Who Should Play The Flash?

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the flash header 1 Who Should Play The Flash?

Today we’re presenting yet another installment of our superhero movie fantasy casting feature, this time for the still-in-development big screen adaptation of The Flash. This film has been stop-and-go (pun intended) for awhile now, with previous versions of the script having been turned in by big name writers (David S. Goyer), and some big name actors having been eyed for the role (or so rumor would have it).

As of last week we have word that The Flash is coming along at a good pace, so as the story of the ‘The World’s Fastest Man’ steps closer and closer to becoming a cinematic reality, we stop to ask ourselves:

Who should play The Flash?


The Flash is one of the oldest heroes in the DC Universe, but it would be a stretch to call him one of the most famous (despite the 1990s TV series). Sure, the character is well known by the comic book fanboy nation – and any JoBlo off the street could probably tell you that “He’s the guy in the red suit who runs really fast.” However, I’d be surprised if that same JoBlo could tell you the names of Flash’s alter egos over the years (Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West) – or if you could even find a handful of fanboys willing to tell you that The Flash is “The most awesome superhero ever!”

By current estimate, I would place The Flash just a couple notches under Iron Man (before the film came out) in terms of public recognition/love, hovering somewhere around the same plane as Green Lantern. Of course, I must acknowledge that both The Flash and Green Lantern have made serious comic book comebacks over the course of the last half decade – thanks in overwhelming part to DC Comics writer Geoff Johns, who resurrected both Silver Age Flash and Green Lantern (Barry Allen and Hal Jordan) and has written storylines for both characters that have gone on to become modern comic book classics.

Did I mention that Geoff Johns is also acting as a consultant on The Flash movie?

Like Iron Man, The Flash faces the daunting task of elevating a C-list superhero to blockbuster movie height$. There is no doubt that Iron Man got a head start in that same department by casting Robert Downey Jr. – so when casting The Flash, I say forget all this talk about “getting a no name” to play the part; in this case, name recognition is a MUST.


the flash movie dc entertainment Who Should Play The Flash?


Back during Comic Con this year I had a chance to toss Geoff Johns a question about the treatment he did for The Flash script (which is now in the hands of screenwriter Dan Mazeau). In the Johns’ response (which you can read HERE), he alluded to several things hinting that we might be seeing Barry Allen, the “Silver Age” Flash in the movie version, instead of “Modern Age” Flash, Wally West, as many fans initially assumed. Of course this all just speculation – but it makes for one doozy of a job for those of us in the fantasy casting business!

That said, I’ll have to cast BOTH versions of The Flash just to be safe. So, if you’re interested, here are my picks for who should play Barry Allen or Wally West, based on the criteria that the actor for either role needs to be both funny and dramatic and able to exude heroism – not to mention having the physical body type of a long distance sprinter (let’s not forget that!).

[And no, Ryan Reynolds is NOT a candidate! He’s already Green Lantern AND Deadpool! That’s enough!]

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  1. Holy!!! we are so on the same page! Good choices!!!

  2. reynolds would’ve suited the flash more than the green lantern as he is more of a comedian in his movies, i can picture him as flash almost definitely but josh duhamel so far looks to be the best bet out of your choices

  3. Josh Duhamel is a great choice but I would reeeeeeally like to see the great NPH as the fastest man alive. If they did go with NPH …….he MUST BULK UP !!!!!! no cgi muscles , no moulded muscle suit ( like they did on the tv show !!! )

  4. Hey, yeah! Why not NPH as The Flash? I would like that and I think he could pull it off but as Wally more so. He only needs to add a little weight though. The Flash should be lean not ripped and I’ve seen NPH in How I Met Your Mother and he seemed all right in the body category.

  5. Weren’t Jordan and Allen always buddies in the comic books? And Reynolds and Fillion are friends in real life, right? Well if you ask me than, you couldn’t get anybody else better than Fillion for the role, especially if we would hopefully eventually got to a Flash/Green Lantern crossover movie.

  6. I would kinda like to see something of a passing the torch type of thing with allen and wally( since wally is allen’s nephew and all… I think). Nph would be the perfect wally in my opinion as would be nathan for allen… So its kind of hard but if i had to pick it would be the way i said with nathan at first showing him in all his glory then several years later NPH taking on the role since nathan (read barry) might be too old for this new world ( not really but lets just say that for the movie). What i don’t want to see is a bart allen flash movie though…

  7. Bradley Cooper should play the Flash. He can handle a major role and he’s got big screen charisma.

  8. I love Nathan Fillion, so it’s really hard for me to say it, but I don’t think he’s right for the part. Can’t really put my finger on it, but it just doesn’t click for me. Reynolds as Green Lantern didn’t sit well me either.

    But NPH, well, we all know he’d be awesome.

  9. Good choices. I would say either one.

  10. What about Chris Evans (Torch in the Fantastic Four movies) for Wally West?

    Heck, now that I think about it, he would probably fit Cap’n America as well.

  11. Nathan Fillion would rule supreme as The Flash. He’s got the look, the youthful agelessness, the body, the virility, the charisma, the humour, the personality, and the acting chops. And he is due, in fact, overdue, to play a big screen superhero. Nathan Fillion is the best, most brilliant choice, and he has my vote.

  12. i could see this.
    Nathan Fillion as the Flash.
    it my cheap photoshop but it gets the point across.

    heres the pic.

  13. @ Brodie Bruce

    Hey Now! Can we throw that in the post BB?

  14. NPH for the Flash.

  15. Definitely cast Fillion as the Flash and then… definitely swap roles with Reynolds. Seriously, they’re perfect for these parts, unfortunately each others… (I’ll be honest here, that Green Lantern Fan trailer sold me, totally.)

    I don’t see how a 34 to 38 year old is a stretch re: meshing?? Given the fact that Reynolds looks eternally 20 something (damn him) anyway its pretty much a moot point imho. :)

  16. Sorry. Nathan Fillion does nothing for me as the Flash. I still think Michael Weatherly is the best choice for the seasoned Barry Allen. Wally West however is up for grabs. Don’t have a choice there. I just can’t get past Dougie Howser…!

  17. Michael Rosenbaum!! C’mon now (^_^) However, those are good choices as well.

  18. Alan Tudyk FTW

  19. Nathan fillion hell yes!! if for whatever reason they cant get him then go david anders!!

  20. @m-CAT unless you want a christian bale type flash i dont think so

  21. After watching JL: New Frontier, I wanted Neil Patrick Harris as Barry in Justice League Mortal. But, since they were casting younger, I wanted Scott Porter to be Barry because that was the role he tried out for. After JLM died, I could see him as Hal in the GL film. I’d take him as Barry or Wally (mostly).

  22. Vin
    nothing wrong with bale type flash. He plays Bruce wayne differently from batman which is a good thing.

  23. NPH IS the Flash. I mean, really, he’s perfect for it. I’m with that all the way.

    But I wonder if anyone else has thought about Nathan Fillon as Captain America? I really think he’d be great for it.

  24. Barry!!!!

  25. …needs to be Flash in this.

  26. Kofi, Barry is the current Flash. He’s the current Flash like Hal Jordan is the current Green Lantern, even tho they were both silver age characters.

  27. NOH would be a terrible live action Flash, but if he were to play one he would NEVER be Wally, lol…..

    …and Fillon would’ve been a better Hal.

    thanks for the post tho. :)

  28. KEL, thanks for the casting notes! Lol
    Yeah the guy from Speed Racer I can see in the role!

    You should be working on this film KEL my man. You have the passion this film needs. I only hope the Director has half the give a sh*q factor that you do!!!

  29. Duhamel or Fillion would be a great choice as The Flash.

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