DC News: Greg Berlanti Talks ‘Flash’ Script & ‘Green Lantern 2′

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The Flash Green Lantern DC News: Greg Berlanti Talks Flash Script & Green Lantern 2

Over the weekend, SuperHeroHype had the opportunity to talk briefly with Greg Berlanti, the producer and co-writer of Green Lantern. During the conversation, Berlanti discussed progress on the long-awaited script for The Flash, as well as some information about a treatment for the Green Lantern sequel.

On the Green Lantern 2 treatment,¬†Berlanti said that he is working on it with his previous writing partners from the first film, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim. In discussing The Flash, Berlanti explained how the script¬†turned out to be a little bit darker than they originally expected, saying that Barry Allen’s work as a crime scene investigator factored into the script’s tone.

For more information on the darker tone of The Flash, check out the full quote below. For the whole interview, head over to SuperHeroHype.

Though Barry Allen was a little lighter in the comic, I think because of the nature that he was a CSI and moved in this world of crime before this stuff happened. I think it’s tonally somewhere in between ‘GL’ and ‘Dark Knight.’ It’s actually a little bit darker than when we were working on (‘GL’), because you’re dealing with somebody who is already a crimefighter in a world of those kinds of criminals and that kind of murder and homicide. I find you talk a lot about different films when you’re working on a film, and we spend a lot more time talking about ‘Se7en’ or ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ as we construct that part of Barry’s world, then I thought when we got into it. It helps balance a guy in a red suit who runs really fast.”

I’m a Batman guy, so I enjoy the Dark Knight comparison, but I don’t think that every superhero movies has to be “dark” in order to be effective. That being said, I like that Berlanti and the other writers are allowing Barry Allen’s character to dictate the direction of the script. With superhero movies, things can be fantastic and otherworldly, but they must ring true with the audience.

the flash origin DC News: Greg Berlanti Talks Flash Script & Green Lantern 2

It sounds like they want to take some of the realities of Allen’s character, mainly the fact that he is a crime investigator, and use that as a way to anchor The Flash in a somewhat realistic world. It’s a smart move, because it allows them to introduce criminals and villains naturally and it predicates a need for Allen to become The Flash during the course of the movie.

The Flash is still probably a ways off (I was really hoping DC would make a major announcement about the film at Comic Con this year) but I’m in no rush. I’m more eager to see how Green Lantern fares with critics and audiences. If that film doesn’t live up to expectations, I’ll be worried about the rest of the DC movie properties.

Source: SuperHeroHype

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  1. A dark Flash movie? Silence of The Lambs and SE7EN as inspiration, absolutely and one hundred percent count me out of this.

    Seriously? Making a dark and gritty Flash is the same as doing a dark and gritty Superman, it is simply not true to the character.


    And are they saying GL isnt dark at all? Surely it has the potential to be nearly as dark as Batman, considering both recent comics such as Blackest Night and the character of Hal Jordan has quite a dark history.

    I suddenly feel concerned about what these DC films are headed.

    • @DrSamBeckett

      My interpretation of those comments is that the CSI aspect of Barry’s world is dark, so he has to deal with that daily. The film, itself, can (and hopefully WILL) maintain a somewhat lighter air, since Barry, realizing he now possesses the power to combat this darkness, feels buoyed by the difference he can make in the world (“the light at the end of the tunnel,” if you will). Remember, also, that it is when he meets and falls in love with Iris that he becomes more joyous…lighter. Long story short(er), these comments do not worry me and, in fact, inspire confidence that those in charge of the production are working on a well-rounded portrait of The Flash…

      • by making a film”dark and grritty” doesnt neccesarly mean that it just means they are making superman flash and GL based in reality because when theyre is crime what do you want it to be like the original batman man show? all happy goo luck holy shynikies batman!? murder crime robbery death in reality is nothing pretty and somtimes disturbing i say base it in reality cause thats a film that will be taken seriously. which is why every other damn filmmaker is refrencing TDK constantly

    • I’m with you Drsam.

    • Barry Allen actually has a really dark origin, his mom was killed and his dad was sent to jail for it, wrongly accused of the crime. Barry became a forensic investigator because of it and finds out his arch nemesis, reverse flash, did it.

  2. I think they meant using Se7en and Silence as a means for crime investigation, and those types of criminals. Not for the overall tone of the movie.

  3. NPH for The Flash!!!

    • I like the idea, but I just can’t see him in that kind of role. The studio would never go for it.

      • CHRIS PINE!!

        • thats a good call. he has more then enough talent for this lead. he did a simply killer job in star trek.

  4. Yeah the word “dark” gets thrown around quite haphazardly and people have different thoughts and ideas about what “dark” means.

  5. I agree with whats said in the artical. Just because of Nolan’s big success with the Batman franchise doesn’t mean every other hero needs to be dark, especially when they’re not dark as Batman. If they want a dark Flash-like character, i suggest they put in Reverse Flash as the villain. But a dark Flash? c’mon.

  6. In that case the Rogues and Zoom are the top choice if they want to go dark and all Se7en-ish.

  7. I think there’s an overreaction to the phrase dark. The article didn’t say that the Flash was going to be dark but that Barry’s job as a CSI is dark. It is a dark job in the sense that he deals with dead bodies who have been cut up, shot, blown up, etc. It’s not dark as in tragic like the Dark Knight where you wanted to curl up under the covers and not come out afterwards. If you’ve read the Blackest Night series, you would see that Barry is full of hope and is lighter but he was involved in a very dark situation.

    Aknot was right that “dark” is just an overused word these days. The article to me means that it’s not going to be a fluff movie but that it will be heavy because Barry Allen is a Police Chemist/CSI and that is a dark job. Plus they letting the character take the story where the character goes instead of forcing the character to do something they don’t or can’t do. It’s really writing 101.

  8. The GL trilogy needs to focus each individual movie on three different individual GL’s. GL #1(Hal Jordon), GL #2(Jon Stewart) GL #3(Kyle Reyner) with Hal Jordon cameos throughout each.

    • There would need to be four: Guy Gardner

  9. I will be looking forward seeing THE FLASH movie & The First Green Lantern film. Ryan Reynolds was on the SAN DIEGO NEWS and Iam so proud of him.

  10. No one wants to see Guy Gardener in any GL movie.

    • I do. Guy Gardner adds something to the GL Corps. He’s an arrogant, show off, egotist who is always trying to prove he is better than Hal. But he’s also instrumental in the series.

  11. Wow sounds awful.

    That said seeing Barry Allens name takes alot of interest out of it for me anyway. I only like one Flash and that’s Wally. Still Flash is never supposed to be dark or gritty.

    • Blackest Night was ace, imagine if thats what DC films are going to do, bring in all those characters seperately (Kinda like the Avengers but way better), and make Blackest Night into a film.

  12. I really don’t want to see Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. I think he fits the Kyle Reener attitude better. That is just me though. I totally agree though. I would like to see them focus on all of the GL Corp. Guy Gardner may not warrant his own movie but he should be there at some point.

  13. Since the first film is basically like Secret Origin, Emerald Twilight, and Rebirth strung together, than the Blackest Night needs to be introduced into the DC film universe. The GL trilogy will hold the stepping stones to the event. The first movie will bring the first part of the prophecy, the second will hold the Sinsetro Corps War as the second part of the prophecy, than lastly will be the third part of the prophecy known as the introduction of the other Corps and than the War of Light. Than in a whole DC film: the Blackest Night.

    Now hows that for a slice of fried gold!

    • I think Blackest Night is too large to be introduced because it contains all of the DC Universe. It could be done but with all the characters involved I don’t think a live action motion picture could do it justice.

  14. Kate Hudson would make a casting character role playing IRIS WEST as THE FLASH’s girlfriend. Will Arnett can also play Reverse Flash as “Professor Zoom” in this film. He can make a great villain. In my suggestions to THE FLASH film I choose Mark-Paul Gosselaar to play “The Fastest Man Alive”