Flash And Green Lantern Spin-Offs Have Directors

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hal jordan green lantern Flash And Green Lantern Spin Offs Have Directorstheflash Flash And Green Lantern Spin Offs Have DirectorsWarner Bros. seems to be hot under the collar to get a batch of superhero movies out the door. Although the Justice League movie seems to be mired in casting hell and surrounded by rumors of being more like a Teen Titans movie, the studio has apparently locked in directors for movie versions of both The Flash and Green Lantern.

The word is that these are supposed to be spin-offs The Flash is supposed to be a spin-off of the Justice League film, so I can only assume that once they finally get that one cast that they’ll have their leads for one of these two movies.

Green Lantern is getting director Greg Berlanti, a guy with lots of non-superhero TV experience and one romantic comedy movie under his belt. I don’t know what that means for the film. After all, look at how Iron Man seems to be turning out with non-super-movie Jon Favreau at the helm (that would be great, for those of you who aren’t regular Screen Rant readers). A couple of my readers have pointed out that they are planning on basing the film on the Hal Jordan version of GL instead of the John Stewart version who is supposedly going to appear in the Justice League film.

On the other hand The Flash has been handed to David Dobkin. You may be asking: David Who? Well he’s the guy who directed Wedding Crashers, Shanghai Nights and the upcoming wacky Christmas comedy Fred Claus.

The Hollywood studio director selection logic process continues to elude me. I know that version of The Flash they’re going to use is Wally West, who as far as I know has been portrayed as kind of a jokester, but how does that lead to hiring a full-on slapstick comedy director? Is this going to be a comedy or a superhero movie?

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Sources: /Film & Superherohype

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  1. I only wish they would use Hal Jordan instead of John Stewart as Green Lantern.

  2. Well that certainly kills the “JL spinoff” part of the GL story…


  3. Kel, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s rumor that GL movie will star Hal Jordan.

    Qouting Vic “Be afraid, be very afraid.”

  4. Guys, thanks for keeping on top of this. I’ve updated the post to reflect the Hal Jordan info which I’m now reading all over the place.


  5. Adrian, thats the best peice of information I’ve heard concerning this whole JL FIASCO.

  6. Tom, I’ve read on Variety that Hal will be the star of the GL movie!

  7. I don’t know Vic, maybe Hal’s origin will be told in a flashback? They could still have John Stewart and the JL references that away.

  8. You can’t forget David Dobkin also directed the pretty great Clay Pigeons.

  9. OMG!!! This is just sooooo hella AWESOME!!! I’m soooo freakin’ glad that Hal Jordan will FINALLY get some MUCH deserved screentime!!! Can’t wait to see this!!!

    The Flash CAN be cool too,but I’m not too keen on using Wally,and I’m not very keen at all on the director choice. I guess they figured he made one movie about a guy in a red suit,so he may as well do another,but hopefully they’ll keep in mind that Flash and Santy Clause ain’t the same person.

    I’ll still miss Hal as GL in JLA. I wonder when these are coming out?

  10. Kel,

    I love it when you’re happy, LOL. :-D


  11. LOL! Thanx,vic. I’m happy to be commenting again,especially on some of my favorite subjects! I’ve been away the past few days attending a funeral for my grandmother (sadly :-(,)so I missed a lotta news,but luckily I have you and the rest of the screenrant team to let me know what I missed!:-)

    I see ya,adrian! ;-)

  12. Sorry about your grandmother,man. Great to have you back in the community, you keep it vivacious and fun!:D

  13. Hey,thanx Adrian! Very kind of you to say that. I usually try not to post personal information,but usually I’m one of the first commentors on this type of news,so I felt like I owed you guys an explanation.:-D

    Hopefully Barry Allen will get a lot of screentime in the JLA film before his supposed “death”. He’s my favorite Flash(he’s the best…seriously) and I’m not sure how the Flash film will be without Barry. I guess I never liked Wally as much cuz to me he’s not the “real” Flash,he’ll always be Kid Flash to me. He really is Kid Flash at heart,you know. To me,it’s almost like having Robin take over for Batman. Im still seeing it though. I’m much cooler with them using John as GL in JLA now that this GL movie’s been announced. We get to see Hal AND Barry,cool! I just really hope these are good films and that they come out before 2010. I remember that Favreau directed Elf,and had you told me then that the guy who made Elf is making IM I would’ve laughed hysterically at you. I would’ve done the same if you told me the guy who made Barbershop was making F4. So who knows? Things may turn out OK after all. I’ll hope for the best and fear for the worst. ;-)

  14. Totally agreed, Kel, with the success of those films.

  15. You know,if done right,this Flash film can be like DC’s version of the Spider-Man films (the better 2,anyway). If you think about it,the Wally West Flash is a lot like Peter Parker/Spider-Man. They’re both just out of their teens,they both wisecrack a lot,and they both became heroes as a result of their uncles dying. Even though I prefer Barry Allen as Flash,if done right this Wally West movie will be SWEET! I’m totally excited about it! They should really take some hints from the Spider-Man movies when they make this film cuz the characters are so similar. I just don’t want Flash to talk extremely fast like on today’s episode of the Batman. Even tho I really enjoyed it,that bugged the heck outa me! ;-)

  16. I think I just found the perfect guy to play Hal Jordan in the GL film. DAVID BOREANAZ!! Not only does he sound like how I’ve always imagined Hal to sound (as evidenced by his voicework as Hal in the upcoming PG-13 JL:the New Frontier animated movie),he also LOOKS LIKE HIM!! Seriously!! And he’s about the right age,CAN ACT and is a virtual nobody!! He’s PERFECT!!

    Cast HIM^,WB!! He’s perfect,ya smell me?! :-D

  17. For the GL movie, the villain HAS to be Sinestro. He is Hal’s archnemesis and is the single best GL villain. No other GL villain can compete (or even be recognizable enough in comparison). Carol Ferris should be in it also (but no Star Sapphire, but if you feel the need, put the character in a possible sequel), and so should Kilowog. To tell the truth, there aren’t many characters of GL’s that would be realistic in a movie.
    Flash has a similar problem. None of the Rogues are very realistic. I’m not going to bag on them too hard, but come on, what’s so cool about two non-superpowered villains who have guns that shoot fire and ice? (Heat Wave and Captain Cold, for those fans who don’t get the hint)
    I think the best villain for a Flash movie would be the Mirror Master. He’s the closest thing to an archnemesis that Flash has. (Plus, I don’t think tha Grodd makes a good Flash villain, but I think he’s an overall good villain)
    Maybe in a sequel, there’d be a Reverse-Flash.

  18. Sinestro is a great idea,IMO. GL’s got a lot of great villains tho,but I think Sinestro is my #1 choice.

    The villain in the Flash film,IMO,depends on which Flash theyre using. If they’re going with Barry then they obviously have more to choose from,if it’s Wally then not so much. I would probably suggest either Mirror Master or Weather Wizard for film one.

  19. Thanks for the agreement on Sinestro. As for the Flash, I do think that Barry Allen would be the better Flash, but have Wally make a cameo. As for villains, the Sam Scudder version of Mirror Master would do fine, and include Cobalt Blue if we’re still talking Barry, although make him a little less ridiculous.

  20. Does anyone besides me think that Justin Hartley from Smallville would make a good Flash??? I like him as the Green Arrow on Smallville, and he definitely has the “look” for the Flash. Can comics fans deal with him playing 2 beloved DC characters simultaneously??

    Any thoughts??