‘Flash Gordon’ Reboot May Be in the Works from ‘Star Trek 3′ Writers

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Flash Gordon Comic Strip Flash Gordon Reboot May Be in the Works from Star Trek 3 Writers
One of the more memorable storylines of Seth MacFarlane’s Ted involved the main characters’ obsession with the 1980 camp classic Flash Gordon, an adaptation of the 1930s comic strip-turned serial film series by Alex Raymond. One of the most entertaining “bad” movies out there, director Mike Hodges’ cheeseball epic is only one of a great many versions of the sci-fi property, most of which were made for television.

The original comic followed the adventures of the title character, a polo player (a football quarterback in the 1980 film) who along with companion Dale Arden is kidnapped by the half-crazy scientist Dr. Zarkov and ends up on the planet Mongo, where they fight the evil Ming the Merciless.

The most famous adaptation might still be the 1936 film serials, which inspired George Lucas’ Star Wars in many ways, from the space fantasy elements to the dogfighting spaceships and the opening title crawls. There have been several short-lived TV series based on the character, including a 1954 live-action version, a 1979 animated series, and live-action show with ran on SyFy from 2007-2008.

Now, according to Film Divider (via Cinema Blend) it appears we might have another big-screen Flash Gordon, this one written by J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, who are reportedly collaborating with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci for the next installment of the rebooted Star Trek series, still known only as Star Trek 3and are also attached to J.J. Abrams’ somewhat stalled adaptation of the graphic novel Boilerplate.

Sam T Jones and Mark Wahlberg in Ted 1024x553 Flash Gordon Reboot May Be in the Works from Star Trek 3 Writers

This news should be taken with some salt, since there is no official source named. McKay and Payne are said to be working with a producer and are “in the process of making a studio deal.” The writers’ pitch will evidently return to Alex Raymond’s original comic strip and attempt to distance the property – and potential franchise – from the camped-up 1980 film.

Payne was interviewed by Mormon Artist last month, and while the introduction claims that he is indeed working on a Flash Gordon reboot, the subject is never mentioned in the body of the interview, and there doesn’t appear to be any kind of confirmation of the project’s existence. The last we heard on such a reboot, Total Recall producer Neil Moritz seemed confident the project was happening, with director Breck Eisner (The Crazies) attached. That was some years ago, and we now know that Eisner’s next project will most likely be The Karate Kid 2.

That said, in our current age of high-concept space/sci-fi/fantasy blockbusters, a return to Flash Gordon - which is one of the originals of the genre, along with Buck Rogers – sounds like a safe (ish) bet on paper. With every studio chasing long-term franchise material, a fresh take on this story could work… or it could be another in a long line of old-school, half-forgotten titles which saw a big-budget update and were ignored by audiences (John Carter, The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet).

We’ll keep you updated as more details surface.


Flash Gordon is in development.

Source: Cinema Blend & Film Divider

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  1. The 1980 version is still one of the best “bad” movies ever made. I’ll still stop and watch it if I see on TV.

    • Thing is, I never saw it as a “bad” movie. Then again, they say Commando is one of those types of films too but it’s one of my personal favourites.

      Great cast, great music. This new version might not have that going for it. Be weird if they didn’t have Brian Blessed in it but at the same time, it’d be weird if he WAS in it.

      • I always saw it as a guilty pleasure, because I don’t think anything in it was particularly ‘good’ just ridiculously entertaining. I own it on Blu Ray and watch it every now and then lol.

      • it’s held up so poorly over time, but yet still is very watchable. And it’s corny as all get out although the Flash theme song will always get me hyped up.

      • Queen… :)

  2. Please cast Tom Brady.

  3. They’re going to make it all serious aren’t they? This is one of the few films where a full on camp sequel would actually work!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the 80s version. Always put a smile on my face when I watch it. As Dale Arden would say, “GO FLASH !”

  5. And if there is a reboot…the pulse pounding score by Queen is a must !!!

  6. They must remember that money is no substitute for a good story. It can be campy but still have a good story.


    Soz. I just had to. ;)

  8. Lone Ranger and Green Hornet were lousy adaptations or as they like to call them “modern updates” of those characters. I still think that a good story of the characters done the way they were originally done would work. When a movie’s creators respect the source material you usually have a winner. Take Rami’s Spiderman for instance. Just think how Batman Begins would have been if they treated Bruce Wayne the same way Britt or John Reid were treated. Stay true to the source material and they could just have another franchise on their hands.

  9. That’s sweet. I remember seeing this as a kid at the theater.

  10. I remember as a kid reading some reprint collections of the original comics and oh, man were they fantastic. Can’t say I can recall much about the 80′s movie. Wasn’t Timothy Dalton in there somewhere?

  11. I’d probably give it a watch if done respectful of the old pulp comics hero, or the oldies movie characters (ie: not a fall-on-your-face-farce-comedy). I would rather see a serious Green Hornet effort (like the TV series in the 60s was, NOT like the Seth Rogan cr*p!), or Doc Savage (what happened to Shane Black’s film anyways? Have heard nothing recently).

    • Man, there is so much great material from back then that they could make amazing reboots of! Doc Savage, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, The Shadow, even The Phantom if they did him right could be good. The Billy Zane Phantom and the Alec Baldwin Shadow were both good concepts but done horribly.

      • +1

  12. Would love to see a well done reboot of this. I love the 80′s version, I think at leasst 50% because of the Queen soundtrack. And yes, Timothy Dalton was in it as the leader of the forest men (can’t remember his name although it is on the tip of my tongue).

    • Timothy Dalton as prince Barin and Ornella Muti as princess Aura… Ornella Muti…

  13. “No father , not the boor worms …!” ahhh…the princess was hot in that film.




    (sing it)

    • Just a man , with a man’s courage
      He knows nothing but a man , but he can never fail
      No one but the pure of heart can find the golden grail
      Oh oh oh oh. Flash! King of the impossible

      (Sing along)

    • Sounds to me like all of us here or at least most of us were kids around the time the 1980′s FLASH GORDON was released. I too remeber my father taking me to the mall theatre to see this. That was back when having 4 screens meant a theatre was big.

      That said I think we’d all have to agree that if the soundtrack for the film had been the norm, something from a symphony and not a major rock band like Queen then the film would have probably not been loved even as a campy film. It was the combination of the solid sound track with the sciFi storyline & special effects (riding on the popularity of Star Wars which i blieve was still showing in some theaters; not from its intial theatrical run but from subsequent re-releases.

  15. I’d love to see a serious adaptation of Flash Gordon. As much as I love the 1980 movie (admittedly looking through rose colored glasses), campiness like that won’t work today (i.e Green Hornet). If they can get the same kind of tone as the new Trek films, they’d have a hit franchise on their hands. Hugo Weaving as Ming the Merciless!

  16. I loved the 80′s version too.

    I was pretty devastated that they never followed it up with more movies.

  17. Seriously though they should go camp again and get Seth McFarlane to write and direct.

    The world needs a camp super hero movie or tv series right now.