First Official Image Of Michael Myers In Halloween 2

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h2 halloween 2 First Official Image Of Michael Myers In Halloween 2

It was only a few days ago that Screen Rant reported on the news that Michael Myers will be mask-less for most of H2: Halloween 2, Rob Zombie’s upcoming sequel to his take on the classic horror Halloween. And yet the first official image released of him has the masked killer, well… fully masked.

Reportedly this sequel picks up right after where the last one ended which, not to give too much away mind you, admittedly is an interesting idea to go with considering just how the last one left off. Anyway, check out the first official image of Myers from the movie below:

halloween 2 michael myers First Official Image Of Michael Myers In Halloween 2

Looks like he skipped ahead of the wrong guy in the grocery store line…

I make it no secret that I loathed Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween from a couple of years ago. I thought he took a brilliant concept for a horror film and added a bunch or dispicable, pointless harsh language and brutal violence that had the opposite effect of “scary.”

I guess the only reason Zombie was given the chance to make another one of these things was the fact that his remake did pretty well at the box office for what it was, making a pretty respectable $26 million opening weekend and $77 million in total worldwide (it only had a $15 million budget). My hate for the first film might just be because I think Zombie is a terrible director, and I can’t see past the harsh stuff he includes just for the sake of it.

However, as a committed film fan I am always willing to give every movie a shot, even if I have a few strong signs beforehand telling me to skip it. I’m always willing to be pleasantly surprised by a movie I don’t like the look of or even don’t care all that much about – who knows, this could be Zombie’s example of that.

Though, I’m not exactly holding my breath…

I will admit that I do like the look of this first official image of Myers in the bloodied and battered mask (although if you want to get technical, the first image would the teaser poster that was released, which sort of showed a shadowed version of Myers).

I was dismayed when we found out that he’d be mask-less for over 70% of the movie ( I still am), but this image at least shows that when they do have him in the mask at any point within the film, that they’ve at least gotten something right.

What are your thoughts on this first image of Myers, showing him wearing the trademark mask? Did you like Zombie’s remake of Halloween and are you looking forward to his sequel?

H2: Halloween 2 is set to open on August 28th this year.

Sources: and Beyond Hollywood

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  1. I DID like Zombie’s take on Halloween. He gave much more context to why Michael Myers goes off the deep end. The original shows him as a child just killing his sister for no apparent reason. I’ve got the extended version on dvd. I don’t like that version as much for the completely unnecessary rape scene. But, other than that a much more complex and interesting story overall. Of course, that’s just my opinion and I could be wrong.

  2. You’re not wrong, Doug. The story was well done and it gave a great back story on Myers. I do agree that the rape scene was completely pointless and I will add that the acting was worse than terrible but everything about Michael Myers was great. It explained a lot of the “why’s”. If only Friday the 13th could have followed that example but it’s always a step behind.

  3. Agreed, finally we know why he’s so ef’d up in the head. Hope the next one is also good.

  4. The essence of horror is not knowing. And the essence of good horror is not knowing “WHY?”.

    Explaining why to a horror audience does two things. 1) informs them that you don’t understand what’s frightening. and 2) belittles their intelligence.

    The fact that Rob Zombie made an entire film about “WHY” the boogie man is the boogie man puts him down there with the likes of Ed Wood and Ewe Bolle in lack of understanding the medium, the genre and the essence of horror. He’s a hack. A stylish hack, but a hack nonetheless.

  5. I’ve never been into the horror genre much, although I liked Friday the 13th series for the most part. I saw this movie and thought it sucked. I wish they didn’t give crappy movies sequels.

  6. When I said I saw this movie I meant the first one, sorry.

  7. Then “Silence of the Lambs” in your opinion sucks Jake. Why did he and other serial killers do what they do is not important.

    I disagree. Understanding their psychosis is the root of a great horror film. Serial killers are the deepest and darkest parts of humanity.

    What makes a young child kill small animals?

    The relationship to how that makes it easier to kill people is vital. Rob Zombie took the the time to develop these ideas. Why would a child start putting on masks and later making masking to separate himself from humanity. It’s easier to kill others.

    Rob Zombie understood this. It’s smart. I don’t agree with everything he did but it was smart.

    Try looking at the movie with fresh eyes.

    I look forward to the new movie.


  8. Sorry doug, but that very wrong. What made the original so scary was the not knowing. This shadowy seemingly invincible force coming after everyone you know and love and then you. That was scary Rob’s movie was not only awful and poorly written, but it wasn’t even scary. There were more funny moments than scary moments. He took all the horror out of Myers and made him a pathetic man. As Ross said the over use of language and gore/violence was so desensitizing that the film wasn’t even frighting. The original Halloween was a masterpiece in the horror genre Rob’s was a joke and an insult to both the original and the genre it’s self.

  9. I really enjoyed his attempt at recreating the first film. I might have went a diffrent way with the breakfast scene with the whole disfunctional family but…for the most part, I think he got it right. I feel like most horror movies went to far in the day and had way to many Part’s. How many Friday the 13th’s are there anyway? I’ll give it a shot and watch it…I just hope they don’t do like 10 of them.

  10. Now, I’ve read all of these comments very clearly. Many of which have good values in their opinions. I’m a huge Micheal Myers fan, he’s my favorite to watch. So, I say that Rob did an excellent job with the movie. Some things were a little different for me in the way that I took them. However, I did find myself intrigued and waiting for what happened next. It was a fun movie to watch and I’m anticipating the second. Watch it and give it a chance.

  11. i thought the movie halloween was to gory an to nudity but the 2nd one looks good cant wait 2 c dat

  12. I wished i could a better answer other than Micheal is pure evil as shown in the original film. I agree with ya Doug and Alex. Im glad there actually some origin story-telling in Zombie’s remake. To me, if i enjoy a movie like Zombie’s remake and like it, then it has to be good in its own kind of way. And im a picky person about movies. What i saw a kid in a bad situation kind of life, and i almost feel sorry him aswell as his mother. That makes wonder what role his mother will play in the sequel. Doug and Alex, i know im gonna kick myself in the butt for asking but it wasnt Michael who raped someone was he? Im refering to the scenes of Anni’es bloody body lying on the floor. Or were you two talkin about the deleted scenes with those two guys dragging the female inmate. And not to sound perverted or anything, does anyone know if Danielle Harris will be topless in this one? That caught me off gaurd in the first film. probly because i had a crush on her when I watched Halloweens 4 & 5 when i was young.

  13. Hey Chris J,

    The rape scene I was referring to was in the deleted scenes and the extended cut.


  14. Writers have “Writer’s Block”. What kind of block do you call it when film makers creatively dry up to the point that they can’t even think up sequels anymore, but must start all over by mucking up an original idea of someone else’s.

    That’s bad enough, but they forget that a good horror film suceeds largely by what you don’t see and not by what you do see. “The Thing From Another World” is a perfect example of this basic principle of a good sci fi or horror film. So, it doesn’t come as a shock that they would be dumb enough to unmask Michael Myers for most of the umpteenth retread of the Halloween films. However, this kind of “creativity” could very well eventually kill the genre.

  15. Michael myers rock’s! Any halloween movie is worth watching to see him in it, so all these people posting negative review’s, why bother, you dont like it go tell someone else, cause all the real halloween fan’s dont wanna here it, your pathetic