, but I still like it a lot, I will still watch it, and I still love The Flash. IMO the mask really shouts out “The Flash” to me, I’m already a fan.

    • BTW, even if I prefer the brighter red I can still get used to this darker tone. I just want to see The Flash in action, and the color really doesn’t matter to me as long as the costume resembles The Flash (obviously as long as the color stays within the RED “family”).

  25. Yeah, the costume looks great. From what we see anyway. And Grant Gustin seems to have the confidence to take on the Flash character. But is it just me or does the chin piece not transfer well on screen?

  26. Looks like a great picture; can’t wait to see the full costume!
    I always wonder why WB didn’t give him a solo film. The Flash seems like one of the more believable heroes to put to the big screen, along with Wonder Woman.

  27. I am gonna put this comment at the bottom instead of picking a specific post to reply too. This is to the various naysayers on here.
    1. The Flash suit looks sweet. Now that that’s out of the way…
    2. Here is what I say to you who ask why did Clark decide that once Zod threatened the family, that was the time to save someone. Here’s what I think, there is a difference between being in the heat of battle and knowing that you cannot save everyone and defeat Zod at the same time (he had to prioritize and this is the first time he has faced a world ending threat and not a sinking school bus) and being up close and personal with an innocent family, that in that moment Clark could let them die in front of his eyes while he attempts to subdue Zod or kill him. In my mind its damned if you do damned if you don’t and he did what he had to do and obviously they cant do some sort of coming to terms/dealing with consequences of that during the conclusion of the movie. If they don’t tackle it in the sequel then I’ll be pissed. That’s the difference b/w that last scene and the rest of the fight. He was up close and could see what doing nothing would cause. Aren’t people surely injured in the comic books during these battles? I am sure they are.
    3. MOS was a great movie, not a perfect one but this is WB/DC’s first attempt to try something new and try a singular, universal, cinematic vision that is palatable to the public that finances these movies with ticket sales. It passed the goosebumps test for me because I got chills during some of those scenes because it moved me emotionally.
    4. Why aren’t you guys watching Arrow? Are you so hung up on nitpicking the details that you cant take a break and enjoy something that is well made with obvious dedication by the team behind it? I mean I am in a state of joy every week to see this come alive on television and how well the creators do I t. I mean a lot of past shows haven’t had the balls to commit to a faithful adaptation of some character. Compare Slade Wilson from Smallville and Slade Wilson from Arrow for example. The show is also free. You don’t have to pay for HBO to see it. We are living in a renaissance of comic book lore and it bums me out when I come on here and everyone just bickers and nitpicks tiny details about art that is given to us for our entertainment. If you’re not 100% satisfied with a particular screen iteration then you still have the source material to remind you of the “good old days”. Obviously its all subjective so no ones opinion can be right or wrong. We need to come together to support these projects cause there was a time when we couldn’t see a Marvel movie or two every year or we couldn’t turn on the television and see GA or Flash on there. Some of these things could go away and then there’d be nothing to complain about but nothing to enjoy either.