‘The Flash’ Gets Time Slot & ‘Arrow’ Season 3 Reveals Cast Update

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The Flash Starring Grant Gustin Time Slot The Flash Gets Time Slot & Arrow Season 3 Reveals Cast Update

The CW’s hit drama Arrow has consistently been one of the most praised superhero series on TV, not by connecting back to an ongoing universe like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but simply by combining the best parts of the Green Arrow comics with a great cast and exceptional writing. And this fall, the series’ world will get much bigger with the recently picked up spinoff, The Flash.

Starring Grant Gustin, The Flash will follow CSI investigator Barry Allen, who first appeared on Arrow last winter in the episode “The Scientist” when he arrived in Starling City to solve a robbery at Queen Consolidated. Since then, the character’s already complicated life has gone from tragic – because of his mother’s mysterious murder when he was 11 – to dangerous, after a strange explosion caused him to be struck by lightning, splashed by chemicals, and left in a coma for nine months.

Barry will finally awaken this fall on The Flash as ‘The Fastest Man Alive’ in the 8pm Tuesday time slot on The CW (followed by the tenth and possibly last season of Supernatural @9pm). He’ll quickly discover that he’s not the only one that’s been changed by the accelerator explosion all those months ago, and Central City is now home to a number of ‘meta-humans’ with dangerous powers. To see what’s in store for the series, check out the first trailer and synopsis.

Many TV viewers thought The Flash would end up being paired with Arrow on the fall schedule, like many series and their spinoffs (Buffy and Angel, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals) have done throughout the years. But The CW’s decision to keep them separate might actually work in the network’s favor judging by the two series’ difference in tone. The Flash is said to be more fantastical in nature, so it might actually pair better with Supernatural than with the more grounded Arrow on Wednesdays.

But new spinoff The Flash won’t be the only change to Arrow‘s universe this fall. Stephen Amell revealed today through a tweet from The CW upfronts that John Barrowman, who plays Malcolm Merlyn, the Dark Archer and Thea’s father, has been promoted to series regular for season 3.

In the finale, Merlyn took Oliver’s half-sister Thea with him to parts unknown. The CW’s new synopsis for Arrow might provide a few details about where this storyline will go:

After a violent shipwreck, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) was missing and presumed dead for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island in the Pacific. He returned home to Starling City, bent on righting the wrongs of his family and fighting injustice. To do this, he creates the persona of the Arrow and allies himself with former military man John Diggle (David Ramsey), computer-science expert Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), street brawler Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) and international assassin Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), while keeping his secret from those closest to him including his sister Thea (Willa Holland), who has allied herself with his most deadly enemy. Rivalries and allegiances will shift as Oliver faces his most difficult challenge yet.

Fans of Arrow can expect to see quite a few changes when the series returns this fall, now that Oliver has lost his wealth, his mother, and his sister to the villains in his life. Season 3 should be quite interesting to watch him try and fix it all.

Are you happy with Barrowman joining the cast of Arrow as a regular? Are you excited to see The Flash leads its own night? Let us know in the comments.


The Flash and Arrow season 3 will air in Fall 2014 on The CW.

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  1. I am definitely on board to see where The Flash and Arrow go. Arrow is one of the best TV shows on right now, and being a comics fan of The Flash (Barry Allen), I am excited bout this new addition. I can see warts in both, but more good than bad, so yes, these are on my full-speed ahead schedule! Hope to see more of Black Canary (Sara) and Felicity and Diggle on Arrow as well, and am looking forward to Professor Zoom (Reverse-Flash) on The Flash TV show!

    • I agree that Arrow is a great show and I am more than looking forward to the next season., I hate having to wait until fall :(
      But I do see some changes happening. For example I do think that you will see the Black Canary, however not Sara. In the original comics the Canary was first played by Laurels mother, and then Laurel followed in her mothers footsteps and became the Canary. Laurel already has some fighting skills down and she knows Oliver’s secret and Sara gave her the leather jacket that she wears when fighting, so it’s not that hard to see Laurel becoming the Canary in Sara’s absence. And I don’t believe that Caity, who plays Sara has been named as a Season 3 cast member so that just makes me believe even more that Laurel is the next Canary

  2. Please don’t tell me he’s gonna be the main villain again.

    • Merlyn is a big deal. He’s Green Arrow’s arch nemesis. (As joker is to Batman and Lex Luthor is to Superman) You should expect Merlyn to be a recurring villain throughout the series.

      • Well I wouldn’t really want to see the Joker and Lex Luthor rehashed as the main villain multiple times either.

  3. So this means Agents of SHIELD and Flash will compete at the same time slot? How is that good for the genre?

    • I guess the line will be drawn…

    • Agents of SHIELD will move to Tuesdays at 9pm this fall.

    • Well one is marvel the other is Dc its normal for them to compete

    • Actually, no. It was announced earlier this week that SHIELD is moving to 9pm in the fall.

    • Actually, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D has been moved to 8pm CT. So you can catch it right after The Flash.

    • It was announced last week that Shield will be moving to 9 EST.

  4. Flash would KILL A.O.S……….

    • Lol… I doubt it… Arrow isn’t even close to the viewership of AoS…

      • I think that’s just ABC vs CW though…

      • Yeah, Arrow has half the viewership of Agents of Shield but you can also use the argument that CW is a significantly smaller network than ABC and I’ve never seen a commercial for Arrow on another network.

        • AOS costs a ton of money to produce. The pilot episode alone cost $12 million dollars to make. While it draws a larger audience, the general consensus is that it’s a ratings flop based on the expectations and expenses.

          Arrow on the other hand is estimated to cost between 3-4 million per episode, so it’s a smashing success when you take into account how much cheaper it is to make.

          • You can really see the cheapness of the show…

            • What is really cheap is trolling like yours

          • Could you imagine what Arrow show runners could do with a budget of 12 mil for an episode? I hate that Arrow doesn’t get the credit its due because it’s on the CW-the show has some of the best stunt work around. I’m looking forward to the addition of The Flash and the trailer looks ah-mazing!

          • Arrow does not cost 3-4 million dollars an episode.. Where are you getting these crazy numbers from.. The average tv show only cost 2-3 million an episode 3.5 million will be confide red on the high end even for the big 4 networks.. No CW show is costing them 3.5 million an episode.. I heard that the cost is between 1.3-2 million an episode., also they only get $47,000 per 30 second ad so their loosing money on first airing but make their money back from repeats, netflix, international and syndication

        • Yeah, where I live we can’t get CW. I can only get ABC, so I agree about the channel dispute. Agents of Shield also ties into the Marvel movies, that helps draw people to the show. (Coulson, Fury bla bla Avengers, Winter Soldier other stuff actors bla bla) I just had to throw that out the window.

  5. First of all, love that Merlyn is back. Loved the character, loved the Dark Archer, loved everything about him. Hated both of his kids though. Wouldn’t have minded seeing Thea killed off, but it likely won’t be a total waste.

    I figure this will be the season Roy finally gets to see what all the fuss over Heroin is about, Oliver gets his new sidekick, and potentially ends up with a kid. This is just comic stuff I see them integrating into the series next season, but I got a feeling at least one of these will happen if not all.

    Looking forward to The Flash, and I’m glad to hear it’s going to be a lot more out there than Arrow. Seems perfect for the characters.

    • Do you think Roy will be a good Red Arrow/Arsenal? I have a problem picturing him as a hero, I dont know why, I hope the actor will bring something new in the 3rd season, because im not convienced yet.

    • You realize that Thea is a big part of the existing Green Arrow mythology right?

    • Does anyone remember Tommy’s brother in season 1?

    • awww now don’t shoot the arrow down it must have been ok/not bad or what ever if you sat and watched it

  6. I like the fact that Oliver isn’t aware Merlyn is still alive. Should be good next Season.

    I have the feeling Thea will end up as this elusive partner to the Dark Archer and possibly by the end of the season will see the “Light” and join with Arrow and Arsenal as Speedy.

    Her name is too similar to Mia Dearden to pass as coincidence. Her name is Thea Dearden Queen.

  7. I recently started watching Arrow and this article offered me some good spoilers :(

    • Then why the F would you read an article with the words Arrow Season 3 in it, stop complaining, you spoiled it for yourself.

  8. Why on earth do they keep putting things over top of each other on Tuesdays? NCIS is going to kill it. They’ve made the whole night full of NCIS shows. Can’t somebody move something to Thursday or Friday? Good Grief!

  9. Honestly, Flash looks VERY Smallville-ish. Having it next to Supernatural makes perfect since since those two shows were side-by-side once upon a time.

  10. It all sounds good. I love the show. But isn’t it about time to get Oliver and Felicity together……….I say definitely!

    • prop never gonna happend.

      they just dont seem right for each other in my opinion.

      if they started dating i couldn’t see them working like they do know together.

  11. The show looks good but putting it at 8pm on Tuesdays up against NCIS may be a BIG mistake.

  12. Though I enjoy the acting in “Arrow” quite a bit I am also quite disappointed with the show.

    Whoever is doing the script writing doesn’t appear to have a clue on how to keep sub-plots going over time nor the tension that comes with them. Sub-plots in the show seem to pop up and disappear at random with no clear explanation as to why with the exception of some one-liner that is thrown in to seemingly alleviate any confusion that such changes may bring.

    Those that can’t seem to stop praising the show don’t seem to recognize such serious flaws in it.

    That being said, I am looking forward to the “Flash” in the fall with the hopes that its story-line(s) appear to be more consistent as was done with “The Tomorrow People”, which unfortunately has been cancelled.

    • “Whoever is doing the script writing doesn’t appear to have a clue on how to keep sub-plots going over time nor the tension that comes with them. Sub-plots in the show seem to pop up and disappear at random with no clear explanation as to why with the exception of some one-liner that is thrown in to seemingly alleviate any confusion that such changes may bring.”

      What exact sub plots are you referring to?

      • Ok… Here are just a few examples…

        1) Laurel suddenly becomes a drug-addict. Where did that come from? And then 2
        shows later she’s all clean again.

        2) Sarah suddenly decides to leave because she can’t hold herself back from
        murdering people. And where did this come from? Was there any buildup in any
        previous show beginning to show the struggles she had with letting bad guys
        live? I don’t really remember much if anything.

        3) The big one? Where did Oliver learn to shoot so well and quickly? In all the
        flashbacks I believe there is just one that shows Shado teaching him some
        archery skills.

        I have higher hopes for for the “Flash”…

        • Dude all of this is explained.
          1. Laurel became an alcoholic because she felt guilty after she slept with Oliver and Tommy was killed during the Undertaking.
          2. There was an episode when Sarah was saying how her and Ollie were different and all that but the main reason she went back to the League was because she had to. She made a deal with Nyssa that she would go back if the league would help them stop Slade.
          3. It wasn’t drawn out but each season is about 9 months in the Arrow universe. They couldn’t show every time he practiced but it was implied through the clips of him training with Shado and Slade. After months of doing just training I would hope he gets good at it lol.

        • Dude. Are you kidding? Have you seen all the episodes? It seems not. Every Point you listed was shown in the show.

  13. Just gotta say that for you guys SR this was a rare and poor instance of forgetting to mention/warn about spoilers and I wish I hadn’t read them most X(

    • I am…baffled as to how someone who hasn’t seen all of Arrow season 2 could read an article with the words “Arrow Season 3″ in it and not expect to be spoiled.

      • I just saw the one but last episode Wednesday and the finale airs this Wednesday here. I read the article mainly for the Flash news, and SR usually are very good at splitting the 2 parts if the article. I was caught off guard by how the sentences just ran together with no gap.

  14. Tuesdays@8 pm. Really? And some grand mind got paid to cough up this Idea.

  15. Arrow has been awesome. Like any other comics book-based shows, you just need to embrace how they attack it. Or else, you’ll just end up complaining how redundant they get if they’re 100% based on the comics.

    Although I’m not a huge fan of the emerald archer, I find his performance on Arrow promising. We learned his origin, got annoyed by Laurel, caught off guard by Barry, received a sneak-peak of the Arsenal, and blown away by the Season Finale. Not to mention, the recurrence of Arrow’s arch nemesis: Merlyn.

    After taking a good look of the 5-min extended trailer of The Flash, I’m generally stoked for what is to come for the scarlet speedster. I can’t fail to notice New 52 elements (Vibe, Channel 52, costumes, bi-racial Iris, etc.) that could potentially connect these shows to the cinematic universe (Man of Steel 2, considering how Batfleck’s costume turned out to be a post-noir New 52 suit).

  16. Arrow is just one of the top shows and aos sucked big time marvel can yell as much as they like but DC RULEZ gotham and flash are gonna create high standards like STEPHEN AMELL THE EMERALD ARCHER :)

  17. I am so excited to see how the handle this. Especially since they are moving toward a more “spectacle” type show with “meta-humans”.

    And as a side note, I would LOVE to see John Krasinski as Barry Allen in the film universe. Thoughts?

  18. So wait…while I’m excited to see more John Barrowman because of awesome…that synopsis also includes Sara Lance/Caity Lotz with the rest of his team.

    Is…Is this confirmation that Sara is going to return, permanently, for the next season?

    I will now go squee in happiness.

  19. No surprise Barrowman is back. It’s the Bad Wolf’s fault. Turns out, now none of Barrowman’s characters can ever die. =P

  20. They’re missing one important detail. Barry Allen has red hair.

  21. I really hope Black Cannary will get her powers soon cause I’m sick of waiting, I have feeling that it would happen in a Flash crossover episode though, seeing that that’s all about meta-humans.

  22. But than you have supernatural. ..

  23. This fall? What do you mean Arrow and the flash will air this fall in 2014? And am so sad by cancelling The tomorrow people (to mr. Berlanti)

  24. I still sensing a future Birds of Prey coming next season (Felicity/Oracle,Laurel taking over the mantle of the Canary from Sara and Helena Bertinelli already is the Huntress),that clock tower reminded me too much of the HQ of the former BOP series a few years ago;LOL!! Roy becomes Speedy??
    Maybe Diggle has a connection with Waller,ARGUS and the Suicide Squad,maybe he’ll become the Guardian in the future?? Thea gets trained by her father and becomes Artemis?? Project Cadimus?? Lots of potential storylines might be coming up next season.

  25. I’m absolutely loving the arrow at the minute. Felicity, diggle, deadshot and sara need to feature a lot more in the future as they’re the best characters imo. Also I’m shipping felicity and Oliver :p I don’t have much background knowledge on the green arrow but I’m hoping if they do push for a romance it’s felicity and not dull laurel. As others have said laurel and thea drain the energy out of the show but I can see theas potential if she becomes a rival it will make interesting viewing to see how oli and Roy deal with the reveal. Barrowmans role has surprised me I think he’s acted the role out ratger well so I’m happy to have him return, I just hope they avoid trying to kill him every season and then proceed by reviving him. It’s a shame Tommy died so early on in the show he had much more to offer imo.

  26. Am looking forward to seeing The Flash. Am sure it will be as awesome as The Arrow.

  27. I’d like them to bring back Moira Queen. To me, the sub-plot that involved her and her new husband, the Black British guy, was an extremely interesting aspect of the entire show.
    I’d like to see these two get re-married.
    I loved the family dynamic of the show, the 2 kids, Oliver and Thea, with their mother and step father.
    The family aspect of the show kept it real so that it wasn’t just a show that teenagers could enjoy.
    The diversity in the casting of the show is beyond excellent. The producers should be praised for this.

    I also enjoyed the sub-plot that involved Moira Queen running for Mayor. The show needs more sub-plots like this in order to keep the whole thing real and to prevent it from becoming too much like a cartoon for young kids.
    I’d also like to see John Diggle have a more important role in some of the episodes and be less of a second fiddle.
    Some of the characters that they introduced in the second season were interesting especially the (Black) Canary and Blood. But the writers need to really work on keeping the superhero characters very real. How come their fighting skills are so impressive? Why are their reflexes so quick? Where did they get their special weapons? Do they kevlar in their uniforms? Can they take a bullet?
    I hope that season 3 does not devolve into a show that is very much a cartoon suitable for 5 year olds.

    I’m hoping that season 3 will be very good but like I said, for me, I’d like to see more of Moira Queen and her Black British husband.