‘The Flash’ Casts Wentworth Miller As ‘Captain Cold'; ‘Arrow’ Crossover Planned

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Flash TV Captain Cold Actor Wentworth Miller The Flash Casts Wentworth Miller As Captain Cold; Arrow Crossover Planned

He may not be as well-known, well-respected, or well-regarded as other DC Comics supervillains, but in the world of The Flash, few members of the speedster’s rogues gallery are as beloved as ‘Captain Cold.’ Now that villain has officially been cast for The CW’s upcoming series, with Prison Break star Wentworth Miller landing the part – and confirming that the show will waste no time in bringing the key players in “The Flash” universe to TV audiences everywhere.

The news of the casting comes as The Flash‘s showrunners have begun discussing their hopes for the series at the Television Critics Association’s fall previews, currently underway. More details or comments on why Miller has been cast have yet to be released, but it’s a decision that is far from mysterious: Miller proved capable of carrying a series with Prison Break, earning a fan following in the process (bolstered by his appearance in the Resident Evil series).

What we do know, according to executive producer Greg Berlanti, is that Miller’s character will be given a proper origin story which will also help lay the foundations for the rest of the Rogues (Barry Allen’s various enemies, who regularly plot and attack en masse in the comic books). So those who feared the addition of Firestorm (Robbie Amell) to the cast showed that established “Flash” characters would be taking a back seat can breath a sigh of relief.

The Flash TV Show Captain Cold The Flash Casts Wentworth Miller As Captain Cold; Arrow Crossover Planned

Geoff Johns has made no secret of his affection for “The Flash,” having returned Barry Allen to the comics after a decades-long absence with the acclaimed “Flash: Rebirth,” and using the hero to launch the company-wide ‘New 52′ reboot. Given that dedication to the source material, it’s no surprise that Johns plans to bring as much of it to fans as possible:

“It’s probably the most faithful DC Comics adaptation ever… We’ll add some things of our own, but we’ll incorporate almost all the mythology of the comic — particularly in the first nine episodes.”

It also makes sense to see ‘Leonard Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold’ one of the first regular villains cast, as we heard Johns explain to an audience at San Diego Comic-Con last year that out of all the DC Comics villains, Captain Cold was his favorite. In other words: it’s safe to say that Wentworth Miller’s casting was fairly scrutinized.

Comic book convention would suggest that the real villain of The Flash will turn out to be ‘The Reverse-Flash’ (and we’ve got some theories on that coming soon), but this casting confirms that Captain Cold isn’t to be taken lightly. His powers are obvious enough (an array of freeze-rays and guns), although the S.T.A.R. Labs catastrophe which granted Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) his powers will likely imbue Snart with ‘metahuman abilities.’ In this case, the ability to “chill” the very air around him (as is the case with the New 52 version).

The Flash TV Show New 52 Captain Cold The Flash Casts Wentworth Miller As Captain Cold; Arrow Crossover Planned

Besides casting Miller, the new details on the origin story and faithful adaptation are promising. While the first synopsis and footage of The Flash‘s pilot episode implied a monster-of-the-week structure (with Barry hunting down metahuman villains on a weekly basis), Johns’ claim that he’ll be overseeing “the most faithful adaptation” fans have seen implies something very different.

For starters, Captain Cold is the de facto leader of the Rogues, enforcing a non-lethal approach to organized crime. To say Captain Cold is an unconventional ‘bad guy’ would be an understatement; and since it’s those characteristics that presumably make him Johns’ favorite, there’s a very real chance that Miller could get to explore those aspects over the course of the series.

As if it weren’t enough work bringing the mythology of “The Flash” and “Firestorm” to TV, the showrunners are already looking to make the most of their budding DC/TV universe, with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealing the imminent plans to (once again) fuse the Arrow universe with that of The Flash:

“Episodes 8 of both shows, Arrow and Flash, are going to be a two-hour crossover event… [Also] in Episode 4, Felicity [Emily Bett Rickards] is going to come to The Flash.”

The Flash Arrow TV Crossover Event The Flash Casts Wentworth Miller As Captain Cold; Arrow Crossover Planned

We’ll know more once The CW arrives at Comic-Con to screen the first episode, but for now, what do you think of Miller’s casting? Is he the kind of brooding tactician needed to do Captain Cold justice, or are you more interested in how closely the show follows the comic books? Share your thoughts in the comments.

The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 @8PM on The CW.

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Source: TV Guide, NY Daily News

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  1. After 4 years of that frown on Prison Break… ugh.
    I think he’s a good actor, but wasn’t given much to work with. Same with Colton Hayes. I can see the memes with those two starting now.
    Hopefully Roy becomes more than a perma-pissed-face.

    • He’d been working on prison break for nearly a decade . He probably needed a break and that’s okay.

      As for Coloton he was never an actor . He’s just a model who’s been given opportunities .He can’t act for toffee ..

  2. Yes! Captain Cold will be in the show. Now the other character I’m waiting to see is Mirror Master. Quite excited even for the cross-over event. Do hope it’s something interesting that have an “OH MY GOD!” moment through out the episodes.

  3. I wonder how long this show will last, most of Flash’s villains suck.

    • Right? Hey, each to their own. Sure The Flash’s villains aren’t best compare the likes of Batman and Superman’s villains (though I find The Flash rogues gallery second to Batman’s rogues gallery in the DCU). I find The Flash’s villains interesting like Thawne/Zoom and Captain Cold. You never know what kind of villains they could bring in other than The Flash’s villains?

  4. Now bring on Captain Boomerang!

    • No, The Top.

    • It would be awesome to see him in the Suicide Squad.

      • +1

  5. When i watched the leaked flash pilot for the first time it looked incredible. But after a few weeks thinking about it, i’m a bit worried about the show’s characters. They seem to be just throwing them in quick succession. Also, I knew it wasn’t gonna happen, but now that its been confirmed that DCTVU and DCCU are NOT connected, it gives me less motivation to watch this show.

    • “now that its been confirmed that DCTVU and DCCU are NOT connected”
      When was this???

        • well that’s disappointing.

    • It’s a good thing that the tv shows and the cinematic movies aren’t connected. I said it before, but it’s BETTER OFF to keep them separated.

      • AMEN to that. Why do they need to be connected to the movies anyways? Being their own universe opens up big chances for other major DC heroes to hit the small screen, and others to return (Batman and Superman) and allows for us to enjoy them on a yearly basis, and not have to wait years to see them again (See batman movie coming in 2019).

        MARVEL’s problem is they are throwing out all their big names out into the movies, and keep their fans having to wait years for their favorite heroes. While on TV they have small and truly unexciting series that tie into their movies. Dc realized we don’t want small name nobodies who were made up on the spot, but what heroes we know and can root for weekly. Not to mention that they are finally getting what fans want and using their full arsenal of characters for our viewing pleasure.

        I always believe DC has a slight advantage to MARVEL in that they have all of their properties under one banner, while MARVEL has all of their best scattered between three different companies.

        to sum it all up, DC is going the smart route with their separate universes and their big plans for their movies.

        • Small Edit: Where I say yearly basis I mean weekly basis in the top paragraph

          • You guys might be right, TV and cinematic universes might be better off separated, but I just don’t like the idea of having (at somepoint) two different Flashes. Grant Gustin’s and DCCU’s Flash.

            i.e. will you be happy if there was a different Captain America TV show in which they cast someone new with his own plot/storylines separate from the MCU… it’s just more stuff to deal with as opposed to having one definitive version of the character.

            • Well that is what has already been happened. If you remember the superman movies and SmallVille.

      • Yeah. The CW on the big screen? Vomit.

        • What does the CW have to do with having the TVU and DCCU connected? If Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow is on the big screen, his special effects will look much better and all of the soap opera s*** goes away. Heck, if they get a big screen budget, Arrow has basically the same tone as Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy (as in being a realistic, non-super powered superhero).

          • Correction: Arrow would just be the Dark Knight Again. As it is, the show lifts entire scenes from those movies.

            I’m not even sure why it does that. It’s quite plagiarism, it’s not quite an homage, it’s not just setting a tone. So it’s just lazy.

            • The correction to my correction is below this correction. I forgot a ‘not’.

          • Correction: Arrow would just be the Dark Knight Again. As it is, the show lifts entire scenes from those movies.

            I’m not even sure why it does that. It’s not quite plagiarism, it’s not quite an homage, it’s not just setting a tone. So it’s just lazy.

            • You’re right, it might be lazy or kinda plagiarism. But the argument people are making is that Arrow can’t handle being on the big screen because it’s a CW show. But like you said, it would just be like the Dark Knight. Lazy or plagiarism, it would still work.

              Hence my disappointment.

    • LESS motivation? It gives me MORE motivation because now I know Gustin won’t be the movie Flash and they can truly treat it like Elseworlds, like I’ve been saying all along.

      Also, guy above me, I’m pretty sure I was the first to mention this lack of connection on Screen Rant before HH did. I posted about it the minute I read it myself.

  6. Two hour event show?

    2017 Flash/GL rumor could be referring to this?

    • GL is Green LANTERN, not Green ARROW, I know the green can be confusing, but they are different, trust me.

  7. All we need is Heatwave and Miror Master

  8. Flash’s rogues were always lame.

    “Captain Cold”

    Yeah, I’m afraid lol

    • Yeah it sounds ridiculous, but what…the character was made in the 50’s. I like Captain Cold, heck he’s also a member in the Justice League!

    • Like it’s any better than Mr. Freeze.

    • They could make him former military and with a last name of actually Cold.

  9. great casting in aroow with routh and miller in rlash

  10. I really love the casting choices for this show…..already established broad fan based boys Stephen Amell & Wentworth Miller….let alone for their really good acting their own fan base they will bring to the flash & DC is going to be really good for everyone involved more so for the show & DC…which is a great thing….very cool choices, very smart 😉

  11. So psyched about this casting choice – happy to see Captain Cold is being given a ‘faithful’ adaption as this could well mean that we are going to get a proper version of Flashes Rogues in the show – since it would have been easy for the show to give them the kind of treatment Firefly got in Arrow

    So looking forward to the 2 hour crossover event episode(s)

  12. I am very excited about this news, casting updates, and possible story arc direction(s). We at Supernatural-Entertainment.net will be reporting information on the two CW/WB/DC series right up to the debut. The Fall season cannot come fast enough. SE (Supernatural-Entertainment.net) will also post weekly episode reviews. Screen Rant does a great job of reporting and reviewing on these two TV series. Anyway, plenty of news to look forward to, outside of the TV shows/film themselves, consisting of the Warner Brothers (WB)/DC projects TV – The Flash, Arrow, Gothom, and major FILM projects of:

    May 2016 – Batman v Superman
    July 2016 – Shazam
    Xmas 2016 – Sandman
    May 2017 – Justice League
    July 2017 – Wonder Woman
    Xmas 2017 – Flash and Green Lantern team-up
    May 2018 – Man Of Steel 2

  13. What about Turtleman? Wasn’t that his first super villain.

  14. What Villain Team will we see first? The Rouges or Sinister Six? At this rate, DC’s got Marvel Beat.

  15. I saw the Flash Pilot and it was excellent. On par with the feel, look and pace of Arrow. Flash will be a big hit and it did not feel campy or silly in anyway

  16. Honestly, I’m just glad to see Wentworth acting because someone told me he had quit, but here he is. Go Wentworth Miller! :)

    • I know! Me too! …and looking like his old prison break self as well.

  17. I’m so glad to see Wentworth Miller back on TV…thank u, thank u, thank u.