First Watchmen Video: REAL Sets Being Built

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watchmen all First Watchmen Video: REAL Sets Being Built

The long anticipated Watchmen movie will be coming out 11 months from now and it looks like Warner Bros. wants to keep fans in the loop. says that there will be a new production video released every month to keep folks appraised of what’s going on with the production.

You can watch the video below.

Zack Snyder, who directed the uber-testosterone-filled 300, which was also based on a graphic novel is the man behind Watchmen. He brought a very stylized look to 300 and it looks like he wants to be as faithful as possible to the source material here. In the book, the story took place mostly in the late 1970′s / early 1980′s and it looks like he is not changing the time period for the movie.

The video above gives me warm fuzzies because he’s actually having sets built instead of going the uber-green screen/CGI way. You just can’t get that gritty, real world feel for a movie like this from CGI backgrounds and I’m really happy they’re building all the main set pieces. I’m actually suprised that for the Antarctic headquarters of Ozymandias they didn’t go CGI because that could actually work, but above you’ll see they’re actually building the site on a sound stage.

I know that comic book fans are well aware of this movie, but I hope it can break out into the mainstream. I think one of the reasons Warner Bros. chose Zack Snyder was because they can say “brought to you by the director of 300.”

Watchmen opens on March 6th, 2009.


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  1. Awesome video, I’m psyched for this film. I’m definately reading the novel when I finish these exams.

    Really makes your appreciate in awe the rediculous amount of work behind scenes and creating all these sets for a 2 hour movie.

  2. Nice cant wait for the trailer.

    BTW Roshach is the best character ever created in a comic.

  3. The Watchmen is one of the greatest graphic novels ever made. If I were to be exiled to a deserted island and was allowed a single item to read , The Watchmen would be it ;
    and to say that I am excited about this film would be an understatement of massive proportions.
    The look of this movie appears to be very faithful to the source material , which is the only way to go with a comicbook movie.
    So , if I haven’t made it clear enough , I can’t wait to see this movie !!!!!!!

  4. As avid a comix fan as I am, I’ve never read Watchmen.

    The movie looks interesting, but should I read the book?

    Other than the gay stuff, I liked V for Vendetta (the movie). I thought it was great. If I liked V, would I like the Watchmen book?

  5. I’ve never read V for Vendetta, but Watchmen is a very deep and complex read. It may seem dated today but it, along with V for Vendetta and one or two others were responsible for transforming the comic book landscape.

    I’d recommend it.


  6. rastaZen wrote:

    {{If I were to be exiled to a deserted island and was allowed a single item to read , The Watchmen would be it}}

    Vic, not to kiss up, but if I were on an Island, I’d want Screen Rant. :-) If I had to narrow it down to one, it would be what I call your “Transformers sucks” review.

  7. Thanks, Vic.

    LOL, Jim.

  8. LOL, I think that review is the defining attribute for “regulars” here at Screen Rant. :-)


  9. And the worst thing is Transformers was the film I “treated” myself to on my last birthday .
    Some treat.

  10. Do yourself a favor and drop $20 on the graphic novel. It’s worth it.

    Not. X-Men. At. All.


  11. Sounds good to me. Photos look cool…..
    No Reboot or Remake I’m there.
    Having never even heard of The Watchmen it would be cool if someone could give me a heads up?
    It looks a little like X_men.

  12. I always thought the Incredibles had a small trace of a Watchmen vibe particularly with the prologue.

  13. Gary, hold off on seeing Iron Man until your birthday. No doubt it will still be in theaters through mid-July.

  14. 790, I’m a bit late with this so apologies if you’ve already read the thing by now, but if not, the Watchmen entry on Wikipedia has an excellent synopsis plus all the background and analysis you could ever want. It does give away the ending though.

    Vic’s right that it’s dated, though in the sense of being very of its time rather than coming across poorly. It’s also taken on an entirely new weird resonance post-9/11, I reckon.

    I remember by the second issue (it came out in 12 parts originally) thinking this was probably the closest thing to a “perfect” genre comic we were ever going to get. In his introduction to The One, Alan Moore talks about Rick Veitch’s work but could just as easily be referring to his own in Watchmen:

    “In the years during which The One was being conceived and written, the prevailing Zeitgeist was cloudy and laced with terrible lightning. And yet there were occasional glimpses of some new sun attempting to break through, albeit in such brief and inconstant bursts between the thunderheads that it was easy to believe them mere wistful imaginings. The nuclear giants snarled hungrily at each other and pawed the ground, but the breakthroughs in computer science and quantum physics suggested a future in which the values that sustained their conflict might at last become meaningless and crumble awasy to dust. The rainforests fell at six acres per second, but a vital new culture seemed to be flourishing, augmented by technology, amongst the graffiti and ghetto blasters of the inner cities. Like I say, very big clouds and very small and fragile rays of light, but their contrast was striking; at times heartbreaking; and in The One Rick Veitch did his very best to capture it, wrap it in newsprint paper and present it to his readers in a form they could understand.”

    “Its political and humanist preoccupations were voiced before such sentiments became chic. Its deranged, culture-conscious humour offers an alternative and an antidote to today’s rather gloomy trend for pessimistic, post-modern para-humans. (Yeah, yeah, I know, and I’m really sorry. It all got out of hand.)”

    “If you’re in search of a graphic story that captures in freeze frame a turbulent period for both funny-books and the world at large, then look no further. This is the one.”

    As an aside, Watchmen is also the reason for the yellow smiley face being the emblem of the UK acid house scene of the late ’80s, after Bomb The Bass used a blood-spattered smiley on the cover of “Beat Dis” in 1987. So, cultural landmark and quality bechmark: you can’t shuffle off this mortal coil without having read it! I kid you not!

    Vic, is your Transformers review retrievable anywhere? Sounds like I missed a good ‘un.

  15. And that’s “away”, not “awasy”. Damn…

  16. Not to mention “beNchmark”. Knew I should have read this through.

  17. Here ya go:

    Transformers Review



  18. Cheers mate – love it, and the ensuing comments! A friend of mine absolutely lapped up the movie, but he designs CGI robots for some games company for a living, and so is obviously mental and his viewpoint worthless. ADD-type shots actually put me off seeing certain films at the cinema now. You just know from the trailers they’ll look better on your TV, which is ridiculous when you think about it. The battle at the end of Matrix Revolutions was so vertiginous I wanted to decorate the seats in front of me. Before perching unsteadily on the roof of the cinema: “That’s SOOO much better. They’re like little ants down there…” Maybe not the last bit.