First New Moon Trailer Causes Widespread Swooning

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new moon bella swan and edward cullen First New Moon Trailer Causes Widespread Swooning

OK Twilight fans, thanks to MTV here’s the first official New Moon trailer. Enjoy, revel in it, have a party. icon smile First New Moon Trailer Causes Widespread Swooning

Let us know what you think.

[media id=152 width=570 height=340]

Frankly to me it looks like more of the same, so I’m curious whether to fans that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Head over to MySpace for HD versions.

Oh, and here’s a bonus for you, a bunch of screen grabs from the trailer. icon smile First New Moon Trailer Causes Widespread Swooning Click on the images for larger versions…

The Twilight Saga: New Moon opens on November 20th.

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  1. Weak

  2. It’s Twilight… What did you expect? As long as it has some cheesy romance story about some “mysterious” vampire, the tweeny girls will be there…

  3. Terrible indeed, I love that last shot pic though–it shows just now bad these special effects will be.

  4. I really love New Moon!!!! It’s actually 1000 times better than Twilight!!! Jeez, now I know why people admire Jacob Black. He’s such a wonderful wolf I’ve ever imagine!

  5. i really believe just as how you have ppl who obsessively love twilight, you have the opposite as well. I mean ppl saying it looks terrible? it sure as hell look a lot better than the FINAL cut of twilight and this is just the first trailer

  6. I blame the random slow-downs of this site on the posting of Twilight articles, lol. They always coincide…

    just kidding, haha.

  7. I must ask, why does this wonderful website constantly cover this utter crap?

  8. Ash Ali,

    Simply because they’re secretly hoping Wesley Snipes will reprise his role as Blade! :P

  9. @Ash Ali

    You want the answer? Because it’s popular. We tend to cover popular movies around here. Popular equals visitors and visitors pays the bills, bro.

    You know how I feel about Transformers – do you think it would get as much coverage as it does here if it wasn’t wildly popular?

    You don’t HAVE to read the Twilight-related articles on the site ya know. 8-)


  10. @ Vic,

    Okay, I completely understand now. But I can’t help but gag when I see those headlines. I still love Screen Rant, stay classy San Diego.

  11. Vic,

    Why is do you hate transformers so much? I’m guessing because you didn’t grow up with them and can’t relate. I mean sure theres definite cheese moments but it’s based on TOYS for goodness sake… translating that into the big screen isn’t a walk in the park. I mean 100 foot robots walking around manhattan…. cmon you gotta accept that its Hasbro… Now i might just be an idiot and totally have it all wrong because I didn’t look at this site when transformers was released but like every other review I read had you making some comment like “you know how i feel about transformers”. So lets say i felt compelled to say something even tho this sorta stuff isn’t my style (blogs/forums whatever). I mean is it that much of a waste of your life? I can sit here and talk to you all day about movies that are less entertaining. Another thing is look at how much money it made. Obviously that is not a determining factor on whether a movie is good or not but there has to be something about it that is bringing in all the cashmoney. Maybe it’s michael bay or shia whatever or Optimus Prime or Dreamworks or the that dime Megan Fox or all the other famous heads apart of this project. And if Spielburg invested in this sucker than I feel there has to be some good in it. I’m sure hes trying to make a buck but most things that the guy touches turn to gold in my opinion. Not all but most. Anyways I am curious to hear why its so painful for you to watch it and to enlighten me with your movie knowledge…..

  12. Or you could be just that guy who is against everything that people actually enjoy… like ebert style. I’m not saying you have bad taste at all I have agreed with like 85 percent of your reviews and will continue to visit this site on the reg. But it bothered me being a former film major and substantial movie buff ( Im in college all we do is sit around and watch movies….) that you hated this movie when I actually enjoyed it thoroughly. It might be the geek in me coming out a little but I’m trying to picture it from the average joes perspective and i still feel it could be marginally entertaining right? thats what i got for now kids.

  13. What a series of miscommunications that leads Edward to believe that Bella has killed herself?

  14. Fenix, it’s a little something called opinion. You being in college getting a degree earned through watching movies all day doesn’t make your opinion any more qualified than someone who has a full time job, raises kids, and runs a movie news site on the side…

  15. I’m not earning a degree in it and I understand it is his opinion guy…. I just wanted to see WHY he loathed it.

  16. That’s got to be the worst transformation into a werewolf since Van Helsing. HaHaHa!

  17. @fenix
    i don’t think you want to open up that can of worms…lol. Trust me just go into older transformer entries and you’ll see what i mean…

  18. yea your right… i should have done more digging on the subject

  19. First New Moon Trailer Causes Widespread Yawning
    would be an accurate description of reaction
    beyond the targeted teen demographic.

  20. ehmagawwwd,you guys need to stop hating, like seriously. for those who are saying that twilight sucks and blah blah blah, the question is, what are you doing watching the new moon trailer. let the people who actually do like the saga enjoy it. quit cher bitchen fools.

  21. Well honestly, I think it looks pretty good given the amount of time the F/X folks have to work on it.

    I wish they weren’t doing a rush job though :/

  22. @Fenix

    LOL, I swear I think I should have my review of Transformers permanently linked off the home page. 8)

    I didn’t HATE the movie (I gave it 2.5/5), I just thought that the juvenile humor slammed together with the “serious” threat did not work. I also didn’t like the shooting style they used during the battle scenes with the robots – I couldn’t tell what the hell was going on.

    And frankly, I’m sick of the “it’s based on a toy” argument. If it’s based on a toy and that’s the level at which it should be judged, then put the entire movie at that level. DON’T make it “Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action violence, brief sexual humor, and language.” That doesn’t sound like a movie based on a toy to me – does it to you?

    If you want it at a “toy” level then make it rated G or PG, have it take place on an all robot planet where people’s lives aren’t being put in danger and there are no masturbation jokes.


  23. But how else could they have translated this to the big screen?? I find it sort of hard to take this to the silver screen with a solid G or PG rating. Everything would have been severely dumbed down and it would not have been as much fun. Fun being the key word… that is what the movie is supposed to be. Thanks for your response tho like I said I am new. Also… I don’t think the younger audience will catch the masturbation joke.. unless their parents explained puberty to them at like age 8. I think that Bays target audience were the actual people who played with them as kids who are a little bit more grown up now and wanna see it done with a big budget. Frankly I’m stoked for the new one and maybe they will throw less “juvenile” humor and more adult humor if you will… even tho once again yes I have to say it… its based on toys. I don’t think Michael Bay made this movie to bring in the 45+ year old crowd… my two cents

  24. Vic I agree with the juvenile humor, the We Found You on Ebay was almost too much for me, but the rest of the movie was good enough for me to overlook most of that stuff.

  25. Alot of the humor was funny. John Turrturro’s character was certainly a “Jar-Jar Binks” but other than that:

    The first hour Shia LaBeouf teen hormone dance = funny
    the Anthony Anderson hacker/Swat team strike = funny
    Bumblebee “peeing” on Turturro = funny x 2 (hated the character and when is urination NOT funny???)
    Ebay and “ladie’s man” and learning English of the web = topical and funny
    “OMG! This is 100 x cooler than Armageddon!” = TOO funny

    Even “Ravage” had his moments (infiltrating Air Force One and kicking ass)

    Battle scenes DID need work though.

    Oh and MEGAN FOX = better than well-shot fight scenes, character development, good dialogue, or funny humor. My brain can’t even process those things when that girl is strutting around the screen with a healthy M. Bay tan on.

  26. thank you I completely agree hopefully those battle scenes will be improved with this next installment. And Shia said something about the movie being darker in general so take that for what it is… This one will be another great summer hit like star trek im stoked.