CW’s ‘The Flash’ TV Series Image Reveals Barry Allen’s Costume

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The Flash TV Show Cast Details CWs The Flash TV Series Image Reveals Barry Allens Costume

It’s a good day to be a fan of The Flash, as the showrunners preparing the scarlet speeder for his sprint onto the small screen have released another juicy detail. The series adapting one of DC Comics’ most beloved Justice League member has found its leading man in Glee alum Grant Gustin, and for the first time fans can get a look at the suit he’ll be donning in the role of Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash.

The series has been spawned by a guest appearance on The CW’s Arrow, a gritty, grounded, but somewhat heightened approach to real world superheroes, but despite that, Gustin had promised a traditional take on the red and yellow suit. The first image shows an influence from both sides, shifting the colors to a darker side, while drawing its design (unsurprisingly) from DC’s New 52 comic series.

Unfortunately, the first image shows only the head of Gustin’s costume, but given the total absence of any Flash-focused announcements in regards to Warner Bros.’s budding movie universe, it should be enough to give fans a thrill. Before we go any farther in our analysis, take a look at the photo yourself:


The Flash TV Show Costume 570x380 CWs The Flash TV Series Image Reveals Barry Allens Costume

Obviously, there is more to a superhero adaptation than its costume, and WB has given comic book fans just enough detail to pique their interest. At this point the rest of the suit (read: most of the suit) is still a complete mystery. But what is immediately clear is that the show’s producers weren’t kidding when they said that The Flash would differ from Arrow significantly. The rest of the costume has yet to be revealed, but Barry Allen’s skin-hugging suit is a far cry from Oliver Queen’s hood and domino mask.

For the time being, we’ll choose to overlook what appears to be a leathery ‘collar’ at the base of the costume’s neck and focus on the positives; particularly, that this looks to be a fairly faithful adaptation of the suit seen in the comic book source material. Every comic fan has their favorite incarnation and artists, but down to the small chin ‘clip,’ the costume is a dead ringer for the version seen in the studio’s animated features, most recently Justice League: War.

And as fans know, the source of those designs was DC’s New 52 line-up, intended to bring the live-action heroes and the illustrated ones closer together. It may only be a look at the costume’s headpiece, but the influences are clear.

The Flash Casting Writing Interview CWs The Flash TV Series Image Reveals Barry Allens Costume

Fans will certainly take issue with one or two aspects of the design, noting the flattened-out ear accents that, frankly, were always going to be difficult to adapt. But if changing the design worked for Captain America we think Flash will be just fine. Then there’s the darker shade of red – darker than the comics have traditionally featured – which implies a less fantastic attitude than a brighter crimson would. Of course, fans already had one incarnation of a bright red, muscled suit (worn by John Wesley Shipp, who will be returning to The Flash in a mystery role) and the results were… less than timeless.

All things considered, we’re not as pleased with the small peek at the suit as we are with how Gustin looks in it. Any Flash fan with a sense of optimism should look at the profile, the angles, and the hint of a smile on Gustin’s lips, and start to see why the showrunners have shown so much excitement despite the risks of launching any new superhero series. The Flash‘s executive producer Andrew Kreisberg claimed that the show’s creators were writing the part for Gustin before he’d even landed the role, so hopefully the character will fit the actor as snugly as the suit.

Hopefully this release means further details and images are on the way, but what are your reactions for now? Is this image enough to convince you the writers know what makes the character such a fan-favorite, or do you have your concerns? The comic book faithful will be happy to know that some of Flash’s most iconic enemies have already been cast, so suit or no, the action should be familiar.


The Flash is expected to air on The CW in the fall of 2014.

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    • Bingo. It may ultimately look like Daredevil’s suit, with yellow/lightning accents.

      Since Flash was introduced into Arrow’s world, I’m not surprised by the darker/subdued colors. The smile is good, but would like to see some brighter colors.

  1. Gorgeous.

    If this show continues strong Arrow ties and is well received, I can see an actually Justice League TV universe separate from the films, which would be awesome. TV is a much better format for adapting comics than movies are anyway.

    • DC has definitely had more luck crafting a TV universe than a film universe. Looking forward to the Gotham and Constantine TV shows as well!

  2. im digging information on this show. the only issue i have is the bland colors hopefully with some effect we can see a brighter look. i mean it looks like the flashs costume thats a plus in my book. i ve been dredding a red hoodie with yellow zigzags.

  3. I like the way that they chose to incorporate the earpieces.

  4. Maybe he’s a little young…but at the end of the day…he fits…justttt fits.
    Its a little touch and go…but the pic by itself…brilliant..

  5. Looks great. Can’t wait to see the full suit. I hope they have the lightning trails around his body when he runs!

  6. Something to keep in mind too. This is just the first edition of the suit. Who says that in season two of The Flash the suit doesn’t get modified to a version that is more in line with the the comic book’s suit…ie the ear accents. I was a little skepticle at first about the Arrow show (and I’m a big Green Arrow fan) and look how great it has turned out. Let’s not make too much judgement yet. Gustin did great as Barry in this seasons Arrow.

  7. I wonder if he’ll still use the ear pieces to be able to hear people talking while running at super speed or if they’ll think of some other way while making them mere decoration?

    Also, I imagine if they go with the New 52 version, the darker red might not matter that much if they have the yellow piping that glows the faster he runs.

  8. Awesome! I’m still wondering if he’ll use a ring or not

    • Good point! I wonder where the ring fits in.

      • And if they do would they go new 52 way or the traditional one

    • I doubt it. Most likely he’ll wear the suit under his civilian clothes and probably spin in and out of it.

  9. Can’t wait to see his gluteus maximus in the suit! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

  10. To be honest, it looks kind of hokey to me but at least they didn’t use the eye black that is so popular in supers’ masks.

    It figures that the guy who insisted that Ollie wear a mask will have a full-blown costume.

  11. * sleek, not sleep, lol

  12. I agree the suit is darker but then again they can make adjustments with the lighting in post production. Again it’s just the Pilot it can be modified as the season progresses. Props to screenrant for posting this article asap! Find it funny I told screenrant to get on it and they did!

  13. Looks great so far. I am wondering though if Warner Bros/DC will still use The Flash in the cinematic universe. Maybe since this show will feature Barry Allen, the cinematic universe will feature Wally West maybe? I don’t know, but I hope this show does not hinder The Flash from joining the Justice League in 2017 or when ever the film will be released.

    • Very cool theory this whole CW universe could be a giant prequel

    • They’ve stated many times with Arrow that the TV series will not be part of the cinematic universe. In terms of rights and different companies it’s just a nightmare. It’s possible, but extremely unlikely.

      Personally, I’m all for a TV universe that crosses over into Justice League type films. Instead of a movie trilogy like Marvel is doing, a long-running series for each character would be AMAZING for DC not to mention great for building an audience from scratch.

      I’m really excited to see where The CW is going with superheroes/sci fi/fantasy. Especially if they can continue stretching themselves more and more from their typical teen demographic.

      • WB/CW own the rights to all DC characters

  14. Flash’s costume is just silly… This show will probably blow…

    • Either way it will most likely still be better than AOS lol

  15. I think this is perfect! Instantly I saw the Flash. I didn’t have to look too long to see the potential there. I love the look (especially the chin piece).

  16. The Flashboy???

    • Yeah, he’s too young.

      Why use Barry, who was an adult, then cast a Wally aged child for the part?

  17. I’ll be completely honest with all of you if The Flash is not my least favorite super hero he is most certainly in the top ten but jsut because I don’t care for him that much doesn’t mean I can not complement a great work of art focused on him, that costume I find absolutely beautiful it is excellent and I’m happy to say it :)

  18. But neck-down the only thing he’s wearing is a Speed-O.

    • Goldilocks?!?!

      • OK, who talked?! (…can’t get away with anything in this town…!).

  19. I love it from what we can see of it. It is definitely very 52ish but i like the darker shade of Red on Flash. for whatever reason it seems more badass that way. I facepalmed more than once when he was cast but after seeing him on Arrow I’m really excited to see what he does with the character. I’m wondering how they will portray his super speed will it be cool and unique or will it be like Smallville all slow mo. Can’t wait to watch it.

  20. It’s like the actor doesn’t quite realize yet that he’s playing The Flash! Like get excited dude, look bad ass, or sly, smirk or grin or something. He just looks confused and nervous.
    Other than that the costume looks good. Hope the show is awesome!

    • Nice photoshop recoloring of the costume. That color scheme can definately work; but the one right now is fine as well. I don’t mind a darker crimson red for The Flash.

    • Nice. I hope they see your picture of The Flash and adjust their costume color to match your shade of red.
      Great job!

      • @al @Geo
        Thanks a bunch. I’m kind of new to Photo-Shop, and I wasn’t sure if it came out good or not.

  21. You know what? That costume looks great! I don’t care what anyone else says, it makes total sense for them to fix the earpieces like that. I can hardly believe that those two little lightning bolts sticking out of his head would make him any more aerodynamic while he’s trying to pick up speed. So pulling a Captain American works for what they’re going for. Anyways, we’ve yet to see the rest of the suit, so I’ll withhold complete judgement until then. For now though, I’m loving it.

    • I totally agree with Earpiece thing, I always thought they were silly.

  22. Why wasn’t costumes allowed on smallville!?

    • They had 2 rules: No flights, No tights.

      And because “He wasn’t really superman” he was still becoming Superman. By him putting on the costume at the end it signified him finally becoming Superman.

    • They were portraying the heroes as teens so no costumes, other than Green Arrow because he was the oldest and in his 20s.

  23. LOL! Looks terrible.

  24. whats up with these nerds ? this actually looks awesome …cant wait !

  25. This article on both the good and critical points is pretty spot-on. Sure, a little brighter red would be OK, and I’m not sure about the chin-piece, but I can live with the flatter ear-pieces, just as long as they show the lightning-bolts. But overall, this looks pretty good. Now if the rest of the costume looks as good as the helmet, it will be a huge victory towards creating the character’s iconic look, and a definite win for us long-term fan-boys. IO have long contended that the costume is one of the vital points of creating the character, especially in maintaining a long-established one, and the preliminaries look like they have done an honest day’s work in creating that here. Despite worrying about the actor’s youth, and him not looking like Barry Allen of the early comics, I am really pumped for this and behind it all the way, hoping it is a bell-ringing success!! Thanks to the creators of this show for respecting the character and the fans in the creation and presentation of what we have seen so far of the costume, and thank you to Andrew Dyce for a timely and well-written and analyzed article!

  26. I aprove it.
    This is faithful.