Marc Guggenheim Talks ‘The Flash’ Movie & Desire For Cameos

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the flash movie story Marc Guggenheim Talks The Flash Movie & Desire For Cameos

Veteran TV and comic book writer Marc Guggenheim has a big task to take on as screenwriter on The Flash movie for DC Entertainment. To no surprise, The Flash is the next main DC character to get their own solo film after Green Lantern debuts next summer and after we get to see a new Superman and the return of Batman in 2012.

While under (very) strict rule to not reveal details about the project, Guggenheim recently was interviewed about his work on The Flash where he does talk about what he would like to do with the film and it’s place in the DC movie universe.

Guggenheim sat down with the folks at Newsarama and was able to answer a few questions about the direction he and the other writers (Greg Berlanti and Michael Green) are taking the film.

The point was raised to Marc that the idea of The Flash movie is being compared to the television series CSI, but for superheroes.

“We’re being true to the whole Barry Allen science police… We’re being true to those origins and updating them for the 21st century. I feel like in many ways the movie is three movies in one. It’s part thriller, that forensic, cool, Seven, Silence of the Lambs; Part superhero movie and part sports movie because there’s an athleticism to this character that other superheroes don’t have… And you get to see how all three of those elements inform each other and make the whole movie even better. It’s sort of like the way in Green Lantern we took a superhero movie and combined it with a space opera, here we’re combining the superhero movie with these other two genres and it’s just a blast.”

Is there a run of The Flash comics for which the film will be basing upon?

“We’re drawing I think a lot from a lot of different eras… Certainly Geoff Johns’ work has been an influence. Mark Waid’s run, particularly the stuff he wrote with the philosophy of speed and the philosophy of running has been a big influence. We’ve also tried to take our inspiration from the old Silver Age Barry Allen stories and imbue it with that sense of fun and wonder while still keeping that cool, slightly darker tone.”

As for the question everyone is wondering: what about cameos and cross-overs with the other DC films?

“I would say in terms of the collaboration between me, Greg and Michael, I’m the one who always going like, ‘we can do this cameo, we can do this little Easter egg’ and I’m a huge proponent of it. I’m a big believer in it. Obviously there’s a lot of those types of decisions get made way above my pay grade but I’m certainly always scheming. And with The Flash I have very particular ideas as to how I would accomplish it [laughs]… all sorts of other people need to weigh in on that sort of thing before it becomes a reality. I am on record saying I love it when movies do that. I’m a total sucker for that.”

Fans and moviegoers alike will undoubtedly be excited for the potential of seeing other characters like Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan make an appearance as well. While no one wants to see any of the solo character films from DCE and Warner Bros. suffer from forcefully crossing over with each other, cameo appearances will certainly help market all of the DC superhero films and will help set the foundation for the the eventual Justice League movie, should we ever see that come to fruition years down the line.

For now, the script for The Flash is still being worked on and is due in this holiday season along with the screenplay for Green Lantern 2. Both films will likely see release dates set in 2013.

Current rumors for casting the lead point toward Bradley Cooper (The Hangover, The A-Team) although he denies it. Other rumors through the grapevine hint at Chris Pine as a sought-after lead.

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Source: Newsarama

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  1. Good news. I like Marc. He seems like a cool guy.

  2. “…And with The Flash I have very particular ideas as to how I would accomplish it” Makes me sort of think of Superman or other fast characters or maybe just the Flash running by people and seeing a blurred outline of people as he zooms past them.

  3. I look forward to a “Flash” movie and can’t wait for further details. As for the Justice League film, I read something on the Batman on Film website about Geoff Johns claiming there are no plans for such a movie, because he and other bigwigs at DC are confident that the various characters can stand on their own and set up wonderful individual stories and series without any mash-ups or team-ups.

  4. I say superman makes a cameo they tease a race then end credits

  5. Considering the relationship between the two, I would bet it’s Hal Jordan that cameos, he and Barry are best friends in the comics. They are the main heroes in Blackest Night.

  6. Ryan Reynolds for The Flash!! LOL :)

  7. There’s been some interesting perspectives on super-speed on the new show NO Ordinary Family. An otherwise mediocre attempt to grab the disappointed ex-heroes fans, but the scenes with the ex-mrs. dexter julie benz are good. She the world moves so slow for her. Great SPEED scenes. But like I said, show… not so good. Contrived plot… I believe by Berlanti. Odd.

  8. The Flash… he’s the guy who wears a raincoat, a pair of shoes and nothing else, right?

    • I think the joke may have been lost on the fellow below

  9. he’s the dude in the above picture

  10. It would be cool if Barry Allen wore double bluetooth portable cell phones attached to his ears. Then when he became the Flash he would incorporate them into his costume as ear-lightning bolts.

    • Kinda like Batman.

  11. If there’s gonna be somewhat of a cameo in The Flash, i hope DC/WB will decide to do what Marvel Studios is doin and get the ball rollin and have our heroes make cameos in each other’s films that would lead to a Justice League film. As for casting goes, I prefer Bradley Cooper over Chris Pine. Though Ryan Reynolds would be my #1 choice but that won’t happen since he’s already playin two heroes already.

    • Maybe they could do some digital trickery, imagine a Justice League film where Reynolds plays The Flash and Green Lantern! It’d be worth the admission fee alone!

  12. Or a piece of Paralax is refrenced in the Flash film, and it causes the gorillas in the mountains of Africa to become slightly intelligent (by uttering a word when the gorilla touches the piece in the film). That would make an interesting tie in since the gorillas got their power from the same source that Hector Hammond got his bulbous head, except changing the comic origin slightly to fit the whole “Yellow Impurity” thing.

  13. What if Ryan Phillipe was another actor choice for the role? Think about that for a sec and see if he doesn’t seem like a good actor to play the Flash.

    • Id see him more as Wally West before Barry Allen.

      • Yeah you got a point, but still.

        • He feels more like a forensic investigator than Bradley Cooper does. Plus he’s got a comedic background to his name so I thought his name was worth mentioning.

  14. Hell yes. Sounds fantastic. I think they’ve got an awesome take. I’ve always seen the Flash as an almost Superman like hero but with Batman type villains. The movie should be like CSI, Back to the Future, Matrix, Iron Man and Incredibles rolled into one. Can’t wait to see Barry Allen on the big screen. :-D

  15. Bradley Cooper or Ryan Gosling would be sweet as Barry Allen.

  16. WB are waiting to see how Avengers unfolds before they totally invest in the tean movie Justice League (or the alternate title SUPERFRIENDS!)

  17. I would have liked to see more of the “CSI” aspect utilized in the Batman movies. I always enjoyed the detective side of the Batman comics, but the movies are all action, gizmos and (lately) beating to death the “Gotham needs a hero” business.

  18. Cameos I think Wally West HAS to be an easter egg for fans of his and the Flash books..I am very glad they are going with the Barry Allen version for the first film..

  19. the Flash film has potential to be a great franchise like star wars, or batman series. But it has to be executed well… people should learn a lot with this film – like for instance they could introduce the concept where if you travel at the spped of light, when you come to a complete stop, 7 yrs has already passed for ppl on earth, but not for you!… it should be entertaining and educational simultaneously!

  20. as for a justice league film.. i WOULD NOT LIKE TO SEE NOLAN BATMAN or Wonderwoman.. But maybe greenlantern, the flash, and superman..
    Wonderwoman is unrealistic for today world.. how can someone from an island without men or fashion, be so americanised or TYPICAL girl.. who wears high heels etc.. and does not look like a warrior..
    if they are ever working on the film, they need to make some serious changes to the origin story and the character(to a certain extent)..
    and P.S. she’s gotta look slightly buff and look like she can kick ass.. and should be more than 160 lbs at least..instead of some anorexic model.
    well we all differ in opinion.. that is my opinion.

    • Wonder Woman is unrealistic, but aliens and alien jewelry make sense?

  21. Hal jordan must be here. Maybe Superman so he can race Flash or something.

  22. I think John Wesley Shipp can make a cameo appearance in THE FLASH film

    • as jay garrick

  23. I think for the Flash to really work on film I think explaining how he got his “powers” needs to be properly addresses instead of some random batch of chemicals getting hit by lightning and spilling on Barry Allen thereby giving him the ability to run fast..

    If they tackle the Speed Force properly it can be explained through quantum physics how Barry is able to move through the Unified Field and Law OF Superposition can also help to explain how hw can be everywhere at once or just in two places at the same time. I think if they use the CSI angle(An analogy which I abhor) it can work especially if it is Professor Zoom who is the antagonist behind the scenes working to destroy Barry’s life..That is until Barry discovers it is Zoom who is from the future and is responsible for the events that take place in the film.

    I am looking forward to a Flash film just as much as the Green Lantern film. I don’t think Barry and Hal are best friends in the books although they sem to be better friends in Geoff Johns version of the least they understand each other considering they have both seemingly returned from the dead..I like in the Flash series how Hal states thaat Barry was Idolized after his death and Hal was villianized after his …I think that is what the characters have in common and that is how they come to respect one another..Hal being fearless and Barry being pragmatic with it either is black or white with no gray..

  24. Matt Damon should totally be the Barry Allen Flash. He’s a little(just a little) older and so is Barry Allen so I say he’s perfect.

  25. Fans excited to see Ryan Reynolds return as Hal Jordan? I think not. Look, I can appreciate Reynolds’ work in other films, here it was him in a GL uniform, acting like himself. Not Jordan. He was a clown in Lantern gear. Give him the boot and/or get someone serious to write him the way he should be. The tough, serious character that punched out Batman.