5 Actors Who Could Play The Flash in ‘Justice League’

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Flash Movie Actors Justice LeagueThe Flash; the Scarlet Speedster; the Fastest Man Alive. DC has once again given the title to Barry Allen for the time being, but every gathering of DC's greatest heroes has required a man or woman blessed with superspeed.With the upcoming Justice League movie, it's practically a guarantee that The Flash will be making his big-screen debut. As always, the question of casting now arises.We've put realistic options above outlandish 'dream-casting' in determining our list, based on the apparent tone and direction that Warner Bros. is taking with their superhero films.Here are our picks for 5 Actors Who Could Play The Flash in Justice League.

Liam McIntyre

Liam McIntyre as The FlashAustralian-born Liam McIntyre may not be a name or face everyone will recognize, but fans of Starz's Spartacus: Vengeance know that the titular star (and self-professed 'nerd') definitely deserves more credit than he's receiving.From a visual standpoint, McIntyre fits the demands: blonde hair, blue eyes, and at 6'2" is imposing enough to not just sell a crippling punch, but convey the strength and authority of a slave-turned-freedom fighter.Despite the dark and gruesome tone of Spartacus, McIntyre has shown himself to be the kind of extroverted glad-hander with the fan community that both Barry Allen and Warner Bros. will need to get fans on board, and excited.While his resume isn't as long or glowing as other of our contenders, if Warner Bros. decides to go with a lesser-known actor, don't be surprised if McIntyre's name comes up.

Joel Edgerton

Joel Edgerton The FlashA few years ago Joel Edgerton wasn't well-known outside of Australia, but these days it's hard to find a superhero movie that doesn't have the actor rumored to be in consideration. To this point, however, he has yet to sign on the dotted line.It's Edgerton's ability to build intriguing characters out of lacking scripts (see: The Thing) that holds the most promise - a skill capitalized on for Zero Dark Thirty (2012), using the actor's brief role for most of their advertising.With a standout lead performance in Warrior (2011) and upcoming roles alongside Natalie Portman and Michael Fassbender in Jane Got a Gun (2013), and Leo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby (2013), Edgerton's star is definitely on the rise.If the filmmakers are looking to get the attention of discriminating moviegoers, not just mass audiences, Edgerton would fit the bill. Provided he doesn't sign with Marvel first.

Chris Pine

Chris Pine as The Flash

Chris Pine may have a lot on his plate at the moment - as Captain Kirk in J.J. Abrams' rebooted Star Trek, and now Jack Ryan - but Ryan Reynolds proved even the most sought-after stars can find time to suit up for superhero action.Pine was in the running to play Hal Jordan before Reynolds snagged the role, but the qualities that made him an ideal Jordan also apply to Barry Allen - explaining the pair's lasting friendship. WB shouldn't miss out twice.Since Reynolds snagged the emerald ring first, it seems fitting that Pine should be cast as The Flash - the hero many thought Reynolds was born to play - although as the reliable do-gooder Allen, instead of wisecracking Wally West.Pine's got the smarts to sell the athletic hero and hardworking scientist, while possessing enough humor (and star power) to get fans begging for a stand-alone movie.

Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer as The Flash

His name has been brought up in Justice League discussion as the next Batman, but we can't help but see Armie Hammer as a different League member. With a standout performance in The Social Network (2010) as spoiled socialites, we want to see what he could do with an actual good guy.Hammer's blockbuster-cred will be dispelled or proven with this summer's The Lone Ranger (2013), portraying the titular blonde-haired, blue-eyed lawman begrudgingly embarking on a quest for justice as a masked vigilante.The shades of Barry in Ranger Reid should already be clear (if you have doubts, watch the trailer), so a strong performance alongside Johnny Depp's Tonto will prove he's a leading man who can share a spotlight with big personalities.Should DC and Warner Bros. choose to cast young, there's no better choice than Hammer.

Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson as The Flash

The similarities between the 'gee-whiz' personality and reluctant heroism of Night Owl (a.k.a. Dan Dreiberg) in Zack Snyder's Watchmen and the wholesome nature of Barry Allen are clear to any comic fan. So in some ways, audiences have already seen Wilson tackle the subtler aspects of Allen's character - as one of a troubled film's bright spots.He may not have the blonde locks, but Wilson has the right mix of likeability, good looks, and quiet humility that a big screen incarnation of Allen needs. Since he's made a habit in his career of stealing scenes from established actors, Wilson has proven he can carry his own alongside the likes of Ryan Reynolds and Henry Cavill.It's too early to tell if DC and Warner Bros. will wish to take The Flash's JL role and possible solo movie as seriously as Batman and Superman, but we'd bet Wilson could handle it, either way.


Flash Movie Actors Justice LeagueThat concludes our list of actors that we feel could play the wholesome, shy, but ultimately devoted and fiercely loyal Barry Allen on screen. As past superhero films have proven, any actor can by made to look the part with an intense fitness plan and some CG assistance. But sporting a bow tie - that takes serious skill.What are your hopes for a live-action take on The Flash? Do you agree with our picks, or have you been hoping to see another actor in the part?Leave your thoughts in the comments.-Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. Concerning the Flash, Patrick Wilson would be my 1st pick with Chris Pine coming in 2nd & Armie Hammer in 3rd. I never seen Armie Hammer as Batman at all.

    Henry Cavill – Superman
    Patrick Wilson – Batman (preferbly at this moment)
    Chris Pine – Flash
    Wonder Woman – Kelly Overton
    Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds or Tyrese Gibson as John Stewart GL.

    • JGL is most likely going to be Batman

      • It’s just rumors, I highly doubt that JGL is going to be Batman just because DKR possibly played to that idea. I also doubt there will be a JL movie anytime soon so that may change in the future but why do that when Batman just ended on a great note and then change the actor? There isn’t a point in that. Besides, if they put John Stewart as the Green Lantern, it needs to be Michael Jai White (he’s a large fan), not Tyrese Gibson.

        • Id prefer JGL as Robin but not Batman. I thought about Michael Jai White as John Stewart too, he’d be better fit in the role.

          • But MJW is a martial artist. John Stewart is a Marine. Yeah, he can fight, but he’s not a ninja or something.

            • So what if he’s a martial artist? He’s an actor as well. Wasn’t Michael Jai White also Spawn? Not that I know much about Spawn but still. I mean, what does him having martial arts skills have to do with him playing a part? John Stewart mainly fights using his ring… so again, how does Michael Jai White’s fighting skills prevent him from fighting with a ring? His marine training comes in handy when figuring out plans, and leading the team if he needs to.

              I remember hearing that he lobbied to play John Stewart’s voice in the video game, I’m sure he’d fight to play him in a movie. He’s still the best choice.

              I also think we need to stop entertaining the idea of JGL playing Batman OR Robin. He’s too old to play Robin unless they decide to make him a young man instead of a kid or teenager.

              • You really have to watch Spawn to understand how bad of a movie it really was.
                But having a martial artist play a part in an action movie that don’t require his main action related talent is really awkward.

                • *doesn’t

                • I heard it was bad. I haven’t seen it in years and yeah it lost me somewhere in there. But I still fail to see your point as to why he shouldn’t play John Stewart. I mean I understand you’re saying that it would be weird not seeing him use his special talents but that doesn’t matter. It’s a skill set but he’s still an actor. An actor who would do the part justice.


  2. A thousand times no on the Chris Pine casting. It would be the safer of the lot, but I just haven’t seen any films including where I enjoyed his presence.

    Although I can get behind Arnie Hammer.


  4. I still think Michael Weatherly would be good as an older, more seasoned Flash. Although I’s say he’d have to tone up a bit now…

    • this is the post I’ve been waiting for! I second this nomination sir.

  5. If Flash runs at the speed of light (or near to it), then does he age slower than others, or at least appear to? Actually it would just be the effect of time slowing down for him compared to us, although everyone would experience their own time normally.

    This is an esoteric subject, but I’m wondering if any hardcore Flash fans have ever thought about this or could answer a few questions.

    I heard a discussion about the theory of relativity on the radio recently. When things move fast, time slows down relative to everything else. Supposedly this has actually been observed with people wearing sensitive watches all set to the same time. The watches of those who travel in a fast plane will be slightly (not significantly) slower, due to this effect, and presumably the people would have actually aged slower relative to the others (again, not significantly). And I’m sure most of us have heard the idea of a pair of twins, one traveling in space near the speed of light, while the other stays on Earth. The space traveling twin would return after a few weeks to find that his twin had aged many decades, as time had slowed for him while it progressed normally on Earth.

    How fast does Flash run? Is it fast enough to bring the theory of relativity into play (in a significant way)? If it’s at or near the speed of light than the theory of relativity should come into play noticeably. When he runs fast does time slow down for him relative to everyone else? Therefore does he age slower than everyone else? Have any comics ever explored this idea?

    I think this would be an interesting thing to explore in a movie, especially if they want to make it realistic.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. Since Wally/Barry/Bart/any of the speedsters have occasionally had times when they traveled as fast as light itself (even though exactly how the human body could perceive sight…) the usual explanation is that ‘their perception speed is increased along with the rest of the body.’ That’s the working solution, but in that case, Barry running around the earth a hundred times may take a few seconds, but his body will have eroded that much regardless.

      Usually it eventually gets retconned by being attributed to their connection to the Speed Force, an extra-dimensional energy that preserves them, and keeps them immune to friction, etc.

      There were some interesting stories when Wally first took up the mantle, of him needing to constantly eat energy bars and massive amounts of food or his metabolism would waste him away to nothing, so it was obviously on the minds of some writers in the past. Ultimately, comic book ‘logic’ takes over and everyone just…runs….with it?

  6. Neil Patrick Harris should play the Flash. That would be legend….wait for it…..DARY!!!!!!!!!

  7. Neil Patrick Harris as the flash?

    • YES! I thought he would be the perfect Barry Allen

  8. Truthfully it all depends on if they are going with, Barry Allen or Wally West. Once that is concrete it will be an easier choice. But I think one choice that is not on there is Bradley Cooper.

  9. McIntyre all the way as he carries an amazing show on his shoulders he cld Shurly and easily help support the JL movie

  10. Bradley Cooper is workable. But I see Gabriel Macht as the one and only Barry Allen. It must be Barry Allen at this point. This way we get Hero sacrifice and New Hero emerge, I.E., Wally West.

    • Like the idea, and the New 52 has Barry in the role as well (they won’t have a film with a character they can’t sell in the comics).

      Gabriel Macht was on the shortlist for this one, surprisingly, since I also think he’d be interesting. Hopefully he crops up in these films somewhere. Even as another cop in Barry’s department – I’d buy that.

  11. How about the guy who voices The Flash in most of the modern animated forms. Michael Rosenbaum. He has the personality, the past, and the performance capabilities worthy of the role.

    • I love Michael Rosenbaum, but it would be difficult to not see him as Lex!!

      • Idk, I thought he was good considering what he had to work with on Smallville, but when I see him, I always think of a charming wise cracking speed demon. Also, maybe this is just the fanboy in me speaking, but why hasn’t Nathan Fillion been sought out for a supersuit yet? He has the range, and talent. Plus he brings so many people to the table just in terms of fans.

        • @ Anthony

          Imo i thought he did a great job being Lex on Smallville & voicing the Flash on JL/JLU as two seperate people. You could tell if you watch the JLU episode where Flash & Lex’s minds switch in (The Great Brain Robbery). The differance when Flash is normal & when Lex’s mind is Flash’s body.

    • @ Anthony

      I could Michael Rosenbaum as Wally West no doubt. I remember him having red hair in Urban Legend.

      • Plus, if you watch any interview he’s been in, he is basically Wally West incarnate. His natural personality just screams Flash to me.

  12. Neil Patrick Harris would be perfect. He could play a scientist and a wise cracking superhero. Remember that Flash is not big and muscular like Superman and Batman. Barry Allan has almost no personality in the comics and who better to give him than Barney Stinson.

  13. Chris Pine as Aquaman or Alex petyffer

    • Id like to see the guy from Smallville be Aquaman.

  14. How bout Ryan Gosling or even Liam Hemsworth? I think either of them would be great. Maybe even Channing Tatum. I’d only want to see 3 out of “your” top 5 displayed and it wasn’t #3 or #5.

    • Hemsworth bulky to play flash in my opinion, Gosling would be pretty cool though.

    • Ryan Gosling & Channing Tatum seem too short & most of all have that pretty boy face. Not Somthing Aquaman needs too much of especially with what exactly version WB/DC go with. The orange shirt/green pants or the Conan look. Outta your 3, id go with Liam Hemsworth.

  15. How bout Ryan Gosling or even Liam Hemsworth? I think either of them would be great. Maybe even Channing Tatum. I’d only want to see 3 out of “your” top 5 displayed.

  16. Flash – Bradley Cooper or Jensen Ackles, maybe Armie Hammer.
    Superman – Henry Cavill
    Batman – Jim Caviezel/Karl Urban
    Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds
    Wonder Woman – TBH I don’t know.

  17. I think Michael Rosenbaum should be the live action Flash

    • wonder woman- Bridget Regan

    • Bridget regan as wonder woman

      • Kelly Overton would be good choice for Wonder Woman imo.

    • @ Gentry

      Id go with that choice.

  18. I think Michael Rosenbaum should be the live action Flash.

  19. I think Michael Rosenbaum should be the live action Flash. He played a chilling Lex Luthor in Smallville, but he also played Flash in the animated Justice League show. I think he could take that to the big screen.

  20. Adam Tydac I think would be perfect…

  21. TERRIBLE choices. You really dropped the ball with this one, screenrant. The only decent one was Wilson, and he’s much too old now.

    No, RYAN GOSLING is the ONLY way to go. Manapul and Buccellato, who helm the current (and excellent) Flash series even see their character as Gosling. If it’s good enough for the creators, it’s good enough for me.


  22. NO to ARMIE HAMMER. NEVER Armie Hammer!!! WHAT are you guys THINKING??!?!?!?

  23. THESE ALL SUCK. And Chris Pine? Wow….don’t hurt yourselves thinking too hard there, sceenrant. None of these guys are Barry Allen. Pine wouldn’t be bad but he’s already Kirk, it’s unlikely to me he’d get the part.

  24. What about Mike Vogel? People wanted him for Captain America and Kirk…he looks like The Flash/Barry Allen. Provided he can act (and I know he can just as well as half of the guys SR is suggesting), he could do well:


  25. i think ryan reynolds would be great!!

  26. Can you get a share button? It would make sharing this kind of post much quicker :D

    Some interesting choices here, would you guys brag if somebody you mentioned actually got the job? I know I would :D

  27. Why is Kyle Gallner missing from this list? He’s more mature now than when he played Impulse, he’s perfect physically, and he’s a fantastic actor!

  28. Joel Edgerton is a great actor but he is not funny enough to be the Flash.

  29. I could see Chris Pine, but when it comes to The Flash only ONE name comes to mind!!! Shelodn Cooper/Jim Parsons!!! ;)

    • Hahaha I mean SHELDON Cooper! Gosh I got so excited I spelled his name wrong!!! The episodes where Jim Parsons dresses up as The Flash on Big Bang Theory are so fantastic, and I really think he’d do an amazing job!!! Also fans would totally appreciate the comedic irony!!!