5 Actors Who Could Play The Flash in ‘Justice League’

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Flash Movie Actors Justice LeagueThe Flash; the Scarlet Speedster; the Fastest Man Alive. DC has once again given the title to Barry Allen for the time being, but every gathering of DC's greatest heroes has required a man or woman blessed with superspeed.With the upcoming Justice League movie, it's practically a guarantee that The Flash will be making his big-screen debut. As always, the question of casting now arises.We've put realistic options above outlandish 'dream-casting' in determining our list, based on the apparent tone and direction that Warner Bros. is taking with their superhero films.Here are our picks for 5 Actors Who Could Play The Flash in Justice League.

Liam McIntyre

Liam McIntyre as The FlashAustralian-born Liam McIntyre may not be a name or face everyone will recognize, but fans of Starz's Spartacus: Vengeance know that the titular star (and self-professed 'nerd') definitely deserves more credit than he's receiving.From a visual standpoint, McIntyre fits the demands: blonde hair, blue eyes, and at 6'2" is imposing enough to not just sell a crippling punch, but convey the strength and authority of a slave-turned-freedom fighter.Despite the dark and gruesome tone of Spartacus, McIntyre has shown himself to be the kind of extroverted glad-hander with the fan community that both Barry Allen and Warner Bros. will need to get fans on board, and excited.While his resume isn't as long or glowing as other of our contenders, if Warner Bros. decides to go with a lesser-known actor, don't be surprised if McIntyre's name comes up.

Joel Edgerton

Joel Edgerton The FlashA few years ago Joel Edgerton wasn't well-known outside of Australia, but these days it's hard to find a superhero movie that doesn't have the actor rumored to be in consideration. To this point, however, he has yet to sign on the dotted line.It's Edgerton's ability to build intriguing characters out of lacking scripts (see: The Thing) that holds the most promise - a skill capitalized on for Zero Dark Thirty (2012), using the actor's brief role for most of their advertising.With a standout lead performance in Warrior (2011) and upcoming roles alongside Natalie Portman and Michael Fassbender in Jane Got a Gun (2013), and Leo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby (2013), Edgerton's star is definitely on the rise.If the filmmakers are looking to get the attention of discriminating moviegoers, not just mass audiences, Edgerton would fit the bill. Provided he doesn't sign with Marvel first.

Chris Pine

Chris Pine as The Flash

Chris Pine may have a lot on his plate at the moment - as Captain Kirk in J.J. Abrams' rebooted Star Trek, and now Jack Ryan - but Ryan Reynolds proved even the most sought-after stars can find time to suit up for superhero action.Pine was in the running to play Hal Jordan before Reynolds snagged the role, but the qualities that made him an ideal Jordan also apply to Barry Allen - explaining the pair's lasting friendship. WB shouldn't miss out twice.Since Reynolds snagged the emerald ring first, it seems fitting that Pine should be cast as The Flash - the hero many thought Reynolds was born to play - although as the reliable do-gooder Allen, instead of wisecracking Wally West.Pine's got the smarts to sell the athletic hero and hardworking scientist, while possessing enough humor (and star power) to get fans begging for a stand-alone movie.

Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer as The Flash

His name has been brought up in Justice League discussion as the next Batman, but we can't help but see Armie Hammer as a different League member. With a standout performance in The Social Network (2010) as spoiled socialites, we want to see what he could do with an actual good guy.Hammer's blockbuster-cred will be dispelled or proven with this summer's The Lone Ranger (2013), portraying the titular blonde-haired, blue-eyed lawman begrudgingly embarking on a quest for justice as a masked vigilante.The shades of Barry in Ranger Reid should already be clear (if you have doubts, watch the trailer), so a strong performance alongside Johnny Depp's Tonto will prove he's a leading man who can share a spotlight with big personalities.Should DC and Warner Bros. choose to cast young, there's no better choice than Hammer.

Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson as The Flash

The similarities between the 'gee-whiz' personality and reluctant heroism of Night Owl (a.k.a. Dan Dreiberg) in Zack Snyder's Watchmen and the wholesome nature of Barry Allen are clear to any comic fan. So in some ways, audiences have already seen Wilson tackle the subtler aspects of Allen's character - as one of a troubled film's bright spots.He may not have the blonde locks, but Wilson has the right mix of likeability, good looks, and quiet humility that a big screen incarnation of Allen needs. Since he's made a habit in his career of stealing scenes from established actors, Wilson has proven he can carry his own alongside the likes of Ryan Reynolds and Henry Cavill.It's too early to tell if DC and Warner Bros. will wish to take The Flash's JL role and possible solo movie as seriously as Batman and Superman, but we'd bet Wilson could handle it, either way.


Flash Movie Actors Justice LeagueThat concludes our list of actors that we feel could play the wholesome, shy, but ultimately devoted and fiercely loyal Barry Allen on screen. As past superhero films have proven, any actor can by made to look the part with an intense fitness plan and some CG assistance. But sporting a bow tie - that takes serious skill.What are your hopes for a live-action take on The Flash? Do you agree with our picks, or have you been hoping to see another actor in the part?Leave your thoughts in the comments.-Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. Ryan Renold is the arch villian to any comic book hero. Whomever he plays will end there. Hasn’t he destroyed three films already? Blade 3, Wolverine and Green Lantern.

    • Blade 3 was the end to the series regardless of Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool/Ryan Reynolds was the only good thing about the Wolverine movie(before the writer screwed him up at the end), and Green Lantern failed because of bad writing though I will grant casting Ryan as Hal Jordan was not great.

    • Wesley Snipes destroyed Blade 3 lol. He had no respect for the director and often just didn’t show up on set. They had to use filler scenes with Reynolds because Snipes just wasn’t there. I lost a lot of respect for snipes when I read about his behavior on the set of that movie. Ryan Reynolds was hilarious in that movie and gets a bad rap for Green Lantern. The movie wasn’t that bad and the parts that were I don’t think were his fault. Green Lantern wasn’t creative enough when the rings power was being used, that was the number one problem. Secondly the supporting cast was terrible!! Tim Robbins was awful, and the guy that played Hal’s friend was a really bad actor! Not to mention the creepy over the top way the villain was played by Peter Sarsgaard. Everything that had to do with The Green Lantern Corps was really cool and visually impressive.

  2. I think armie hammer would be good

  3. Jon Foster

  4. Jim Parsons wasn’t even considered?

  5. i love flash he so awesome not only is he cool but hes funny he deserves hisown movie.. well he has one but its old and not very interesting

  6. The perfect actor to play The Flash is Simon Baker, star of The Mentalist. Essentially playing with the same intelligence and wit as his character on the show. It is time for a super hero who does not just out power the villain but actually out thinks the villain and uses his/her ability to intelligent effect as part of an overall hero. Villains who are just reflections of the hero are getting stale and boring. The Flash is a character who can really shine in a movie where he doesn’t have to just out-speed his villain but out-think and out-maneuver them. I am thinking of either Katmos or Mirror Master, both from The Silver Age.

  7. Why not Dominic Purcell? The others look too wimpy for a superhero like flash

  8. when i think of flash Johnny Knoxville comes to mind. Bcuz his comical personality is so similar to flash’s(from justice league).

  9. I hope Patrick Wilson goes to marvel and play ant-man he would be the perfect Henry Pym

  10. Pine should of been GL and Reynolds Flash!! PERIOD!

    • I agree, Reynolds to me is perfect for The Flash!!

  11. Superman-Henry Cavill; Batman-Karl Urban, Richard Armitage, or Jim
    Caviezel; Green Lantern- John Stewart=Idris Elba/ Hal Jordan=Nathan
    Fillion; Martian Manhunter – Carl Lumbly, Dennis Haysbert, or Peter
    Mensah; Flash – Patrick Wilsom, Liam Hemsworth, or Liam McIntyre;
    Wonder Woman – Jaime Alexander, Gina Carano, Adrianne Palicki,Gemma Arterton, or Lynn Collins; Aquaman – Benedict Cumberbatch or Alexander Skarsgard; DARKSEID -
    Kevin Durand or Joe Manganiello (Would have chosen Michael Clarke Duncan
    - Awesome Actor, whom has since passed, R.I.P.) Remember that first
    and foremost that Budget is the name of the game here and many if not
    most of the actors are not in the Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr. Income
    Bracket thus more likely!!!

    • If they use John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan i will be so freakin pissed. John stewart is the worst of all the green lanterns !!! He wasnt even the second earth lantern !! The only reason they even used him in the animated series is because they wanted a black guy in there.

  12. What about bradley cooper?

    • I’d like to see Bradley Cooper don on the crimson cowl. But Chris Pine is also promising.

  13. I’m thinking Ryan Gosling though I’m not sure if he can pull off the comical aspect of Flash

  14. Why not Sean William Scott?

    • You know what, Sean William Scott wouldn’t be a bad choice at all. His build from The Rundown almost embodied The Flash perfectly! And he is pretty damn funny, yet can be serious when he needs to.

  15. I vote Josh Jackson.

  16. I like Wilson, but he’s just too old for the role. They need someone 24-33 for it.

    John Wesley Shipp (the actor from the 1990 TV show) had the right build for the show (i.e. muscular, round head). I’m not suggesting him, he’s too old, but someone similar would be a good fit.

  17. I agree with Chris Pine for Barry Allen, and I’d also suggest Anton Yelchin for Wally West.

  18. I like Chris Pine or Ryan Gosling for Flash. Gosling would be the best. Sorry, Patrick Wilson is Ant-Man, either him, Nathan Fillion or Simon Baker.

  19. Alex Pettyfer should play Barry Allen (I Am Number Four). And Michael…Seann William Scott should play Guy Gardner>:P

  20. Id like to see Ryan gosling as the flash. Got the build the look and the demeanor. And hes witty with the one liners like flash is.

  21. Id like to see ryan gosling


  23. Looking at the drawing of the Flash, the first person that came to mind was Patrick Wilson. He has the perfect face for the character, is a veteran actor with legit credits and he can hang with RDJ and the other big names without commanding the spotlight, similar to Ruffalo’s Hulk. Seems like he would be a great fit.

  24. If the DC universe would not have been so grounded and realistic then i would have loved to see jesse eisenberg as flash ..

    • Jesse Eisenberg ? Thats just nonsense. He doesnt look, act, or sound the part. If they did that they might as well have pee wee herman be wonder woman, thats how rediculous that suggestion is.

  25. Going off this list I think i like the idea of Chris Pine, Honestly though Ryan Reynolds would be my number one choice if he hadn’t played Hal Jordan/Green Lantern already. You have to have someone that has that athletic build, along with the ability of portraying intelligence and humor and that’s kind of a difficult combination. Some other actors I might choose would be, James Franco, Ryan Gosling, or Jake Gyllenhaal. Any one of those actors would do a great job!

  26. Are their any black superheroes other than panther. I guess blacks cant save the world

  27. Charlie hunnam guys. The dude is already being eyed for the flash and he looks the part of Barry Allen. Also I wouldn’t want Chris pine as flash because I already see him as GL Hal Jordan .

    • I thought he was great in Pacific Rim – likable and funny with a splash of grit. He would make for a fantastic Flash.

  28. Haven’t had a chance to read through all the comments but I think the best person to play The Flash has tp be, the one, the only……NEIL PATRICK HARRIS!!!

  29. seth green shoud be barry..