‘The Flash’ TV Show Casts Reverse-Flash & Killer Frost

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Reverse Flash and Killer Frost Cast in Flash TV Show The Flash TV Show Casts Reverse Flash & Killer Frost

[WARNING: This article contains POTENTIAL SPOILERS for The Flash TV series.]


DC’s big-screen universe may be stalled for now – than again, maybe not – but its television universe established by The CW’s hit series Arrow is going strong, with its return from mid-season hiatus carrying the subplot that will spin off into The Flash standalone pilot.

With Glee‘s Grant Gustin in the lead as Central City CSI Barry Allen, The Flash‘s pilot has added Law & Order alum Jesse L. Martin as Barry’s surrogate father Detective West, and as expected, we now have news of even more cast additions.

According to Deadline, Rick Cosnett (The Vampire Diaries) and Danielle Panabaker (Shark) have joined the pilot’s cast. Cosnett will play Detective Eddie Thawne, described as “a recent transfer to the Central City Police Department, whose past is a mystery and who harbors a dark secret.”

Panabaker’s character is Caitlin Snow, “a highly intelligent bioengineering expert who lost her fiancé during an explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs.” Murky histories, dark secrets, and haunted pasts – this sure sounds like a CW superhero show.

The casting of Cosnett – who has a recurring role as Dr. Wes Maxfield on The Vampire Diaries - follows the CW’s pattern of placing the network’s established faces into other properties. They did the same with Arrow star Stephen Amell, who had short runs on both The Vampire Diaries and 90210. Panabaker has been a familiar face on television with roles on The Glades and Necessary Roughness, and has appeared in genre films such as the Friday the 13th and The Crazies.

rick cosnett danielle panabaker 570x294 The Flash TV Show Casts Reverse Flash & Killer Frost

Rick Cosnett & Danielle Panabaker

Perhaps most interesting, though, are the characters – Eddie Thawne is almost certainly a variation on Eobard Thawne, who in the comics goes by the codenames Professor Zoom and Reverse-Flash. The Reverse-Flash is arguably’ The Flash’s greatest enemy, a man from the future with all the powers of The Flash and similar fashion sense (he wears the same costume, albeit primarily yellow with hints of red; hence, “Reverse”-Flash) who is determined to ruin Barry Allen’s life. He’s also responsible for murdering Allen’s mother via time travel, which will likely be a large part of the plot of the new series.

Likewise, in the comics, Caitlin Snow was a scientist whose body was accidentally fused with ice, which transformed her into Killer Frost. She’s basically a “heat vampire” who can, for some reason, turn heat into cold. Her entire body is covered in ice and she can also create deadly ice projectiles and instantly freeze anyone she comes into contact with.

The initial character descriptions for the TV versions of Flash characters Detective West and Iris West led some to believe that The Flash would not be quite as dark and broody as Arrow, but the addition of more characters with painful backstories – with this version of Barry Allen already obsessed with solving the murder of his parents – may negate some of the source material’s more colorful, fantastical and somewhat lighthearted elements.

That is, unless the creative team behind the pilot are aiming for a blend of Arrow‘s Christopher Nolan-influenced dark tone with some of the lighter elements of the Flash’s universe. Arrow co-creators Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti have said that they intend both shows to be as distinctive as possible, so expect the Flash’s adventures in Central City to deal with themes and issues similar to Arrow while keeping a somewhat more buoyant tone.

The casting announcements for The Flash are sure to keep coming, so stay tuned for more.


The Flash will premiere on The CW, most likely Fall 2014.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Its going to be gooood.

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    • I prefer my spam with eggs, schnitzelheimer!~

      • Uh, that was in reply to the spammer who’s content it appears has now been deleted, thank you.

  2. Danielle Panabaker, in my opinion, does not have it in her to play a villain.

    • Heath Ledger as the Joker??? ridiculous!

      • That’s a good example, except Danielle Panabaker is no Heath Ledger as far as talent goes. But, they wouldn’t have cast her if she wasn’t right for the role.

        • And Killer Frost doesn’t really rank up their with The Joker in terms of iconic Flash Villains. She’s barely a B-List villain honestly. I’d have preferred maybe seeing Livewire or having Captain Cold if they wanted simply an ice-based baddie.

          Still, who’s to says she doesn’t impress. I honestly didn’t think much of Reverse Flash until I saw Flashpoint Paradox, so who knows what a little spotlight can do for Frost.

          • Not even a Flash villain, she’s a Firestorm villain.

      • Everybody chill…

        Let’s all freeze…

        Stay cool…

        • Wat killed da dinosaurs…DA EYCE AYGE!!

          • +1

      • I find it odd that in the plethora of bad actors badly cast in bad roles, we consistently turn to Heath Ledger – known for being an extraordinary, mind-blowing and rather unique exception – and applying him as a rule for every single “miscast!” outcry.

        There’s just no logic in that.

        • There’s PLENTY of logic in that? How do you not see it?

          • Heath Ledger was a hit and miss actor who was an academy award nominee before taking on the role of the joker. Meaning many people who get the same disapproval don’t have that level of talent that ledger had. He was always capable to give a great performance and he did just that. Other people… not so much

            • Although I don’t intend to speak poorly of the deceased, I never thought Ledger was particularly “outstanding” in any of his roles and I have seen pretty much all his work (dare I say Brokeback Mountain as his best? :P Not sure, he was pretty passive in it…I’m guessing he was the bottom).

              I personally feel his Joker was interesting and he did well to hide his real life identity but it was “his Joker” and it wasn’t the Joker I know (I think the animated version is overall closer to my view of the character). So, yea, count me as one of the few who wasn’t blown away by his rendition.

              And, please, don’t make me watch A Knight’s Tale again :P

              • Still prefer Jack Nicholson’s Joker as the best ever!

            • @Trey

              Thing is, he was an Academy Award nominee because Brokeback Mountain was just such a movie to see the main cast nominated due to the story and how it was told.

              Before that, he was just another Australian soap star who acted in a lot of terrible movies aimed at teens and wasn’t really remarkable or memorable in them.

              When he was cast as The Joker, the complaints ranged from his looks to his previous movies to his apparent lack of acting ability and he proved everybody wrong by turning a popular villain into a pop culture icon and being pretty much the best thing that movie had going for it (once you strip everything else away from it because as much as I love the trilogy, you can’t deny that when a lot of people say TDK was the best comic book movie ever, it was because of Ledger’s performance because the movie itself was the weakest in the trilogy if you compare it subjectively to Begins and Rises).

              • Dazz
                I agree with almost everything you say there
                With the exception being the idea that TDK is the weakest of the trilogy – it is head and shoulders a better movie than Rises and while Begins is one of my favourite superhero origin movies and sets up the trilogy superbly, the flashbacks do have an impact on the flow of the story and the some of the action leaves a lot to be desired – while people do generally refer to Ledgers Joker performance when saying that TDK is the best superhero movie I think that it is the second and third acts of that film (from Gordon’s death and jokers arrest onwards) where that film truly shows its quality and as a movie is both the tightest and most focused film of the trilogy
                But that’s simply my opinion and you are entitled to yours

      • One example from 6 years ago? Lame, cliché and zero points.

    • Actually, she played the daughter with a dark secret of Kevin Costner’s serial killer/family man in Mr. Brooks. So there may be some potential there, or maybe I watch to many movies. That said, she’s a pretty established actress who perhaps can help them avoid some of the growing pains(Huntress) Arrow suffered in their first season. I do hope they don’t skip over the clumsy feeling out process with his powers( ala The Greatest American Hero), could make for some good comedic moments. Or they could abuse it also( ala The Greatest American Hero), but I’m optimistic…

    • I have not talked to the director, but I will give her the benefit of the doubt…she probably does not “have it in her” to play a villain…she probably has a contract to work for a salary like everybody else! (Darned casting-couch rumors….hee-hee!).

      • This comment is for Jeff, wwaayy at the top…seems the website stuck my comment wwaayy down here!

    • She did well portraying the murderous daughter in Mr. Brooks and, if I recall correctly, a semi-villainous turn on Grimm. Killer Frost wasn’t all that intimidating in the JLU animated series, so, it’s not like she’ll be expected to be nefarious. Personally, I think she fits well with the “Colin Hanks” quality that the lead actor brings to the role.

  3. *Cries in tears of joy* Amazing. I did not see that coming. I thought Professor Zoom wouldn’t appear in the first season. It’ll be interesting to see how this version of Professor Zoom is portrayed in this universe. I think he’ll be called “The Reverse-Flash” instead of Professor Zoom. In the pilot episode, I do hope that Thawne appear in a similar way like Merlyn in season 1 of Arrow, don’t show him off as a villain yet.

    Now I want Captain Cold.

    • I’m wondering if they will include Captain Cold in this series, since they’re already including a villain with ice powers…

      • I think they will. Captain Cold is a brilliant villain to The Flash, especially The Rouges. They would be foolish enough to not include Captain Cold in this series. What makes Captain Cold so awesome is that what he does is out of choice, he’s not that villainous like Professor Zoom. The Flash has more villains than Green Arrow does (If I’m sure about that) and they have potential. The only villain from The Flash that I can’t see appear in this series is Gorilla Grodd.

        • Gorilla grodd will be in it. If you watch the pilot you see where his cage was and escaped from star labs

      • Maybe she won’t become a villain in the series or at least for the first season. Also i watched an audition tape released by an actress who was running for the role of Iris West and it mentioned the Trickster, so there is a chance he could be a villain in the pilot.

      • They need captain boomerang haha

    • Barry did say in the Arrow episode that there was all kinds of strange speed stuff that happened the night his mother was killed. I was thinking they’d address that pretty quickly.

    • Maybe Mirror Master eventually? Sounds like they are doing some things right, especially Prof. Zoom. Hope Flash and Zoom have costumes that compliment each other like in the comics. That would go a long ways towards legitimatizing this series. I do have some worries that the Flash from Arrow (actually Barry Allen) will look to skinny/young etc., but otherwise I am behind this show and pumped.

      Next up…The Atom? Martian Manhunter? More Green Lantern? Hawkman? Doctor Fate?

      • Hold your horses, pal. Patience is a virtue. Let’s see how Flash works before we start talking about anything involving Hawkman and Fate.

        • But but what about the Marvel/DC crossover movie in 2017 with Dr.Strange and Dr.Fate?? (guest appearance by the Spectre)

        • True, I could be gunning the engines a little bit there, but I can always dream….!

  4. If i did a flash story id have zoom(whos from the future as we know) build the various tech of flashs’ rogues(top, boomerang, cold etc) and hire them to cause trouble and kill the flash, eventually having zoom reveal himself after they all fail.

  5. That’s awesome! I can’t wait

  6. Nice. Love both castings. nice to see somewhat familiar faces as possible important characters. And I love how they are implementing the S.T.A.R. lab explosion from Arrow as a possible huge deal in the sense of the Glades earthquake into the Flash story. It’s always interesting to see where all these villains come from and why some are hell bent on destruction.

  7. Once again I am fill with excitement for The Flash Pilot. Kreisberg and Berlanti tip my hat too you fellas!Please do continue making great casting choices as you did for Arrow.

  8. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


    REVERSE-FLASH Was already implied in the arrow episode, and if they are going by geoff johns’ new iteration back in 09, then it’s thwayne torturing Barry due to his obsession with the flash.

    Danielle as Killer Frost….as the new 52 version she might pull it off…but isn’t Killer frost more firestorm’s enemy? Maybe I’m getting it wrong, but I am just saying.

    Captain Cold and the rogues will probably be the antagonists of season 2 most likely.

    Either way, this show might become even MORE popular then arrow…if they can get the powers down right.

    Also anyone else curious to how they are gonna do Reverse-Flash? Are they gonna go for the classic yellow inverted costume, or will they try for the black and red New 52 version.

    All in all, this is gonna be EPIC!!!

    • @ Archangel,Thing about Flash is that he doesn’t have a great rogues galley (besides most of his villains he could beat w/his arms tied behind his back. Anyho,loves me some Killer Frost ^_^

  9. I believe STAR Labs is going to be an important part of The Flash series, and that Cyborg is coming in Season 2. I also have the feeling that they`re going to call Captain Cold just “Cold”, like they did with Arrow and The Canary, because Captain sounds too cheasy… One thing I don`t get is why they`re adding Killer Frost, if Cold will ever become a villain.

    • Then Cyborg gets his own spin off series?

      • That’d be awesome, they could make their own thing on TV…maybe the Justice Society??

        • I would love to see Justice Society as well as Justice League. Just thinking about seeing a TV show or even a major movie with Doctor Fate, Hourman, Doctor Midnight and the rest makes me salivate….but just a little bit (who am I fooling? Get a mop!!).

          • ahahhahaha that comment is hilarious

            • And a tip ‘o’ the hat to you, Joshua W.!

    • I think they should eventually call Sarah “Black Canary” once she becomes a known hero like The Arrow, I think they should eventually get their comic-book names as the city begins to appreciate them for being heroes and gives them fun names like they did with Superman in Man of Steel.

      Captain Cold should keep the name, maybe they should make him choose that name and Barry constantly picks on him for how cheesy it is when they are fighting.

      • Actually that Captain thing is a pretty good idea…

      • Also, I think Caitlin Snow is not going to be Killer Frost, maybe she’ll just be a scientist with great hate for the STAR Labs and ends up creating Captain Cold…

  10. They should cast the girl who plays Astrid on The Tomorrow People to play Iris. She’s really charming and has good screen presence.

  11. I’m a fan of Panabaker, and glad to see her in a high-profile show. As a villain? Yeah, I can see it working I guess.

    Do we know who’s playing Iris yet?

  12. Man, this is why I do like DC. They are just rolling out TV series of their characters one after the other, and the ones they put out were and are actually good; and they are seriously toned shows, too, not lollipop-gum chewing shows.

    • You make it sound as if they have 10 TV shows on the air right now.

      The fact is they have exactly the same amount of TV shows as Marvel does atm……ONE. Now DC has ordered more pilots than Marvel but ordering pilots does not imho count as, “rolling out one after the other”. In fact they can just as easily cancel the pilot if they don’t like it, just like the failed WW pilot or even Aquaman. So let’s not get carried away with gushing over optimism.

      • I’m glad to see one proposed show is Flash, and another is Hourman. I have always liked both characters.

      • Actually, Marvel Studios has ordered more pilots/shows than DC due to their plans with Netflix starting in 2015.

        • +1

        • @ Adrian……you are technically correct. Marvel has Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage in the works. I don’t think however Marvel is quite as far along with them as DC is with theirs.

          DC is still in the lead though overall if you count failed pilots.

          @J83……not being overly pessimistic, just realistic.

      • @mongoose
        By the same token, let’s not be too pessimistic. DC has Arrow, and at least formally announced plans for Flash, Gotham, Constantine and what’s that other one, Hourman? Compared to their theatrical film machine, that’s quite a bit in the oven *that we know about*.

        And yeah, Marvel has tons of planned shows itself, which is also cool.

    • @Mr. Day, Y mean “lollipop-gum chewing shows” SoA;Boardwalk Empire;Newsroom;Mad Men;Justified;Breaking Bad? Shows like Arrow/AoS are the “lollipop-gum chewing shows” LOL

      • Don’t ever confuse Arrow with AoS again. One is a well written, well acted superhero show and the other is a goofy, poorly done pile of guano that only survives due to its association with Disney.

        • Uh, actually I am enjoying both shows….you know, guano is not half-bad if marinaded well and properly-seasoned…!

          • @ Goldilocks +∞

  13. So can I take it from these villains that this show will stay a bit truer to the comics? That was my only real problem with Arrow (which I just couldn’t get into).

    If so I will be willing to give it a chance

    • HAHA, I give. I will admit I actually liked Arrow season 1. I will wait for season 2 to show up on Netflix, because I already missed like the first half of season 2 already.

    • I think we will see more honest to goodness badness from the villains in Flash than in Arrow, where the villains actually have some real super-powers (in Flash), which is fine with me. I look forward to Flash, have been enjoying Arrow, and only worry mainly about Flash because while the actor is OK per se as an actor, I am not sure if I like the rewrite of Barry Allen, since I am so used to him from the early comics (60s/70s).

  14. I am interested in seeing how Killer Frost will look like in the show.

    • Probably like one of my bosses…ooohhh, she is a cold wench!

  15. Ok…I can see Arrow “stealing” villians that are associated with other characters, but the Flash has so many villians why steal the character of killer frost from Firestorm?

    • Probably because WB/DC has no plans on ever using Firestorm in live action. Why would they? Hell, his stepmother is only in her mid-twenties on Arrow.

  16. I can’t wait for this. I enjoyed the old Sci-fi show with John Wesley Shipp. I’d like to see a couple of references to it. Even a throwaway scene with a blue flash costume Barry is testing out before becoming the Scarlet Speedster would give me untold amounts of joy.

    • I enjoyed the Shipp Flash enough that I bought the series (even though ocasionally I thought the humor was a little more than was needed). For the time that was made (and for TV), I thought they did a respectable job on Shipp’s costume. But the show I would like to see return as a serious attempt at the series (or even a movie franchise start up) is The Green Hornet. The show back in the 60s (or was it the 70s?) had the perfect castfor the pasts, and was fairly well done. The Seth Rogan version was a travesty, tho. Yes, Green Hornet, Darj Shadows (NOT the Depp garbae-version), and Doc Savage would all make good series on TV or a movie, if done properly, seriously, and respectfully of the original source material. So I hope Flash does well and remembers to take inspiration from canon!

  17. I am kind of getting tired of this “Nolan” style of dark gritty crap in comic book movies and or TV shows. I don’t really need any more reminder of how bad it is outside the theater or outside my door when I want to be entertained. The point of comic books is the fantasy and the drama not to be a soap box showing how bad Real Life is, personally I loathed Nolan and his take on Batman it was nothing more than Nolan speaking through Bruce Wayne telling everyone that the Rich were better than us all. Nolan decimated the characters of Two-Face, and Talia Al Ghul just as much as Grant Morrison, I’m personally hoping that WB/DC/CW gets the hell away from this crap and give a good show that doesn’t go all preachy nonsense. Entertain me, give me the escape from the Real World for an hour, don’t preach to me. I know the world outside my door is FUBARed I don’t need to be reminded of it on the screen.

    • Thing is, the gritty realism is what brings people in because if something is too campy and goofy, audiences are put off and they stay away.

      If you do what Nolan did and make it feel like those things could actually happen in real life then it becomes a lot easier to relate to.

  18. While I’m not overly familiar with the people cast in these roles, I’m taking this positively
    Reverse-Flash – yes please, wanted to see him on this show anyway (this suggests it may be sooner that I expected) hope he stickes around for more than a season
    Killer frost – while not a classic flash villain the implication the characters inclusion presents does seem to be that this show will deal with some wilder superpowers than what we have seen so far from Arrow, which could help give the show its own identity rather than being a carbon copy of arrow – cos while I like arrow I don’t want flash to be exactly the same

    One other thought I have on this show is that I hope they make the most of the rogues group – which is something that green arrow can’t mine –
    I would like them to take their time in introducing the rogues and building them as characters maybe even having an episode here or there that focuses on the world from their perspective, they don’t even have to be scheming the whole time

  19. Anyone else get the feeling Captain Cold will be introduced down the line and be retconned into a current or former captain (police or military) that’s down on his luck and steals technology based on Killer Frost’s powers to try and make some fast cash via robberies?

  20. Reverse flash? Does he run super fast, but backwards?

    • And wears his suit like Kriss Kross used to….

  21. Time travel?? Hope the flux capacitor is fluxing…..

  22. Personally I think they prematurely created this show The Flash series to fast because of fan reactions to Gustin’s portrayal. First off the looks aren’t anything like Comic books for Barry Allen, secondly I swear they wanted the closest acting person to Andrew Garfield (Amazing Spiderman) as possible, and thirdly they should have just cut The Arrows show into an hour show, each super getting a half hour of fame, and give another time slot up for a better more well deserved Justice League original…Green Lantern. I think that Ryan Reynolds ruined the movie so bad, I think he should have been made to retire, however I think it was the companies fault because we shouldn’t have been introduced to Green Lantern with Hal Jordan anyway, it originated with Jon Stewart. However for most of the JLA ruin it was Hal Jordan so if a JLA movie was eminent I could see why the wanted Hal, however strictly speaking TV Series, I think a Hal Jordan based Green Lantern show would be awesome, and until very recently I would have never said this but even if a show never forms, and they go right to films, I say Justin Kirk (Andy Botwin of Weeds) would be a great candidate as Hal Jordan, also I think a Martian Manhunter appearance better happen between 1 of the now 2 DC shows being pushed out, and with talks of a hidden Wonder Women show in the works.

    Finally can anyone tell me if they have scheduled a release date for The Flash series? or is it to soon in development? Because its sounding as though they are going to sound off with The Flash upon The Arrow season closer. Which is rather fast approaching, but yet IMDB has no mention of a release.

    • Hi sorry to burst your bubble….but the flash was annoluncced over the summer.the seris was to initalally have a back door piolet in arrow. The reaction to the performance of grant convinced wb to go for a full piolet.the reaction to the appreance of barry allen in arrow was planed for a while.

      Also alan scott was the first green lantern from the golden age. He was the first to use the name. In the 60′s we were introduced to hal jorden who became the silver age green lantern until I believe mid 80 or so when jhon was introduced as his back up. I could be wrong but check your facts jorden was first. Stewart rose in popularity in the early 2000s when his character appared on the justic league tv show on cartoon network.

  23. Since they cast killer froast….will we see a version of firestorm?

    Also I wonder how long it will take eddie to reveol himself as eobard. I was really worried bout this at first, but I’m getting rather interested in this..

    Hope to see grant rocking the red suit reall soon.

  24. Will the Flash movie still be made?

  25. Loving what is going on with Arrow and Flash.

    Could this setup be moving towards a revamp of Teen Titans? A live action Titans would be cool. What about Diggle? The guy is bulking up as of late. Maybe he’s prepping for turning into Cyborg? Just thoughts on where they can go with the storylines.

  26. Great news. Ive never read much of the flash comics like I have batman or green arrow etc. but I’ve always liked the character and I cant wait for this show to air. We all need to support this and maybe we’ll get some more quality DC shows because Arrow is quality and they actually have the balls to include characters as they appear on the page (i.e. slade with full on costume, and not an old man with an eye patch like Smallville put out there). I love arrow and I am glad they are taking a risk on the Flash and swinging for the fences name dropping Zoom. Flash has some great villians. I hope Capt. Cold is in the show as many has said and Mirror Master. My theory is that Killer Frost will cause havoc and maybe thats how Cold gets his power from being frozen or attacked by KIller Frost or if they are going for the Capt. Cold that uses tech because if I recall he has powers in the new 52. Overall I am very excited for this project

  27. Awesome cast so far. All that is left is Iris West. I think the perfect one for her role is London, UK based actress/model Gina Jones.

  28. Bring back the fiddlers, one of the flashes oldest adversaries, would make a great story if they saw a symphony, died in the comics, though would love to see.