‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’ Season 3 Get Premiere Dates

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The Flash Starring Grant Gustin Time Slot The Flash and Arrow Season 3 Get Premiere Dates

Check the batteries and affix your countdown clocks to your walls, there is now a date to circle on the calendar for the series premiere of The Flash and the season premiers for CW favorites like Arrow, Supernatural and The 100.

Starting off on Thursday October 2nd at 8PM, The Vampire Diaries returns for its sixth season, followed by the season 2 premiere of Reign. The Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals, gets its own season 2 premiere on Monday the 6th at 8PM – with The Flash and Supernatural airing their debuts back to back on Tuesday October 7th and Arrow starting its 3rd season the following night on Wednesday October 8th at 8PM. Jane the Virgin (October 1th) and The 100 (October 22nd) will debut later in October on Monday the 13th and Wednesday the 22nd respectively.

What’s interesting about the CW’s roll-out strategy, though, is the way that the network is supporting these debuts. Strategically scheduled encore presentations are not a new device, of course, but as the CW plans on whetting the appetites of Flash and Arrow fans by re-running both “The Scientist” and the “Three Ghosts” episodes of Arrow – both of which featured Barry Allen last season – on October 1st and series premiere episode of The Flash after the Arrow season premiere, it’s worth wondering if such ploys are still necessary.

grant gustin the flash The Flash and Arrow Season 3 Get Premiere Dates

Yes, these re-airs (and the Supernatural “retrospective” that will air on October 6th) will get their fair share of viewers. That is still the point, but while it may sound like the hubris of a digital stream addict to say it, Arrow and Supernatural superfans aren’t likely to gather around the ol’ TV box to catch up on these shows when they will have already done their own re-watches through the summer (or binged key episodes in celebration of the coming season with help from Netflix, Hulu Plus and/or Amazon).

Despite this fresh and luxurious reality and a feeling that the very concept of re-runs – once the only option for starved summer TV viewers and those who were too busy to keep up with their favorite shows during the season – has become dated, there is still value in these airings for casual viewers who can’t be bothered with binge viewing (and haven’t yet climbed aboard the streaming bus). How much longer the network’s account for those interests, though, is anyone’s guess.

Re-runs are the ultimate in value programming for the networks in terms of cost right now and they are still a vital piece of the puzzle for cable channels as well. However, if fans stop watching these re-runs because they have embraced streaming re-watch options, that could surely change – and we could see a greater flood of cheap-to-produce original programming in the future, as a result. So, essentially, if you don’t want to see three America’s Next Top Model spinoffs on the air simultaneously, watch the CW’s re-runs of Arrow and The Flash.


The CW’s new fall season officially begins on October 2nd, 2014.

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  1. YAY! Can’t wait for Supernatual, Arrow, and Flash :D

  2. Today i watched the leaked pilot of The Flash and im goibg to say that is an awesome show , i was trilled , and it was full of easter eggs , thanks cw for this great showncomming, btw no sploilers but….. I thinks once this episode gets to be aired i would be almost impossible not to think that cinematic and tv univers are not gona be conected

    • Sorry for the typos i wrote that on my phone

      • I’m terribly sorry but for some reason I don’t seem to be intellectually capable of grasping your last sentence at the moment. So … should the DCCU and the TV universe share the same continuity or shouldn’t they according to you?

    • agreed. the pilot was much better than I thought. it was much better the arrow pilot.

      • How can I watch it ?

    • that ending!!!

    • that was sofa king awesome! another great show. the only complaint i had was it felt too rushed. i think it should have gotten a 90 minute pilot. but i like where it’s going, and look forward to some flash/arrow crossover episodes.

  3. Saw the leaked pilot also today and it blew me away. CW has another hit on its hands great fan service, action and interesting characters. Dont worry I wont spoil anything. Great opportunity to connect with more mega DC villians. hint hint

    • Yeah, so much potential there. Now all they have to do is worry about evil monkeys and everything should be a piece of cake ^__^


      Assuming Wells isn’t who I think he is, and honestly I think that was made as a fake out to throw us off the trail, cause I don’t think they’d leave THAT big of a teaser so early do you?

      • I think Wells is who you think he is and Eddie was a decoy or a familiar if you know what I mean

        • Actually I think Wells is who we think he is, and Eddie is his descendant.

  4. I thought I was special when I got a copy of the pilot; guess not…. =(

    • You are special ,Maybe the pilot choose you to watch it over like a guardian angel……wear a mask

      • you are officially my new favorite person on here!

      • Fell off of my chair laughing….

    • ANd try out your new flight powers. They’ll blow you away. That wind in your hair.

      Sofa king awesome!

  5. Glad to see Reign and Arrow are getting additional seasons; I have been enjoying them both. In fact, I am getting Arrow’s whole series on DVD, and undoubtably will do the same for Flash, which I am also pumped about! Just good entertainment!

    • Yea as great as Arrow is man Flash could be even better.

      • Nah man…Flash IS better!!!

        • I can’t base a show on one episode. Both the Lost pilot and Heroes pilot were great but both shows got worse after that. With that said The Flash pilot was pretty good and it didn’t feel like a CW show at all.

          • Feels like…a…DC show. Am I right?

            • Of course. DC been killing it with the animated shows but Arrow and now Flash are amazing as well. Marvel needs to develop shows like this. Agents of Shield is okay but I wouldn’t say it’s a good show.

              • I’m finding more and more that while Marvel can produce some amazing movies, they fall flat when it comes to TV, while DC is able to produce phenomenal out of this world shows and yet can’t seem to get a decent movie universe that keeps my interest to save my life.

  6. I just snatched the Pilot today. haven’t scoped it yet but i am super happy about everything you all are saying about it. I should check it out right now i think.

    Back in a Flash.

    had to.

  7. The pilot was pretty good. A good last 15 second reveal explains why the collider guy is so interested in Barry and made for a real eye opening twist that we haven’t seen in the Arrow storyline. The effects were o.k. and the plot moved along pretty damn fast (reminded me of Amazing Spiderman) . There were a few low points for me, the dialogue between Oliver and Barry kinda made me cringe. I think that scene could have been a lot better. Still I hope that there will be a good amount of plot line crossover between the two shows.

  8. October 1st, that’s my birthday! Guess I’ll have to check it out!

  9. Edit this “Jane the Virgin (October 1th)” :)

    Excited for Arrow, Flash, Supernatural & Vampire Diaries, not so much for The Originals. Have been planning to watch both Reign & The 100, so yay for them too.

  10. Super excited for Flash premiere & Arrow 3. The other shows, meh.

  11. *Spoiler-kind of*

    Since most of you have seen the leaked pilot. I think you guys missed one tiny headline on the newspaper in the end below the Flash news. That should get you excited.

    • Oh, you mean the “Red Skies Vanish” headline? Yeah, that looks like an interesting reference there

      • Was it me or did the headline date say 2024?

  12. Do you mean the merger between … and … ?

    • i guess he’s gonna get his money back :D

    • Definitely the Red Skies one

  13. October 1th ?



    Saw this article and made me think that marvel better not sleep on DC. With Arrow and now Flash tv show showing a lot if promise . If the can pull off b vs s they could have marvel on the ropes

  15. Enjoyed the pilot. Like jeffro said, though, it was rushed at the end. Felt like it WAS a 90 min pilot and then edited down to 60.

    Based on the newspaper date at the end, it looks like they’ve already got the show mapped for a 10 year run. Fine by me.

  16. Planet of the Grodds

  17. October 8th is on a Wednesday and the 7th is on a Tuesday. Not trying to be mean but it had me slightly confused for a second. Thanks for the info though, now can anyone tell me how i can catch up on season 2 before the premiere? Started watching this about three days ago and Netflix only has season one while other sources only have a few episodes. Don’t really want to ruin my laptop by pirating or downloading all sorts of videos to it, so the help would be much appreciated, thank you :).

  18. where could i find the pilot episode?

  19. Why is the background music so LOUD when they are talking on screen????????????? IT drives me nuts.

  20. Too bad The Tomorrow People doesnt seem to be coming back.

  21. I cannot wait for arrow season 3 and flash to start

  22. If and when will season 3 of arrow come out on Netflix?

  23. I go poopy!

    • Hulo its partially playing epusode 3 big didisappointment

  24. While I think it has potential… These action series are becoming to Drama oriented… If I want to watch a soap…well.. I can flip through the channels… This one being Iris and Barry… sickening! even adopted, still lines with Incest… Why do we need to have in every series on TV full of romance? It breaks downs the hero and his doing good or bad… hope they can improve on this on this series as well as “Carter” otherwise, these types of shows will start declining and become members of the cancelled series… we have to much romance already on TV stay true to the superheroism and tech innovating.. leave the other the other shows which are “romantic-comedy” to that!!! And get rid of that very annoying “I’m Barry Allen… boring and mono voice” Need to make it more exciting instead of the Old Spider movies(with Toby and Kirsten crap).

  25. So when’s the Netflix reals date?