5 Reasons ‘The Flash’ Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

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The Flash Movie DiscussionWith Batman and Superman proving they're still box office draws - in The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel, respectively - Warner Bros.' vision for a Justice League universe is seeming more possible than ever. But what about heroes who are less bankable? For starters, The Flash?Marvel proved that comic book characters who may lack in mass appeal can be successful if adapted properly, and if nothing else, we'd say that the 'Scarlet Speedster' a.k.a. Barry Allen would be more easily accepted than Aquaman. Here are just 5 reasons The Flash could be THE next big DC/WB movie franchise.Besides making fans happy, we think The Flash could offer comic book fans a movie unlike any before - and the heart of any potential Justice League team-up...

The Story

The Flash Movie Origin StoryDC superheroes are nothing if not troubled, and while Wally West may be most familiar to fans thanks to WB's animated Justice League, his mentor Barry Allen had his life was shattered before Wally was ever born - at least, it was in Geoff Johns' Flash: Rebirth reboot (2009).When his mother was found murdered in his childhood home, Barry's father was wrongfully convicted of the act and imprisoned. In an effort to save his father, Barry dedicated his life to criminal forensics; determined to advance the science of catching killers, and the integrity of police work.Allen's life changed forever when bathed in chemicals and struck by lightning, granting him super-speed. The cause of his powers may need to be updated, but a hero fast enough to save any life from ruin - except his own - would be right at home in WB's budding universe.

Characters (and Actors to Play Them)

The Flash Movie Rogues Gallery

Beyond casting The Flash himself, his 'Rogues Gallery' and extended 'Flash Family' is larger than almost any other DC character; as such, the amount of casting depends largely on the studio's long-term plans for the character. It's likely the first film will be limited to Barry and his love interest Iris West to start with, but even so, a proper villain will be needed.The most obvious answer is The Flash's arch-nemesis (and aptly-named) Reverse-Flash, but a villain who plays such a pivotal role in the larger mythology may be saved for later. That still leaves the likes of Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Heat Wave, Trickster, Pied Piper and others - all offbeat (and deadly) antagonists that could make up an imposing ensemble cast.An odd mix of humor and depravity defines the Rogues Gallery, meaning more glimpses into the twisted mind of the super-criminal community.

The Setting

The Flash Movie Speed ForceTo be clear, we're not talking about Central City, Missouri - the urban center that would act as the backdrop for Barry's police career, previously rumored to be 'more Se7en than superhero.' To explain Barry's powers means explaining their source: in short, an alternate dimension of the universe dubbed 'the Speed Force.'Over the years, the Speed Force has been described as an imperceptible '4th dimension' (think dark energy), or even a fully-realized world that only speedsters can travel to. Since audiences will need to get on board with Barry's powers for the film to work - and need some serious spectacle to qualify the film as a blockbuster - picking a well-developed and scientifically sound interpretation of the Speed Force will be key.If the Flash movie can tackle that world and be a moody crime thriller all at the same time, it could walk the line between both Man of Steel and The Dark Knight.

The Technology (High Speed FX)

The Flash Movie Super Speed EffectsAt this point, it's hard to surprise anyone with the idea of a hero moving at superhuman speeds. Man of Steel showed the feat performed by heroes and villains alike, Smallville featured Clark Kent as 'the Blur' for multiple seasons, and most Marvel superhero movies have also included it in one way or another.But The Flash's increased speed, perception, and even thought process mean that a majority of the film's action will take place at super-speed. Settling on a mere blur swiping across a scene or slow-mo backgrounds and a normal-speed Flash won't cut it: the filmmakers will need to do something genuinely new (and expensive) to keep fans engaged.If audience members can experience super-speed in a new way, the bar will be raised for every hero that can do the same; not to mention the mind-bending visuals of Barry's speed warping the fabric of space-time itself.


The Flash Movie Justice League Discussion

Now that Man of Steel has opened the door for a Justice League universe, the hurdle most often addressed by skeptics is the sudden surge of similar heroes across the globe. However, given Barry Allen's particular skills, it's entirely possible that he has been protecting the citizens of Central City and beyond without them ever being aware of it; only embracing a public persona and eye-catching uniform upon seeing Superman do the same.Besides answering continuity questions from a chronological standpoint, that approach also allows The Flash to share thematic elements with the last son of Krypton - embracing a call to protect without fearing what those around you might suspect. In addition, Central City's acceptance of The Flash (founding a museum and holding parades in his honor) contrasts the paranoia and suspicions Superman deals with on a regular basis.Of course, the biggest challenge of a Justice League film is explaining why the heroes would ever group together in the first place. With Barry's loss of his parents leading to a decades-long friendship with Bruce Wayne, and his strong moral compass and middle-America upbringing making him a trusted confidant of Superman's, the three justify a team-up film all on their own. From combat to character, it makes more sense for them to work together than apart.


Justice League Movie - Solo Character FilmsBelow you'll find a quick recap of why we believe a Flash movie could be the next successful superhero blockbuster for DC Comics and Warner Bros. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments!
  • The Story - Barry's story of loss and mission is one that never tires.
  • The Characters - Twisted villains (both super and not) are a tried and true ensemble cast.
  • The Setting - A strong dose of sci-fi that opens doors for the series.
  • The Technology - A chance to see a new take on super-speed, with the audience in the driver's seat.
  • Continuity - Establish the League as one built on respect and friendship, not a strike-team.
_____Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrew_dyce.All artwork property of DC Comics.
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  1. Don’t like D.C. comics and don’t know much about them. I followed Green Lantern and Batman as a kid and actually Batman is really the only D.C. character I like. I saw MOS finally. I actually liked it a lot.

    I don’t know how successful Aquaman, Wonderwoman, or Flash would translate to the big screen in their own movie. Anyways IMO Flash was always kind of lame as was Wonder Woman. I liked Aquaman’s setting/origin but it is pretty far out there. But, playing devils advocate, so is Thor’s setting and that was good.

    However, it could be smart, and something I’d be into, if they threw 2 of them into a standalone movie together. Work with 2 side plots and origins that lead to them teaming up. Or just have them introduced into the next Superman movie or Batman movie. OR, which I think would be the best, would be to have 1 of them be the featured hero of the movie with small appearances/help from Batman.

    Please don’t get crazy and blast me for my comments or for being a Marvel guy. I really do want to see D.C. be successful with their crossovers in movies like Marvel because, hey, who doesn’t like seeing a bunch of hero’s take down villains.

    • It’s the opposite for me. The only Marvel character I really care about is Spider-Man, and only the films are keeping my current love for the character. I still constantly read pre-Ock stories, but…I really want to erase The Superior Spider-Ock from my mind.

      • couldn’t agree more about Superior Spidey. I stopped following it because of that story. I think it was a neat creative choice to make Otto become Spidey but I felt that it should have been changed back shortly there after.

        I would agree about movies keeping you going. My fav Marvel characters are Gambit, Spidey, X-Men, Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Cap. America, and Dr. Strange. However, with the exception of Captain America and Dr. Strange (who hasn’t had his own movie yet) all those characters movies have been disappointments.(I do enjoy SM 1 and SM2) Yet the Phase 1 Avengers movies have been really good compared to how I have felt traditionally about the characters.

        • Superior Spiderman is really good right now. I loved the Amazing Spiderman and picked up every month but this new take wont last for long so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. Back to Flash, I for one would really like to see a Flash movie. Hes always been a cool character for me. Maybe not top 5, but still cool. The visual effects could be really cool if they do it right

    • I also didnt find the majority of dc heroes (exception being batman) to interesting as a kid, stuck with marvel for some time, but eventually decided that I should give each side a fair shout (turns out there are no sides really, just differences, both have good and bad stuff)

      What if dc did something unexpected and placed Aquaman as the Villain in a film?
      He attacks the surface dwellers (hitting Themiscyra)
      Would allow most of the movie to focus on Wonder Woman and Aquaman locations and backstorys, the conflict draws the attention of superman and batman who offer aid to Wonder Woman (reluctantly agrees) the big 3 defeat aquaman (not kill)
      an agreement is made to work together in the future when necessary (batmans idea, due to the sheer amount of power each possess, possible looming threat?)

      So by the end a fledgling justice league is made, headquarters temporarily in Atlantis or Themiscyra while Bruce builds a neutral base (watchtower) then bring in green lantern and/or flash next film have them join the league once the watchtower is built, then go for a proper justice league movie, once all are accounted for

      I reckon this would provide a good opportunity to show that Aquaman is to be taken seriously not just as an individual with powers but as a King
      Would also be able to establish Wonder Woman’s attitude toward males, and aquamans view of mankind as a whole
      Aquaman as a worthwhile adversary with motivations that could be sympathised with from a movie audience perspective

      Also rather than spending time introducing a villain only to have him disappear after the film, which I think is why most villains don’t work to well in comic book films cos the film makers aren’t prepared to or don’t see the point of showing the back story and motivations of the ‘bad guy’ (takes time) only to have the good guy beat him an hour or so later, and then people complain about the lack of character development in the hero if they do show a deeper side to the villain
      With the conflict taking place in Themiscyra and Atlantis mostly it could be keep the rest of the world ignorant, with batman and superman making sure that other countries don’t know

      Would also allow dc to judge which characters to go for solo films with (either origin story’s or just continue delving into each character mythos, since as much as we do enjoy a good origin story they rarely make the best movies)
      cos at the moment they don’t know if more people want to see aquaman or Wonder Woman or flash or GL or MM, this would showcase two of them, leaving the door open for a GL reboot or a Flash solo film (3rd option of both GL and flash at once due to the friendship they have in the comics)

      • This would be unexpected but it’s not too outrageous. But it sounds like it could be a plot for a full-fledged JL movie so why not include GL and flash? Or go smaller and just make it a war between WW and Aquaman.

        • Yeah a bit outrageous I agree, but it would also separate the dc team-up approach from marvels

          Thought no GL or flash first up, cos I figured if it were to be a film to not throw too many new characters for normal movie goers who don’t know the characters as well (flash, ww and aquaman) cos if they are included without solo films the audience will want some information (and without focusing on ww and aquaman it asks the audience to simply accept certain aspects of their history, if you give them a little they will have more questions)

          And a character like flash could seem to be pushed to the background if immediately sharing the screen with the big 3
          I did consider putting him in there as well, that way the audience would have 2 ‘human’ viewpoints of things with one being batman (serious) and the other flash (less serious)
          and with the story happening in Themiscyra and Atlantis it takes the more human characters and puts them in new territory (like the audience, which may help them connect with the characters)

          no GL to start cos that 2011 film is still fresh in people’s minds and I don’t think a JL film should tie its self to GL until the public opinion of the character is sorted and that film is forgotten

          But I thought take GL and flash out cos the friendship they have in the comics, could leave the option of putting both in a film together then adding them to the league at the same time (make the bond between them a little stronger that way, as they might both feel like the new kids at school)

          • Also no GL, so the film could focus on terrestrial allies and threats, leaving space for natural progression of both more allies (GL and MM) and enemies in second film
            Prevents any of the heroes being left on the sidelines during the film, or feeling like forced additions (just so that they are there)

          • This could be a trinity movie where Wonder Womans calls upon help from who most people in the film would think is the worlds greatest hero Superman Themyscira vs Atlantis maybe make it where Orm causes the attack but with a good reason atleast in his own mind and make a excuse for Batman to show up. The movie could be called The Trinity keeping Aquaman as a bad guy for most of the movie then someone who seems distant with joining them. Naming it the Trinity could help prevent a massive amount of characters yet establishing Aquaman and Wonder Woman who could get films after. Then the Justice league moves in.

            Feel free to use this DC.

            • Oh good thinking, I hadn’t considered characters like Orm (as I don’t know aquaman as well as some of the other characters)
              I have made a few changes to the idea considering what you mentioned, think I like this version more

              What if Wonder Woman contacts superman worried that he and mankind might make a push on Themiscyra (could have a scene with advisors telling her that superman represents a potential danger to their way of life and she needs to investigate and discover his intentions) superman comes back to talk to the doubters and lay their fear to rest
              (The Themiscyrans could be worried based on superman being allied to america and the possibility of him being used by the gorvernment to enforce their aggressive foreign policy on Themiscyra)
              Superman could point out that he protects the world and is not a subject of any government, with Wonder Woman backing his arguement the councils fears could be put to rest

              Orm could see all of these movements (WW to Supes and Supes coming back to Themiscyra) and tells Aquaman that this means that superpowered warriors of the surface are planning to invade Atlantis and that Atlantis must strike first, before those on the surface have fully gathered their forces (hinting that he knows of more superpowered beings on the surface) so they attack Themiscyra

              Batman has been monitoring everybody (through Watchtower satelite) turns up in Themiscyra just ahead of the Atlantean attack with a warning about something coming from the sea, he doesn’t know what
              He could be blamed for the attack by Supes and WW, maybe along the lines of if you hadn’t come they wouldn’t have known about this place cos we have been safe for so long, foolish human

              Eventually after some battles between Atlantis and Themiscyra, Batman tells superman that this is all happening cos of Superman coming to Themiscyra (maybe after bats has a one on one fight/chat with Aquaman, that way Aquaman finds out he has been misinformed by Orm and goes back to deal with him and Superman goes to Atlantis to clear the air and make peace with the Atlanteans while Wonder Woman
              makes Themiscyra stand down)

              Ending, they all decide that such a misunderstanding needs to be prevented in the future due to the power that is in play, batman could be voice of reason citing examples such as the Themiscyra – Atlantis war (thats just happened) and superman (referencing MOS) as obvious reason why, they all agree and the trinity becomes a quartet

              Post/mid credits
              Bats in Batcave (big wall of computer screens) using watchtower and searching for the ‘other superpowered beings’ that Aquaman/Orm mentioned, finds a trace reading that is hard to get a lock on but eventually stops in central city (Flash, trace reading = speed force connection but they wouldn’t need to name it)

              Reckon this works better since:
              This way batman and superman are shown to leader/overseer types with very different methods (batman through subterfuge and supes through honesty)
              Aquaman begins as ‘villain’ and is redeemed so that he can slot into a justice league position (his inclusion as one of the movie universe founding league members may even elevate his standing in pop culture)

              Gives Atlantis a villain for future (solo?) films in Orm (maybe he gets away, escapes to the trench after fighting aquaman but before superman arrives in Atlantis)
              The beginning would serve as a good introduction for Wonder Woman and Themiscyra society and attitudes as well as sowing the seeds of tolerance towards a change, which can be further explored in solo films (steve trevor story) if there is interest in her character

              But it will also serve as a decent template for a Jusice League expansion (since 4 members will effectively be introduced and established)
              flashes existence recognised (along with other superpowered beings) but they wouldn’t need to cast him

              Thoughts? Improvements?
              I think this could be done in the MOS movie universe with a similar tone (cos dc seem keen on that tone, I actually like the tone of MOS as well, so works for me)

      • Like this. You have a case.

      • Thats an original way to go about it. Id buy it. But it would be weird to have no villianous character as the antagonist. I just DC to get their films of the ground and rolling. Some of these characters have never had a movie so it would be great to see them for the first time on the big screen

    • I think Wonder Woman actually could be very successful. Think a combination of Braveheart/Gladiator/300 where WW is really a tough as nails badass warrior who has incredible fighting skills. Because that’s what she really is. Imagine a movie poster of her thrusting a sword through some creature with blood on her face. Make that kind of Wonder Woman movie and you instantly establish her as a serious character who is every bit as dangerous as her male counterparts. The tricky part is the casting. For me, the best candidate is Bridget Regan, who has height, looks, and film battle experience on her side to pull it off. There has never been a true blockbuster action movie featuring a female. A Wonder Woman movie, if done right, could be it.

      • never heard of aliens have you?

  2. As far as actors go…

    I really like Chris Pine as an actor but I don’t think it would be wise. I feel like he would bring that arrogant comic tone but that would resemble too much of This Means War and Captain Kirk.

    As far as Neil Patrick Harris. Awesome actor! I think we would see him rehashing his character from How I met your mother.

    I think Bradley Cooper is probably the better bet.

    However, I think Zachary Levi or Josh Hutcherson would be odd ball choices that don’t fit the part conventionally but would play it really well.

  3. All those who are saying Patrick Neil Harris should play Flash, awesome guy, but absolutely not. The guy is over forty years old, that right their disqualifies him. Yes, you can say that RDJ plays Iron Man, but they are two different characters. WB is going to most likely get someone who is around 30 years old. Also Patrick just doesn’t look the part and he just doesn’t fit the role. WB is probably going to get someone who fits it and has that heart throb appeal, like Henry Cavill. Thats why Chris Pine is probably the best fan choice.

    • Would Michael Rosenbaum be more feasible out of those who’ve voiced the character? For Wally, at least?

      • Still too old, besides he already played Lex Luthor on Smallville, I highly doubt they would offer the role of flash to him and if they did he wouldn’t take it because he has already said that he would like to reprise his role as Lex Luthor.

        • Well I don’t know that’d he would turn it down. But he is like 40 now so Lex would be better. I am totally down with him being Lex again. I haven’t liked any other potrayal of him, not even the animated features.

    • They already casted the flash

  4. I think The Shade would make an awesome villain in a Flash movie. He controls darkness with a mystical cane. He could challenge The Flash because if The Shade creates an area of darkness, where can The Flash run to?

    • Run to Wal-Mart and buy a “Flash”-light?!

      • Oh Goldilocks…. Sometimes saying nothing is better.

      • You won the Internet tenfold, with joke as your hair – pure gold.

  5. And Captain Cold would make a great villain too, he’s one of the few villains with morals and he also has a lot of respect for The Flash even though they are on opposite sides.

  6. This article is right on the money in a lot of ways. For DC/Warner not to do the Flash ASAP, would be pretty much the height of stupidity, and they may as well sell out to Marvel/Disney if they don’t get off the mark and do something. Rarely have I seen anyone vacilliate more about jumping off the dock and into the lake for fear the water is cold than DC/Warner in getting their films rolling. No one is gonna like them if they don’t get the lead out. So: get Flash going right now. Also, Green Lantern #2…you’ve got the hero, the villain, the potential franchise, the plot, it started rolling in #1, quit mucking around! Don’t be afraid of all those critics who try to rip the flesh right off the movie’s bones, because I say they SUCK so hard their foreheads collapse, and that should be enough defense of GL for anyone. And if not, those critics can put both feet up where the sun don’t shine and keep walking until they disappear! All they have to do at DC/Warner to redeem themselves for a movie that was not that bad but did have some flaws, is get a better script this time around, develop characters a little better, drop the cornball humor and make Hal Jordan more serious, and they don’t need a bedroom scene, either. No screwing or crying or dancing heroes need apply. Just give us good guy versus bad guy, and do it well. Maybe a few jerkameyers would come around and forgive a sin deemed greater than it really was. You will not have the JLA without Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, and Barry Allen as The Flash, so let’s make it happen!!!!!! Incidently, as I say, adjust Ryan Reynolds’ character, and he will be OK as GL. Or do a combined movie: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Flash (Barry Allen) versus Sinestro and Reverse-Flash/Professor Zoom. Two on two slobberknocker, both sides equivilent in powers, introduces another JLA character (Flash), saves the money on making 2 movies (GL#2 & Flash) cuz it’s rolled into one, plus tests the team-up theory on a small scale before JLA. These are two of the JLA main power-houses, so don’t just leave them sitting on the shelf. Write it right, you can’t lose.
    Regarding the article, good points. Hate to see every hero become a hero because their parents get zapped (Spiderman, Batman, Superman, now Flash, all by baddies, and GL’s dad by was it a plane wreck?), but whatever works. Before all the piddle-pirates and second-string not-quite-good-enough baddies come in, start Flash off against a real powerful baddie, like Professor Zoom. If it goes well, maybe the other guys like Captain Cold, etc. could band together for Flash #2 ala Sinister Six style to try their luck, thinking in cocky style they could do what Zoom couldn’t, if there was more of them. Zoom has to be first; do it with a bang! Also, Flash has to be Barry Allen, the “original” Flash (overlooking Jay collander-hat from Justice Society for the moment). Barry is the one everyone thinks of as getting it all started. Marvel is already stealing a march on DC with Quicksilver, so Flash, the better-known speedster and more significant one in the comics cosmos needs to make his voice heard. Not to knock the other heroes already done and done and done, but bugger Bats, screw Supes, we need something more on the menu than leftovers for a change. On with the show: GL, Flash, maybe Martian Manhunter or Atom (and in fact, Ant-Man is gonna appear before Atom, it looks like, as well, so there is another a march stolen by Marvel as well).

  7. Top Chices for villains versus either the JLA or in a couple cases individual heroes:
    (not necessarily in order):
    Professor Zoom (Reverse-Flash)
    Time Commander
    Psycho Pirate

    (note: PP is not as powerful in a face-to-face brawl as the others, but he could get control of some of the heroes’ emotions, and get them battling against each other…just an idea).

  8. Keep Flash somewhere in seriousness between Dark Knight and Man Of Steel, like the article says, a safe, happy medium, and where Green lantern should have been (I really did not care for the cornball humor). Maybe just slightly more serious than Iron Man.

  9. This article is making me like barry allen more but he is still no were close wally west. why are they acting like there being forced to use barry allen? Your not youre free to use Wally West and should.

    • Because Barry Allen was the first Flash (excepting Earth 2 Jay tinpothead).
      Because Barry is the one everyone thinks of and is of the same generation as Hal Jordan, Bruce Wayne, Diana Prince, Kal-El, Ray Palmer, and a host of others.
      Because if you start with Wally West, what happens to the previous generation of Flash (Barry Allen, that’s who)? This isn’t Teen Titans pass puberty. It’s the original Justice League of America.
      Because I said so.

      • ^ Those reasons, and because Barry is the new (old) title bearer in the relaunched New 52. They’ll want a film that they can cross-promote with the comics if they have half a brain. Plus, starting with Barry lets them play with a mentor in Jay, a protege in Wally, and set the decades-long mythology of Reverse-Flash to Zoom in motion.

  10. Hopefully they will make the costume along the line of the looks of the 1990s live action tv show.

    • i pray to allah they dont.. Dark Knight &Man of Steel have shown us comic book movie doesnt have to mean comic book dress sense (or lack there of)

      his uniform should be a carbon copy of the blue guy in DC Universe trailer that gets tricked by Lex &stuck in the fortress of solitude with Batman

      obviously with a colour scheme change &the tactical goggles would be aviator gold &make the tactical helmet area silver/chrome (as a nod to Jay) &voila u have a realistic practical non retarded looking suit

    • How ****** dare you reference twilight in here! JK, good post.

      • Good post, and thanks for kind words. It’s no secret that Flash was the DC hero I came up with closest to my heart, so i know how tricky it will be to get a story that can stay grounded without sacrificing a lot of the comic elements beyond the basic character.

        There have been some odd crossovers between goofy and grounded, for instance, when Wally briefly forgot about his powers, and ended up sharing a few conversations with Leonard Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold. Showing villains out of costume and as troubled as heroes is something that the Rogues Gallery has always been about, so there is definitely room to introduce a team on the ‘evil’ side of the fight.

        I like your ideas for him uncovering and mastering his powers. Past claims about the script said the story would tackle the athleticism of Barry’s powers more than other heroes get to, and given how few movies actually deal with the mentality of running, speed, etc., I take that as a good sign.

        I really don’t know what the right tone would be to take with this one, since as you point out, it’s hard to avoid or ignore the comedy that would certainly arise from the powers themselves. I think casting can only be approached once that’s nailed down. But to be clear: I don’t want a jokester. That’s Wally and Bart’s domain.

          • I don’t have much to say to this because I pretty much agree with everything. Just two things to add:

            1. I very much doubt there’s any danger whatsoever of anyone else having CGI suits. I’ve actaully been somewhat outspoken in how much I liked Green Lantern having the CGI suit; since his suit is made of light, it’s appropriate to have his movie suit CGI, which is literally (in all exact meanings of the term) light. So it’s a unique thing to GL, not a trend.

            2. That scenario you mention with the calculation of multiple options, being shown to the audience, makes me think of Limitless. (You might notice I have a slight theme of taking stylistic inspirations and putting them together appropriately for a lot of these visions. It helps convey the idea.)

        • Yeah sure! I appreciated the post, and your reply too.

          Showing villains out of costume and with issues of their own…that sounds like Marvel villains – specifically Spider-man. Just like Snyder said, DC’s heroes seem “purer”, and I have to add, so do the villains; mostly evil (although Shannon’s take in Man of Steel did move against that grain until the end), but if Flash is out there showing more depth with the villains I think I would appreciate that a lot.

          Moments of down-to-earth earnestness that makes the characters both literally and symbolically “slow down” and lets the movie ask “Whoa, this is where we are, this is what we’re really doing in all of this” in the midst of all the literal flash bang that is The Flash and his relationship with the public. Almost like Loki and Tony Stark maybe?

          Thanks re: my ideas about his powers. I really get into and vivdly imagine them once I get started. The cgi breakdowns and Nike-commercial like breakdown of his sprint forms… I just had another image of a close-up of Flash’s boot, goldenrod yellow but slightly scruffed, turning on a corner in HD slow-mo as the asphalt beneath it glows slightly from the friction-induced heat…it would be Flash’s version of MoS’s fist-to-the-ground-before-flight moment. It could even be practically done if they did it right.

          But…ah. I’m getting carried away with this. But yeah, this has gotten me suddenly really interested in all of this. And it also probably helps that Flash and I also have the same real first names too.

  11. I honestly think the Flash can be DC’s equivalent to Iron-Man, a really big surprise hit,

    It would be cool if they linked his origin to the MOS movie, he could have been in a building during the ZOD battle, chemicals fell on him and got in contact with some live wires which electrocuted him, after the MOS event(and an exciting escape from danger scene), he tries to go as fast as he can and goes into the Speed Force which gives him more power but becomes a problem for him to control, eventually he figures it out.

    The villains are the problem but whoever they use they should make him a serious threat. Grodd or Blacksmith could work or he could face Wonder Woman’s villain Ares and add her into the story.

  12. Flash is the next character I think I’m most excited for if they choose to adapt him. I go back and forth big time on who to cast though…

  13. I think DC/WB could easily make this a funny comedic movie with NPH as flash and have Captain Cold and Captain BOOMERANG and villains that are kind of a joke to make it seem like a funny movie but can also be serious

    Gorrilla Grodd and Reverse Flash are not good material for the first movie (think Green Lantern, they couldnt use sinestro as villain because he wasnt developed as a GL first)

  14. the biggest problem I see is that Quicksilver might hit the screen before the Flash. depending on how they handle heroes with super speed, flash and in particular the effects of creating flash might not seem so exciting

    • The movie would have to be ready to go into production like yesterday. And it would have to come out say December 2014 because it would get destroyed in summer 2015.

  15. hope warner announces something in the coming week, because this passive attitude towards the dc movie universe is getting tired.

  16. They never were a strike team and in fact in the early days before the next genration of comic book writers changed them they worked together as friends. I agree, the bond of friendship and common cause should bring them together. That common cause…justice.

  17. I love the flash. And the potential effects visually are enourmous. But they have to show full range of powers not just him running very fast they really have to emphasise his connection to speed force and how that effects him and manifests itself cool things like visions of the future and sorting through multiple scenarios in his mind or the vibration of his molecules and even hhow the speed force capacity for destruction is a constant concern for him. It could be awesome

  18. just hope for any sort of news this week, other than the man of steel sequel of course.

  19. I would like to agree in regards to seeing “The Flash” movie due to watching the series on tv when I was a kid, not to mention a fan of the flash and big fan of superman. Plus I really liked the show “Smallville”. So to see a new superhero movie like him, instead of batman or superman, would be AWESOME in 3D.

    • Agreed. In 3D would be cool & exhilarating coz of the super speed.. Nice!

  20. After seeing Lone Ranger I can really see Armie Hammer as the Flash, he would be perfect for the role.

    • ^Wise words.

  21. Casting…
    A-Lister : Ryan Gosling
    B-Lister and Best choice : Ryan Kwanten (True Blood)
    C- Lister : ME

  22. The Flash movie has to be if anything nothing short than perfect and what most people want, its because they demand action and other things like that it could make or break the movie. It has to have the equal balance of the origin from the comic Flash and the “cooler today” Flash.

  23. Here’s one reason it won’t be: Ezra Miller.

    The Flash isn’t an asian looking shemale Russel Brand looking effeminate dude. This is the worst casting I’ve ever seen for a superhero movie.

  24. Ugh.. could this site please stop sucking DC’s dick already??
    Just how many articles have we seen here, saying “How can Aquaman be the next big thing”, “How,can Flash be the next big thing”, “Why JL will be awesome”..
    Stop trying this hard, man…